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Found 32 results

  1. Michigan SLP grad programs?

    Has anyone gotten into or applied to any grad schools in Michigan? If so I'd love to hear details on specific schools and what your stats were that either got you in or rejected. I'm primarily interested in Michigan State, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Grand Valley State, and Wayne State. I was previously interested in Eastern Michigan but their website says they're currently on ASHA probation so now I'm probably going to skip applying there. Any insight is much appreciated!
  2. It would be good to have a page dedicated to all the students of UMich. Hope we can all gather together here!
  3. Michigan Ford 2017

    Sent my app in on 01/10/16. The Ford School is my number one choice. Judging by the last few years we should hear back between 03/07 - 03/14. Anyone else out there considering Michigan?
  4. Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could really use it! I've been accepted to the following schools for the Master of Public Policy. I intend to study education policy. UVA (with sizable scholarship) Berkeley (no scholarship) Columbia (1/4 scholarship) Duke (about 1/2 scholarship) UChicago (about 1/4 scholarship, but could change) Michigan (about 1/3 scholarship, but could change) Carnegie Mellon (about 3/4 scholarship) Vanderbilt (very small scholarship) I was also waitlisted at HKS. Because of financial concerns, I'm prioritizing UVA, Duke, UChicago, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. However, Berkeley's got such a wonderful reputation... What are your thoughts?
  5. UMich vs. UWash vs. PennState (ECE, MS)

    Hello, I'm an international student and will be paying full OOS tuition to the school I go to, none of them offer funding. My goal after grad school is to transition to industry in the US (possibly in an R&D, technician, or design position...not academia), in the field of MEMS/nanotechnology/photonics. I'm leaning towards University of Michigan - Ann Arbor because it seems to have a good reputation in ECE, but at the end of the day, companies likely don't care too much on the school but rather the skills/knowledge you acquired. I'm not a fan of the location; I would likely look for a job on the (west) coast after graduation. The advisor for my program of interest seems to be well-known in the field for the past decade (I just looked at relevant citations on Google Scholar and compared to the other 2 schools/program advisors). University of Washington - Seattle is located in a relatively nice region; but I think UMich has a better reputation (once again, school reputation is not everything). PennState is currently 3rd on my list; the program quality seems equal to UWash, but the location is not ideal. (In hindsight, I should have applied to more schools in California, I only applied to USC and have not yet heard back.) I would also like to do an internship or co-op work term if that is allowed for F-1 visa holders (advice on this would also be appreciated). Which school would set me up on the path of highest probability to: 1st) Work in industry in the field of MEMS/nanotechnology/photonics. 2nd) Have the ability to relocate to either the west or east coast? 3rd) Graduate. My undergraduate was in engineering physics and I am starting to feel anxiety in doing a Masters in ECE. I'll be trying to fill in knowledge-gaps (e.g. circuits) over the summer. Ideally, the school I go to has excellent academic support for its students, outside regular lectures. I have not discussed my decisions with other people, as I currently work in a somewhat unrelated field. If anyone has experience or is familiar with these schools, any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, first time posting here. I am entirely new to the process so any help would be very much appreciated. I have recently gotten my dream offer of a Masters at Michigan however no mentioning of funding. Is this normal: to be applying for funding within the University after admissions or have I missed the boat. How do I go about requesting or applying to RA and TA? Time is definitely of the essence as I have essentially under a month to reply to the offer. Furthermore I feel like most I'm too late for most third party funds or left out due to their exclusivity. Thank you in advance
  7. Hi everyone, I have been admitted to a few M.S. programs in biostatistics, but have narrowed my choices - for a variety of reasons - to the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. Even though I might be interested in obtaining a Ph.D., I wasn't ready to commit to that yet so my preference was for an M.S. first. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with or observations of the two programs. I know Michigan is ranked slightly higher than Penn (~#4 vs #8), but not sure if that really makes a big difference? Penn's program is housed in the Medical School, while Michigan's is affiliated with the School of Public Health. Seems relevant even though course requirements look about the same. Penn requires a thesis and comprehensive exams even if you're not applying to the Ph.D. program - thoughts? Both programs seem to accept people into their PhD programs from the M.S. (application required of course) but it seems more common or more likely at Michigan...? The biggest issue: I have been notified that I'll get funding at Michigan, but no word yet from Penn. Does anyone know how likely Penn is to fund M.S. students? I am leaning toward Michigan for that reason, but Penn's location is a bit better for me personally. Thanks in advance for any comments. BTW, in case it matters, I am a US citizen just graduating from undergrad (Stat major, bio minor, top 10 research univ.).
  8. Hey guys! I don't see any UofM threads on here so I figured I'd start one. Anyone else out there? I've been accepted to the 16 month program starting in Fall 2017, in the IP/Mental Health specialization. I'm an Ann Arbor native so I'm 99% sure I'll be attending Michigan- doing a school visit this coming Tuesday where I'll be sitting in on a class and then getting a tour and having lunch with a current student.
  9. Got accepted into 5/6 engineering grad programs. All fully funded ranging from 25-29k yearly. What is the best move here? It's understandably great to have options, but how to decide between them? If there has been anyone out there who had to do this, what were some of your ranking/decision criteria? First time posting, not super comfortable disclosing additional information. I'm inclined to go with my gut instinct - but I have until April 15 to brew over this some more. Appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  10. Short version: should I do into debt at my dream school, or accept a full-ride to my third choice? I was thrilled when I got into my dream program, the MHCI program at CMU. I never thought I would get in, and I feel like I won the lottery. Then today I was offered $80,000 scholarship from University of Michigan. Suddenly everything feels very real. I think CMU is a much better fit-- I want to make things, not research. I love that it is a professional program, and I like that it is smaller, and very focused curriculum. The curriculum seems perfectly tailored to my interests. Not going to lie, I also like the prestige. What I am worried about is that the economy will crash and I will find myself in debt and in a no-longer-high-in-demand profession. Not having to pay tuition would really help me get my adult life started on the right track (I am only 22, and this is my first time leaving my home town). I'm probably looking at upwards of $20k debt at CMU (I have savings and leftover Florida Prepaid to get through the first 2ish semesters). Then there is the University of Washington's HCDE program. I haven't even heard back from UW yet, but I visited last year and it was my second choice after CMU (really the first choice, since CMU was such a "reach".) If I get in, it will make this decision even harder. (UW curriculum is more my style than UM, and tuition is cheaper.) Another factor is that my husband is also moving with me, and while he is very supportive, I hate the idea of dragging him to Ann Arbor because the job prospects for him are much slimmer than in a larger city (Seattle or Pittsburgh). I don't really want to live in AA either.
  11. Anyone still haven't heard back from U of M? I knew my chances were slim, but I still haven't received anything from the school. It seems that the first rounds are already over (Feb. 22-23ish). Any ideas?
  12. Hi all! If you know motivated research assistants who might be interested in a full-time lab manager position at the University of Michigan (to start in summer), please forward them this link: I've worked with Arnold and Josh for two years as lab manager and have absolutely LOVED it, so if applicants have any specific questions about the position, they are most definitely welcome to email me at
  13. It seems like Wisconsin-Madison and MSU have sent out a bunch of acceptances for their physics PhD program. Does anyone know if I should give up on them as I haven't heard anything? I'm feeling extremely disheartened.
  14. UMich Clinical Psych Official Interview Invite?

    Hey there, I noticed on the site where 2017 Clinical applicants post their interview invitations that 1 poster was waiting on an official invitation from the Department to interview in person. A total of 10 people (it appears) have posted about UMich Clinical on that webpage, and I would just like to know if anyone has received their *official* invitation to interview (the dates for which appear to be February 18th and 19th)? Thank you so much for considering this question, all; this program and PI are very much so my top choice and I would like to know if I still stand a chance!
  15. Michigan Ford 2016 MPP

    Starting a thread for anyone awaiting a decision from the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Anyone have any intel/guesses on a date for admissions decisions?
  16. Has anyone officially or unofficially decided on Michigan? I was admitted into the MPP program at the Ford School and I am strongly leaning towards accepting. It would be nice to connect with other incoming Wolverines and chat about Ann Arbor, roommates and housing, grocery stores, cafes and the like. I will be coming from California where anything below 60 F is cold, so I am both curious and intimidated about Michigan winters.
  17. Yale FES vs Michigan SNRE

    Hello Gradcafe, Struggling with a good problem to have. Got admitted to Yale's School of Forestry (FES) as well as University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE). Yale degree is Masters of Environmental Management; Michigan is Masters of Science. My research interests are renewable energy, green chemistry, arctic climate policy, and life cycle assessment. Both gave me equivalent financial packages. Visited UM before visit day and Yale at the open house. I'm torn about which to choose. Part of me feels like it would be silly to turn down Yale because its the golden key that will open a lot of doors. Something tells me the folks at Michigan seem a bit more realistic and pragmatic. They work in Flint and Detroit. Yale has opportunities (so many) around the world. Another major difference is structure: FES has no required courses (candy shop), whereas SNRE has a few core classes and a larger emphasis on tracks. So does anyone have any thoughts? Did anyone suffer with a similar decision? Anyone have any comments on the structures, outcomes, and attitudes of the two programs? So much help..seriously... I have eaten so many Tums (tm) the last week. With thanks and gratitude, greenisgood
  18. University of Michigan

    Anyone headed to Ann Arbor in August? I'll be in the Ford School, MPP Class of 2018. I'm super excited -- looking forward to meeting some other Future Wolverines.
  19. I have been SERIOUSLY struggling with my decision this past month. Now everyone is emailing me asking what I have decided and it's freaking me out because I don't know yet! I go back and forth on a daily basis. I can see really good things about each (and some cons as well) so it makes it very hard. They are also very different in terms of research subject so that makes it challenging as well. Here's what I'm struggling with. USC: It's a top 30-40 school. Good but not "top tier." The topic I'd be studying is very interesting to me and I would be doing neuroimaging, which is what I planned to do in grad school and is more in line with my previous experiences. The advisor seems very nice and a good mentor. The other grad students in the department and my undergrad advisor had positive impressions of him. His own grad student did express some reservations as to his ability to generate new ideas and said that you can tell he is a tenured professor as there isn't a sense of urgency with him. The other lab members seems good but not extremely cohesive as a lab. LA would be fun but challenging to live in. I'm a big city person but I also don't like driving a lot and that's what you need to do in LA. The stipend is $29.5K which I feel is very nice and should be enough to live on, even though LA is pretty expensive. Michigan: It's a top 3-4 school--it has a stellar reputation for psychology. The lab is very different than the one at USC. They use hormonal, behavioral, survey, and qualitative methods. Most of those I have very little experience with. However, the topic they are studying is very exciting to me. They take a feminist and diverse perspective which I love. The advisor seems like a rockstar. She's young, newly tenured, and very productive. I can tell she would push me in ways that the USC advisor might not. The other grad students are great and I meshed with them so well when I visited. They seem to have a very cohesive lab culture. Ann Arbor would be different than I'm used to because it's a smallish college town, but that might be a nice change of pace and have less distractions than a big city. The stipend is pretty bad at $20-24K (depending on if you're teaching). But Ann Arbor isn't quite as expensive as LA. Michigan also really invests in grad students as teachers so I would get a lot of experience with teaching which I think I would love. So in short, I'm struggling between going with researching something that fits with my past experience and something that is exciting but I am not as experienced in. I am also wondering how much stake to put into the differences between the advisors and the lab culture. And I'm struggling with how much I want to do neuroimaging and whether that will affect my hireability down the line. I know that's a lot and ultimately is up to me, but any input would be much appreciated!!
  20. I've gotten into the schools mentioned above for chemical engineering PhD (leaning bio centered research) and would appreciate input regarding all of your opinions on these schools (if you've gone there, applied, heard anything etc.) At this point my ultimate goal is to head toward academia though this largely could change depending on how the PhD process ends up going. I know the ranking changes every year (if anyone has an updated list of top 20 I would appreciate it) but I believe santa barbara is around 7, delaware 10, michigan 12, and boulder around 17. Since these are all top 20, is there a large significance between say santa barbara and boulder? There are a few teachers in each schools department which interest me, and I assume I will have a better idea after visiting, regardless I appreciate any input!
  21. Hi guys, I see that HR is not too popular of a topic on here but I really hope someone can assist to provide me their two cents on what you would choose in my situation. I applied to some of the top schools for masters of human resources/labor relations (Cornell, MSU, Minnesota, UIUC, OSU) and was luckily offered admissions. I have narrowed down my choices to 3 of them but I am having a very hard time finalizing my decision. - School A (Cornell): Admitted with 1 semester waived tuition (I've always dreamed of attending an Ivy but it provides the least funding...Is there any possible way to negotiate?) - School B: Admitted with assistantship to waive 1st year tuition and receive a monthly stipend of ~$700 (Only 10hrs/week but not sure if it'll impact my studies. Also, it's not guaranteed for the 2nd year) - School C: Admitted with $12,500 fellowship for the first year plus in-state tuition for both years (No need to work and guarantees a cheaper tuition rate for the 2nd year compared to the other 2 choices) It doesn't seem like there is a clear cut ranking for HR Masters programs, but it seems like the same companies go to recruit at all of those programs. Would attending Cornell give me an upper-hand on job/salary prospects when compared to the rest of those top programs? Which school would you choose if you were in my shoes? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks~
  22. Hi, everyone~ I received an offer with 50% tuition scholarship from Michigan, UMSI. Is there any people decide to go there for graduate study? Right now, at the, I found no one has rejected from this school... I am really confused. I knew that their Library management system is strong, however, it seems recent years, their rank in information systems is a little bit bleak compared to other majors in their university. Plus, some seniors told me most of their students majored in HCI(Human Computer Interaction) specialization, does anyone know about the career prospect of HCI?
  23. Hello all! I've been a longtime lurker on this forum and I was hoping that I could get some input on the decision that I have to make regarding grad school. I was recently accepted to the Stanford Ph.D. program in Higher Education (full funding and fellowships) as well as a Master's program in Higher Education from the University of Michigan (in-state tuition). On paper, it seems like a no-brainer because Stanford is a better program with better funding. I'm torn though because I'm an Ann Arbor native and my whole family has attended Michigan. I went to an Ivy for undergrad, but I always expected to come back to Michigan and finally become a Wolverine if accepted to the grad program. I'm crazy about college football (something I didn't really get to experience in undergrad), and I love the atmosphere in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, I was only accepted to the Master's program so it would take a lot longer before I could get my Ph.D., and the program will be more expensive. I can't deny that Stanford is amazing - it's absolutely beautiful and they have a perfect mix of academics and athletics. But it's not home and it's not the school that I grew up loving. I worry that I'll end up regretting it down the line, even though it's the clear choice because of the program and the overall atmosphere. Any input would be greatly appreciated! My head and my heart are really at odds and I need help making this decision. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools, but Stanford and Michigan were my top 2 so I'll be visiting both over my spring break. I know that both are great schools and I feel so lucky to have such great choices. Thanks everyone!!
  24. Hi, I have been accepted for the MS program in Biostatistics at Umich for Fall 2016 with possibility to fast track to the Phd. However the department is not offering me financial assistanship and i have no other financial support so i am unable to pay for the program myself. Does anyone know if it is possible to contact faculty members directly to ask if they have a place in their lab and if they can be willing to provide me with funding? Ps: I have a background in engineering not math.
  25. Phone Interview advice?

    Does anyone have any advice for this sort of thing? I'm terrified that I'll stutter or we'll get cut off, or I'll forget everything I've ever learned because I'm terrible at talking on the phone and keeping my concentration. I plan on getting out of my house (because I have terrible service, and because I'll get distracted too easily), and maybe driving somewhere and sitting in my car. But any advice on what NOT to do in a phone interview?