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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. Currently I'm planning to apply for a master program in order to satisfy the degree requirement of PhD admission in the Europe. Since I already have several years' research experience and 10+ publications, I want to save time and get into PhD study ASAP. Thus my initial plan was to apply for an one-year master program this year and then I will apply for the PhD positions/programs so that I can start my PhD next fall. But something was wrong with my visa application and finally I missed the register deadline. Now I have two plans: 1. Apply for an one-year master program started in next spring. The problem is that I am not sure which countries in the Europe have such programs. 2. Apply for an one-year online master program. The problem is that I'm not sure if it is recognized in PhD admission in the Europe. Can anyone give me some advices? Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, As decisions roll out for the UofT iSchool Master's and PhD programs, I thought I would create this thread so we can share information. Please feel free to post any FYIs or questions you may have 🙂 Has anyone heard back regarding the status of their application, and whether they were accepted/ rejected?
  3. Hello everyone. I've got a bit of a unique situation. I was disowned by my family in the middle of my education, so I have a gap year to explain. I teach math currently to pay my bills, and I really enjoy teaching, but I don't see myself as a middle school teacher forever. I miss the research and the conferences... Undergraduate Institution: Top 300 Nationally ------> Top 25 Best Regional South Majors: Mathematics GPA: 3.29 Major GPA: 3.44 Type of Student: Domestic White Female Courses taken: Math: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, II, and III (B/A/A), History of Mathematics (A), Linear Algebra (A), Modern and Abstract Algebra (B), Research in Mathematics (A), Real Analysis (B), Mathematical Modeling (A-), Differential Equations (B), Survey of Geometry (C+), Senior Seminar (B) Stats: AP Stats, Probability and Statistics I (A), Probability and Statistics II (C), Advanced Statistical Methods (B) CS: Programming Language I (Java) (B), Web Applications I (B+), Database Design (B), Programming Languages (different college, a smattering of C, C++, Elm, the weird parenthesis language, and a few others) (B-), Data Structures (with Python) (A) Bio and science: Basic Biology (AP Credit), General Chemistry I and II (AP Credit), Organic Chemistry I (C), Bioinformatics (B), Physics I (B) GRE General Test: Took a practice one cold and got 159 V/161 Q. I'm aiming a little higher, but would be content with that score. GRE Subject Math: Have not taken. Research, work and publication: Current work: Teaching math at a public middle school. 2018: Attended MAA-Southeastern Section meeting at Clemson and graduated. 2017: Poster prize winner at MAA-Southeastern Section meeting for a computerized SIRS model for the Black Death; used NetLogo with Python under the hood. Some randomness was incorporated in the lifetime of the human bits in the model. Compiled an exposition of the Navier-Stokes equations for my senior seminar that I took a semester early. 2016: Transferred out of necessity and took a tutoring job with the college. Acted as a TA for a statistics section. Maintained until my graduation in 2018. 2015: Best Presentation Overall at a symposium hosted by my first college in the expansion of my earlier project. There were at least 250 presentations there. Learned to access government databases for biological information like genomes and viruses in Bioinformatics and gave a presentation in class about Fourier transforms. 2014: Symposium hosted by my college for students only about the history of probability and statistics. Was the Calculus III TA and led lecture once a week. Letters of Recommendation: Chairs of the math department from both schools, and either my supervisor for tutoring or my research advisor from my earlier symposia work. Schools: I would ideally stay in North Carolina, so NCSU is a big dream for me for their connections to the sciences. There are several programs that I'd gladly apply to, but my GPA is low for PhD. I will be an NC resident for Fall 2020 admission. I'd really like to stay in the southeast but if a better program is calling my name, I'd be stupid not to look at it.
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well! So I am a current senior undergrad, applying for PhD programs for Biostatistics for next fall. I was very excited to have been accepted to UNC's Department of Biostatistics, with a full package of 5 years of funding! I wasn't able to get into Michigan's PhD program, but was offered a funded fast-track masters (and I heard that usually any student that wants to move onto the PhD is able to do so). I am leaning toward Michigan because my current interest lies in Statistical Genetics (and I have heard Michigan's statistical genetics program is pretty much top in the nation) and because of some other personal reasons. However, I am set on wanting to pursue a PhD, and I am worried about reapplying after the Master's. Please let me know what you think about this dilemma, and whether or not you think taking the funded Master's offer rather than a PhD would be a harmful decision for someone who does, in fact, intend to get the PhD. Thank you!
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