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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Wishing you and your loved ones the best health, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for OISE's MA-CSE program in Fall 2022. Hopefully we can share our experiences and support each other through the application process We got this!
  2. Please forgive me, as this is my first post on grad cafe. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education with a dual endorsement in Math and ESL. I am looking to go to graduate school to receive my Master's in Education. However, these programs aren't super transparent on the average GPA and GRE of admitted students. Can everyone post their GPA and GRE along with the school they got into? I'm looking at specifically CU Boulder's program but I am keeping my mind open. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi all! So I just recently graduated with my first masters degree in library science. It was exciting and I finished with great grades - 3.82 CGPA on a 4.0 scale. However, my ultimate passions are history and classics. I did a double major for them in my undergrad. In fact, I want to go back to do a second masters in classics or history (in 2 years as I would like to work and earn some work experience and money first so I can get married) and probably get a PhD after that. The problem is, my undergrad CGPA was mediocre - 3.14 on a 4.3 scale. I had an average of about 3.4 in the last 2 years but I really bombed the first year and a half. The program I want to apply to requires at least a 3.3 CGPA to get into the classics MA program, but I was wondering if having a really strong CGPA in my first masters will make up for my less than stellar undergrad CGPA. Has anyone experienced something similar? Thanks in advance!
  4. Heya, folks. I've been lurking for a couple weeks, but I couldn't seem to find a 2018 acceptance/rejection thread specifically for Philosophy M.A. applicants, so I figured I'd start one myself. I applied to four programs: NIU, UW-Milwaukee, Virginia Tech, and Western Michigan. I was admitted to NIU early this month--2/7, I want to say?--but am still awaiting news on funding. I've not yet heard back from any of my other three programs, but, of course, the deadlines for those applications have only recently passed, so I imagine I'll be waiting some time yet... Any others admitted to NIU?
  5. Incoming M.A. candidate here. I plan to get a terminal M.A. and not go the Ph.D. path and become a prof, so I was hoping to get practical experience during the semesters (volunteer work, internships, etc. 8-10 hours/week) so I could be in the best position to get a job at graduation. Is this feasible given the rigorous workload of a grad student? I also will hopefully be doing a PT work-study job, as unfortunately, internships in the public sector are unpaid, ugh. At Columbia GSAS I plan to take 9 credits a semester, 12 tops.
  6. Hey! I was wondering if someone could tell me what they thought my chances are to get into Columbia's South Asian Studies Program. I have a 3.75 GPA from a pretty good private university. Double majored in Political Science and International Studies with three minors in Arabic, Asian Studies, and Religious Studies. I'm fluent in two languages. I was a research assistant for two of my professors and have co-authored a conference paper with one of my professors. I've also had several internships. I'm also in a bunch of scholar societies and in a couple of honors programs at my school. Haven't taken the GRE yet - am planning on taking it in a few days. But I was also wondering if anyone knew how important the GRE is for these types of programs anyway. Let me know! What do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated!!
  7. Hi, I graduated back in June with a BS in neuroscience. Even though I loved the science, I hated the research (it's extremely repetitive and prone to random errors; plus I want to work with humans). In recent months I discovered psychology as a possible grad school option. It combines the scientific thinking that I like with the human interaction that I crave. I plan to apply to masters programs in psychology and/or I/O psychology. However, I have several concerns: 1) I only took one psych course (Intro) in undergrad with no psych lab/stats courses (though I took many other lab/stats courses for my major). 2) My work experience profile is probably not a fit for I/O program (in a medical volunteer club for 2 years, tutored mol bio for 2 years, did research at a biochem lab for 3 years, now working as a TA in a research class). I have a strong research background which might give the false impression that I'm more into research than applied psych... 3) Having recently decided to enter psych, my knowledge in the field is limited compared to my peers who spent years researching it. I would really like to enter an I/O program because my eventual goal is to become a consultant. An I/O program can provide me with the business education background/internship/networking that's crucially important for any career in business (something I neglected as a science undergrad). Sure, I can go for a PhD in I/O after getting my MA in general psych, but I'd rather not commit to a research program that takes up 5 years of my life... Other backgrounds: 1) Graduated Magna Cum Laude from a top UC school 2) Highest departmental honors with research thesis 3) GRE- 157VR/167QR/4.5W Should I even try to apply to I/O psych or just focus on general psych? How should I tailor my research background so that I seem fit for psychology? Has anybody been in the same situation and would like to share your opinion? Any input is highly appreciated! Thanks guys!
  8. Hello everyone, As this particular session of the forum seems a little outdated, I wanted to find out if anyone has applied to MA in Communications/media studies in the UK starting fall 2016. I have applied to less than 10 schools in UK earlier this year and 2 out of those (City University of London & Goldsmiths, University of London) offered me a place in digital journalism and political communications, respectively. I have decided to make my way to Goldsmiths this fall and am quite excited as many people raved about the artistic atmosphere at golds. Besides my passion in IPEC/International Relations, I also like anything related to arts - photography, graphic design, film, & fashion and Goldsmiths seems like the perfect place for me personally. If you have applied to similar programmes in the UK, please share with me of your progress and decisions. Best Luck!
  9. For people who have been accepted to OISE's Master of Arts in Child Study & Education program, are any of you in the RIT (Research Intensive) Stream? Wondering whether only PBI (Practice Based Inquiry) has received acceptances yet or RIT candidates have also been accepted.
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