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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I am a European MSc student trying to get more relevant research experience in preparation of my PhD apps next year, and I now find myself writing a cover letter for a US internship postition. I need to answer the following question, and I am not sure how to go about it: How do you hope to use your upbringing, background and/or life experiences to enhance your internship experience. Should I focus on how my background helped me develop the academic/informal skills to succeed in an internship? Is this more of a specific diversity/overcoming challenges-focused question? Should I be talking about personal difficulties? Should I focus on my extracurriculars/outreach activities? In the European applications I have encountered so far the focus was very strongly on purely academic qualifications, so I am worried I might be blind to some cultural clue about how to answer this question. Any tips about what I might be expected to focus on in my answer to this question would be very much appreciated!
  2. Hello!! Does anyone have any experience writing motivational statements for Dutch universities? I'm an American applying for a Masters at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and I'd really appreciate anyone who can give it a look-over and offer some advice I might have missed. I've never applied for an international university so I have no real way of knowing if I'm approaching it the right way. Thank you so much, and good luck all!!
  3. I would like to request anyone to review or proofread my letter and I am open to suggestions so that I can increase my chance of acceptance. This is my first draft and I will PM it for anyone who is willing to review.
  4. Can anyone evaluate my SOP? I always loved mathematics. It seemed to me mysterious as a game and fulfilling when a problem is being solved. However, when I got older, developed the idea that mathematics is just a game is not the whole story. Through my bachelor, I took courses in various fields from geometry to probability and statistics. For the bachelor project, I elaborated a paper named “A Problem in Cartography” by John Milnor, a discussion on which is the best way to project a sphere on a plane. I continued my studies in Pure Mathematics, getting admission from Sharif university of technology by achieving rank 28 in Master University Entry exam. At Sharif, after taking “Real Analysis”, “Ergodic Theory” and “Stochastic Analysis” became interested in stochastic processes. They seemed to include thorough theoretical concepts and a broad range of applications in the real world, satisfying my desires. Moreover, my country and the world has been suffering myriads of financial crises. Therefore, more complex and accurate financial instruments are needed. Specifically, I am interested in improving option pricing model of Black-Scholes, having unrealistic assumptions toward the market. For instance, consider the neglect of liquidity risk a factor causing the 2008 crisis and the constant mean and volatility of stock price that contrasts with the market, switching regimes now and then. As my A grades of “Real Analysis”, “Ergodic Theory” and “Stochastic Analysis” indicates, I have a professional background in stochastic processes. And with the diverse math courses, taken during my bachelor and master, I have the ability of perceiving problems more easily. Nonetheless, option pricing is not all about mathematics. Eventually, one has to develop a basic understanding of financial and economical understanding. As so, I obtained the requirement by auditing “Mathematical Finance”, “Financial Econometrics”, “Microeconomics”, “Financial Engineering” and “Foundations of Economics” during the 1-year gap through my master. In addition, I acquired R programming skills which seems to be vital with the increasing complex calculations, including time series analysis, statistics and deep learning. However, my bachelor GPA is 2.9 and is lower than the required one, my master GPA is 3.9, showing my significant improvement. The “Math and Stats” MA program, offered by York university is an exact choice for me. According to the faculty website, there are many professors maintaining a research interest on this subject (Probability and Stochastic processes), specially professor Hyejin Ku, working on option pricing by weakening or removing some assumptions made by Black-Scholes model. And the probability stream required courses fits well with my background. Moreover, the offering of Financial Engineering Diploma a cooperation with Schulich School of Business, not only provide me with an opportunity to get to know more about the industries but also a well-rounded career. As a result, the whole program strengthens students in both theoretical and industrial aspects of Financial Mathematics. There are two reasons why I am applying for MA. First, I’m not that professional in research since my master is non-thesis. In addition, it only takes one year so, I can start my PHD much faster.
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