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Found 5 results

  1. I can only speak for what's going on in my program (MGH IHP) but I've heard that other programs are similar... I'm a current 1st year CSD student at the MGH IHP and I'm dropping a quick note (before the chaos of finals weeks begins) to recommend that you DEFER your admissions offer. As you all know these are challenging and chaotic times with many looming questions and very few answers. But I want to share my personal experience so that you know what might be on the horizon for you if you start at MGH IHP this fall... All of our summer classes are online (and nobody knows how long this will go on for) for 1st year students this will mean 10 hours of virtual classes on Wednesdays with electives and a few other classes spread throughout the rest of the week, this could change but as it stands that is our summer Y1 schedule No financial transparency from the institute! the IHP maintains that their quality of instruction remains the same, and as such are not discussing lowering tuition for students in the midst of this worldwide pandemic for me this means that even though I was anticipating a summer placement, I will only receive clinical practicum hours this summer online through virtual Simucase practice our class has made an effort to negotiate lowering general student fees and getting transparency about what where tuition dollars are going to no avail (though the institute does post some information on their website and in program manuals) (note: fully online courses like prereqs cost $525 per credit-hour but our summer semester courses will cost us $1,364 per credit-hour) What about telepractice? right now all the telepractice placements are going to second year students who need their 375 direct client contact hours to meet ASHA certification requirements - which, of course, makes sense! BUT - you could be in my shoes next year when the lasting impact of the quarantine means that your placements go to rising second year students who need extra clinical placements and supervised hours to graduate Obviously the entire incoming cohort can't defer, and I'm not expecting everyone to want to, but given what is going on if you are on the fence about starting I recommend you consider deferring! Online learning is not for everyone, and grad school already comes with incredibly taxing emotional and financial burdens. If you were most excited about the clinical practicum placements WAIT! Wait until you know they will be available, because no program can guarantee face-to-face practicum placements right now.
  2. Hi all, I am interested in knowing if any of you have taken A&P for speech pathology online through MGH IHP with Professor Rohter. The class is setup where there are NO video lectures but rather you have to teach yourself via the ebook and PowerPoints. As a career changer, I am feeling overwhelmed with the thought of teaching anatomy and physiology to myself. Does anyone have any study tips or suggestions? Any good links, videos, books, worksheets, anatomy coloring books, etc. would be great. I am worried that I will not be able to understand all of this information when teaching myself. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! Like many of you, I'm having a really hard time making a decision. MGH was originally my top choice. I have always been really impressed by its clinical affiliations, on campus clinic, and of course its amazing reputation. However, I noticed that MGH requires about 20 more credits than the other schools and requires an extra semester of classes. Many of its semesters also require 6 or 7 classes as opposed to 3 like many of the other schools do. I wanted to know if you enjoyed your experience, and whether you found the work load to be overwhelming. Did you find these extra classes to be beneficial in your placements? I have heard some stories of other girls in the program who were mentally and emotionally drained by MGH's demanding workload. Although I love MGH, I can't help but wonder whether I would be slightly less stressed out at another program in Boston. If anyone is currently at MGH or went to MGH or had a friend at MGH, I was wondering what your opinion on this was. Is the workload crazy? Is it manageable? Did you like it? Thank you so much in advance!!
  4. I just wanted to get this thread started in case any of us had questions! I'm also unable to attend the Welcome Day on April 9th, so I wanted to see what everyone had to say about it! Congratulations to everyone accepted! SUPER excited for this one.
  5. I'll be moving from Montana to Massachusetts for grad school, and I'm trying to navigate the ins and outs of the health insurance scene. Is it possible to enroll through the Massachusetts Health Connector website and get coverage before I am physically in Massachusetts (so that I can make sure I have documentation in time to file the waiver paperwork with the university)? Also, the fees for the three schools I am considering are as follows (each for one full year): Northeastern: $2,159 Emerson: $2,795 Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions: $5,925 Is it just me, or is the fee at MGHIHP exorbitant? I even had someone else look at the website to make sure I was reading it properly. I have this fear of messing up the waiver process and getting stuck paying for their plan...yikes!!! I would welcome any advice about how best to handle this! Thank you!
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