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Found 6 results

  1. Hi My profile is as follows: Bachelors in Computer Engineering from India - Mumbai University GRE: 296 TOEFL: 99 Work Experience: 3 years as a software developer GPA: 6.29/10 Can you please recommend universities in USA for MS in MIS and MS in CS (open to both)? Since my GRE is on the lower end, I will first prefer to apply at universities that are not considering GRE scores. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm interested in obtaining a second masters in computer science and I'm not sure what schools are best for me. I'm a currently finishing up a master's degree in bioengineering at UC San Diego and I developed an interest in CS. I am looking for schools that are professionally driven and dont focus too much on CS theory. Any advice or list of schools to avoid?
  3. Has anybody got an admit to the MS in Computer Science program at Columbia University for the Fall session despite submitting the application after the 2nd priority deadline(during the rolling period)? If yes, can you please mention some details about your profile? Also when did you apply and when did you receive the admit? I am planning to apply after 2nd priority deadline (somewhere around 1st week of March) but am really worried that my application might not be reviewed at all. Can someone please help?
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum so please bear with me. I wanted a profile evaluation and some suggestions on universities for Masters in Computer Science in US Profile Undergrad CGPA:- 8.7/10 Work Ex:- 2 years as a Software Developer GRE:- 321(quants-161; verbal-160) TOEFL:- yet to appear I have done good projects in undergrad and also my extracurriculars are good
  5. Hello, My background is somewhat unconventional and I am having a very difficult time narrowing down the range of schools to apply to that I would likely get in. Especially since most graduate school profiles are vague on their admission statistics, it is difficult to determine what is a likely possibility of acceptance. I am unsure of which schools to target, if some of these masters programs are too ambitious, or if I am selling myself short. Right now, my school list includes the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Colorado Boulder, University of Chicago, Boston University, University of Houston, and a few others in between this range. Here is a glimpse of my profile: Degrees: BS Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M, GPA: 3.11 (I understand this is low due to my first semester in college; I can justify it the application). BS Computer Science through Oregon State University's Post-Bacc (Online program), GPA 3.75 GRE: Quant 166, Verbal 150, Writing 4.5 Work experience: Data analyst: 1.5 years Manufacturing engineer internship: 1 summer Research assisting: 6 months, no publications. Demographic: US citizen, female Firstly, I am unsure of how my GPA will be evaluated since I will have two technical degrees from different universities of varying difficulties (one being a traditional bachelor's degree and my computer science degree being online) and with the distinctive gap between the two grade point averages. Secondly, my work experience isn't exactly software engineering. In my data analyst job I developed a Microsoft PowerApps platform and in my research position I programmed in Matlab to evaluate EEG signals. While these projects lead me to pursue my post bacc computer science due to the programming nature, I currently lack the experience of having a position completely devoted to software engineering. Any advice is welcomed! I keep going back and forth on selecting schools to apply to due to all of the uncertainty of my application statistics with the current degree programs. Thanks in advance for any help!
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