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Found 7 results

  1. I have applied to few schools for a Ph.D. program but haven't heard back from any. please let me know if anyone has received anything for this program this 2022 cycle.
  2. Hi Everyone, Do you guys think UIUC, Berkeley, and Northwestern might have given out all PhD admissions in Materials science for Fall 2021. I see many people getting admits and also rejects. I didn't receive any communication yet, so, is there a chance I might still be in consideration? Feel free to share your opinions. Thank you,
  3. Hi all, I am really worried these days as it has been nearly a month (no later than March 12th) since I was notified by the department coordinator that I was nominated for admission to the M.S. program via email. I contacted the coordinator about what is that "nominated" means those days and she said I would receive an official letter of admission from the Graduate Division Office in a few and then I can go to the GradApply and choose whether to accept it or not. I thought I was safe but after waiting for about two weeks, I did not heard from anyone, and I cannot get in touch with the coordinator since then. I just called the application office this afternoon and was told since I applied for PhD program and they nominated me for admission to M.S. program, I should expect the official letter coming next week and the department will contact me if they found any problem. It does not make sense to me as they've already nominated me for admission, what problem could happen after that? Although it is a M.S. program, I do like to join it as well, so if someone could tell is it common to wait such a long time or is there anything I can do right now? Thank you guys so much.
  4. Can anybody share university rankings by US News for material science and engineering program? Also how good is QS ranking in that regard? Thanks in advance.
  5. GRE: ( V-156, Q-164, AWA - 3.5) TOEFL- 109 B.E: 9.45(MECHANICAL) from Ramaiah Institute of Technology Research experience - 2 summer internship - 1) Summer Research Fellowship @ Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore final year research project- Development of Supercapacitors- On the verge of being filed for Indian Patent publication - 1 in an international journal Applying for material science (COMPUTATIONAL) PhD Decent SOP LORs: 3 academic LORs from professors in college. Colleges intended: UIUCUC BERKELEY U MICHIGAN ABNORTHWESTERN UPURDUE UU TEXAS at AUSTINTEXAS A&MPENNSYLVANIA STATE UUC Santa Barbara Penn State U Should I apply to some safe colleges or not apply to some of the above colleges?
  6. I got admits to M.Engineering Materials Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh and University of Toronto. U of Toronto is considerably cheaper but CMU is the better school(I think), no scholarships or assistantships on either one. Which one should I choose?
  7. I am applying to a few programs in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering in the USA. Out of a total of 12, I have already applied to 8 programs. I will finish applying to the rest in the next two weeks. This thread is an attempt to bring together all applicants who will be joining Chemical Engineering and related programs like Environmental Engineering and Material Science. The reason for bringing these programs together is the common pool of applicants who apply there. The purposes of this thread are following- 1. Share possible good programs to apply to. 2. Share profiles of fellow applicants applying to the same programs. 3. Application related queries (official transcript related, possible answers to application requirements and so on) 4. Updates about application status. 5. Updates about admits and/ or rejects. 6. Bringing together applicants admitted to same universities. All the best!
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