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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm curious if anyone has feedback on joint MA in higher education and MBA programs. I'm interested in working in higher education administration one day, and it seems like the management and leadership courses in an MBA could be a strong compliment to a higher education masters. In addition (and I know some may disagree), I think the MBA could be a unique and marketable degree. About me: I currently work in education policy, and I'm considering one day working at the campus-level in administration. I'm more interested in the administration side (strategic planning, work with the President's office, government relations) than student affairs. I'm considering a masters in higher ed, but I'm intrigued by the joint program. Both Stanford and Michigan have MA/MBA programs. (Stanford is a joint degree; Michigan is a dual degree.) Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Yo everyone - hope you're all well, So I'm looking into getting a dual MIA-MBA degree. I basically want to get involved in international business strategy - Evaluating foreign markets, expansion, best approaches, etc. And I'm thinking that a dual MIA-MBA would be perfect. Despite the massive debt, I'd be a unique candidate - the MBA would give me solid business acumen while the MIA would help me hone my language skills and solidify my theoretical knowledge of the world economy. Now I've only got a couple years of work experience, which is a little on the low side for bschool , but given the 3 year timeline I feel like I should go for it sooner than later. I've looked at a bunch of MBA programs and I've been looking at a lot of the top MIA programs (Gtown, SAIS, HKS, Princeton, SIPA, etc.). Anyway, there is some flexibility in my plan and I'm basically wondering the following: Should I apply to both MBA and MIA programs (At Colombia, Gtown, SAIS/Tuck, Texas, etc) now or, Should I apply to MIA now (less competitive admissions process), then when I'm one year in, apply to the bschool. Anyone know if this has worked for people? Would you have a better shot of getting in given that you're already enrolled at the university? I like the idea of breaking up the application process, plus even if I didn't get in to the MBA program, it would always be an option to do the two-year MIA and then a one-year MBA afterwards too. I'm also happy to hear any thoughts/insights on my plan,the MIA in general, the MBA,or the schools I mentioned. Thanks!
  3. Need help filling survey

    Hey everyone. As a part of my final project, I'm collecting data to Investigate how effective YouTube influencers are for promoting women's beauty brands'. I have put up a survey in the link below. I'm calling out to all women/girls to help me fill out the questionnaire.I would really appreciate if you could pass this along to your friends as well. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. I hope that you will find completing the questionnaire enjoyable. Thank you for your help.
  4. Good day all! This is my first post, and I apologize for any mistakes I might make. I have been accepted into the MBA graduate program at IU, I wholeheartedly desire to pursue a career in healthcare/ biotech/ pharmaceutical administration and leadership. I enjoy leading and serving others to help save lives... Part of the reason I was accepted was through my mentor, an individual who has extremely strong connections at the university and is a healthcare C-suite. he CREATED a job for me after my undergrad in the research center, where I have been a project manager for 1.5 years. this mentor has given me connections to the executives throughout the health system i am currently employed at, and has even gotten me on several boards / committees throughout the city. QUESTION 1: is the $70,000 MBA worth it? To justify the expense of leaving the full-time workforce for two years and racking up another $70,000 in debt (without the interest). my gross salary would need to be a minimum $78,000 post graduation to maintain my current Debt/income ratio. If I attended an online MBA, I could pay cash..... leaving the D/I ratio largely unhindered. Question 2: Full-time or Online? ***ALL*** of the executives I have talked to with the exception of one (Wharton grad), earned their MBA's from cheap online universities, investing less than $25,000... but all of them earned their degrees when they NEEDED them, at age 34, with multiple kids and a mortgage. In other words, they had their move to leadership already lined up. I have less than two years of full-time experience, I feel that the extra "omph" a "good school" MBA can provide might help me accelerate my desired path to leadership. Additionally, there is a likelihood that in order to achieve the needed D/I ratio salary, I would have to LEAVE the hospital system I am at, losing the very strong executive connections that I currently I have. I am very well-known and well received. The Bottom line is simple, because of my age (24), the MBA will eventually give me a positive ROI, but I am ambitiously looking to push myself to greater responsibility, and experience is often the most powerful way to do that. I have done extremely well in the work that I have done, working directly with physicians, executives, and large corporations on million dollar projects, but I would prefer to attack this necessity before I become more involved, and possibly accelerate my time-line if possible. another mentor of mine is my timeline to beat, we often joke about it. he received his MBA two years after his undergrad, and became the president of an underlying hospital by age 36.
  5. MBA/MA in Education

    Hello, I am currently considering applying to a handful of MBA/MA programs, and I was wondering if anyone else has knowledge of these kinds of programs, or if they are currently enrolled in one, particularly with regards to the field of education. If so, please let me know - I'd love to hear about your experiences! I'm also mulling over entering an MA program directly and applying to an MBA program after accepting an offer of admission from the school of education. Again, if there are any students with that kind of interdisciplinary interest or experience, please let me know! Thank you!
  6. Please evaluate my profile

    Hello, Could someone please help to evaluate my profile in order to help me choose programs for dual degree in MBA and MPP. I need to know just in examples as to which type of colleges could be dream, possible or safe ? GRE - yet to give : expected score near 320 DEGREE : Bachelor of engineering, Major : Information Technology, CGPA : 9.05/10 WORK EXPERIENCE : July 2015- present : American Express as an Engineer in Business Process Optimization Public sector : volunteer experience since dec 2015 as Fundraising and Development officer : Ghana Health and Education Initiative June 2016 - present : Director of Development , The Reformist Social Ventures RESEARCH PAPERS : 1. Technical paper on protocols in Manual Adhoc networks published in IEEE Xplore at an International Conference held in Poland 2. Policy Paper : Was a research assistant working under a professor for this policy paper on India - Pak relations to be published by United States Institute of Peace ACHIEVEMENTS : * UNESCO youth delegate who represented India at the UN Week for Peace and Sustainable Development, March 2017 * Invited speaker to the Conference for Youth Development organised by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India * Featured as one of the 21 Indians in Vision India Foundation's Yearbook of Nation Builders 2017
  7. Dual MBA/MPP?MPA programs

    Hello, I created this thread to kickstart discussion on dual degree programs especially business and policy programs. We could do profile evaluations and selection of colleges to choose from and deadlines etc
  8. Hello folks, I have put together a statement of purpose for my MBA. I am short on time and wrote this down in a hurry. I have penned it in a different way than usual and hence it would be great to receive some feedback on the same. Let me know if anybody can help me with it. Also, I can review your letters for you. Have uploaded the doc on my drive. Follow the link to read it. You can also comment in the doc itself. Statement of Purpose -
  9. Mba application

    Hi to all, Having graduated from one of Turkey's reputable universities in 2010 ( BS Engineering, gpa 2.01), I began to work in sales and marketing departments of corporate companies. Now having worked 5 years full time, I decided to add an mba vision both for myself and my career. I want to ask you which way I should follow? I need your advices. -Can I apply for a grad school such a low gpa? Does it sound logical for admittance? -Should I just prefer only my country Turkey for Mba or does having an Mba from USA or UK get more to my career? -Should I decide the grad school location after the application? As you see I am really confused, I am not sure on which step I should start? Thanks for your advices,
  10. Master's for a Master's?

    My alma mater (a nationally reputable public research institution) offers a 1 year (2 semester) M.S. in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Systems Engineering and Analytics. My B.S. is also in IE, and I have worked as an IE in manufacturing for a defense contractor for the last 1.5 years following graduation. In a vacuum, I'm not 100% sure it's something I would want to study, but 1 year for an M.S. seems too good to pass up. It could also boost my GPA from a 3.3 to a high end of 3.45. Additionally, I am fortunate enough where funds are sufficient. Would obtaining this M.S. improve my stock as an M.B.A. candidate for a top 10 M.B.A. program, or would it be trivial compared to work experience, GMAT, GPA, etc?
  11. Hello! I am applying to MS or MBA in Nonprofit Management programs for Fall '17, and haven't seen many threads about these programs, so I have questions for anyone who's applying or enrolled: How many years of work experience did you and your classmates have when you enrolled? I will be 2 years post-undergrad. Some program brochures said the average student has between 6-8 years of experience? What opportunities has your MBA/MPA/MS degree opened? Is it a good investment to get this degree instead of working in a nonprofit for the same length of time? Are online/distance learning Nonprofit Management programs viewed favorably by employers? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  12. GRE or GMAT for a dual degree

    Hello , I am planning to apply for a dual degree program including MBA and MPP. I was wondering that since most business schools have started accepting GRE scores, is it ok to send my GRE scores for both MBA and MPP applications or will sending GRE scores to business schools give me a disadvantage. Any help or perspective at all would be really appreciated. Thank you
  13. I just graduated with a BA in economics from a small state school with a 2.2gpa. I realize this is very low but I still want to get my MBA in finance in a few years after getting some professional experience. My ideal school would be NYU but I know that is a stretch with my grades. I'm currently in the process of obtaining my CFA certification to supplement my resume. If my job pays for it does it makes sense to get a masters in economics/masters in finance first and obtain stellar grades to help me get into a good MBA program?
  14. Hi, I would like to seek your inputs on my profile as below. 1) B.E., MBA from India followed by MSFE (MS in Fin Engg) from S'pore. 2) 10 year of professional experience 3) GMAT - 730, GRE - 325 Any advise on the prospective schools for a PhD in Finance, preferably in HongKong, US would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Help wanted for PhD/MBA application

    Any advice is welcome! My background is as follows: Academic: Took both my undergraduate and master from Arizona State U. Double major in finance and accounting during undergraduate with GPA=3.78. Master in accounting with GPA=3.50. I got a GMAT score of 760, top 1 percentile. Passed CFA level I several years ago. Work experience: I'm a CPA of Arizona. Worked in China doing public-traded company’s audit for a year. (I'm a Chinese) And now working in a counsulting firm doing equity research for the TMT industry for about 6 months now (still in Beijing China). My current job of equity research is interesting for me (at least far more interesting than auditing) however: 1. I think what I am doing now could be done by AI within the near future, and together with big data, AI could definitely do a better job. 2. I do not feel like climbing up the career ladder anymore. To be honest, I don’t want to be a CEO/CFO/…. Nor do fancy cars/beach houses interest me that much. I took two gap years traveling around and observing people around gives me a strong belief that doing what you like is a major source of happiness. I love reading books & papers on economics/psychology/accounting, thus I am thinking about applying for a PhD. QUESTIONS: I have basically no research background (no RA experience, no papers published). With background mentioned above, do I get a chance to apply for business-related PhD? If so, what kind of school could I expect? (top50? Top 100?) Academic recommendation letters would be a problem for me. I’ve left school for a while and since I’m back in China, it’s hard for me to re-connect with former professors. Anybody faced similar situation before? What could I do? I’ve consulted some people and they think I barely have a shot applying for a PhD now. Their suggestion is to an MBA first, build some connections with professors and think about PhD then. Would this be a doable path? If so what level of MBAs could I apply with backgrounds mentioned above? Thank you for your time reading, any advice is appreciated! Fay H
  16. Deciding on MPP/MBA Programs

    Here's my situation: I'd like to get a dual MPP/MBA within the next three years and I'm currently deciding between MPP and IR programs. But which should I choose? I'm interested in pursuing social entrepreneurship in the Middle East. I'm a manager at a social enterprise in the region now, and previously worked in a policy-oriented regional NGO (total of 4 years work experience). I'm in to UChicago Harris, where I could potentially get an MBA with the Booth school. I'm in to SAIS, which has an arrangement with Wharton. I'm in to Georgetown SFS, which also has a business school. I'm in to Oxford, which is a one year MPP program. I could apply to a range of business schools in the fall, and see where I land in the spring. I recognize that these are all great programs, and getting into their associated business schools (or any business school) is no guarantee! Some insight would be appreciated.
  17. Hello, Are there any graduate schools here in the USA that do not require students to maintain 3.00 GPA in order to graduate and not being kicked out of the program? I cannot find any of such schools, it looks like all of them have 3.00 requirement. Thank you, Matt
  18. All, I have graduated with a BS. in Computer Engineering, and have 1 year of grad school in Electrical Engineering under my belt. I withdrew this past year because I didn't have the finances to continue (working part time, company not helping and paying for tuition wasn't cutting it) My idea now is to go to school in the EU, and switch up my degree program a little bit. After working in a cubicle the last few years I think that I'm not suited to be a conventional EE and want to get into the management side of things. I have been looking for dual Masters degres in engineering and business, but can't find too many. I found which seems great, but the international tuition would run me about 30G. Does anyone know of other combined masters programs that are in English? I have been looking in Germany (Cheap/Free tuition) but haven't found any similar degree programs in English, only German, English split. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. I want to go ahead and start on my MBA coursework through an accredited online program in the fall (2 or 3 of the basic core classes like accounting or operations) and then transfer to a bigger university in the spring. I cant go straight to a campus univeristy until january because of moving issues. I was wondering if most programs accept transfer credits and if this sounds like a viable option. Thanks!
  20. Deciding between these 2 programs, the MBA seems practical but University of Cincinnati is highly ranked and consistently is on the DI rankings, this year they were #10 for graduate school (MArch). What would you choose and why?
  21. Deciding between these 2 programs, the MBA seems practical but University of Cincinnati is highly ranked and consistently is on the DI rankings, this year they were #10 for graduate school (MArch). What would you choose and why?
  22. What to do with an MBA/MPP?

    I'm interested in applying to MBA/MPP programs but am struggling with identifying what to do with these 2 degrees post graduation that demonstrates the value they BOTH bring to the table. I have 4.5 years of consulting experience under my belt and know that my passion lies in between policy and business. I'm struggling now with what to hope to do with that in the future (beyond the generic consulting answer). Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  23. I took the GRE a while back and did well on it. Now I am thinking about applying to business school but I don't want to take the GMAT and go through that whole process again. I know taking the GMAT would be best but I was wondering if there was a list of schools that accept the GRE rather than the GMAT. I found a list on the ETS website but it wasn't very helpful because most of the schools were Devry and the like. Plus Most of the other schools I contacted said they shouldn't even be on that list because they only accept GMAT scores.