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Found 18 results

  1. I have applied to few schools for a Ph.D. program but haven't heard back from any. please let me know if anyone has received anything for this program this 2022 cycle.
  2. Hi, so I have been admitted to TAMU's MS in MSEN program. Since a lot of PhD admits were talking about no funding, I am curious about the fundong opportunities, because I thoight PhD's were funded. Also is it possible to change to PhD from a MS admit? If a professor agrees? Just wanted to have a discission on materials science admits in general this year
  3. I'm not sure which program to decide on as they both seem to be great programs on paper. The draw of UCB is that it is a 1 year program, but I don't think they touch on the fundamentals as much as an MS degree would. If anyone has any insight, it would be very helpful!
  4. Hi everyone! I didn't see a thread for this year's materials science applicants, so I decided to create one to discuss acceptances, research interests, and all of the different programs people are applying to. I am interested in energy materials with specific applications to energy storage or fuel cells. I applied to PhD programs at University of Chicago Molecular Engineering, Northwestern, UPenn, Drexel, UMich, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Yale. I also applied to a master's program at Illinois Institute of Technology. So far I have only heard back from University of Chicago where I was rejected. Anyway, feel free to respond and talk about how the application cycle is treating you so I don't feel like the only neurotic low-life out here
  5. Hi Everyone, Do you guys think UIUC, Berkeley, and Northwestern might have given out all PhD admissions in Materials science for Fall 2021. I see many people getting admits and also rejects. I didn't receive any communication yet, so, is there a chance I might still be in consideration? Feel free to share your opinions. Thank you,
  6. Hi all, I know it's early but I am starting this thread so that anyone who is applying to the 2021 application season can their credentials or news of offers once they are sent out! Feel free to share anything related to your grad school goals!
  7. Hi all!! I noticed there were a decent amount of people on here applying for MSE graduate degrees, so I figured I would make this. Good luck to everyone! Use the template below to plug in your applicant information: _________________________________________ Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Major(s): Minor(s): GPA in Major: x.xx/4.00 Overall GPA: x.xx/4.00 Demographics/Background: GRE Scores: Q: xxx (xx%) V: xxx (xx%) W: x.x (xx%) LOR: Research Experience: Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Fellowships/Funding: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments: Anything else in your application that might matter (faculty connections, etc.): Research Interests: Institutions/Programs: Comments:
  8. Hello everyone! Since most of us are almost towards the end of applications, I thought it'll be a good time to start this thread. As a continuation of @IceCream & MatSci's post last year, I thought this could be helpful. So those of you who are applying for Materials Science and Engineering programs for Fall 2020, this is your place to share and talk to fellow aspirants! (It won't be wrong to call this a 'support group' now, would it?) Feel free to post your credentials, and results using the following format! Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): Major(s): Minor(s): GPA in Major: x.xx/4.00 Overall GPA: x.xx/4.00 Demographics/Background: GRE Scores: Q: xxx (xx%) V: xxx (xx%) W: x.x (xx%) LOR: Research Experience: Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Fellowships/Funding: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments: Anything else in your application that might matter (faculty connections, etc.): Research Interests: Institutions/Programs: Comments:
  9. Hi! I just committed to a PhD program in materials science at Northwestern. Are there any other students who will be attending Northwestern in the fall (in any field)? I currently live in Phoenix and will be moving there in August. I'd also be interested in getting to know other students moving to the Chicago area.
  10. I've been admitted to CMU, Pitt, NUS, and EPFL, but now I'm going to focus more on CMU and EPFL. I finished my master's degree in materials science here at CMU, but I haven't contact any research advisor at CMU. EPFL admission committee has approved me to look for a suitable advisor with funding. Today an EPFL professor contact me and we had a great conversation. He is doing research in fuel cell field, which I am interested in. In CMU, I have completed most of my course credits which can be easily transferred to my PhD stage, so I can better focus on my research. In EPFL, the PhD program is a four-year one, and Lausanne is a French-speaking area, which means I have to learn some French more or less, but I really got fascinated by this country. The living expense is also an issue. It seems that the living cost in Switzerland is much higher than that in Pittsburgh. I don't really know if the PhD salary at EPFL could cover my daily expense (maybe have a trip in a year or two).
  11. Hello everyone! I am applying to graduate programs in Renewable Energy/Materials Science with focus on Energy (MS/Ph.D.), for Fall 2019 (I know I am delayed; targeting January deadlines). My Profile is: GRE: 329 (Q: 168) TOEFL 112 UG PERCENTAGE: 84.32 (top 5% of class) Currently working at GSES India, New Delhi, India as Engineer, since Nov 2018. My work involves carrying out renewable energy training, and consultancy for solar PV Projects. Past Projects: 1. Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany- study a new class of low thermal conductivity materials- Argyrodite, and enhance its other thermoelectric properties. 2. National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India-Investigated the thermoelectric properties of Titanium Dioxide doped with different dopants and observed their effects in enhancing the same. 3. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India-Plasmonic solar cells. UG Projects: Major Project I & II (4th Year)— Delhi Technological University I: BaTiO3 For All-weather Energy Harvesting: Special Focus On Thermoelectric Applications II: From Scrap to Solar: Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Natural Dyes extracted from Vegetables Minor Project I & II (3rd Year)— Delhi Technological University I: Perovskite Solar Cells: A promising candidate for high-efficiency Solar Cells II: Study of Thermoelectric Materials for Use in Thermoelectric Generators: Focus on Tin Selenide LORs: university profs (incl mentor of above projects) kindly evaluate my profile for relevant programs and suggest me universities for the same. Thanks!
  12. Hi all! I just got my Bachelor's in May, and am in the process of applying to PhD porgrams starting in the Fall 2019. I decided to take a gap year so I could focus on applying and hopefully obtain some additional research experience. I am having a rough time finding research opportunities, however. I have been searching since February, and one of the reasons I didn't find anything because most programs started during the summer and I was traveling then. Do any of you know of short-term research opportunities lasting 6 months or so? My background is in materials science and engineering, but I want to focus my PhD research in biomaterials and tissue engineering, which means I am applying to a lot of biomedical engineering grad programs. I appreciate any help! Thanks so much in advance!
  13. Hey guys, Just went through orientation. There were 23 offers for 290 applicants this year (2016 admits) so roughly an 8% acceptance rate. This was down from least year. Program: Materials Science and Engineering PhD Hope this helps.
  14. Hi. I have a question about my chances of going straight to a PhD program from undergraduate. I originally was a chemistry major with a physics minor. My freshman year I did okay and got a 3.3 without studying. During sophomore year I joined a frat and got the lowest grades of my life, around 2.5 range each semester. Ending with a 2.9ish overall. Junior year I became more involved with the frat becoming president and and squeaking out a 2.7ish cum.. terrible year. Senior year I cut back on the frat nonsense and got a 3.1ish average between semesters taking all 400 level chem and physics classes. Realizing that I really wanted to do grad school in materials science, I made my physics minor into a double major and added a math minor which added 2 years to my undergrad and I graduate 2017 in the spring. I made deans list both semesters last year and researched with the pchem professor at my university on a surface science subject . And I am in good favors with all mostly all faculty in the chemistry and physics departments including the chairs who can write good recommendation letters. With this being my last year, I'm planning on taking the chemistry and general gre's and am confident I can score at least the 90th percentile on both. I also worked part time throughout my undergrad. So I'll be finishing a 6 year program of a double major in chemistry and physics with a math minor with a 3.0ish gpa. In addition, a year's worth of research, good recommendation letters, and work experience. I also took every undergraduate elective above 300 level available in the chemistry department except 2 classes. Also I'm an minority. I really want to enter a PhD program in materials science, what are my chances?
  15. I am an international student who was recently accepted into the PhD program for materials science and engineering at UCLA. I was told I would have to support myself for my first year. However, they added that I could apply for TA positions in my second year. What are the chances of me getting those TA positions and funding for next few years at UCLA?
  16. Hey Guys, I recently got into UCLA Materials Science PhD Program and am considering it but I have yet to receive any information on funding, a peculiarity as I've received funding info from most of my other schools that I was admitted to. Is there anyone who's been admitted and has received funding info? Or is everyone in the same boat as me?
  17. Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you has got an admission from the deptt of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT ? Have you already spoken to/mailed your prospective adviser?
  18. I received an email from the faculty member I am interested in working for; inviting me to Prospective Graduate Student Weekend. Was wondering if this will be like an interview....would appreciate some info; especially from anyone who has been through this procedure. Thanks
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