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  1. I am currently an undergrad, and will send in my first applications for Child/Clinical Psychology PhD programs next week. I graduate in May (2020) with a BA in Psychology, a BA English, and a minor in American Sign Language from the Honors College at my University. I have a 3.95 GPA, 154 in Quantitative, and a 157 in Verbal, and a 4.0 in writing on the GRE. I have been working in a child psych lab for nearly two years, and I have joined another child psych lab this August. I have one poster where I am third author, a poster submitted to SPP where I am first author, and another currently being proposed where I will be third author. I try to volunteer as much as I can and have been a part of PSI CHI for over a year. I know clinical psychology is the most competitive field. My GREs aren't great, and I don't have anything more than a few posters and lab experience. Applying is expensive and I currently have a list of 18 programs I am interested in. Am I wasting my money?
  2. How should I structure my Introduction to BA thesis? I am writing according to MLA standards. My topic is money in The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald. My topic sentence is: Money rules social life as it was shown in TGG by F.S. Fitzgerald. I know that I should write about: - what is my topic sentence, - the reason why I have chosen this topic, - modernism (my supervisor and me agreed that it is important to describe modernism both, in literature and in general (art, philosophy, etc, - period), - money in Fitzgerald's other works (social issues and money), - some bibliography, What else should an introduction include? If it is important for you, in my 1st chapter I am writing aboutAmerican Dream, self-made man, the most important events shaping the 1920s in America, Fitzgerald's biography according to social and financial issues (his relationship with Ginevra King, his relationship with Zelda, the fact that he was writing for money not for aesthetic purposes or making art). In the 2nd chapter I am presenting the Old Money - the Buchanans, Jordan Baker, Nick arraway. In the 3rd chapter I am writing about the New Money and also about the No Money. As New Money I classified Gatsby, as No Money - the Wilsons, especially Myrtle.
  3. There are two universities that I am very interested in attending for masters in biomedical engineering and to which I have been accepted: the University of Florida at Gainsville and Johns Hopkins University. JHU has the best BME program but it is very costly. UFL, on the other hand, has half the tuition cost as JHU and I am also getting a $4500 scholarship there. Getting into JHU would be the best thing for my career, however, I want to continue with my higher studies and get a Ph.D. in the future and do not want to be neck-deep in debt. At the same time, I do not know if letting go of such an opportunity would be a wise decision. PS- TAship positions are available at JHU for first-year students and in the second year, students are eligible to get 100% tuition waiver provided they find a mentor who is willing to fund their studies while they complete their thesis. Please pour your opinions here.
  4. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission to an MPP program? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it, however, I am not sure I can do that much better. This is the one portion of my application that is causing me anxiety. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major) and I will have five years of work experience by the time I enroll. Most of my experience is in private sector within the healthcare industry. Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  5. I am currently a Junior attending Florida Institute of Technology for their Forensic Psychology program. I also have a Pre-Law minor and the CAST certificate for child advocacy. I am studying abroad in the spring, so i was advised to take the GRE before i went so that i would have time in the summer before my senior year to re-take it if possible. Due to some confusion about who was paying for it (my parents or me) i now have two dates scheduled for the GRE. I will be taking it October 22nd and November 30th. I took a GRE review course offered by Kaplan over the summer and made HUGE improvements in my practice tests, but that course has since ended. I still have the review books and everything for it but i am wondering if anyone has tips for studying in the weeks before my testing date? The best i did on a practice test was 97th percentile in Verbal and 37th percentile in Quant i would LOVE to have above 50th percentile in quant since my verbal has been so high.
  6. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum to post this in -- happy to relocate if needed! I'm wondering if anyone has found success with a really great travel or cash-back credit card that they'd like to recommend to another grad student. I am just starting an MA program this fall but thinking about a credit card to open now and continue with throughout my PhD (if accepted -- fingers crossed) and for the next several years. Right now, all I have is a basic secured card I opened during undergrad when I had no credit score. I am debating between a travel card and a cash-back/rewards card. Like many of you, I'm sure, I am very frugal. Other than rent and utilities, I generally only spend money on basic necessities, with most of that being groceries. Dining rewards don't appeal to me because I do my cooking and eating at home; likewise, entertainment/recreational shopping rewards don't appeal to me either. But it would be great to get free cash back on the money I do spend -- gas, groceries, the occasional pharmacy trip, maybe laundry or phone bill. But alternatively, while I don't travel much now -- and when I do, I'm used to flying with budget airlines and spending minimally -- I anticipate I'll be doing so quite a bit for conferences in the future, so I'm considering travel cards as well. The only thing is I'm not sure how useful that would be since my program will hopefully be reimbursing me for that travel anyway. Would anyone recommend one strongly over the other? I'd prefer something with no annual fee. I will be abroad for my MA program so no foreign transaction fees is a must as well. FWIW, my credit score is fairly good -- mid to upper 700s -- and I never carry a balance on my card, so low interest rate is appealing but not altogether necessary.
  7. I am deciding between USF, UNC Chapel Hill, MGH and NYMC. USF is by far the cheapest (by a landslide), but all of their classes are 3 hour evening classes, and I don't know how I feel about this. I don't think you learn as well this way. I'm interested in the medical aspect, but every source has said that which school you go to doesn't matter. The cost is important to me because I'm relying on loans and outside scholarships for living expenses, travel expenses, etc. I work but I only make like $11/hour right now. What do you think about having all evening classes? Do you know how common this is among other programs? The purpose is so that you are free during the day for clinicals. USF has over 200 clinical placement sites! Does anyone have any first hand experience about the other programs? If there are any great advantages? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post!!
  8. I have been accepted into the Security Policy Studies masters program at GW. They have only offered me $4k a semester in aid and I need much more help than that to be able to attend. My loans will only cover about $20k a year. Does anyone know of the best way to approach this? Should I write them and ask about more funding opportunities? Can I appeal for more money?
  9. Hey y'all! I just recently got the recent of my scholarship package from UChicago, and I just have some questions about cost of living and tuition. I know that whenever I college posts its overall tuition, it is more of an average estimate. With that being said I received $25,900 in scholarships, $4,860 for Work Study, $20,000 in unsub loans, and $27,769 in gradplus loan. I obviously do not intend on taking out all of those loans, but I also am not as afraid of taking out loans as most people are. Do y'all think that these are good numbers to have as far as funding is concerned? Also I figured, that some of the money could go towards housing (hence why I'm down for taking out some loans at least for my first year so I can get situated) Just trying to make some informed decisions about college lmfao. Thanks y'all!
  10. HIIIIIII EVERYONE I GOT admitted to PENN STATE and was offered 25k for 2 years, (12,250$ per year) plus 2,500K for any internship and such, I am really grateful for the offer, but i need 100% funding in order to attend since the school's estimated cost is around 50K for one year (I am an INTERNATIONAL Student), I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, and yes i have researched every database, website on the internet for scholarships and because of various reasons, age, work experience, country residency, major and stuff there was no suitable scholarship out there, THEREFORE, i have no choice but to TRY negotiate with the school if any of you have negotiated before, please provide me tips ANY ADVICE will DO
  11. Hi everybody Grads and non-grads, I'm going to tell my story but I think this post might help other people too I have been admitted to my first option of university (YEY) but I am not sure if the stipend they offering me will be enough to cover my living expenses. So, first set of questions: - Do you know any websites that show reliable information about cost of living in different cities in the US? - Besides rent what else should I take into account when assessing the cost of living in each city? I have already talked to people in the Program but I've been getting some mixed information about renting there. Meanwhile, I have also been admitted to my second option which is offering me more $$$ to go there. - How important is the stipend when choosing a university do your PhD?
  12. I've just gotten a Financial Aid email from one of my schools, complete with an ID number of some sort and a request for me to set up my financial aid profile. The kicker is-- I haven't gotten an admission decision from them yet. Has anyone had this happen to them or have a guess what it means? I'm trying not to get my hopes up!
  13. Hey everyone! Columbia hopeful here! I was wondering if there was any here who has any information about Columbia and how they are with scholarships, grants, assistantships, and financial aid in general? I am hoping for a lot of money, but this wait is painful.
  14. My case: I was recently admitted to U Chicago Harris for the MPP with a moderately sized scholarship. I was also admitted to GW Law for a JD with a very large (six figure) scholarship. However, I feel that I do not want to actually practice law, but work in policy which is possible with either the JD or MPP. That said, I feel the the Harris MPP is ultimately a better fit for me as an individual. How does one go about negotiating with Harris to improve my scholarship? For what it's worth, I would absolutely commit to Harris with a slight bump in funding. It is by far my first choice program.
  15. Hey guys!!!! So i have recently started my application to Tufts MALD, NYU Wagner, UChicago Harris and Brandeis. I am an international student graduated from a public university in the US this may. My plan is to work in my country until next summer and by then hopefully get accepted to any of the schools and start my MA. My GPA is 3.6 pol sci major minored in IR, my GRE is really not that great i would say average and from a developing country, i have not had any internship whilst i was in college. However, i would probably start working for the government (my country) from this November and make up that "work experience" preferred by Grad Schools. My main is concern is the "money". I got a full scholarship from my country to study in the US however, i can not get another scholarship from my government for MA again. I was previously accepted to NYU GSAS and Boston University, however i had to decline the offer because of financial reasons. This year i want to do it right, i have researched and all the schools i am applying to offer various schorlaship, grants and TA etc, and i understand that it is extremely hard and rare to get FULL Ride for MA from the schools i am applying to. Can you guys tell me what other external sources i need to consider? Ex: their website, name etc. Considering that i am an international student. Also, when i should start applying to external funding? After i get acceptance or while i am applying ? Thank you guys too much!!!!!!!
  16. One of the greatest things about Bio medical PhD programs, is the fact it is paid for, plus you get a stipend. Even so, I anticipate needing more than the stipend will provide. What advice is out there about taking out student loans (federal or private) or other ways of financing graduate education? I have done the standard google searches, so I am mostly looking for what people have experienced personally and what their recommendations are.
  17. Hey guys, I am hopeful to accumulate information on take-home pay at Canadian institutions with a focus on science departments, but anything is interesting! I'm looking for 1. if there is a guaranteed stipend and what it is and 2. if the institution cancels funding if you receive external awards (OGS, NSERC, QEII etc). I looked at the database that was previously posted but not many canadian institutions are listed.... E.g... (real numbers) Carleton University - Biology, PhD Guaranteed income/year Teaching Assistantship - 2 semesters = $10,672 RAship = $4800 (Cancelled if external funding received) "Domestic Student Scholarship" = $6-7k/year Typical PhD income in Biology = $21500-$22000 per year Entrance scholarships =~$3-5k but given in first year enrolled Tuition with all additional costs (health insurance, Upass, newspaper, gym, etc. Upass = $200/semester, health insurance = $388 for Fall and Winter) Fall = $3800 Winter = $3000 Summer = $3200 Typical PhD tuition in Biology = ~$10,000 Total guaranteed take home wage with no external funding = ~$12,000
  18. Hi, I worked on my PhD dissertation this summer. My travel was funded by the director of a site. I used a laptop owned by my university to collect this data. Throughout the course of the summer, the computer took a dive and would no longer turn on. This happened through no fault of my own or any other user failure. It wasn't until this happened that I realized I had not backed up all of the data. I am not back in the states and took the computer to IT, they told me that they would need to replace the hard drive, but were unsure of the underlying issue. I took the computer back and started looking into companies that could retrieve the data. I found that if it's a serious problem it could cost upwards of $1000. I, of course, don't have this kind of money. My advisory is now saying that I am responsible for recovering the data no matter what cost, up to the price of the airline ticket bought for me to collect the data. Is this ethical? Yes, I did not back up the data and that is completely my fault, however, the computer was not in great condition before I used it and the malfunction of it is not due to my negligence. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have more details about the circumstances of the paid-for ticket as well as the type of data if that makes a difference.
  19. During my MA application process I really had no understanding of what a stipend for a rhet/comp student would look like (or frankly how far it would get me living in that potential city). I ended up applying to programs that didn't offer MA funding (which I was not aware of when applying). Now that I'm looking into PhD programs I want to know upfront, how much should I expect. The question is, how to figure that out on my own. Some ways I'm attempting to do that right now: 1. Dig around GC to see if anyone has recently mentioned their package 2. Try to find info on the graduate school site (highly unsuccessful so far) 3. Ask around my own program to see if anyone knows So far this has been fairly unsuccessful. I do not want to contact programs about their stipends (as I know budgets change from year to year depending on cohort # and department changes), however I don't want to waste my own money applying to schools that will not offer me a livable stipend. I know there is a database floating around for english programs, but it does not contain a lot of rhet/comp schools (much less state schools I'm planning on applying to). So, how have others gotten around this? Does anyone have a successful method of figuring this before applying, or is it common to just straight up ask programs how much graduate stipends generally are and what they include? Sidenote if anyone is willing to share their packages here or has information/resources for the following programs I would be forever grateful. Some rhet/comp programs I'm thinking of applying to: Clemson (RCID) Bowling Green (English) Purdue (English): I had a collegue mention around 13k, but this seems unreasonably low for the program/PhD level, but what do I know Miami University Texas Christian University (I've heard around the 17k range, but I'm not sure if that's true) Florida State University University of Texas (El Paso) Georgia State University University of Arizona This thread could also just turn into a share your offers thread in general.
  20. Anyone know of any reputable websites to apply to scholarships? i've heard of scholarship points but I feel like they're a scam. Thanks!
  21. What is the best way to pay for grad school without going too far into debt with loans? I don't have much saved up right now and still hav a couple thousand in loans from undergrad, and now I need to pay tuition and living expenses in a new state. That means plane tickets to come home, too. I'lll definitely get a job, but any sort of help or resources would be great!
  22. I haven's seen a post about AHRC Studentship, yet, so I am starting one. I've checked the results page and I saw that someone got a rejection letter from the AHRC and I was surprised because I thought that they wouldn't notify unsuccessful applicants.
  23. Hey guys, I am an international student who will be coming to the US this fall for a PhD in the Humanities and I need help understanding the offers I am receiving. Most of all: How much money will I actually have after taxes etc.? If Georgetown offers me 28000 for 8 months, what is the net value that I will have in my bank account? I will speak to the director of my program again next week. Do you think I can ask about that? Thanks a bunch for any insight!
  24. I applied to three graduate schools in the US for their Art Therapy Programs. I got accepted to the best program and they want to know my decision before I even hear back from the other two schools (I have interviews coming up for the other two programs soon). The program I got accepted to is the most expensive out of the three and the only way I could realistically go there is if they give me a good financial aid package. What is the polite way to tell them I am excited about their offer but I am worried about the cost of the program and have more affordable backups in progress? But I would 100% go there if they make it more affordable?
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