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Found 142 results

  1. 2018 Hollins MFA

    Hello. Just wanted to create a little space for dialogue in case anyone else is considering this program.
  2. So all of the forums and columns I have found has been on what it is like to go back to school for law, med, or a social science none of them have focused on art. Anyone have any perspective on attending the same department of graduate program after working in the same field of study for a lengthy period of time?
  3. Hi everyone, So far I got rejected from 2/5 of the schools I applied and I’m starting to freak. It seems that every school I applied to has notified about acceptances. Should I assume I haven’t gotten in to any if I haven’t heard a yes when most heard back over a week ago? Freaking out here and regretting not applying to more schools. Thanks!
  4. Columbia MFA decisions

    Very specific question here, but just wondering if others have heard back from Columbia—either rejection or acceptances? I’ve been lurking on the threads here and have seen folks posting decisions for fiction and poetry but haven’t heard from creative nonfiction applicants. Are there just fewer of us posting here?
  5. Has anyone heard back from Sarah Lawrence regarding their MFA Creative Writing fall 2018 application ?? I was told late Feb is results time, but still no word. Lemme know! if you're waiting too! we can wait together! -y
  6. Is ArtCenter good in Art?

    I was accepted by ArtCenter in graduate art program, the school looks like have a strong faculty and special classes. But the school is small, no scholarship, so it's expensive. Have you guys applied to this school? Or any ideas for accepting this offer? I am reeeally anxious because the other offer I get is BFA in SAIC.
  7. What to wear

    Hey, I have an interview with Cranbrook Academy of art this week. Im going to be visiting their campus as part of the interview and I have no idea what to wear. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, everybody. I wanted to take a couple minutes to say this: Today, March 2, 2018, I am feeling at peace with the prospect of going 0-for-4 with this year's applications. I've spent yesterday and today working on resumes, which has been helpful in numerous ways: distracting me from feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, giving me hope about my decision to move to NYC (and changing careers) regardless of admissions decisions, and making me feel like I have even a modicum of control over my future. If, in fact, I end up joining the Zero Percenters in the next couple of weeks, I will be hurt and have to periodically fight off waves of self-doubt. However, I will also have the tremendous freedom of doing whatever I want to earn a real paycheck until (hopefully) starting a grad program in the Fall of 2019. I will have the awesome opportunity to discover a new city. I will have the exciting task of seeking and joining an artistic community in place of the MFA I wanted to attend. Oh, and again: I can earn a real paycheck. Tomorrow, I may lapse back into anxiety, panic, and depression, but I at least wanted to share my brief moment of serenity with y'all. In the South, where I grew up, I would see these obnoxious bumper stickers every single day that read "igbok" (it's gonna be o.k.). I effing hated those things. I still hate those things. .... But you know what? (barf)
  9. UPenn MFA

    anyone heard anything about UPenn yet? Had an interview on the 14th of Feb. On their official website it says they tell you their decision on March 14th but a friend who was also interview heard it would be sooner. Does anyone know when we'll know? Truly having a nervy B over here
  10. NYU Dramatic Writing MFA

    Hey all! Anyone out there applied to or attend the Dramatic Writing MFA program at NYU? I have a Skype interview with someone on faculty and am wondering if anyone can give insight on what to expect. If you attend/attended the program - any feedback to offer? Thanks!
  11. Ceramics MFA applicants!!

    Okay clay folks, who has and/or hasn't heard from places? Uni of Minnesota -rejected 2/12 CU Boulder - n/a Edinboro - n/a UO-Eugene - n/a Uni of Nevada, Reno - Process notice 2/15 I'm not counting myself out, but it'd be comforting to know if someone else has heard anything ! Best of luck to everyone!! And congrats to those who have been notified of acceptance & interviews! 😁
  12. Hi guys, I'm from Taiwan and applying to MFA Dramaturgy programs (Columbia, Yale, UMass Amherst) and a few MA Theatre programs (CUNY Hunter College/dramaturgy concentration, U of Pitts, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, SUNY Binghamton) for 2018 fall admission. I just got two invitations for interview from Columbia and UMass today (Jan. 30, GMT+8) and have no idea about what to notice or prepare for interview. The related posts are quite few. Anyone has advice or experience to share? Please also feel free to exchange info and opinions about dramaturgy programs, theatre & performance studies programs (especially MAs), etc. in this thread! Thanks :)
  13. I applied to Virginia Tech, Sarah Lawrence, NYU, Rutgers, Alabama, Michener, Houston, Iowa, Saint Mary's, and UC Irvine, and I'm so anxious to hear back! If you've applied to MFA programs, when did you hear back from your schools? Thank you so much!
  14. Yale MFA 2018

    Hello! I noticed in years past that there has been an open forum for Yale MFA applicants so I wanted to start one for 2018. Please use this forum to ask questions about this year's application process and share any information that you may have about the program. Based on years before we should be hearing back about interviews on February 2 and final decisions on March 9. Best of luck to everyone!
  15. MFA Creative Writing

    Hi everyone! Can anyone let me know if they hear back for MFA Creative Writing? I’m waiting and it’s so hard. Some schools had December deadlines and I don’t know when the letters come in. Is it by mail or email? I applied to CalArts, SAIC, Columbia College, NYU, and Columbia University. thanks!!!
  16. This was passed around a lot last year but I haven't seen it posted here. Gallery representation isn't and shouldn't be everyone's goal, but this study broke things down pretty well in terms of race, gender, and education in New York's commercial gallery system (and confirmed the obvious)
  17. Letters of Recommendation

    Hello! Looking for advice on getting letters of recommendation when you have few contacts in the art world. I'm considering applying for an MFA in painting for programs beginning in Fall 2019. My problem is that I don't have great contacts for my letters of recommendation. As an undergraduate, I double majored, worked full time, did weekly volunteer work, and had a weekly internship so I never really had the time to develop deep relationships with my art professors. My mentor for the volunteer work (teaching art in local schools) can write me a great recommendation letter as we worked together for 3 years, but my internship supervisors and other art professors each only worked with me for a semester and I don't think they remember me. I graduated a few years ago and moved to Japan to work as an English teacher immediately after graduation. Due to language barriers, I haven't gotten many good contacts in the art world in Japan. My superiors at my current job would happily write glowing recommendation letters about my work ethic and ability to teach English, but that has nothing to do with art. Does anyone have any advice for what to do in this situation? Should I reach out to my old undergraduate professors/supervisors even though we didn't work together for long? Should I ask my superiors at my current job to write my letters? Thanks for any advice!
  18. Hi All, I'm from California, fairly liberal, openly queer, car-less, and just applied to schools all over the country for my MFA in creative writing, including Sarah Lawrence, Rutgers, University of Alabama, Iowa Writers' Workshop, Virginia Tech, University of Houston, and University of Texas. I'm wondering if these cities/colleges are accepting? And is there a queer scene at all, either at the college or in the city? Further, I don't have a car, and I've never traveled to any of these places. Are there other means to get around? Could I bike, take the bus, walk? Or is everything spread out? Thank you! Also, if anyone has any favorite spots in any of these areas, feel free to share.
  19. This is my second round of applying for an MFA in painting. Last round I was offered 3 Post-Baccalaureate. I decided against a Post-Baccalaureate as it would cost me a year and money I rather spend towards an MFA. As a serious artist I will not stop making art because I was not accepted in an MFA program. My portfolio organically will improve and change as time passes. My questions is how many MFA program have you applied to and who offered you an Post-Baccalaureate? Did you decide to take them up on it? If not why not? After finishing your Post-Baccalaureate year did that university accept you into their MFA program? Mica, PAFA, LCAD and Tyler offered me Post-Baccalaureate
  20. I got my BFA 10 years ago this Spring, and have been almost entirely away from academia since then. I decided (unfortunately, sort of last-minute - the timing has never worked out until now) that I wanted to try applying to a specific MFA program this year, and because of how long I've been out of school, I'm concerned about professor recommendations. So far, I have 1 current teacher recommendation (I'm taking a class at community college in the field I'm looking to apply for), and 1 former employer (not really related to my field, but we had a long working relationship). My third recommendation was going to be from my BFA thesis advisor. She recently replied to my request email to say that while she'd be (tentatively, from the tone of the email) happy to do it, she recommends finding someone who is more familiar with my work, and with whom I have a more current relationship. (My tendency to not keep in touch with people is now biting me in the butt.) The problem is that aside from the 2 other recommendations, I don't really HAVE anyone that fits the bill. I'm not sure what to do in this case. So far, the options I can see are as follows: -Ask another former teacher with whom I had fewer classes, but have (sort of, ish? we're friends on Facebook?) kept in touch with more over the years -Ask another former supervisor at the same job as my other former employer, so I would have 2 employer recommendations from the same place -Go with this teacher and provide really thorough supplemental materials for the application -Is there something else I'm not thinking of, here? (Besides going back in time to deal with past-me's mistakes?) Advice is appreciated!
  21. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is interested in critique my SOP? I would be so happy if someone is willing to help me out. Thank you.
  22. Statements

    Hey everyone! Would anyone who has accepted to grad school be willing to post their statement? It would be insanely helpful to see some examples. Thanks!
  23. MFA over 50

    This is my second round applying and after the NY Portfolio Review I will be changing my application approach. It was quite an eye opener. How many fellow MFA applicants are over 50? Have you been told Universities are concerned that they don't know how to handle mature students? Worried you are to stuck in your ways and not fit into their programs? How did you convince them that you are the kind of students they desire?
  24. Best MFA program for photo/video?

    What MFA program would you think is best for someone studying photography and video? I would love to know. Thanks!
  25. Laguna

    Is anyone here a graduate student at Laguna? Would you mind telling me more about the MFA painting program?