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  1. Hey all, I know that it is a bit early, but would like to know if any of you plan on applying for Phd programs in communication/media for fall 2023. As the whole application process is quite overwhelming, it would be nice to connect and go through this together. If any of you have already been through this process, it would be helpful if you could share your experience and advice. :)) Cheers!
  2. It's a little early in the game, but I thought I'd start a thread for those of us applying to programs in cinema, film, and media studies later this year. Personally, I'm just about to complete my master's here in the UK—but I'm still narrowing down which US PhD programs I'd most like to apply to. What programs are you most interested in?
  3. Hi. I know someone already made a thread for 2022 film and media studies applicants, but it was created a while ago and it doesn't look like it is receiving much attention, so I thought I would make a new thread. To which schools are you applying? How do you feel about your application thus far? What are your research interests? I am not applying to very many schools because I am struggling to find programs that fit my interests. I am very nervous about my few applications.
  4. Hello everyone! This space for people who’ve applied to/are interested in the joint graduate program in Communication & Culture at York/Ryerson. Priority deadline for Fall 2021 admission was on 15 January. Feel free to share your thoughts, updates and questions!
  5. Hi there!Does anyone know how competitive this program is? And how is the Ph.D. placement of this program?
  6. I'm gearing up to apply to 5-8 schools this year after my first year of rejection (I would reject me too, it was rushed), and I'm really trying to get a feel for what the best practice is for statements of purpose and writing samples particularly when it comes to a planned dissertation topic. Is it better to mention that you have a topic you very much want to research and write a dissertation on or better to not mention it? If you do mention it, would it look favorable to write a short (15-20 page) academic paper on the subject you plan to use as a building point for your dissertation? Or is it more favorable to simply express passion for research in more general areas of study that such a topic could exist in? Does proposing a topic necessarily make applicants seem inflexible or easier to rule out from consideration in terms of "I'm not interested in advising specifically that topic"? Thanks, A
  7. Hello all, I just got my funding offer from Media and Comm program at Temple and it sure seems tempting. But I wanted to ask a little bit around since I couldn't see their placements. Anyone our there who can give me more info on the future opportunities of studying at temple? Best
  8. Hello, My question is for anyone who has been accepted to media related PhD programs. I'm looking to apply for Communications/media studies programs and wanted to know for those who have been accepted to these programs what type of background did you have: - what was your GRE score? - past college GPA's - did you have any publication experience? - did you have and related work experience in the field of communications/media studies/film? - what school were you accepted to and what did they offer full funding?
  9. How good is Boston University's PhD program in Emerging Media Studies? Any insight would be helpful! Thanks!
  10. Thought I'd start a thread somewhat akin to last year's, since I can't find one I'm a 2017 graduate with a BA in Asian Studies (maj) and film (min) looking at phd/masters programs in film studies with a focus on east Asia, specifically Japan. As of now, I've contacted Harvard (through EALC, not film and media) Yale, and Chicago, which appear to be the ONLY schools with programs in my area of interest I'm a bit freaked out by the admission stats, for all three, though. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on other programs worth looking at?
  11. Is there anyone else applying to the same program? I submitted mine in late November and haven't heard a thing yet. Has anyone gotten an interview already? I'm literally freaking out right now.
  12. Hey, guys, I was wondering if any of you know anything about summer programs in comms for doctoral students, either in the US or abroad. I'd be mainly interested in departments that research digital & social media, but this isn't necessarily a requirement (sorry if this is a repeated post, I couldn't find anything related to the subject using the search tool)
  13. Thought I'd start a thread as nothing popped up in my search! I come from the UK with a BA in art history and MA that specialised in film studies (though my degree is officially 'history of art', hoping it won't be held against me!) and so far I'm interested in: -Film and Visual Studies at Harvard -MCM at Brown -History, Theory and Crit at MIT (in the arch department, but they accept art historians there's a guy who specialises in my intended topic) I don't have a large choice of locations, as I'm staying on the East Coast to be near my partner who can't move. Also feeling pretty bummed that the course most aligned with my interests is Harvard's, which seems impossible to get into!
  14. Hi everyone! So i'm kind of in a dilemma, I recently got accepted into Temple University's Media Studies and Production Master's Program and into Indiana University's Media Arts and Sciences Master's Program. I really like both programs but I'm definitely having trouble deciding... Temple is offering me a one time scholarship for $10,000 and when I spoke with the Grad Program director at Indiana he said the Master's program is fully funded. Even so, i'm still not sure which school is the right fit for me. Any advice on how to decide or any opinions on the schools' programs? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone. I applied to Indiana's Media Arts and Science's PhD program for the fall 2017 semester. Anyone know when there will be a decisions made on whether or not we get in? The anticipation is brutal and I'd hope to know before spring break.
  16. So, I'm in a MA urban studies program, and taking courses on media and film. will apply to a PhD next year. I've been doing some research on finding scholars who are doing research on media (would be better if it's on film) and urban space. I found like one person at NYU MCC, and one PhD student there. And I really like the the PhD program at Brown MCM since they are doing a combination of researching and producing, but it looks they have 0 person is doing stuff on urban space. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  17. I'm having a tough time deciding between two directions for my PhD - English Literature or Film and Media. I have a Master's degree in English Literature and a Bachelor's degree in English with minors in Theatre and Film as well as Linguistics. I've always been drawn to interdisciplinary theories, such as structuralism, post-structuralism, psychoanalysis, critical theory (the Frankfurt School), feminist theory, queer theory, postcolonialism, and deconstruction. My literary interests have been almost exclusively contemporary and postmodern, and I don't particularly value literature as a medium above popular culture (e.g. television shows), film, media (e.g. advertisements), etc. My master's thesis analyzed literature in conjunction with film and advertisements and my primary theoretical focus derived from film and media studies. However, I lack the background in the technological aspects of media and film (I don't know coding and I've never made my own movie or other digital project). I've been debating for a while about whether to switch from English Literature to a Film and Media direction, but I'm also concerned about the job opportunities available to Film/Media PhDs vs. English Literature PhDs. I've ruled out the possibility of going into Gender and Sexuality, Cultural Studies, or Critical Theory programs because of my concern that they are too specific for the post-PhD job hunt. However, from what I've noticed, many universities are strongly embracing the digital humanities and seem to be going in the direction of Media/Film studies. I also feel that Media and Film would offer me the opportunities to learn practical technological skills rather than only the theoretical foundation that PhDs typically offer. Just wanted to check out other peoples' opinions on this matter. Thanks in advance for the help! Clearly I'm not the most decisive person out there haha.
  18. Hey all, Looking for recommendations on schools/potential POI's for the history of media and mass culture in 20th century America. Open to both US and Canadian schools. Thank you!
  19. Hi all, I'm in the process of writing my SOP for PhD programs in Film and Media Studies/Visual Cultures/you know, that kind of thing. Some quick background: my B.A. is in Film Studies & Art History, and I earned a minor in English. I wrote my honors thesis on a fairly esoteric, relatively unknown film directed by Orson Welles (F for Fake). In my SOP I state that I'd like to continue research on F for Fake in the hopes of contributing to what is a relatively small body of academic work on the film. F for Fake has a lot of relevant, postmodern issues surrounding it (e.g., authorship, originality, construction of personal identity, forgery) that I'd also like to make focal points of my graduate studies, but I want to make sure I'm not pigeonholing myself in a way that makes me unattractive to grad schools. NB: F for Fake was the subject of my research as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (which I also mention in the SOP), so I'm thinking I might be seen as a person who has relevant experience and can see a project through. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to figure out which MA programme I should apply to. I'm 22 years old and Danish with my undergrad in Media Studies from an unknown Danish university (but with an exchange semester in Australia, international work experience in an IFI and a good GPA). I'm aiming for an international career within the media business or communications. As far as I can tell, a journalism qualification is super sought after within these sectors. However, I'd also like to supplement my Media Studies background with some political, legal and economic knowledge to make me more employable in either international journalism or an international organization's communications department - I'm thinking International Relations would be perfect for that. That's why I'm looking for a 2-year MA in International Relations combined with media/communications/journalism in some regard. I'm applying for the Sciences Po double degree in IR and Journalism, but I can't find a lot of other universities that do double degrees like that. There are some in Australia, but that's a bit far for me to move, and American universities are far too expensive for me. Do you know of any degrees like that in either Europe, Canada or Asia? Or can you tell me whether it's a good idea to even combine these two fields?
  21. I got into Art Center Media design and Carnegie Mellon ETC. I'm mostly interested in motion graphics and UX. I am more drawn to Art Center but am not sure because it seems like a very unique program. Do any of you know about either one? I feel like I should first attend Art Center and try out the foundation year and if it is not the one for me, I should reapply to programs like Parsons D&T or CMU MFA. I applied at the last minute so couldn't do much research. IF ANYONE HAS ANY THING TO SAY ABOUT MY QUESTION PLEASE DO HELP!!!!
  22. Hello Communications, Currently I am working as a social media strategist in a non english speaking country. I would like to further my studies, but do not wish to leave the place I now consider home. This has me thinking about the option of doing an MA in Communications/Media online. Eventually, I would like to pursue a PhD and become a professor in media studies, but I am concerned my online MA credentials would not be credible enough to secure me an acceptance. I do not know anyone who has done an MA online, so I have no idea what the outcome could be. What is the opinion on earning an MA/PhD online? Does anyone know of any reputable programs? Do you think that credentials earned online are good enough to land a University teaching position? I feel like there is a stigma against online credentials, but wonder how much of that is just me. Any discussion, opinions and advice on the topic would be appreciated! These are the online programs that have caught my attention: University of Leicester - MA Mass Communication Ellis University - MA Business Communications University of Nebraska - MA Journalism/Mass Communications University of Sheffield - MA Global Journalism University of South Florida - MA Digital Journalism and Design University of North Carolina - MA Technology and Communication European Graduate School - MA Media/Communication (This one is a bit of a mystery to me) George Washington University - MPS Strategic Public Relations Saybrook University - MA Human Science Touro University Worldwide - MA Media/Communications Psychology Kent State University - MA Journalism/Mass Communication The New School for Public Engagement - MA Media Studies Pacifica Graduate Institute - MA Engaged Humanities
  23. Is anyone in this program? What do you think of it and where else did you apply? What are you hoping to do ultimately/what are you interested in, and what do you find the program concentrates on most?
  24. I could not find a recent post for all the students considering film/media/television studies on the MA level... so I thought I would start one! I have been searching for the past month for some of the less popular MA programs, and frankly I could use some help. Here is a list of some schools and programs I am considering: University of South Florida - Masters of Liberal Arts in Film Studies (Did my undergrad work here so this is more of a backup) Emory University - MA Film Studies University of Florida - MA Film Studies Indiana University, Bloomington - MA Film and Media Studies Georgia State University - MA Film Studies Savannah College of Art and Design - MA Film Studies Boston University - MA Film Studies University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - MA Media Studies Anyone have new suggestions? I am trying to stay away from schools in California and New York and some of the big name schools like Brown and Northwestern. Appreciate the help!
  25. Hi, Al least and after a long waiting period I got into two PhD Film Studies programs. I have a very good offer from an Uk uni that offers me a college studentship which includes fees + 14.000Pounds stipend for 3 years - The POI was very interested and he works in the area I'm interested in... However, It's not a very well known Uni. On the other hand, I got into a more recognized program, which I also like as I personally know most of the people there (I did my undergrad there). The POI is a god fit , however, they just cover fees + a TAship of 4000$. I guess I should chose the 1st option, but, I'm worried about future job market perspectives.... Any help? Cheers! N.
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