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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well during this stressful time of year. I was just wondering if there exists any type of thinking in terms of what the best masters programs in statistics are? I feel like it is even more difficult to rank Masters programs than PhD ones simply because of the variability in whether a Masters program is viewed as a kind of cash cow, a stepping stone to a higher degree, or a primarily professional degree. Personally, I would love to get some of your insights as to what the tiers of Masters programs are for someone who wants to get a PhD in Statistics, but I am certain that there are other people struggling with what to think of various masters programs and how to properly compare them. I truly don't have any sort of insight into the matter, despite my constant attempts at googling; so, any insight would be greatly appreciated! A few example Masters Programs that I have no idea how to "order": Oxford MSc Statistical Science, LSE MSc in Statistics (Research), Yale MSc Statistics and Data Science/Yale MA Statistics, University of Washington MSc Statistics - Advanced Methods and Data Analysis, Stanford MSc Statistics, Berkeley MSc Statistics, Columbia MSc Statistics, Chicago MSc Statistics Thank you so much!
  2. Hi everyone! I am a current undergrad in communication disorders and sciences and I am getting ready to apply to grad schools this Fall. I have a 3.8 GPA and some experience and strong letters of rec; however, I recently took the GRE and I scored horribly. With that being said, I am now looking into applying to schools that don't require the GRE. I would retake it but at this moment in time I don't have the money to pay for it. I was wondering if anyone can share the schools that for sure don't require the GRE. Thank You.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking about applying for a Computer Science masters programs for Fall of 2017 and I'm having a dilemma whether or not I should even apply. I would like to go to a program within top 10 - 40 but I'm not sure if I would make a competitive candidate, let alone an interesting one. My background in college was BA in Biology and International Studies and my GPA was 3.3 from a top-20 (US) university. I only just started taking computer science courses at the beginning of this year to get ready and so far I've taken Introduction to Programming focused on C (A-), Discrete Math (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Programming in C++ (B+), Data Structures in C++ (currently taking), and Computer Architecture (focused on assembly language and systems - currently taking). As for the GRE, I am scheduled to take it on November 29th. I graduated in 2015 and have been working as a research assistant in a clinical research lab. I have 4 letters of recommendations - One from my PI, one from my english professor who knows me very well, one from my discrete math professor, and one from my Programming in C++ professor. I guess my dilemma is - how do I compare to other candidates as a person coming from a no cs undergrad or industry background? Would applying this time around be a waste of money even if I got a good GRE (quantitative) score? And which programs could I apply to to be at least considered without expecting a reject to begin with? Please give me some advice!
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