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Found 913 results

  1. HI there! I wanted to start this forum regarding Museum Studies graduate program applicants for fall 2020! I searched and couldn't find ANY forums about museum studies/museology programs or topics. Why not start here? What schools and programs did you apply for? What are some of your top schools? Has anyone heard back from the schools they were hoping for? I personally applied to the Museum and Field Studies at UC-Boulder, and then I applied to the Public History w/ Museum Specialization at Colorado State.
  2. I am international students from India with an undergrad in Eco. I also have close to 3 years of experience in statistical and development research based domains. Had a good SOP (atleast I like to think so) and okay-ish LoRs. Had a 169 quant score in GRE. I need to decide between Yale IDE and Columbia MA Econ by April second week. Yale has a smaller class size, is cheaper and has a less mathematical course structure (by the looks of it). Columbia might give more opportunities by being in NY, and in general the Econ department seems highly reputed. In the future, I plan on pursuing a career in dev econ-consulting in a research capacity for international organisations or think tanks. Anyone with any thoughts on which one I should pick? Would highly appreciate it!
  3. Hello GradCafe people! Seeking some clarity on the subject above. I'm an international student, and I'm looking to apply for an MA Economics in Canada. I'm aiming for UBC, Queen's, UWaterloo, SFU, and McMaster. Reaching out to see if anyone has been through it as an international student, and how your application was. I'm open to sharing my profile - I will add it later when more people discuss. Thank you. P.S: Stay safe during these troubling times!
  4. Hello all, So, I got into UChicago MAPSS. I applied to MAPSS in large part because am interested in switching fields from something more humanities-oriented to social psychology and thought the MAPSS program would be really a great way to transition fields before applying to social psychology PhD programs. I am fortunate enough to have received a scholarship which makes the program within the realm of affordable. Nevertheless, I'd need to take out a good amount of money in loans and spend all of my savings on living costs. Because of these costs, I'm a bit nervous about pursuing MAPSS as opposed to finding an RAship or research-oriented job. I'm especially nervous about taking on debt at a point in my life where conventional financial advice says it's critical for me to be saving. In my mind, the main advantage of turning down MAPSS to find an RAship/job would be that I won't be living with debt for the next x years of my life. The disadvantage of not doing MAPSS would be that my alternative plan of getting hired to a position relevant to social psychology research (ideally an RAship, but also adjacent jobs like survey research, decision sciences etc.) might not be realistic since I don't have immediate experience in that area of research. I have transferable skills, but there are plenty of candidates with those skills and direct experience. I'm also worried that some PhD committees might be suspicious of a prospective student who is lacking in demonstrated commitment to that field through a research degree. I figured I'd ask the lovely people of the internet for some advice on the matter. Excited to hear what y'all have to say
  5. Hey! Was wondering if anyone had advice about a possible career change to SLP. I’m currently a teacher and have my masters in early childhood education and sped my B.S is in an unrelated field. I was considering switching careers to an SLP but I’m struggling with how to go about. I’ve looked up some masters programs that require pre-reqs that I don’t have and I’m iffy about doing a post-bacc online and then having to apply to a full master’s program. Has anyone gone about this route and started over again? Are their programs that include pre-req classes and a master’s program? I’m just looking for general advice and any guidance would be a huge help. Considering flexible programs and full time programs anywhere in the US (Cali would be ideal since I’m from there and can live and home to save $$ but I moved for my master’s and made it work so that’s also an option). Thank you!!
  6. Hi Everyone, just wanted to start a thread where people can ask for opinions about psychology masters programs they are considering. Since most of these programs are unfunded and they all claim to prepare you for admission to PhD programs, I was hoping that former students / anyone that has knowledge of these programs can provide some insight on several topics: How much is the tuition? Is there funding available? Are you matched with a faculty mentor or are you admitted to the program generally? What was the quality of the research experience offered? Quality of the classes? Were you able to transfer most of the classes over towards your PhD degree or did you have to take them again? How much do you think it prepared you / improved your application for PhD? Misc. thoughts about the program I'll get the ball rolling and ask if anyone has any info on SDSU's MA program, Fordham's CRM program, or the Teachers College MA I got word from the director of Fordham's program that the tuition is in the ballpark of 50k for the 2 year program and I've read some less than favorable reviews of the TC program on here a little while ago so I was hoping to see if more people felt the same way. Thanks!
  7. Hi please help. I've applied to a few PhD. and Masters programs and haven't heard back from most but I got wait-listed for one PhD. program. Today I got accepted into the NYU Psychology M.A program after being rejected by the doctorate program and I wanted to know if it was worth enrolling in? I have 2 years of experience as an RA at a hospital and was hoping I could get into a decent PhD. program but if nothing works out should I accept the Masters program or would it be smarter to wait a year and apply to PhD programs in December? I'm the first one in my family to pursue higher education and I have nobody else to ask so I would really appreciate any input. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm so grateful to be accepted into both Yale and Columbia for East Asian Studies (China studies) this coming fall. I am however, having difficulty deciding which school to pick. Background: International student with an undergraduate degree in International Relations. Have also taken many courses on political and cultural/social history alongside my IR courses. Open to moving away from an IR specialisation to explore disciplines such as history and anthropology. Considering academia as a potential career but I have not made up my mind as to what discipline to specialise in - currently leaning towards history. Taking this opportunity as a chance to explore and to decide on a discipline to specialise in. Concerns: Admitted into a 2-year program at Yale vs. 1-year program at Columbia. No funding as of now so cost is definitely a factor to consider. However, Yale's 2-year track provides more time for me to discover my intellectual interests or look for a job if I decide that academia is not for me. University environment. From what I've read online, Yale seems to provide a better learning and research environment as compared to Columbia while Columbia, being situated in NY seems to offer better job/internship opportunities. My undergraduate studies was completed in a city campus in central London and I was wondering if Yale could be a nice change of environment. I generally indifferent when it comes to attending uni in a big city. Yale seems to have a much stronger Chinese history department as compared to Columbia. However, it seems like its IR/Pol Science department (in its core faculty) is weaker than Columbia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
  9. Hey all, I just wanted to start a thread for any fellow MArch applicants waiting on decisions. I applied to UBC, Carleton and UofT for the three year program what about you guys? I know its still early for Canadian schools but anyone hear back yet?
  10. Hi all, This was my second application process (with better GRE scores + 2+ years of research ex + Master's + 1 first author publication and 4 under review). Despite this I didn't get into a PhD program. I think my Master's grades had to do with it. Got notified about an acceptance to NYU for a Master's. I was hoping I'd get in there for PhD, but that did not happen. They do not provide any funding. Is there any way to get scholarships/funding? I definitely cannot afford to pay/take out a loan, unfortunately. (note: I'm an international student from a developing country). I also don't think that for at least 5-6 years, I won't be able to apply again (by that time I'd have to somehow figure out a way to stay financially afloat, lol) Any other advice?
  11. Hi guys! I recently got admitted to UBC's master's program in political science (I also got accepted into U Toronto, but their faculty is much more IR focused, whereas I'm interested in comparative). I'm an American who specifically chose to do her master's outside of the U.S. However, I intend to complete my Phd in Political Science in an American institution (I'm especially interested in the UC system). I wanted to know if any of you had any knowledge of the quality of social science and politics research in UBC, as well as the Canadian system all around. I really like UBC's faculty (they've also offered me funding which is great) but I'm curious as to how this institution is perceived in the U.S. when it comes to applying for PhD programs. I know competitively speaking I might be at a disadvantage compared to graduates who complete their master's at U.S. institutions. Thank you!!
  12. I have received offers from each of these schools with similar amounts of funding and tuition waivers for my Master's degree. I am torn between them as I went to OKState for undergrad so I know the school and am comfortable with it, but I have heard many positive things about KState as well. Does anyone have any further insight in relation to these programs? I have phone calls set up and know a fair bit about OSU's program, but my decision deadline is approaching in April and I am definitely having some trouble picking between the two.
  13. Got accepted to UCF for a phd with fellowship, tuition waiver, and stipend so it should all be paid for. Rochester offered 40% off tuition and $500 one time fellowship. Arizona would count me as in state tuition, which would cap tuition and be about $10k less a semester than out of state. All are for the field of optics/optical sciences. When applying my hope was to go to the University of Rochester for a PhD, as the city, weather, and most important the research fits me best, but I got rejected and only accepted to their MS program. Would it be a mistake to take the offer at Rochester over a fully funded PhD at UCF? From my understanding UCF is a good program, but Rochester is the best out of all of them.
  14. Hi! I am so happy about the offers I received for the - St. Gallen SIM( 2 years - consulting oriented - great international experience - no Supply Chain Management related electives ), - RSM MiM (1 year - international exchange opportunities - more generic), - ETH MTEC - MSc in Management, Technology, and Economics ( 2 years - generic courses with some technical courses - great SCM related chair - no international exchange opportunities) However, I cannot decide which of them constitutes the best choice for me. I would deeply appreciate any thoughts on any of these programs. My profile MEng in Mechanical Engineering, 3 years of experience (2 in the Tech industry as software developer + 1 as Engineer in an Engineering Service company). EU citizen. I speak German at a B1-B2 level, but no Dutch. My post-Masters goal Supply Chain Management related position, ideally with a social impact/sustainability aspect. Industries: Consulting or Retail/ Fast-moving consumer goods One problem is that I am still considering pursuing a PhD ( preferably at a top US business school ) after my MSc. Consequently, I want to join a school with a good international academic reputation on operations/SCM but also with promising job prospects. Moreover, if you believe that there is any other program that matches my goals feel free to make any suggestions! Thank you in advance for your help!
  15. Dann

    Penn GSE 2020

    Good morning! I want to start a discussion about the Penn GSE Fall 2020 application. Anyone applying for M.S.Ed.? Hi, I am glad you joined the conversation! 👋😃
  16. I have not seen a lot of people talking about Duke Sanford MPP on here. So decided to create this. It would be great if people would comment on the fact that not many people are interested in MPP at Duke even when it is one of the best courses out there. Also it would be great if someone could comment on whether it poses a problem for policy students at Duke to study in a small town and whether that hinders their internship or job prospects in big cities which universities like Georgetown have it a little easy. Not heard good reviews about Georgetown hence it is important for me to know about Duke.
  17. I would like to start a thread specifically for Masters students who aren't being offered funding in their own programs so we can share resources and maybe help each other find funding options!
  18. Hi everyone, I applied for masters in applied mathematics (mathematical physics concentration - GR and physical cosmology) for fall 2020 after much consideration but I'm having doubts about whether I'd get into any of these programs. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my chances for these programs and if it's looking pretty bleak, what I should do to better prepare for Fall 2021. Undergrad institution: No reputation Indian university Major: Electronics and Communication engineering GPA: equivalent to B in the USA (first class) Background: International Indian male Relevant math courses: Calculus, differential equations, transforms, numerical techniques, complex analysis and probability. We used Engineering mathematics by B S Grewal, Erwin Kreyszig and Probability by Seymour Lipschutz. GRE general: Quant: 164 (84 percentile) Verbal: 156 (73 percentile) Writing: 3.0 (15 percentile) GRE physics: 770 (62 percentile) TOEFL: R-29, L-30, S-23, W-25 Total: 107 Research experience: (For a total of one year) Did research for a professor at a Indian central govt. research institute. Worked on algorithms in C for adaptive optics (fourier transforms, SVD, correlations) (a co-author acknowledgement in the publication of the work.) Explored the use of image gradients for registration in the context of adaptive optics. Also ended up defining a small technique (A first author paper is in preparation for the same) Technical skills • Programming: IDL, C, MATLAB, JAVA • Software: FFTW, GNU scientific library, MS Office, LATEX • OS: Ubuntu(Debian) and Windows LOR: My supervisor at the central govt. institution, whom I had a great relationship with, wrote me a strong positive letter. My lecturer from my undergrad institute: under whom I completed my curriculum project work. My lecturer from my undergrad institute: who taught us math for 1.5 years. (I know that my background is different. But I have self studied from Apostol calculus. Now I have taken up moocs for real analysis and differential geometry) Schools I applied to (masters in applied mathematics - mathematical physics) UC Davis/ pending UIUC/ pending University of Alberta/ pending University of waterloo/ pending Univerity of toronto/ pending Schools I applied to (masters in physics) UT Austin/ pending Stony Brook university/ pending I am taking up math GRE this october. Should I be applying to MS programs that are ranked lower for next spring (if it's really the case that my chances are not that great.) Thank you so much for your help.
  19. I recently finished the application season (Masters) and have the following acceptances: UCSD, Duke, Columbia, Boston University, Northwesterm These are amongst others (Yale, Berkeley, Cornell, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) however they were either one year or non-thesis programs, or the university's main focus was not BME so I have decided to throw those out. Again if you think that isn't a wise decision please let me know. I have also been waitlisted at Hopkins, and am looking to accept that should I get in. Anyone familiar with these schools that can help me out? I am looking very closely at UCSD, Duke, Columbia and Boston for the moment. Duke and UCSD due to their reputation for biomedical engineering and Columbia because of it's ivy-league ties (and its entrepreneurship bent). Boston is also attractive because Boston is quickly becoming a major hub of biomedical engineering, and is next to some very good schools (MIT, Harvard). My future goals are either to become an entrepreneur or join industry, however it is still important for me to complete a thesis during this masters degree. Thank you for your help!
  20. I received an email on February 16th telling me I made it through the first level of screening and they would like me to go through a brief phone interview with a faculty member. Four days later, I received an email from the faculty member and we set up an interview time. On 2/24 we spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes. I felt like it went well! It has been a week and a half since the interview and now I'm just not sure what to expect. I'm sure I am being a bit inpatient lol, but I have received an offer from a different school and don't want to hold onto it too long and take the spot away from someone who got waitlisted! Does anyone have any advice? Or if you applied to UD, have you heard back yet? Thanks!
  21. Hi all, I don’t have an admit for Stanford’s MS CS yet — but it’s perhaps the only programme that would make me second guess accepting UIUC’s MS CS. Can you guys help me make the decision early? I’m certainly leaning towards UIUC, and I might decide later on to potentially move to a PhD. Tuition is not an issue for either. UIUC Interesting research topic lined up — could potentially start early? The Midwest is cheaper Seems to be more straightforward to enter PhD? Stanford Name recognition Cheers!
  22. Has anyone heard back from NYU Steinhardt? Applied for Early Action, the result is supposedly coming out in early Feb. I called the admissions last week, and was told that the result could come out on any day. However, it looks like there was 1 person admitted as posted on the result page... so I was wondering if anyone knows about it. Any info welcomed :) Thanks!
  23. Lots of threads for MFT PhD programs but I couldn't find one for Master's programs! Where did you apply? Where have you heard back from? I applied to SDSU, Jefferson, U of Oregon, and Appalachian State. As of yesterday have been invited to interview at U of Oregon (2/13) and Appalachian State (2/21).
  24. Hiya, I was just admitted to the MPP at Sciences Po in the Digital, New Technology and Public Policy stream! Any other admits out there? How is everyone feeling?
  25. I can't seem to find much about people applying to data science and analytics masters programs so I thought I'd start one myself. I'm super frustrating with not being able to find information on when decisions will be sent out, so I'm hoping find out if anyone has heard from anywhere. I've applied to: Chicago's MA in Computational Social Science Chicago's Masters in Analytics Georgetown's Masters in Analytics (focus in data science) Northwestern's MS in Analytics LSE Applied Social Data Science and Data Science masters programs I just found out yesterday that I've been accepted to UVAs masters in Data Science. Has anyone heard back from any of these schools??? Just for reference... School: Hillsdale College Major: Psychology and Political Economy, minors in French and Mathematics GPA: 3.53 (4.0) psychology major 3.90 (4.0) GRE: 162 (81%) Q, 165 (96%), 4.5 AW Relevant Courses: Statistics for the Social Sciences, Econometrics, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Learning Other things: As far as programming I have experience with R and SPSS and have basic knowledge of HTML, C++, and SQL. I'm in the process of publishing psychology research as first author, have leadership experience in my sorority and two other campus organizations, have been my psychology department's statistics and SPSS tutor since sophomore year, am part of both the psychology and economics honoraries, and spent a month at Oxford this summer taking two courses.
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