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Found 18 results

  1. Hello! First time poster here looking to get opinions/advice from any professionals in the field or individuals who were in a similar situation as I am now. Just a heads up—this is a long post. I am a 25-year-old currently residing in the Washington, D.C./Maryland area who graduated from American University in 2014 with a Bachelors M.A. degree in Psychology. Since then, I have worked in several fields. I was an associate ABA therapist conducting one-on-one tutoring and trials with young autistic individuals. I also worked in content/marketing within the start-up environment. My most recent full-time job was an associate researcher within the commercial real estate analytics industry. I have realized that the office environment is simply not for me. I am considering a Masters of Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling because I like the idea of helping people and interacting with others in a meaningful way. The prospect of having my own schedule and taking control of my own career/practice down the line also appeals to me. I have no problem narrowing down my career route, namely to marriage and child therapy. I do not want to jump into a Doctorate degree for this now, but that is something I could be open to down the line. The classes I enjoyed and excelled in during my undergraduate studies revolved around understanding human behavior, social psychology, forensic psychology (including a second advanced forensic course, which included Masters students), and principles of understanding human sexual behavior. Now, if you think I’m making a solid decision so far, I also have two primary concerns: 1 The university I am thinking of applying to is UDC (University of the District of Columbia). It is the only accredited Public/State university in the Washington, D.C. I am considering it because it offers a reasonable time frame (two years) to acquire a degree, and because it is considerably more affordable than other institutions in the area. However, I hear that it does not have the most solid reputation/track record when it comes to academics, because it is overshadowed by more “respected” schools such as Georgetown and George Washington. How important is a school’s reputation in regards to a licensed therapist’s prospective career path? Will I not be regarded equally? Should I look at other public schools in nearby states that are better established? (Such as CUNY/CCNY in New York). I know this may be a silly question, but I’d just like an honest opinion. Salary. Apparently the median annual income of a licensed therapist with a Masters of Science in Counseling is around $41,000. This is lower than some of the jobs I had with a Bachelors Degree. Do you find this to be common? Is this career path not in demand, or is it expected to rise/decline in demand? Have you had any personal experiences struggling with finances after acquiring a similar degree? I am by no means looking to get “super wealthy” with this career choice, but I would still like to live comfortably and remain financially stable throughout my life with this choice. All in all, my over-arching question is this: Does my plan seem like a good idea? Do you think I would be a good fit for this career? Again, any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  2. Hi all! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us applying/waiting/accepted or declined into master's for mental health counseling programs. I'm just curious about others' experiences with the admissions/decisions process so far and wanted to connect!
  3. Hi all! I received an invitation for a group interview for Penn's Counseling and Mental Health Services master's program, and was wondering if anyone who has gone through this interview in the past has any advice or insight they'd be willing to share! Thank you very much in advance! 🙂 *Cross-posted in "Interviews and Visits" FYI
  4. Has anyone tried to negotiate for more scholarship money at the Lynch School at Boston College? I was recently accepted into their Mental Health Counseling Program but am hoping there's some wiggle room in my funding package. If you've tried, were you successful? What'd you do?
  5. Has anyone tried to negotiate for more scholarship money at the Lynch School at Boston College? I was recently accepted into their Mental Health Counseling Program but am hoping there's some wiggle room in my funding package. If you've tried, were you successful? What'd you do?
  6. Hello! I am practically new to this website, and have a few questions and concerns. I have two bachelor's degrees: one in Psychology, the other in History and Jewish Studies with a minor in English Literature, which I will earn this May. I also pursued master's-level coursework in conjunction with five months of neuroscience research; however, that was cut short because of my grandmother's death (she provided emotional and financial support). Regrettably, due to personal and serious health problems (I have a disability), my cumulative gpa for my first degree was a 3.32, but my cumulative gpa for my second degree is a 3.89. I took the GREs years ago so I must take them again but I did score well when I took them the first time. As for counseling experience, I do not have much, unfortunately. I have volunteered but in a short-term capacity and at various organizations/establishments. I have also worked at the New York State Psychiatric Institute but as a medical office assistant; likewise for employment affiliated with hospitals. However, I spoke with my professor—who earned acceptance to several PhD programs in clinical psychology—and she thinks I should apply. With respect to mental health counseling programs, I am specifically looking at Hunter College and The City College of New York. As a previous poster admitted, once COVID-19, I, like her, could no longer pursue volunteer work in the manner I intended. I also doubt I would be a suitable candidate for doctoral programs in clinical psychology, especially amidst all of the problems I have experienced (e.g., I was nearly homeless recently). What do you think about my chances with respect to both doctoral and master's programs? Please inform me with any suggestions or ideas that you may have. Many thanks! — Joyce
  7. Greetings all!—I am a new member here and I was wondering if anybody may be able to provide advice with respect to my situation. Are mental health counseling programs very competitive—esp. compared to social work programs? I am specifically interested in CUNY-Hunter College's program but worry I don't have enough experience aside from my 5-month research stint and three years at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, as well as work at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (also as an office assistant like at NYSPI). Because I am in a very poor financial situation, I cannot afford to travel from place to place to volunteer (I reside in Westchester County). As for my cumulative g.p.a., it is 3.89. Should I even bother applying? Thank you for your help.
  8. Has anyone heard back from the university of north florida (UNF) for their master's program for clinical mental health counseling? Applications were due March 1st and they say they require an interview and then decisions will be sent out 30 days after that. But I haven't heard back and was wondering if anyone else has? Is this normal to be on the 27th of the month applications are due without hearing back? My application was marked as "departmental referral" (meaning they sent my application to the program's directors for review and decision) on March 8th
  9. Can someone tell me my chances of getting into a master's counseling program? I know it isn't crazy competitive but I'd like a current, rejected, accepted, or former counseling student to let me know the likelihood of getting in. LMK if you want school names to better help determine my fate, lol. Cumulative GPA: 3.2 Major (psychology) GPA: 3.6 GRE: (not great) Writing - 3.5 Quantitative - 146 Verbal - 150 Strong recommendation letters (3) Research Experience: Mentor at high schools and conduct research based on youth development with my various mentoring results Thanks
  10. Hello, I have applied for master of Mental Health Counseling program. I've got a few tough decisions. 1. Can I withdraw from my last choice even after I've accepted? I truly feel horrible about it. 2. Do any of you know the pros and cons between Williams&Mary vs Johns Hopkins Uni vs (BGSP)Boston Graduate School of psychoanalysis? I know BGSP is more specific, and I don't have psych background. Thank you so much to anyone who answers. This is weighing so heavily on my mind.
  11. Hi all! I wanted to make a thread for just folks who are doing MA or MS track in a psychology field, such as mental health counseling or school psychology. Anybody out there?
  12. Hello! So I just finished up applying to Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs. I applied to Vanderbilt, George Mason, George Washington, Clemson, University of Georgia, University of Alabama, NC State, Marymount University and University of Florida. Basically any school that had the program. I'm now waiting to hear back and many of the schools are on a "rolling admission" basis. I graduated from UVA and had a semi-okay GPA. I'm just wondering if anyone has applied to the above schools and how long it took you to hear back. Asking because my lease ends early spring and I want to start planning what to do in case I am moving from DC! Thank you in advance!
  13. Hey all, I'm basically looking for input and advice on my current situation: I was accepted to The Wright Institute's PsyD program and I'm really excited about it. I know the most about their program as compared to other schools I applied to and love their practicum opportunities and the vibe of the school. I also like that I'd be getting a doctoral degree. However, I've been living in the bay area for a while and a big part of me really wants to get the heck out of here. I've generally been really unhappy in this location and feel ready for change. I was rejected from Yeshiva University's PsyD program in New York, but just got accepted to their M.A program in Mental Health Counseling and I have to say it's tempting for a few reasons - 1) It's a university, not professional institute, 2) the program is a bit shorter and I believe a bit more affordable, and 3) the location!!! All the same, I wouldn't want to regret not going for the PsyD for kind of shallow reasons. What do you all think? Any insight especially on what an M.A in New York can do for you vs. a PsyD from anywhere...not as familiar with the job market in NYC. Thanks!
  14. I would be so grateful if someone could give me feedback on a statement of purpose! It's a little lengthy, but objectively, I think it reads well, so length may be a risk I'm willing to take. I'm pretty proud of it- poured my blood, sweat, and tears into it.
  15. I am applying to graduate programs beginning in December for mental health counseling So far my choices are: University of Florida Florida State University of Central Florida New York University Columbia George Washington University Boston College Each of these programs requires 3 LOR, however I currently have 4. I have 2 from professors and 2 from supervisors. I intern at the Mental Health Association of Central Florida and have for the past 2 semesters, the vice president is willing to write me a letter and I also have one from the program coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club where I volunteered/became employed as a Group Leader in the 1st grade classroom. My professor LORs are from heads of the department and I currently TA for them both. Which 3 out of the 4 do you think I should go with? Also how good do you think my chances are with these programs. I have a 3.7 cumulative, a 3.8 psychology, and a 4.0 last 60 credit hour GPA, I am trained in Guardian Advocacy, QPR, Youth Suicide Prevention, and Mental Health First Aid. I have interned for 2 semesters as a mental health connections specialist at the Mental Health Association of Central Florida, I volunteered and was eventually hired as a Group Leader at the Boys and Girls Club last Summer, I am currently attempting to get a leadership position in the UCF's Medical Intervention Outreach club and I belong to the PsyChi Honors club, and Active Minds. I also do volunteer work with Care Packaged for Central Florida which is an organization dedicated to helping Orlando's homeless. I also, as I mentioned earlier, am a TA for 2 psychology professors (Physiological Psychology and General Psychology) I am taking the GRE in October so scores are pending on that. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone! I've noticed that Master's programs for counseling psych/mental health counseling are somewhat inconsistent with whether or not they want GRE scores (ie I've looked into TC Columbia and they are not required but UMass Boston does). I've seen a couple of programs that I would potentially be interested in that require me to take the GRE but obviously if it is not necessary to take it, I would rather not. Is this one of those instances where I should just hold my nose and take the test or should I just not bother with the ones who want me to take the GRE since quality of the program doesn't really seem to have anything to do with requiring the GRE? I'm also looking for suggestions of programs that I might be interested in, because I would prefer to have a concentration in adolescents but it's not necessary. A little bit about me that might help I have a 3.6 GPA both overall and in psych, I've done two independent experiments and presented them at my college, I'm kind of a research assistant to one of my professors, have had an internship at a clinic for children, and I'm going to have an internship next semester. Thanks for any help!
  17. Hey guys, I recently got into a Professional Counseling program and a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Does anyone know any real difference between the two?
  18. I've applied to Hunter, Baruch, Queens, City College, and Brooklyn. So far I've interviewed with City and Brooklyn, and have been admitted into Hunter. I also have an interview scheduled for Queens. Nothing from Baruch yet. Hunter was my top choice, so I'm elated that I have been accepted. However, I'm a bit hesitant to commit without weighing all my options. Those who have attended one of the aforementioned schools for MHC, or know someone who has, what was your/their experience? Which CUNY would you recommend? I know in the end it's up to me, but I'm always open to advice. Thank you!
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