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Found 22 results

  1. Y'all, I feel so lost right now. So, I got into my top choice for a PhD program, and I feel like there's so much ahead of me that I'm just stuck. Things are made so much worse by COVID and the uncertainty it brings, too! Can you all help me think through things I need to handle between now and starting classes? I'm a U.S. student doing a PhD program in Canada, so I know I need to handle a bunch of stuff with moving internationally (with my spouse and animals) and securing a student visa. I didn't receive funding automatically, but the program is super cheap (under $8500 CAD for 5 years). I still need to apply for fellowships, etc. After this, I just kind of get lost. Help!
  2. Has anyone ever hired a professional mover to move them across country? What service did you use? Did you have a good experience? Is it worth it to consider it for a cross country move?
  3. I’m curious to know what the biggest stressors are for y’all once you’re actually moved into your new place. Making new friends? Finding new establishments (e.g. healthcare, entertainment, personal care/wellness spots, food/grocery, etc.)? Being away from family? Something else? Obviously the moving process itself is stressful, but post-move days aren’t a walk in the park either.
  4. This is a big move for those with an interest in African American Literature (especially Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, Richard Wright) and Gender Studies - one of the big reasons I applied to Indiana. Good news for WashU, hopefully Indiana survives this. https://source.wustl.edu/2020/04/board-of-trustees-grants-faculty-appointments-promotions-8/
  5. I have a few unusual questions about external fellowships/grants and (1) moving to a state different than your university and (2) whether people have had issues working outside work while on external funding. I'm a PhD student and was just awarded an external funding from a national agency (think NSF, Ford, Heinz, etc.) grant (it's confusing because the old funding program was a "fellowship" but the new program is a "grant", which may play a role in my question). I am (and have been for 2 years) been working in industry full-time. My advisor and university have had nothing to say about this as it doesn't impact my progress, even while I've had a TA for some semesters. So my questions are: 1. I absolutely hate living in this state. I've been here 4 years and since I'm at the point of ABD, I do not want to live in this state anymore. Since my university is in this state, I was thinking that may have some kind of issue. Since it's an external fellowship (grant, whatever), then I wouldn't be paying out of state tuition because the Fed Gov is paying for it, so my university has a history of waiving that. In the RFP and other documents, nothing is mentioned anywhere about having to live in the state where your university resides. Does anyone have experience with or know if NASA or any universities have had issues with a PhD student moving while still enrolled full-time? 2. The RFP docs state that as long as the external work doesn't interfere with fulfilling the grant-funded work, that they don't have an issue with it. However, it says also that it has to jive with university policies. I can find no policy on external funding student responsibilities/requirements anywhere in the hundreds of pages of university policies on their website. As far as I know, I will not have to sign a contract since I'm not the PI for the grant, but the student on the grant. Thus, there should be no issue with me working while on the grant work while working in industry, as far as I can see. Has anyone worked an outside job while on an externally-funded fellowship/grant?
  6. Hi everyone, Congratulations on on your acceptance to graduate school! I was accepted into a PhD program in Social Psychology and have to move from California to Pennsylvania. And my university has not decided if they are offering online or in-person classes for Fall 2020 yet. The graduate coordinator said that a decision will be made in July. I'm hesitant to put down a deposit on an apartment without knowing the status of Fall 2020. Do faculty expect students to relocate if classes are online? Moving is hard enough, and I'm imagining the additional challenges with starting a PhD program alone in a studio/1 bedroom apartment during the winter. I'm wondering how COVID-19 has impacted your plans to relocate for grad school?
  7. Hello Everyone! I don’t know if it’s too early to be thinking about grad school but I graduate next year and I want to pursue my masters (Psychology) I’m not sure yet if I want to pursue that or pursue a masters in LMHC. Anyways, I have a couple of questions regarding the whole process 1. Did you apply to in state or out of state grad schools? How many schools should I apply to? (So far I have three in mind) 2. Money. I don’t have any undergrad loans whatsoever but would loans be worth it now in graduate school? Did FAFSA or school offer you anything? (I’m 21 and I’m dependent so if I move to grad school I still have to file as a dependent) 3. If you went out of state or hours from home, how did you move? how was the process? (cross country drive, plane, etc) any support from parents? 4. When filing for FAFSA should I do ‘on campus’ or ‘off campus’ bc some places I want to apply to have limited availability for grad students. 5. How did you provide for yourself, paid living expenses and such? Any tips would be helpful too! Sorry for all the questions! I really want to pursue my masters after thinking my options, I really don’t want to take a year off. It’ll also be my first time going to grad school far from home if given the opportunity and I want my parents to understand.
  8. Coming straight out of undergrad and bringing my partner to whichever city I end up in. They will be getting a job as well. Any advice on housing? Can a partner live in grad school on campus housing? Grad Program: Biological Sciences
  9. Hi everyone! I recently got accepted into an experimental psychology master's program at Radford University. I'm super excited but quite nervous. I'll be moving from Florida to Virginia alone. Does anyone have any moving advice for me? Currently looking into places to live but it'll also be my first time living on my own, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, any words of wisdom for grad school? Thank you!!
  10. I'm absolutely thrilled about being accepted into my first choice MFA program, and now I'm jumping feet first into getting ready. I'm going to have to move halfway across the country and experience fun "adulting" things like renting an apartment for the first time. This isn't the first time I've lived away from home, but in previous situations my housing was covered by scholarships. So, any advice for a baby adult who has no idea how to move efficiently across the country or what to look for when renting an apartment (specifically, I'm looking to rent in Michigan)? Any other general adulting wisdom to give me as I get thrust into being a grown up?
  11. Hello everyone, So far, it has been a stressful month for all of us with waiting, receiving acceptances or rejections and making life-changing decisions. As a current BA or MA student moving forward to another degree MA or PhD in FALL 2018, where will you store your stuff? I heard about summer storage before but not sure which companies are reliable or offer good deals. I will be moving from Center City, Philadelphia, PA to State College, PA to study at Penn State. Another option for me would be to personally store my boxes at U-Haul in Penn State since it is 4 hours away by car to avoid shipping damages. I would like to hear based on your previous or personal experiences. If you could recommend some companies you have personally tried other than the ads google provides. I hope this thread will benefit any students considering moving but stresses about storage issues. Thank you all!
  12. I have recently accepted an offer to begin graduate school this august. I will be relocating from the east coast to the mid-west and I have never planned a move this big before My current option is to sell/move my furniture to my parent's house and ship my car from the mid-west. I would then fly to my new location and purchase a bed, bedroom furniture, and living furniture/kitchen stuff I also would want to pack my car with some things that I want to bring with me (clothes, shoes, vauum, some kitchen essentials) Does anybody have any other ideas/experiences in relocating to a new state? I am really looking for the most cost-effective way to move
  13. Hi all, I am a currently an undergrad psych student who hopes to one day do their psychology PhD on treating psychopathology/trauma in ethnic minority communities and reducing racial disparities in mental health. The problem is the country I am in (Australia) doesn't have a lot of research/supervisors available in my interested area while the United States (the West Coast specifically) offer PhD programs with faculty that specialise in ethnic minority psychology and generally has more academic resources available (such as a Journal of Ethnic Minority Psychology). Basically while what I want is doable in Australia, it is much more advanced/established in the States. I am looking for advice/information on exactly how solid the benefits are regarding relocating to the States for a PhD as I unfortunately don't know a lot about how institutions can affect your career. In terms of costs, I would have to break off a long-term relationship I have here and start as an international student, which carries its own inconveniences, so I really want to find out if moving is really 'worth it' so to speak. I would really appreciate any advice since this is a pretty distressing situation.
  14. So I am from FL and am going to school online, but am soon planning a move to CO just because 1. I'm not tied to a physical campus and 2. I want to. I'm curious to know if I have to change state residency if I'm a student? I would rather not just for tuition costs and health insurance reasons (want to milk my parents as long as possible). This could just be a weird gray area. Curious to know if anyone did a similar move and to know what you did!!
  15. Greetings! I am an international student applying for 2016 Fall. I currently have some funding offers and some waitlists that I am still waiting on. Though I had a hard time due to the language barrier I somehow managed to apply to schools and and miraculously some of them want me! Now, I am thinking about moving across the globe and I am totally lost. I have focused on getting accepted so much that I never thought about what comes next. Possible five years to spend in different continent, different language, different lifestyle... Should I look for an apartment? Is it a good idea to live by myself? Where do I look for a roommate? Does schools normally have a separate option for grad students on housing? I once heard that some schools provide grad students with a one-bedroom apartment unlike undergraduates. How much money should I take with me? What are the things I should avoid? I know these questions are a bit too general but I don't know where to start. I'm thrilled and terrified. I'm all ears to any kind of advice. Housing, adopting to new environment, buying a car, or even buying a colored pen. Thanks in advance, you guys.
  16. I'm currently in my second year PhD at Stanford. My advisor took a position at UCLA (and with that, an endowed professorship as well). I am a bit torn as to whether I should leave and follow him to UCLA, which would require me transferring out of my program and my PhD would come from UCLA. The benefit I see from this would be an increase in money to spend on research, and a chance to build a lab from ground zero and really be a driving factor in the direction of the lab. Plus, he's a great advisor. My other option is to remain at Stanford, pick a new advisor and move in a new direction. Benefits to staying at Stanford, well, I love the people I met here and am building a network of people (with the alumni as well) that can potentially help me post-grad. Wanted to field some thoughts from the community on what I should do. Willing to answer some questions as well if it helps with advice giving.
  17. I'm getting ready to move out of state to go to grad school. Because I will have to apply for residency in that state for tuition purposes, I'm assuming that means I am moving there "for real." My question is, what exactly does that mean? Does this mean I will no longer be considered a dependent of my parents? And if I am not a dependent, am I required to have my own insurance (health insurance will be provided by my program, but I don't know about car insurance)? If I get my own car insurance, I guess that means I have to register my car in my new state? How do I make the change official--do I just start listing my "permanent address" as the place I will now be living? If I register to vote in my new state, does that mean I have to un-register (?) in my home state? Do I have to inform someone I'm leaving so I'm not contacted for jury duty back home? And how long do I have after I arrive to get all of this done? Any and all moving advice is welcome!
  18. I was accepted at University of Louisiana-Lafayette and I'll be moving there this summer from Chicago with my boyfriend and two cats. I am seriously considering using a pet relocation service that would handle flying my cats from Chicago. Has anyone had any experience with these services? My cats are a huge part of my life and mental well-being, so I am very nervous. However, sticking them in a car for 14 hours is not an option for me. I appreciate any advice you all might have regarding these pet relocation companies. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I'm lucky to have been accepted into 3 public health PhD options, and I WOULD LOVE your advice on how to go about this decision. My options are: 1) University of Washington with NO FUNDING, 2) the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with full funding for two years (no work the first year), and 3) the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill with full funding for two years, dependent on working part-time. I figure I could graduate with minimal debt from UMN and UNC, but might have to take out $50,000-100,000 of loans and/or work long hours if I went to the University of Washington (in-state tuition). The top ranked program of the three is UNC, but the other two are both seen as tier 1 public health schools. My goals after the PhD are to become a government researcher, academic researcher, or work for a public policy research firm. My Qs 1) I've listed a number of criteria below. Which are the most important, from your experience? Is there anything I'm missing? 2) Should I completely rule out the University of Washington because I was admitted without funding, even though I love its urban setting, research, and it's closer to family and my SO? I am middle class and will be paying for all of this myself. Have some savings, but would burn through it all if I attended. 3) What should I ask/look out for as I visit the schools "in person"? Major criteria 1. Funding (tuition waiver and living stipend) 2. Advising 3. Program/faculty reputation 4. Location (distance from significant other--who lives in Oregon-- and family) 5. Research focus areas and opportunities 6. Weather / Climate 7. Work opportunities near the school 8. Recreational opportunities near the school -- I love urban areas and nature! 9. Student atmosphere -- students support one another, and students are supported in their studies
  20. Hi! I got accepted into my top choice PhD at University of Southern California. I got a really lovely email from an advanced grad student who's in their fifth or sixth year offering to guide me through the program and field any questions I might have. They also sent a 'living in LA' guide that around six of the current grad students had made with breakdown of the neighborhoods they live in and all sorts of helpful information. Here's my dilemma, however: I'm finishing a Master's at Queen's University in Kingston,Ontario, Canada. I have a sublet here with my partner from May 1st to August 31st and classes start August 22nd at USC this Fall. My partner is also applying to USC but for a much different program and they don't usually notify until late March or early April. So, I'd love any advice anyone could offer me on how to get from here to LA with my 'stuff'. I'm not bringing furniture (which may be a bad thing? I'm not sure how many LA apartments come furnished, although that's common in the places I've lived), I have probably 100 books I'd like to bring, I'm ditching a lot of clothes since it won't be anywhere near as cold there, and I have more books stored at my parents' house in North Carolina. I've already begun trying to figure out if it makes the most sense to ship things and try to beat the shipment there to pick them up, or if I should try to check multiple bags on a flight, or if there's some way that I could go down and get a storage unit or something before getting there. Two other things. I'm American so I don't have to worry about a visa or anything (although my partner will, because he's Canadian). And I don't have like *any* savings because this degree as an international student has been quite expensive. I have between now and whenever I leave to potentially make/save money, but I just don't know what makes the most logistical sense. There's the smallest of chances my family might be able to pool resources to help me get out there, but even between them it won't be much more than a couple hundred or so (we're not a very well-off family at all). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! And yes I do plan to ask the department about potentially helping with moving expenses, but not sure I want to rush that.
  21. There isn't a thread for Queen's yet, so here goes. I will (most likely) be attending Queen's in the fall, and I thought perhaps those of you who would be going there could join me in a discussion on the following topics: moving to Kingston finding a place to live size of the program you'll be attending next steps cool places to hang out and anything else interesting Okay... GO!
  22. Hi all, I'm working on putting together some information for our new students when they make their decision. Information so far includes a list of apartments, the process of registering for classes, how to order your text books, etc. I wanted to check in here and see what would be helpful for YOU? I was in your shoes just last year, and I want to help my program make things as smooth of a transition as possible! Thanks
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