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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone. I noticed the meet and greet threads for MSU are pretty old, so I thought I'll start one here. I am attending Michigan State University this Fall. Anyone else joining? Feel free to mention anyone else you might know too! Stay safe!
  2. Anyone from Michigan state university studying PhD Biomedical engineering?
  3. Hey all, I am currently working as a case manager in Lansing. I want to get my MSW soon. Once I have my degree I will move to/work in downtown LA (my long-distance boyfriend is moving there in 2020. We've been dating for 6 years, long distance for 3). Where do I go and when? I am choosing between MSU and USC (MSU because I have family in Lansing, USC because it's cheaper than UCLA, easier to get into than Cal State) Other facts: I have enough savings to pay for both options, which means I probably won't get financial aid. I'm bilingual, so according to USC admissions, I'm likely to get a job in LA even if I go to MSU. I don't want to go to school part time/work part time, because I can't handle the stress. Also, I can't do MSU's accelerated track, because I don't have a bachelor's in social work. General pros of MSU: The cost ($60,000 cheaper including living expense differences), and the fact that I have family and friends living here. I've never lived on my own before, and school makes me extremely anxious. Having a support system would really help me. I also am familiar with the area, so it would be easier to handle the transition. The program overall seems more manageable/practical. -- MSU this year: I would complete school by 2020, and move to LA at the same time as my boyfriend (We've been apart for a long time, and I miss him). -- MSU next year: I would have more time to prepare for everything, and I'd have another year experience at my current job. I like my current job, and am not totally sure I'm ready to leave by next year. General pros of USC: Networking and connections. USC is in the area I want to work in, and its staff have connections/knowledge of various organizations. I could get an internship in the area, which may lead to a job offer. At least, I could learn more about various employers before trying to find a job (vs going into the job market blind). LA would also be an interesting change of pace, and there's more to do there. If I go to USC, I won't have to take 6 extra classes due to the California licensing rules. -- USC this year: N/A not ready to go to LA yet -- USC next year: I would have more time to prepare for everything, and I'd have another year experience at my current job. I like my current job, and am not totally sure I'm ready to leave by next year.
  4. I have been offered a PhD position at Michigan State University starting fall of 2017, and I'm going to be applying for a couple of fellowships to (hopefully) pay for it. Does have any idea whether GRE scores are an important part of fellowship applications? I'm applying for an NSF GRFP and the MSU university distinguished fellowship, and I'm slightly concerned that my scores will hold me back. My GRE scores are: verbal-97th percentile, quantitative-71st percentile, and writing-38th percentile. Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks!!
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