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Found 23 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to GradCafe so I hope I'm posting this in the right place! I applied to 4 MFT programs this year, all CSUs - CSU East Bay, San Diego State, San Francisco State, and San Jose State. I got rejected from SDSU and accepted to SJSU, still waiting to hear back from EB and SF. I'm looking for a program that's integrative - not just focused mostly on one therapy method. I interviewed with 2 professors at SJSU and they mentioned that SJSU's program is consistently CBT focused and that SFSU, for example, is mostly psychodynamic (not sure if they meant the clinical or MFT program, they are 2 separate programs at SFSU). However, the websites for ALL the schools say that their programs are integrative, even San Jose. I've reached out to professors at SF and EB asking but no response Anyone have any input on these programs and how much different methods of therapy are taught/discussed? I have to give SJSU a response by April 5th and SF and EB could take until May or even June to make an admission decision! I don't want to turn down a great school like SJSU but I also want to attend the program that's a good fit for the kind of therapist I want to be. I also don't want to wait another year to apply if I say no to SJ and don't get in anywhere else! Thanks everyone! Best of luck on your admissions decisions this year!
  2. Howdy friends, I was just accepted into CSUN's MFT program after having been waitlisted. I'm still waiting to hear back from CSULB, but if I were to get accepted, does anyone have any advice on how to decide which school? Thanks
  3. Hi! I am preparing this week for two MFT interviews (Northwestern and Purdue Northwest)... I would really appreciate any suggestions / feedback anyone can offer who has already been through the process! Thank you so much
  4. Last cycle there were a few of us in Human Ecology related degrees looking to connect, so I thought I would start this thread for this cycle in case anyone was lurking and not sure what forum you belonged in. Psychology isn't a perfect fit, but seems as good as any. Feel free to reach out to connect with questions, where you are applying, updates, etc... If you are looking for information about a past year when invites went out and stuff like that my cycle is recorded in last year's thread: My background is BA Psychology (minors in Anthropology, Sociology, and Gender Studies), MS Human Development and Family Science, Marriage and Family Therapy, currently working on a Couple and Family Therapy PhD (and considering adding a MA Educational Measurement and Statistics, once the world is less on fire- both because I have found I enjoy the topic and was looking at taking a lot of the required courses already, and because if would make me more "hireable" down the road as a professor). For me the hardest choice came down to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Human Sciences, Global Family Health and Well-being PhD and the University of Iowa's Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, Couple and Family Therapy PhD. I interviewed at several other programs and can talk about them as well. I did have geographical restraints on where I could move to for family reasons (basically I am stuck in the Midwest, lol). So I don't have experience with applying to programs on the coasts or too far south. I'm still more than happy to cheer you on and chat while you apply to those programs 😃 Good luck, everyone!
  5. Hello, Is there anyone else who hasn't still heard from the admission office at USC Rossier School of Education for Fall 2020? The start date of the fall semester for the MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) program that I applied last winter is just two weeks away and I have NOT heard back from the admission office, and it is driving me crazy.. I emailed the admission office several times and even tried to call them (it always goes to the voicemail) and their response always says my file is still under review and all I need to do is just wait. Is it normal? I'd rather want them to give me a rejection letter so I can just get over it. I know no news is a good news but now that there are just TWO weeks left until the fall semester begins, I am getting super stressed and anxious.
  6. Anyone heard back from the masters in counseling program at cal state fullerton yet?? Haven't heard anything about an interview, the anxiety is draining🙃
  7. Was just wondering if anyone else on GradCafe was applying to MFT PhD or related programs? There's not really a perfect forum to post about it in, as GradCafe doesn't have a Human Ecology forum, but Psychology seems as close as anything. I was trying to figure out average dates for interviews and the like but that's pretty hard for the MFT programs. I've applied for Marriage and Family Therapy or Couples and Family Therapy programs at: University of Iowa University of of Minnesota-Twin Cities Kansas State University Adler University Antioch University Mount Mercy University.
  8. Lots of threads for MFT PhD programs but I couldn't find one for Master's programs! Where did you apply? Where have you heard back from? I applied to SDSU, Jefferson, U of Oregon, and Appalachian State. As of yesterday have been invited to interview at U of Oregon (2/13) and Appalachian State (2/21).
  9. Hi all, I am looking for an affordable and quality masters program that will eventually allow me to become a practicing licensed clinician upon graduation. This could either be an MSW (accredited by CSWE), an MFT/CFT program (accredited by COAMFTE), or a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program (accredited by CACREP). While money is a primary concern when it comes to making my decision about a program, I will also not sacrifice the quality of my education just because of the price. I am hoping to hear others' ideas about great programs that are not overwhelmingly expensive. Thanks!
  10. Apparently I am a moron and didn't realize "clinical" doesn't necessarily mean "therapy." I was informed of this discrepancy in my thinking by a kind redditor who quickly disabused me of the notion that the easiest path towards becoming a therapist is to pursue an MSW. Guys, I don't know what to do. I feel so stupid. I really love the social justice aspect of MSW programs, and I am interested in exploring the root causes of societal problems, but... I don't know. Is becoming a therapist with your MSW really that hard to do? I know you have to complete many hours of supervision in order to get your LCSW - I'm not in the dark about everything - but I just didn't even realize that this isn't the route most people take. Both of my most recent therapists have been LCSWs and I'm pretty sure that's what I want to do, but now I'm incredibly intimidated and wondering if I should consider counseling or MFT programs. Does anyone have any thoughts on this dilemma? What are your career goals, and how to do you plan to use the MSW to achieve them?
  11. Curious to see if there are any other Lewis & Clark Marriage & Family Therapy applicants on here who have heard back. I was just offered an interview yesterday! I'm not sure what to expect. Anyone know how group interviews generally work in such a program?
  12. Hi everyone! I'm getting started and planning ahead for the fall when I'll be applying to PSU's Counselor Education program, and I was wondering if anyone had any words of advice -- I applied to the PSU MSW program last year and wasn't accepted, which actually turned out to be fine because it made me reflect on exactly what program to pursue, and I've settled on an MFT Counselor track in the Graduate School of Education at PSU. That said, the application process last year was so stressful and it was obviously tough to be rejected, so I'm trying to come back much stronger this year. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.4, and I have a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. I've volunteered in a domestic violence shelter for about a year (it will be 1.5 years by the time applications are due) doing direct-service work with participants, and have worked in administration at a couple of nonprofits for the last 6 years. I'm hoping to take the prerequisite 'Intro to Counseling' course at PSU this fall as a non-degree seeking student to get a little more face-time at the university and possibly make some connections there (the admissions advisor I spoke to said it was a good starting point). Does anyone have any wisdom to share? For the MSW program, the piece that I wasn't fully aware of was how much emphasis they put on direct social work experience, and I think that's why I wasn't accepted. I'm curious to know if there are any pieces like that in the GSE Counselor master's program that I should try and address now. Thanks!
  13. Greetings All! I don't know if this is the right place to ask such a question but does anyone know of any MFT programs that offer courses over the summer? The reason that I am asking is that I am already pursuing an MDiv degree (at seminary, for later ordination in my denomination) but have also wanted to pursue a career in MFT as well. I have looked into perhaps doing both the MDiv and MFT programs at once but that would be a lot of work, and so I'm wondering if anyone has heard of/done any programs that meet specifically over the summer or are good part-time. My reasons for this are mostly financial and logistical. I have seen some programs that offer summer courses, but many of these already assume that you have been enrolled in the fall/spring. Thanks for the comments and recommendations!
  14. Hi Everyone! Just a few days until the application deadline for my MFT program. Is anyone else applying to MFT programs? Any last minute tips on applications or interviews? Thanks so much & Good luck to everyone!
  15. Has anyone gotten interviews or admission decisions from any of the Cal State Counseling programs? If you have applied in previous years when did you hear back? CSUN - MFT Program - I applied in Jan, got an interview email on 1/30, and interviewed on 2/7. The interview email said that "selection letters will be mailed by May 1st" but I am realllly hoping to get an answer before then. Thanks so much & good luck to everyone!
  16. I am preparing to change my professional career of working with families and youth in community and recreation based programs to going back to school and doing a psyd in counseling psychology or a masters in mft. Since I need to prepare my application this year (online psyc. courses, gre prep, clinical work etc) I am at a crossroads. I have two jobs I can take: one is working as a behavior specialist at a children’s mental health facility, the other an aide for students with developmental disabilities. The first job offers a behavior tech certification and it is one on one with the student in a public or community setting. The second job is at a facility with a team, where I work with sub acute clients with their daily routine, do evaluations, intervention/de escalation,have weekly meetings/training opportunities, etc. The clients have more severe conditions than the aide job, which seems to be a more supporting/teaching role. I cant figure out if these jobs would be considered “clinical experience”, which psyd or masters programs would accept. I also can’t figure out which would be a better experience for me in terms of learning and exposure to different mental health conditions. Any advice would be great!
  17. Apologies if this has already been a topic in the past! I have 11+ years of real-world experience working with families and youth. I began working for non-profit organizations working with families and youth in a variety of capacities. I began to climb the leadership ladder at a young age and moved on to become a coordinator and a director in multiple non profits. I moved around to different types of family-youth non profits because I wanted more experience in different settings. I am currently wrapping up 3 years in Peru working for an NGO which provides social service programs to families and youth in an under developed region. I speak spanish and have had the opporitunity to learn and understand the community much more than I ever could in a classroom setting.That being said, I have recently realized my passion for working with families and youth, more specifically in a counseling setting. I hope to one day become a MFT or LPCC with a focus on developmental/child psychology + latinx population . Maybe one day following a PhD/PsyD route if my interests guide me in that direction. Unfortunately, as I begin my quest for finding a masters program that meet my interests I see that my previous education is not very helpful for applying to programs: -As I was entering my university program (B.S in Business admin/project management) at 18 years of age I was not sure what my passion was yet, let alone what my skills/capacities were -I was unprepared and had a lot going on in my personal life, thus leading to a poor graduating GPA. -I had taken a handful of psych 101 and early childhood development courses however I do not think my grades at that time are reflective of what I understand at my age and maturity now. Question: This process is intimidating! I was hoping someone in the field or "in-progress" could give me an idea for how useful my work experience will be upon admissions. Of course applications ask for more than school transcripts, like letters of recommendation, GRE scores, letters of intent etc.. But with low grades from my B.S and few psych courses on my transcript, I fear it will be challenging to find a decent program that will accept me. I want to strive for a challenging program as I feel my real work experience has given me the tools and context in which courses will be taught. Thank you in advance for any feedback or suggestions!
  18. I am considering going back to school for an MFT or MSW here in California so I can practice as a therapist. However, I am an American and British citizen who will likely move back to England at some point given I have some family in the country and was partially raised there. So I am just wondering if there's any American therapists on here who have moved to England and managed to qualify with the BPS, and how that whole process worked? If not, does anybody have an idea what to do in my situation? Are the qualifications about the same? Or would I have to re-train entirely/do a year extra if I moved back to London? If anybody could give me any advice, that would be brilliant. Thanks so much!!!
  19. I'm currently trying to decide between two different programs. I have the option of either going to the University at Buffalo for Social Work or Syracuse University for a dual degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Social work. Syracuse is practically double the cost of going to UB because it is a 3 year program. I really want to work with couples and practice therapy and I am afraid that Social Work is too broad of a focus. Can anyone give me any insight into whether a dual degree is considered when entering the workforce? And comments on Syracuse University? I went to UB for undergrad so I already know the campus and the area. Syracuse would be a new world for me.
  20. Those applying for Masters degree programs for MFT Marriage and Family Therapy in the CSU system, whichever school, please update your progress in this thread. If we work together and support eachother we each stand a greater chance of admission to the CSU of choice. Please indicate your stats when pertinent.
  21. I'll be applying to CSUs for MSW (mental health) and MFT (counseling psych) programs. If you only had time for either research or working in a related field gaining experience ... Which would you choose or believe to be most important? Also if you care to share How much experience or research you think is reasonable that would be helpful. Thanks!
  22. Anyone attending Chapman University this fall? Bonus points if you're in the MFT program
  23. Has anyone recieved an interview invitation? Interviews are in a week and I havent recieved anything!
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