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Found 32 results

  1. Awaiting decision on application for matriculation F18 at McGill.
  2. Hey there everyone. I am an applicant waiting out on my decision for matriculation in McGill Fall-2018. Anyone gets any notification from the department do let us know as well and I will do the same for you. Have a happy waiting period.
  3. I am currently working on a research master's in visual anthropology at FLACSO Ecuador (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences) and my thesis explores the relationship between the production of popular habitat in Quito-Ecuador and aesthetics. With the premise that aesthetics is necessarily linked to politics, I'm making a tour through the evolution of a neighborhood that was illegally built by its inhabitants thirty years ago and the role of self-organization in line with Jacques Rancière's aesthetic regimes. Because of the time limitations of a master's degree, there are several aspects of my project that I will leave behind, specifically visuality and representation. If admitted in a PhD program, I would like to explore those through shared methodologies of documentary filmmaking. Before starting this research master's, I studied communications as an undergrad in Ecuador, then I did a master's in Digital Media & Storytelling at Loyola Chicago. My GPA is 3.6 in both and 3.9 in my second master's. I am now getting ready to take the GRE (I last took it four years ago and my score wasn't bad). My LoR writers are anthropology professors from American and European universities. I am applying to NYU, McGill, and The University of Manchester. I will probably add a couple more universities to my list, but my budget won't allow me to submit more applications than that.
  4. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting my application for my Master's program soon. My first choice is Carleton's NPSIA. I thought I'd start a thread this year so if anyone else is going to apply as well, we can go on this tumultuous journey together. I'm an international student, so the processes and such may be different and requirements more extensive, but I'm sure we can all find some commonality. And also benefit from discussion.
  5. Hey everyone! I was accepted into my second choice school yesterday, UOttawa for a Master in Information Studies. I'm very excited! However, I'm still waiting on a response from McGill, which is my first choice, for the same program. I emailed them a while back to inquire about the status of my application and I was told they had already sent out their first round of admissions and will be sending out about 50 more mid-April, so I guess I'm on some kind of waitlist since I wasn't outright rejected - but Ottawa needs to me accept or decline their offer by April 14, and I don't know for sure whether or not McGill would have gotten back to me by then. My question is, should I ask UOttawa for an extension on the decision deadline, or should I email McGill and explain to them the situation, and see if they can assess my application a bit more quickly? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I figured it would be good to get some second opinions. Thank you guys!
  6. Hey everyone! I applied to Ryerson, McGill and Carleton for the Masters in Architecture! I haven't heard back from any so I'm pretty nervous! Has anyone any idea when I should hear from them? Also has anyone heard back from them? Feel free to reply!
  7. Application Decision

    Did anyone hear back yet from Carleton, Ryerson, or McGill University for the Masters in Architecture?!
  8. Hey, Has anyone applied to McGill for a Masters in Sociology? Anyone have any ideas about when they will send out their responses?
  9. I see no one has started a discussion about those who have applied to McGill's MISt program, so I'm taking it upon myself to do so! Mostly, I just don't wanna feel alone in this waiting process. Has anyone else applied for this program? I applied back in October and honestly I am not expecting to hear anything back soon since the deadline is April 1st.
  10. McGill University 2017

    I haven't accepted yet, but it's looking more and more likely that I'll be heading to McGill in the fall! Anyone else here planning to go?
  11. 2017 Canadian MSW offers

    Just wondering if anyone has been offered admission to msw programs in canada for advanced standing and two year applicants!
  12. Good GRE score- Bad GPA (Help!)

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on this website. I'm in a strange predicament. GRE Score Quant: 167 (93rd percentile) Verbal 164 (94th percentile) Writing: 5.0 (93rd percentile) My GPA however, in BA Economics and Mathematics degree is 3.28. I'm applying mostly to Canadian universities, namely McGill, UToronto, York, and Memorial university. Very realistically, how good are my chances in any of these places, given slightly average recommendations and a personal statement. Please be honest. I'm open to criticism and advice here.
  13. Hi everyone, I am an european student from a canadian uni applying for MA programs in Canada. I am looking for a good prep toward a PhD. I have no idea how my chances are. This is why i am looking for some advice and outside perspectives on my profil. Profil : Undergrad: top 4 research intensive university, canada Bachelor : BA Political science, Honors program. Will get my Bachelor in 2.5 years (don’t know if it’s a good thing or not) GPA: 3.48. (3.6 last semester, I leaning toward an A / 3.7 average this fall semester), good grades (A) in tough class, B-/B+ in mandatory class. No grades below B-. I only took class at senior level, excluding mandatory class during the first year. Methods Prep: good research Methods training (research seminar and quant analysis class), R-studio Research Experience: honors thesis, 30 pages paper with public presentation, research assistant. I have to mentioned that an undergrad is not supposed to hold a RAship at my university in political science. RA are mostly for graduate (RAship is part of their funding package). I am an exception with another undergrad student Letters of Recommendation: Faculty at my uni (IR), hopefully my thesis supervisor (IR, security) and my research project supervisor SOP: done, reviewed by a professor Publication: none except articles for the website of a well-known chair in Canada (reviewed by professors) Professional Experience / extra-curricular : I don’t want to share a lot about it in public but I worked for 5 years at a very (very) high level for a foreign gov. Also : part-time RAship (paid), internship at a research Chair (unpaid). I also hold a leadership position on campus for an academic student project GRE : don’t need it for a MA Programs I'm Looking At: UBC, University of Montreal, McGill, Toronto, Simon Fraser university Field: Us Foreign policy, Asia-Pacific, US-Sino relations, IR, security, alliance building. Language: French (native), English, Mandarin(beginner), Arabic (beginner) I am worried about my GPA and Letters of recommendation. I am not a student who used to spend a lot of time with professors during office hours. They don’t know me beyond my grades and, I guess, it could be a problem. Please let me know what my chances are. Thank you!
  14. Hey everyone. I was just wondering, I am currently an undergrad student of Pol. Science in India. I will be applying to some Universities in Canada for my Graduate studies. My top choices are of course University of Toronto and McGill University. I was wondering, would I need a GRE to apply for a Political Science program at either of these two Universities? If so, what sort of score would you count as 'very good'. While I'm at it, could someone please tell me roughly the sort of fees an international student might incur at these two places? I know they're there online but I'm seeing different figures everywhere and it's a little confusing! Thank you!
  15. Hello all, This is my first time posting here! I'm in a bit of a quandary and would love to see what some of you think - especially if you are in music tech. I'm an audio engineer with a BSc Hons from SAE London. I started my own agency out here in India, and have been working for around 2 years as a sound designer - still a one man show for the most part, with a few vendors - growth at this point seems to be only a function of time and a little money. I've really wanted to pursue a Masters in Music Technology - I already have an accept from McGill (Fall 2016), and then I'm applying for NYU (Spring 2017). The cost factor isn't so high on my list, but there's a lot of other factors that I've been pondering over. Is a degree in Music Tech really worth getting? What advantages does it have on the life of an average audio engineer? I may have to drop the McGill option, and wait to hear from NYU because Schulich doesn't accept deferrals. Is that a bad decision to make; Is McGill actually a more superior course than NYU - especially in terms of employment/skill and a stronger name in support of your degree? I've always assumed that NYU has more to offer in terms of Internship opportunities, and most importantly to me: they have more taught courses than McGill, which in comparison only has remedial/pre-requisites and then the Thesis. Am I wrong? McGill also seems to have the ONLY music tech course in Canada. To me that's an indication that Canadian Unis have still not yet caught on to such a field, and that makes me wonder how strong a course at McGill can possibly be - in terms of learning potential. I'm hoping a good university will be half the battle won and I've really only been able to narrow down to Stanford, NYU, GaTech so far in the US, and in that order, as universities that matter. How does McGill compare with these for Music Tech? While hoping my questions aren't too broad or silly, any inputs would be greatly appreciated...
  16. Waiting for results from UMD College Park, TAMU College Station, Virginia Tech for Aerospace Engineering PhD. So the only response I got was from VTech, who sent me an immigration form to fill up. But having no information about whether I had admission or funding from the university, I can't fill up the "Funding Info" section. I asked them if I could fill it up after the admit decision, but they didn't give any direct answer. And I haven't heard anything from TAMU or UMD. I don't know why it's taking so long, though! For McGill (Mech Eng. Masters Thesis) I expect the results to be out in a few days since they responded saying so.
  17. UofT vs UBC vs Mcgill

    Hey all, I have recently been accepted to UBC, McGill, and UofT in Canada for my MA in English. At this point I think I have narrowed it down to UBC and McGill since I want to pursue a thesis. I am currently finishing up my undergrad at UBC and love it but am feeling like McGill might be an awesome change and experience. Any grads from either program that are willing to share their experience, pros and cons, etc. would really help me make my decision.
  18. McGill University 2016

    Just starting a thread for anyone going to McGill University in Montreal in the fall. I still haven't committed, but I probably will take the offer this week! It would be nice knowing if anyone else is going?!
  19. PhD: McGill or Waterloo

    Hi Everyone, So I'm currently finishing up my masters degree in neuroscience at a small to medium sized institution in Ontario. I will be applying to my PhD in pharmacy at Waterloo and neuroscience as well as pharmacology McGill in October for January admission. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on some questions I have. Do you think it's better to do a PhD at Waterloo (which has a generally new program (2013) with a PI who is still somewhat new and seems pretty lax) or McGill (which is arguably the best university in Canada with a PI who is well established, with a huge lab - I'm just afraid I will fuck something up/I feel like i'd be the dumbest one in that environment; especially considering the grad program I am in now is not the highest ranked) Based on the fact I have my MSc and have talked to these PIs do you think I can get into both schools? Both PIs said they would take me on, but I'm nervous my applications wont even get past the admission committees at McGill (sorry, this is such an annoying question, but I genuinely don't know) Is anyone currently at McGill or Waterloo? If so, could you give me your take on what it's like as a grad student? And maybe if you know someone in grad school, share their perspectives from what they've heard? Has anyone ever switched from behavioural research to molecular research. This is actually my biggest concern. My masters is in behavioural neuroscience but my PhD would be mostly molecular stuff. I have done things like PCR, Western Blots, cell culture on the side but nowhere near full time stuff. Is there a big learning curve? Thanks for your help guys
  20. McGill Master in Econ

    Hello guys, I would like your opinion about the master in Econ from McGill. I know that it is not as good as UBC and Toronto but I am wondering if it is worth considering. Thank you
  21. Hi everyone! I really need some advice. I have been accepted into two PhD programs and I am now torn between which one to pick The programs are both Biology PhD Programs at Penn State University and McGill University. They also would both involve working with animal/plant genetics and evolutionary biology. Here are some pros and cons that I have considered so far... McGill Pros: - It's in Montreal... - The biology program collaborates with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) - so I would be associated with STRI and receive funding from there - I am in love with the research projects! Cons: - Offered a lot less funding than Penn State, (just enough to live on and pay tuition with) - I am worried that a Canadian university could hurt my prospects of returning to the US to go into academia? Please tell me this is untrue.... - The school name/brand is perhaps not as well-known as Penn State Penn State Pros: - They have offered me lots of funding - It is in the US and, from what I understand, a well-rounded public state school. It might be easier for me to stay in the US afterwards too. - Advisor is extremely excited to have me join his lab. Also, the program and faculty seem very invested in me Cons: - I am not a fan of the location. My family lives in Europe and Montreal is much easier to travel from than State College. - I will admit… I just don’t feel as excited about this program as McGill. My ultimate long-term goals are to continue on to a good post-doc position in the US and then eventually build my way up in academia. Which program would be the best option for me? Or would it be better to wait another year and gain more experience and apply to stronger programs? I am starting to realize how competitive academia is, and I am worried now that I need to go to more prestigious schools to even have a chance in the US. Also, I am worried that since McGill is in Canada, it might hurt my future career in the US. Please! Anyone out there – help me make the best decision for myself!
  22. Hi, has anyone heard anything from these universities for masters of computer science? If so, can you tell me the date and whether you are international or home stydent there?
  23. UofT or McGill?

    Hello, I've been offered a place in the MA Art History at the UofT. My first choice remains McGill, however. I was wondering if anyone here has done their graduate studies in art history at McGill and the UofT, and could help me make a choice, but mostly give me feedback about the art history department of both universities. I should also note that I still haven't received a response from McGill, and getting quite anxious about it. But if I got in at the UofT, shouldn't I get accepted at McGill too? As they are both the best universities in Canada. Thanks
  24. Anyone heard of this Institute, affiliated with McGill University? What's its relationship with Montreal Neurological Institute and what are their strengths/disadvantages? I once heard from my friend saying that one institute in McGill is fantastic and with high reputation in cognitive neuroscience. But I just found out there're actually these two institutes and I'm confused. Would anyone give some introductions about them? Thanks a lot!
  25. Hey, I applied to an MA in English ay McGill. Does anyone know when they start contacting successful applicants?