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Found 13 results

  1. I'm considering applying to some Canadian universities for a Master of Science (Applied) in "Speech and Language Pathology" to start September of 2021. I noticed a thread hadn't been started up yet. ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ˜ท ๐Ÿ“š
  2. I am admitted to both schools (Master of Science).
  3. Has anyone here been accepted into a PhD program with a project and not a thesis? I am freaking out because I am in the 2nd year of my Master's program and and my adviser messed everything up so I have been forced to do project track. The difference between a thesis and project at my project, aside from โ€˜cutting edgeโ€™ of new research and methodologies in a thesis, is that a project is only 25-35 pages. With the project track, I still have to do a proposal and present a defense in my last semester.
  4. I'm currently entering the second year of my PhD program in biomedical sciences. I do not plan to stay in academia for a career and I keep hearing more and more that a masters can actually be better for industry jobs. I'm looking for advice or resources to look for job outlook with a masters in biomedical science (microbiology), in science industry or in things not even relating to science. Also, Any advice on mastering out? Who were you able to talk to in your department to actually set that in motion? How "taboo" was it to deal with and did you face backlash after you decided on it? Any advice or resources would be very much appreciated!
  5. I have got master of science offer in chemical engineering program of Cornell University and UCLA. I intend to get PhD, most likely staying in the same school. Any good recommendation?
  6. Hello! I am new to this forum, it might be silly to ask someone to evaluate my profile. But I desperately need someone to guide me. Here is my profile! I am applying for an Aerospace Engineering program, My particular interests is path planning and optimizing, and I have noted that in my SOP GRE:325 (Q-166 V-159 AWA-3)TOEFL iBT:104 (R:28 L:30 S:23 W:23)GPA:3.65/4 (GPA in my sophomore:3.81 and in my junior:4) 2 academic excellence award(dean's list award) 2016&2017 2 local labor union scholarship 2016&2017 Finalist of the national robotic competition 2017 I was a research assistant for over a year.Did 3 undergraduate directed projects.But no publication yet!And currently working on a project as well, which is automatic landing system of a quadcopter. Here is a list that I applied or I am going to apply. What is my chance of getting into one of this programs?1. Massachusetts Institute of technology โ€“ Aerospace engineering 2. University of Maryland โ€“ Aerospace engineering 3. University of Texas Austin- Aerospace engineering4. University of California Berkeley โ€“ Mechanical engineering 5. University of California Los Angeles โ€“MAE6. University of Michigan โ€“ Aerospace Engineering7. Purdue University โ€“ Aerospace engineering8. Stanford University- Aerospace engineering 9. Virginia Tech-Aerospace engineering 10. Ohio state University-Aerospace engineering 11. Penn state Unversity- Aerospace engineering 12. University of Washington- Aerospace engineering
  7. Hello, I'm interested in the one year Master of Science in Public Policy program at NYU's Wagner School. It seems like a pretty unique program to me, and I'm having trouble finding any information about acceptance rates or thoughts on past applicants. etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about this program or is anyone else applying/does anyone know any admissions statistics? Thank you! - M
  8. Salutations, I have completed my engineering and MBA in Information Technology and have been working for the past five years in an IT firm as the technical lead. I had applied for furthering my studies by applying for Master of Science in different universities. I have got the offer from two universities as of now viz., Trinity College Dublin in Master of Science in Computer Science specialization in Intelligent Systems (a one year degree specialization course) University of Konstanz in Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (a two year generic degree course) In terms of ranking Trinity > Konstanz. However, my plan is to go for a PhD after doing Masters and I am awaiting the reply from other German universities. I am open to choosing my specialization and am not limited to only "Artificial Intelligence"/"Intelligent Systems". What would you recommend for me? Thanks for your help and time!
  9. I'm currently deciding between 2 programs, a M.S and a M.A. I'm not sure I understand the true difference between the two (if there are any). I'm assuming M.A is more education/kids focused and M.S is more medical based but I'm not sure if this is true. Is one better/worse to have?? If anyone has any information, please let me know!
  10. Didn't see a thread about the MSc.Pl program at UofT. Saw someone post an acceptance this morning on the results page. Anyone else hear any news? I contacted Marija in mid February and this year she said they received over 200 applicants for approximately 30 spots. I applied on February 1 and haven't heard anything FYI.
  11. GRE 321 Verbal 156(71%) Quant 165(90%) AWA 4.0(56%) UG 78% (Top 5 in department) One good relevant project No work experience or research papers (Working on a research paper currently) Want to do MS in Computer Science. Have sent my scores to USC, UCLA, Stony Brook, UMCP I have Columbia, UC Irvine and San Jose State University in mind. What are my chances of getting into these? Also, suggest any other good universities that fit my profile! Thanks, in advance!
  12. Hey, I right now have admits for University of Maryland, College Park for ENTS program and from University of Colorado, Boulder for ITP program. I'm confused between the two. I have some really good reviews about both these schools and am not able to decide between the two. Can someone please help me out with this decision? Thanks a lot!!
  13. I have applied for MS in Computer Science at Rutgers for Fall 2016. Can someone please help me find the 'Resend Email to Recommender' Link for my Rutgers Application. Very urgent. Thanks
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