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Found 45 results

  1. Kingoflimbs

    MIT Mechancial Engineering SM

    Not feeling confident...average GRE and no research experience ...lol
  2. Adeniyitemilola


    Good evening guys, please i need possible suggestions on the schools to apply to for phd mechanical engineeringQ 155V 151AWA 3.5undergrad cgpa 4.54/5.00i sent my scores to Iowa state universityUniversity of central Floridauniversity of arkansasuniversity of chicago, illinoisAlthough the gre score was not my personal best , before i rewrite i want to try and apply first. Any possible suggestions?
  3. Hello I was hoping I could receive some feedback. I am looking to apply to MIT caltech and Berkeley. I am worried they may be a bit out of my reach. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I go to a small non prestigious urban public school Graduating with BS in ME this spring seeking fall 19 grad enrollment ultimately leading to PhD GPA-4.0/4.0 class standing - numero uno GRE (V,Q,A)- 154,164,4.5 publications- second or third coauthor on 3 relatively good journal articles, 4 peer reviewed conference papers, 2 additional journal papers submitted (first author on one of these) research experience - two full years hands on work in my field of interest Awards- ASME regional award, two poster awards (1st and second) presenting own research LOR - one is great two are good SOP - whose to say
  4. I have received acceptances from all Georgia Tech, U Mich and U Penn for MS in Mechanical engineering. I wish to concentrate on design and make a career in product design. I'm looking for a more practical education as I do not wish to pursue research in the future. Which college would be a better choice?
  5. Hi all, I am looking to do Ph.D. in Two-phase flows (Mechanical Engg.).I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my profile and how I can improve my choices. Major concerns: Based on my interactions with the professors and some of my seniors, I think my profile is decent for Ph.D. application (Please correct me if wrong, all suggestions are welcome) However, I am concerned about my CGPA, GRE (Verbal and AWA marks) and especially TOEFL (especially speaking) I have gone through the universities mentioned in my list (feel free to suggest changes in it) but I have not really found a clear-cut demarcation for these scores. What do you think? Aim: Get a fully-funded Ph.D. admit. International/Male My CV is attached with this thread. Please go through it, if required. A brief outline is: Current University: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Major: Thermal Engineering CGPA: 8.98/10 (not converted) GRE: Q/V/A: 167/153/4 Toefl: Waiting for results, expecting around 20 in speaking Publications: 2 published, 2 under review and 2 in preparation (Journal) & 16 peer-reviewed conference papers/presentations. All journals are medium to top tier in my field (current RG score with 2 publications 4.65) Tentative schools I am applying to: (in the order of priority) 1. MIT (have not contacted anyone yet) 2. Princeton (positive reply from a professor) 3. University of Wisconsin Madison (okay reply from a professor) 4. Brown University (okay reply from a professor) 5. Imperial College London 6. Cornell 7. John Hopkins 8. University of Maryland I am open to any comments/suggestions/critiques about the list or my profile. More details at: https://sites.google.com/view/vatsalsanjay Vatsal_CV.pdf
  6. I plan to do my masters in Mechanical Engineering and the area of concentration which I have chosen is Fluid and Thermal Sciences. I have admits from NCSU (for Fall 2018) and from USC (for Spring 2019). Which one shall I go for and why?
  7. ChrisChen0820

    University Selection for PhD.

    Hello everyone, I'm currently applying for several PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering based in the US. I made a list containing all the universities that I planned to apply for but not quite sure if they match my background, so I really hope to get some advice on what universities should I aim for. Here is some information about me. Research interest: Computational Engineering, Fluid Mechanics & Heat transfer related GPA: Undergraduate (Mechanical Engineering) 75.3/100 (3.83/4) Newcastle University, UK Master (Propulsion and Engine Systems) 71.3/100 (3.78/4) University of Southampton, UK TOEFL: R-30, L-29, S-27, W-25 (Overall-111) GRE: V-164, Q-170, AWA-3 (Yup...17th percentile..one of my major concerns) Award: Undergrad scholarships (3 times) Research: wrote a thesis related to CFD analysis but was not published Work Experience: 1.5-year Vehicle Engineer in SAIC-General Motors (Based in Shanghai) To admit to a particular PhD program, I think funding is necessary. That does add some limitations to the selection of schools, as I'm an international student. If you have any insights, please feel free to share. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Profile evaluation request for Fall 2019: -------------------------------------------------- College/University awarding the degree: NIT Kurukshetra, India Branch: Mechanical Engineering Field of Interest: physics of fluids, microfluidics Degree Goal: MS(thesis)/PhD GPA/Percentage: 9.12/10 Topper's Percentage (or GPA): ~9.7 Your rank in your class: ~20/120 GRE: 319 (V 155 + Q 164 + AWA 4.0) Toefl:112 (R29 L29 S27 W27) --------------------------------------------------- Internships: 1) 2 months: IIT Guwahati, summer 2016 2) 2 months: IISc Bangalore, summer 2017 (IAS fellowship) Graduated May 2018, been working as Research Assistant at IISc since. --------------------------------------------------- Submitted or Accepted Publications: 1 - AIP's Applied Physics Letters --------------------------------------------------- Projects: 5 good ones! 3 of them relevant to the above mentioned field of interest. Other 2 not to explicitly related. --------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: 1) Associate Professor, IISc Bangalore : Strong~Moderate (idk) 2) Professor, NIT KKR (B.Tech. Project guide) : Strong 3) Professor, NIT KKR : Moderate --------------------------------------------------- Misc Achievements: none --------------------------------------------------- Tentative Universities (applying to Mech Engg/Applied Physics programs, mainly thesis based) : 1) TU-Delft 2) TU-Eindhoven 3) University of Twente 4) KTH Royal Institute of Technology 5) UToronto 6) UBC 7) Purdue 😎 UIUC --------------------------------------------------- I need help in shortlisting the universities. Please classify my choices as ambitious, moderate or safe. Any suggestions for addition or subtraction are welcome. Especially in adding safe ones to the list? I'm not hell-bent over MS in US. Especially due to my GRE. Funding/Assistantship matters to me! Again, aiming for thesis based courses for the same reason. Thanks!
  9. Hi everybody! I am currently planning on pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on robotics. While researching schools to apply to, I keep coming back to the same question. How strong is my application? I've listed credentials below and will just let you know right away that my biggest weaknesses in my application are my GPA , Letters of Recommendation, and lack of research experience. Major: Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin GPA: 3.31/4.00 GRE: Quan: 168 (94%) Verb: 159 (83%) AW: 5.0 (92%) LOR: Three professors (Either all three from engineering, or two from engineering and one from business). I'd say they will all be lukewarm letters. Research Experience: None Work Experience: Currently 1 year in manufacturing (unrelated to what I want to study my PhD in) Let me know what you all think! I'm currently looking at schools with grad mechanical engineering programs ranked 40-80. Also, should I consider doing a master's to acquire a better GPA and add research experience? Is it worth paying out of pocket? Thanks!
  10. PJ9911

    Can someone please help me out

    I have a concern. I am in final year student of Mechanical Engineering. I wish to apply for Masters program in Physics. I have no prior experience in research in physics. However, I am currently preparing for GRE General and GRE Physics Subject tests. Assuming I get good scores in both the tests, what other things do I need to get admissions in good grad schools? P.S. My long term goal is to get a PhD.
  11. /pol/

    Johns Hopkins Fall 2018

    Hey everyone ! I am planning to go here in the fall. Is anyone else on here planning on going ?
  12. Hi, I am an international student who've gotten admitted to the PhD Program of Applied Mathematics at Waterloo University (funding: 37560 CAD/year). Even though the subject I am currently doing research on (at the 4th semester of my masters) is related to Mechanical Engineering (actually Biomedical Engineering), but the Professor I had an interview with before the admission also works in the same area. Anyway, since I have studied engineering, I don't have any perspective on the future of studying Applied Mathematics at UW. I have applied for the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at four other Canadian universities (UBC, McGill University, McMaster University, and University of Toronto) and am waiting for their results (I really hope I could get admission to UBC) Currently, I am so stressed out about the results and cannot sleep well at nights. I think I've excessively become obsessed with this matter and couldn't appreciate the admission I have so far. What I am going to ask is that, could anyone provide me with some information about or maybe personal experience of studying at Waterloo University, especially at the mathematics department, and its career opportunities after graduation (which is the most important factor to me)
  13. rick31


    ADMITS, REJECTS, PENDING... University of Houston Mechanical MS vs ASU Mechanical MS. Which will be a better choice considering am interested in research after MS. Like funding opportunities and etc? Houston is also far cheaper and offering a $1k Scholarship. Thanks for the help
  14. Mahabubur Rahman

    Clemson University funding

    Anyone here knows how to apply for Fellowship or Teaching Assistantship at Clemson University? Very urgent.
  15. Mahabubur Rahman

    Virginia Tech (MS- FALL 2018)

    Does anyone get admission decisions from Virginia Tech in this FAll 2018 MS in Mechanical Engineering? Anyone know their final date for the decisions? URGENT !!
  16. I got an email from TAMU that they don't have openings for MS in ME, and would like to offer me admission in MS. They said that I can change it to MS later if I can convince a professor. My main motive is to pursue a job, is it worth it to pursue an M.Eng from TAMU?
  17. I need someone to have a look into my SOP to review and proofread it since I am not native English speaker. Please let me Know to PM you. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.
  18. I am applying to Mechanical Engineering PhD programs. The weakest part of my application is my GPA, which I explain in my statement of purpose was due to being a three-sport, Division I athlete (yes I know I should've spent more time on studying because it's my future and athletics is not, I know, I know). Prof 1: Been in four of his mechanical engineering classes, told me he would give his highest recommendation for me in the letter. This one is a #1 keeper for all my applications. Prof 2: Adviser for a senior design project and was in his mechanical engineering class. Also a very good recommendation, my #2. Coach: Confirm long practice time and commitment to team, varsity 4 years, captain 1 year. (Do grad schools even care about this?) Boss: Industry work consisted mostly of 3D modeling and engineering design but we also gathered data about our process and analyzed it to improve it and make it more efficient. Am slightly worried about his writing skills/this being his first letter. I gave him heavy notes on how to write the letter and suggested a lot of content but he is adamantly and engineer and openly knows he is not great with writing etiquette. Questions: For applications that ask for 2 letters: I will include the two professors. Should I include, as supplementary, the one from my coach, or boss, or both? For applications that ask for 3 letters: I will include the two professors. Which should be the 3rd? Should the 4th be supplementary? Thank you in advance.
  19. Cross Posting from the Engineering subforum so more people may see. " Hello Everyone, I'm new here and of course the first post I make has to be about "How competitive am I as an applicant?" My basic problem is that I don't know what range of schools I should even be looking at. I am looking into Materials engineering programs and related research at places like UC San Diego, Ohio State, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Penn State etc. I have heard from my fatigue analysis prof that they have very good programs and he has personally worked with several professors from those schools. Or if I should focus on schools further down on rankings with less diverse research going on such as University of Colorado Boulder. I'm not sure 100% what I want to research to be honest. I'm generally interested in Materials engineering and improving materials manufacturing and processing for better designs. Research on fatigue in composites is interesting currently. I suppose i'm more excited about research that directly relates to design decisions and methods, but I guess everyone would say that about their own research. I'm graduating this spring with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from George Mason University. Current GPA: (3.27/4.0), That will certainly be better over the next two semesters, but not when applications are sent out in December. GRE: 159V 162Q 4.5W LORs: Professor who does fatigue research at University of Maryland, taught two of my materials related tech electives. Is helping me with this search, I participate a lot in his classes as they are the most interesting ones i've taken. Great guy. Professor who has been by advisor all throughout undergrad. Have been in his Thermo 2 and heat transfer classes. We've talked a lot through the years. Former Boss from Williams Notaro if 3 LoRs are needed. I was well liked at that job, did good work and made sure I knew what I was doing and asked questions before making mistakes (if possible). Engineering Work Experience: If you count FIRST Robotics at all, I did that for 4 years in high school. Was one of a small team of primary designers for the robots and the main person putting that design into CAD iterating on it. Two years at a Home Care Robotics Startup (INF Robotics). Was in charge of designing all mechanical systems for the prototype, and fabricating many of them. The Beta models were outsourced for manufacturing under my coordination. There were many advantages to working here, but the issue of having no mentor was a large one. I could mostly go off of what I previously had done or research into the field. I wanted to stop doing robotics for a while, and not wanting to work for a startup, and got my next job. 7 Months at a 12 person MEP consulting firm doing many large and many smaller projects. Williams Notaro worked on a few larger scale projects like the new Navy Federal Credit Union and Boat USA's new building. Each of these projects I helped with drafting in AutoCAD as well as checking everything was okay from a technical standpoint while drafting. While I wasn't a PE of any sorts, the team made sure to educate me, and I read up on my own about how all of these systems worked. So it was my job not just to draft markups or existing conditions, but also understand what everything represents and if it makes sense. It certainly wasn't the most cutting edge technology, but the methodology behind it was very interesting and I learned a lot by reading up on why all of these systems are designed how they are. There was a lot that I didn't know that I didn't know, it was a great time. Research Experience: Senior Design this year is in progress. Design of a UAV protection cage of minimal weight and minimum aerodynamic detriment. Will be using a lot of FEA and CFD in design and testing to validate. Undergrad Research Assistant this semester. The work is generally on developing models to describe the deformation and "failure" of Lithium Ion Batteries under various conditions. This current line of research is on modeling the deformation specifically of the Anode/Cathode polymer separator. The current work I am doing is related to image processing from a SEM and seeing if I can track deformation of certain voids as they grow. Still very early in the process If anyone can give me some clue of where to look, I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks so much. Glad I discovered this forum. There is plenty of great information here on living in different cities and the whole process of graduate school. -Joe"
  20. CMU is my dream school and i have read a lot about its programs online but i was hoping if anyone can share from there own experiences what particular things should i highlight in my SOP for admission into MS Mechanical Engineering at CMU. My Profile is Undergraduate: 3.77 / 4.00 (2nd in Department , Silver Medal) GRE: (166 Q, 154 V, 3.5 AWA) 320 IELTS 8 3 years industry experience in Machinery Diagnostics
  21. My GRE score is 166Q and 154V. My Undergrad CGPA is 3.77/4.00 and have 3 years industry experience. Can anyone please share from their experience what are the things virginia tech looks for in an individual that I should highlight in my SOP. I intend to apply in Fall 18.
  22. The department's website says acceptance processed by April 1 st. Anyone heard anything from UConn? Do they usually delay reposes? Thanks
  23. Hii guys my name is vignesh an undergraduate from India and I have applied for M.eng in Mechanical engineering program at the University of Alberta (wait list) Carleton university and in university of Guelph (only God knows what's going on with my application on those two universities) yep...it has been a month now and I haven't heard any news regarding my applicatipn. Anybody out there like me applied for the same program or even the same universities please reply...
  24. I have received acceptances from all Georgia Tech, U Mich and U Penn for MS in Mechanical engineering. I wish to concentrate on design and make a career in product design. I'm looking for a more practical education as I do not wish to pursue research in the future. Which college would be a better choice?
  25. Fischie22

    Application Suggestions

    Hello all, I am planning to apply to PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering for Fall '18. I was hoping to get some suggestions as to which schools I should look into (Reach, target, and safety suggestions would all be great), and what band of schools (top 10, 11-50, 51-100, etc.) where my application is likely be pretty competitive. My applications basics are as follows: Current Class Standing: Junior (3 semesters and 1 summer remaining) Undergraduate University: Colorado School of Mines Undergraduate GPA: 3.79/4 (4.0 Major GPA) after 5 semesters GRE Scores: 161V, 167Q, AWA: tbd Publications: None yet Work Experience: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in MD, 7 mo CO-OP in Industry R&D/Manufacturing Group w/ large corporation (mostly CAD design, machine building, manufacturing, etc. while producing an innovative manufacturing prototype machine) Research Experience: Undergrad Research Fellow since first semester on campus - still participating, Research Fellowship (see above) LORs: Research Prof on Campus (researched under him for 2.5 years so far), NIST staff scientist (worked with him during summer after Freshman year), and manager from company where I participated in the CO-OP (She holds a masters and a Professional Engineering Certification) Teaching Experience: None Awards: Various internal scholarships/grants, dean's list all semesters Planning on Applying to: CU Boulder, CO School of Mines (home institution), CalTech, UMD, Johns Hopkins, UW Madison, USC It would be a huge help to know if my planned schools fall in line with my profile, what other schools I should consider, and whether I would be competitive for top 10 schools, or whether I should primarily focus on less-highly ranked programs. Thanks

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