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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! first post - I was accepted to the UCLA MLIS program under archival studies! I have a BA in Art History and have also been accepted to MA Art History programs at other colleges. Trying to find what is right for me. Anyone have experience with the MLIS program who has an interest in art and museum work/special collections? I haven't really seen any posts about the UCLA MLIS except from several years ago. Anyone wanting to also connect who's in the program I would love to talk about it! Thanks!
  2. Hey! Do you guys know anything about the Pratt MLIS program? I already have an MA in Medieval History and want to do special collections. It seems like they have really good internship opportunities at NYC institutions but I've heard some negative things. I have to stay in NYC for the next couple years if you guys know anything else about any other MLIS programs in the area. Thanks!
  3. I’ll be starting an MLIS at UNC Chapel Hill in fall 2019 and I was wondering if anyone else is heading to UNC in the fall in any area of study?
  4. Anyone applying for iSchool for the Fall 2018 term? Couldn't find any active forums so I thought I would start one to discuss applications and whatnot!
  5. Hi everybody! I was thinking of retraining and getting into LIS field (have a BA in Art History and MA in Cultural Management from non-US universities, with experience in museums, non-profits project work and curating). The thing is, this time I need to be very careful in choosing next studies/career, because I want to avoid being unemployed or underpaid again So, what are the odds of getting a job in the field after an MA? How is the job market for librarians and related professions? P.S. Been reading data from https://www.bls.gov/ooh/education-training-and-library/librarians.htm, but interested to hear your experience
  6. Wondering if others have heard anything back from UCLA regarding the Master's of Library and Information Science program. I was accepted by the department on February 14, but still have not heard anything from the graduation division. Curious how the FA process works for this program as well. But mainly just trying to connect with other people from this program! Anyone? hah
  7. I'm in the process of compiling a list of schools to apply to for in a few months to start in fall 2018. I am interested more in the information science side of things and would hope to pursue a career in user experience, information architecture, hci etc with a research focus. I am interested if anyone has applied or gone to mlis programs, especially in Canada with a similar background. So far I'm looking at U of T (for sure gonna apply) UBC (interested but not sure it would fit my focus) Do any of the of mlis programs in Canada fit this description?
  8. Currently waiting to hear back to early admission for UW MLIS fall 2018 cohort. Anyone else out there?
  9. I'm writing this *loverly* SOP and I'm hitting a block. I'm applying for both Public History and MLIS degrees. I'm trying to find a nice balance between library-y things, museum-y things and History scholarship. Anyone have any suggestions on how to balance this? I'm willing to message people my SOP if they want to take a look. I'm doing a basic one and then I'll add the "fit" portion once I get this down. Thanks ahead of time! I'm willing to look at other history ones as a tit-for-tat as well.
  10. I am waiting to hear back on my MLIS applications. I'm supposed to hear from some programs in March and others in April. While I'm pretty sure I'll be accepted to at least one program, I am worried about paying for the degree. So, here is my question for those of you who have earned an MLS or MLIS, are currently working on one, or have been accepted to a program: How are you funding your graduate studies? Do schools typically offer scholarships or fellowships for these degrees? Is it easy to find well-paying jobs on campus? Or should I just resign myself to taking out more loans? Also, have those of you with an MLS or MLIS been able to find decently paying jobs after graduation? Please reply if you have any useful or interesting information. Thank you!
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