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  1. Hi! Created this thread where we can share admission decisions from Canadian universities for Master's and PhD.
  2. Hey guys, I am a 4th year dual degree student (B.Tech+M.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay, India (rank 1 in India according to QS). I am planning to apply for MS or PhD programs for fall 2022 in Mechanical Engineering (thinking about Energy Systems as well). The following are the universities that I plan on applying to - Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Purdue, EPFL, ETH, TU Delft, University of Toronto An overview of my profile: CGPA : 9.15/10 (~top 15% in my class) TOEFL : 113/120 2 Research projects under profs in my departm
  3. I am super confused between these three univs for pursuing MS in mechanical, with just a week remaining to finalize my decision it will be really helpful if someone can comment about these univs wrt following- 1. Funding. (UMich seems too expensive with little probability of Masters securing RA positions, UIUC on the other hand seems to have plenty of options) 2. Research (My area of specialization will be micro/nanosystems or MEMS, please comment on this specific research aspect for the three univs. I feel UIUC has the best research facility for micronano stuff) 3. Job Opportun
  4. I have three admits from these universities, I have interest in robotics so all my MS Mechanical admits have a specialization in Robotics. They all are going to cost almost the same, so that's not a factor right now. I have interest in CS and business as well and am hoping to take some courses from that as well. Also, considering I am hoping to get a TAship and a well paying job in the robotics industry later I don't know which to choose. Technically, CMU has the Robotics Institute which is the best in the world for robotics, that's kind of a no brainer for me as of now, but still confuse
  5. Hello everyone, I'm currently applying for several PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering based in the US. I made a list containing all the universities that I planned to apply for but not quite sure if they match my background, so I really hope to get some advice on what universities should I aim for. Here is some information about me. Research interest: Control, (especially on Autonomous vehicle), robotics GPA: Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering) (3.73/4) in China Master (Electrical Engineering) (3.96/4) Columbia University, N.Y. TOEFL: R-30, L-28, S-22, W-
  6. Hi there, I am reaching out to seek advice on two offers I have. I am an international student and had applied for mechanical engineering grad programs. My options are: 1. UCSD PhD admit (unfunded). 2. UW Seattle, MS (No funding). I'm bit inclined towards working in Industry post-grad. I am weighing my options between schools as follows: UCSD Pros: 1. Better located for jobs in Mechanical Engineering (not too sure about this) 2. Program is better ranked than UW (acc. US news, not much difference) 3. Might have better chances of getting funding though TA as it is a
  7. I have received an offer for the professional mechanical engineering masters course. I wanted to get more information regarding the course along with future prospects. I believe this is a recently launched course and in results search, people were calling it a cash cow. Not sure what they mean. Any light on the topic will be helpful.
  8. Has anyone heard back from mechanical at UMN? The FAQ said it'll start rolling admissions from January end. A professor said that he'll recommend me to the admission committee, yet the silence is making me anxious to the point where I do nothing all day but keep checking email and portal.
  9. Can someone please help in providing me the questions that are asked on the interview and also their answers in key points? It would be a great help!
  10. Hey, I am unable to find much information regarding brown university's solid mechanics graduate program on the internet. Their webpage seems okay and prima facie the program looks strong, and I even spoke to a graduate student who said that the program is really good, but I was unable to find any other information otherwise. Can someone give me any information regarding this?
  11. Hey, I had taken my GRE for the first time in July when I received a score of 315 (160 Q 155 V 5.5A), i retook it last week and got 323 (164 Q, 159 V) - I was aiming for 165Q , 160V but fell short by a few marks. My target program is an MS / PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I am looking at some top schools like UC Berkeley and MIT and I understand my Quants is a bit on the lower side - however my GPA is close to 3.9 and I have 3 research publications and quite a few internships. So will this help offset the scores in any manner? I really dont want to take it again if absolutely necess
  12. If you have mechanical engineering skills, and are interested in getting in on the ground floor of the hot market in power storage, this opportunity may be for you. WIth the basic configuration and calculations done, a new concept in cost-effective flywheel design needs further analysis in friction and stress to prepare it for funding. Thanks, Rand, Energy Consultant
  13. Hi! I am an undergraduate student from India, with UCLA MS and TAMU M.Eng admits. I earnestly request seniors and people who have a sound knowledge in this matter to please help me decide between the two university admits that I have shortlisted, with respect to job prospects, return on investment and possibilities of financial aid. I mainly look to work after Masters. Please don't blindly comment UCLA based on ranking. It would be of great help if you comment the reason when polling, as financial constraint is my main concern. I can afford something around 65000$ over two years, and I le
  14. So does anyone know about this fairly new Masters of Science in Additive manufacturing and Design program (established 2017)? I applied to it and got accepted as a self-supporting student. Did anyone else apply to it?
  15. I have been accepted at University of Delaware mechanical for PhD. Can someone give me the pros and cons of this program? Besides, My aim is to build a career in academia, what do you think about this?
  16. Are RA/PA/TA opportunities available for MSc Mechanical Engineering students at TU Delft? I have an admit, should I be contacting potential research supervisors?
  17. Hello everyone ! I applying for masters in Mechanical engineering in the field of thermal and renewable energy in Canada for Fall-2018, GPA: 8.01/10 IELTS: 8 (L8.5, R9.0, S8.0, W6.5) Current position: Research Assistant at a Thermal Science laboratory, Teaching assistant for two courses at a University Projects: 1) Numerical investigation of refrigerant adsorption on activated carbon 2) Senior year thesis project on space heating using solar energy, wrote a paper to an international journal, currently under review. 3) Research project on Combustion at Indi
  18. Hi, I am an international student. I have good recommendation letters from professors, but I didn't have any publication. All of my researches are for classes' project. I am now working with Novelis for senior design. Undergrad Institution: Kennesaw State UniversityMajor(s): Mechanical EngineeringGPA in Major: 4Overall GPA: 3.94Position in Class: 1%Type of Student: international, maleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 167 (92%)V: 153 (61%)W: 3.0 (18%) Could you tell me what school should I apply?
  19. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm here to ask a question about GRE scores: will my GRE score, given the other desirable aspects of my application, limit my ability when applying to mechanical engineering PhD programs? Here's a (brief) overview of what I have to work with: 161 Verbal, 158 Quant 3.5 GPA 1.5 years of research experience 1 publication (2nd author) 2 years of industry-level medical device manufacturing experience So, really, my question is this: based on your experience of ap
  20. Hello Everyone, I'm new here and of course the first post I make has to be about "How competitive am I as an applicant?" My basic problem is that I don't know what range of schools I should even be looking at. I am looking into Materials engineering programs and related research at places like UC San Diego, Ohio State, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Penn State etc. I have heard from my fatigue analysis prof that they have very good programs and he has personally worked with several professors from those schools. Or if I should focus on schools further down on rankings with
  21. I just got back from the visit day where they revealed some stats about this year's admissions. The following include both MS and MS/PhD applications. ~950 applications 224 were sorted into the Admit/Possible Admit pile 181 were admitted (19% acceptance rate) 57 were invited to interview for 5 quarter and 3 year fellowships (6%) The vast majority of people invited will receive the 5 quarter fellowship for the MS before moving into a funded PhD. The MechE department has 5 Stanford Graduate Fellowships to hand out which provide funding and an increased stipend for 3 y
  22. Hello everyone ! I applying for masters in Mechanical engineering in the field of thermal and renewable energy in Canada for Fall-2018, GPA: 8.01/10 IELTS: 8 (L8.5, R9.0, S8.0, W6.5) Current position: Research Assistant at a Thermal Science laboratory, Teaching assistant for two courses at a University Projects: 1) Numerical investigation of refrigerant adsorption on activated carbon 2) Senior year thesis project on space heating using solar energy, wrote a paper to an international journal, currently under review. 3) Research project on Combustion at Indi
  23. I need your help... I am figuring out which option is better:A. Master of Engineering (professional master) in Mechanical Engineering at UIUC. Dream school!! very expensive B. MS Engineering Mechanics at Virginia Tech. Awesome program and affordable.C. MS Mechanical Engineering at Colorado Boulder (non-thesis). Great program. Affordable. Plenty of job opportunities and nice location. I am not sure how the job market is near UIUC or VTech, but I would need a job to complement my scholarship and pay for tuition...Any advise? Thanks!
  24. Carnegie Mellon or Georgia Tech for masters in mechanical engineering? The real question being is there some feature of CMU that merits the extra cost over Georgia tech? Thanks, M
  25. Is anyone still waiting for results of MS Mechanical from UT Austin and U Wisconsin Madison? It's really unprofessional of the schools to not send the results out as April 15 is approaching. Please share any thoughts/info you have. Really want to be out of limbo! Thanks!
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