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Found 2 results

  1. I am planning to apply to: NYU Purdue Oregon State University Georgia Tech Washington University UC San Diego For an MS in Mechatronics/Robotics. I am doing a four year program in (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering and have done an elective for Mechatronics where I learned control system basics such as state space modelling and bode plot stability test. I've done a project on stability of a Quadcopter using a PID controller and done a simulation on Simulink/Matlab as a group project. My program focused on the basics of mechanical design and simulation using ANSYS and CATIA. I've also written a paper on Quality control but have not published it. Aside from my enthusiasm/background for this field, I have a 6.8/10.0 CGPA and a GRE score of 318.5 (V - 157 Q - 157 AWA - 4.5). I've been thinking about whether to let go on this field and focus instead on business/MIM instead but I wanted someone's take on my profile. I was originally planning to apply during this year's application window for the Fall semester (sometime in December or January, depending on the school and program.) I am aware there is a lot of room for improvement both in my research experience and GRE scores but can this be managed within a year or two?
  2. Hello guys, I need some guidance as I will be applying for Phd programs for 2017 with cool projects but low GPA and no publications. I designed robots, worked on projects for many years. I even started to build things when I was in high school. During my undergraduate, I involved with research, worked as a research assistant at biomedical lab for two years. Then, I did a research internship at one of the finest universities in Turkey about a year. Now, I am pursuing a masters degree on mechatronics and simultaneously working as an r&d engineer at a small startup firm designing robots for handicapped people. I am able to get at least one stellar reference letter from my professors who know me and my projects. I don’t have any publication but I have almost 2 years of research experience. I have a crappy undergrad GPA, 2.70, with no good reason; and my masters GPA is 3.21. I have worked full time while pursuing masters, thats the explanation of 3.21. My GRE score will probably get around 320 - and my TOEFL score will be in 99-105 range) Do you think I have shot at these universities: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Oregon State University San Diego State University (has joint doctoral programs with UCSD - I have no idea how hard is it to get admitted) University of Connecticut These universities have awesome research topics that I want to work on them. I might be able to add 2 or more universities to my list.
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