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  1. I applied Maryland, but. did not get acceptance or reject letters. I wonder what does that mean... Has anyone experienced the same thing as me? Thank you so much!
  2. Still new on this grad cafe, and haven't followed this forum Haven't received any acceptance. Georgetown, Illinois Urbana Champaign, Maryland - released email for acceptance, I haven't received any, means rejection..? NW, Cornell, Hopkins, UC Boulder, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Northeastern, SUNY Binghamton - hasn't released any result Is this correct? I still want some hope,,, Please let me know if this is incorrect info!^
  3. I am having trouble deciding between the MPP program at UCSD or at University of Maryland. If anyone has any personal insight or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! Loyola announced they will be sending out decisions soon and I am trying to compare it to other schools I got into. I don't know much about the program besides stuff from their website. Anyone know current students who like/dislike it? Pros/cons? Any info helps. ☺️
  5. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if there is a thread for UMD acceptances already, sorry if this is a repeat! I was recently accepted for the Fall 2019 cohort (woo!) it is my top choice school so I am super excited, but still waiting to hear back from a few other programs before making a decision. I wanted to see if anyone else out there has been accepted yet, or if any current/past grads have some inside scoop. From what I can tell, it seems like an amazing program with awesome Professors. Would love to hear how y'all are liking the program or what you've heard about it. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am an international student. I have been accepted from these 3 universities mentioned in the title. However, I really cannot choose since there are too many parameters involved. Boston: Insanely good money(fellowship) , really good location, decent teachers Purdue: Insanely good teaching(?), High prestige(?), very bad location, decent money Maryland: Very good money(fellowship), RA position with a good advisor, good location Since I am an international, I really would like to know your thoughts about the prestige of these schools and also your experiences about these schools. How are they known by U.S citizens? Which school has a better research output? (Even though I looked at THE Rankings, I believe it is better if I get more info. about these schools)
  7. Didn't see a UMD thread so starting one.
  8. Has anyone heard from UMD School of Public Policy? It's the only university I heard nothing back and my application is still 'pending' on the application platform.
  9. I'm in the process of selecting which school in the greater Washington, DC area to undertake a master's in public policy degree at. I've been working full-time here since 2016 and plan on continuing to work 9-5 for the next three years while I am completing my MPP. I've been accepted into all 5 schools I've applied and for now have them ranked as: 1) Georgetown 2) George Washington 3) George Mason 4) American 5) Maryland Georgetown and George Washington are extraordinarily expensive, but I think they have the best curricula and flexibility for part-time students. Any thoughts/experience/advice from the forum on these schools?
  10. I have PhD offers from Princeton, Maryland, Penn State, and UC Santa Barbara. I feel blessed to have the offers I do, but I have no idea how I am going to decide between them. Help!
  11. I have gotten into three schools so far for public policy: Georgetown, University of Maryland, and American. All these school's rankings are similar so I am having a hard time distinguishing between them (they are also all in DC) except for the price tag. Tuition follows: Georgetown- $50,000/yr (have not been notified of funding) American- $30,000/yr (received $10,000 each year) Maryland- $45,000 (have not been notified of funding) What do you think is the best option?
  12. Can anyone speak to their experience applying to the UMaryland School of Social Work (or other schools)? I turned in the application a few weeks ago, the deadline for the program I am applying to is in two days, and the tracker still says there are items (LORS, etc; which they should have received) missing. Is this normal? Last I heard from anyone the system would have been up-to-date last week. I have tried to contact my admissions counselor a few times inquiring about the items to no response. I would love to attend this school and put a lot of effort into the application, but am interested to hear if others have had similar experiences.
  13. Hi everyone! I am Sheila and I am 23 years old. I am moving to Washington DC (or nearby neighborhoods) in the mid-August to attend GWU as an international student. Looking for 1-4 roommates to find and share decent apartment in good neighborhood.I am particularly interested in following areas: Foggy Bottom, Crystal City, Pentagon City, Courthouse, Rosslyn, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, Georgetown. My budget is about 800 USD for a separate/shared room. About myself: open-minded, optimistic, calm person who respects other people's privacy and enjoys good company. Graduate students, young professionals from DC area are welcome to send a message to me, would be very interested to talk and possibly connect about finding shared housing)
  14. Hello everyone! I wanted to start a thread to see if there was anyone else here who applied to Maryland's MPP program. Also interested in what funding successful applicants received (including whether they have heard about the Robertson Fellowship), and whether you are considering attending (and why!) Thanks!
  15. Could anyone post the link to a Whatsapp group for Maryland Fall 2017 admits and if possible, one specific for the ENTS program?
  16. Can anyone aid me in my decision, I just need some information and other opinions. 1. University of Maryland, College Park. M.Eng in Systems Engineering. 2. University of Texas Dallas. MS Systems Engineering. 3. Rutgers Master of Information Technology (MIT) 4. Oklahoma State University MS MIS (Management of Information Systems) These are the schools I got into, and now I can't decide. a) Should I pursue Systems Engineering or Information Systems, being an international student I do not have a detailed idea of which is better as far as job prospects go, what I do know is that Systems is meant for engineers with experience and may be tough to find a job in. Can anyone confirm this? b)If Systems, is Maryland or Dallas the better option, Maryland is cheaper (as far as M.Eng goes anyway) c) Lastly, Rutgers, the program is appealing (and costly) and again the main confusion is should I pick this instead of Systems? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. This is a tad premature seeing as I have not been accepted to Maryland yet, but I am curious if I am missing something here. My research over the last couple of years has focused on developing components for integrated plasmonic devices. I hope to stay in this field or closely related fields in graduate school (integrated photonics/quantum optics). I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to Purdue (fellowship) and UIUC (RA). I am seriously considering only one other school - the University of Maryland. So here's my question - UIUC unquestionably has a better reputation than the other schools in general, but it seems like a really weak choice for my interests. Aside from Kwait at UIUC, no one else seems to have a group churning out research on the level (as measured by the imperfect Google Scholar h-index) of Shalaev/Boltasseva/Bermel/Weiner/Qi or Waks/Hafezi/Munday/Murphy. Plus, Purdue comes with all the resources behind its Purdue Quantum Center and Maryland has the Joint Quantum Institute. I am open to an academic career but I am by no means gunning for it. UIUC is the odd man out, right? It sounds stupid when I say it out loud, but I think this is right. This is obviously a different calculation if I was biased toward electronic devices/semiconductors. Any advice will be appreciated. - Entangled
  18. Hey! I just accepted my offer to UMD. Anyone else heading to College Park this fall?
  19. I'm currently deciding between UMD and GW! Does anyone have insight into either of these two programs? I haven't been to either open house, but if anyone on here has been to either, would you mind sharing your experiences? I was offered a Graduate Assistantship position at GW but am worried about the 20 hr/week time commitment with balancing school and work, but if I do accept this offer, GW would be a cheaper option. Thank you!!
  20. Hi all! I'm deciding among a few acceptances for a PhD in School Psychology. My interests are in diversity/cross-cultural issues in school psychology. I hope to begin my career working in public high schools, but may eventually pursue private practice or research. I am deciding between Fordham, University of Maryland, University of Rhode Island, and University of Connecticut. Does anyone know anything (good/bad) about these programs? Research fit is great for all of them. Thank you!
  21. Hi! Are there people around who have been offered admission at UMd School of Public Policy? I am planning to join the PhD program. Would like to chat with prospective/current students. If there's an existing thread, please direct me there.
  22. Hey all, I'm trying to decide between enrolling in Tulane's Biomedical Sciences program and UMD - Baltimore's Molecular Medicine program for Fall 2016. I would like to focus on cancer genetics, but realize that people do switch their focus once beginning these programs. I liked the professors more at Tulane and was more interested in their research, but UMD is ranked higher. Do school rankings matter much in research? If anyone has any insight into either of these two programs, any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  23. I applied to an MPP or MPA in the follogwing universities: American NYU GW Maryland Harvard Princeton UCLA But I still did not receive results, anybody has information?? Thanks
  24. I'm currently trying to build my resume before applying to grad school for the 2019 year and I'm looking for advice to boost my chances for acceptance. Thus far: Program: MPA & MIR in Security and Economics Schools considered: Syracuse Maxwell, American SIS, Pitt GSPIA, UMD Major: International and Comparative Studies. Minor in Criminology GPA: 3.5 Undergrad school: Tennessee Years since UG: 1 year Work experience: Peace Corps Volunteer (Currently). Transitioning to Fulbright in Ukraine Language: Intermediate Georgian & Russian. Elementary Ukrainian LoR: My Peace Corps Country Director Other: Taught English in Georgia and worked with various NGOs in country. Studying for the GRE for the next year before taking the test in Ukraine. Advice on needed GRE scores for the listed schools? Any advice to be more competitive would be appreciated.
  25. This is my first posting on Grad Cafe, so here it goes.... I'm applying to urban planning programs that have a transportation policy focus. Right now, I am definitely applying to UNC- Chapel Hill, USC, UCLA, and University of Maryland. The first three programs are all housed in the schools' public affairs, policy, or arts and sciences schools. Maryland, however, is based in the School of Architecture. I'm much more of a policy guy, and U-Maryland's curriculum has a strong policy focus. However, the curricula at other architecture-based schools I researched, such as Harvard and UPenn, have a greater focus on studios and design. How much difference does where a department is housed affect the curriculum? Also, can anyone recommend other top planning programs with a transportation focus? I am using the 2012 Planetizen Guide as a starting point. I have also considered applying to the planning programs and Tufts and FSU. I currently live in DC and prefer east cost schools, but I am willing to go anywhere to get a degree from a top school and eventually relocate to New England (hence the two Cali schools). About me: Recent grad from top liberal arts school with Government major and Econ minor and a 3.76 overall GPA. I've been working for the federal government for the past two years but not for DOT. GRE scores: 650-verbal and 690-quant. Thanks for any advice!
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