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Found 166 results

  1. demarderozan

    Ryerson MPPA

    Anyone else apply to this program, and if so have you heard anything?
  2. Hey everyone, Who else has applied/is applying to public policy programs in Canada for this fall? So far, I've applied to just the MPPA program at Carleton since I'm based in Ottawa. If I don't get in, I can always work for a year and then apply again. I also have the public policy programs at Dalhousie and maybe UOttawa as backup options. I considered applying to Queen's though I've decided against it for now. That's where I went for my undergrad and I'd like to go somewhere new.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'll be applying for the Fall 2019 admission cycle for a Masters in US for the streams of Public Policy/Public Administration/International Development/Migration Policy. Can any kind soul assess my chances of getting admission and FUNDING. Here are my details: GPA: 3.2, Honours in Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Work Experience : - 1 year in Innovations for Poverty Actions (a US based research organization) working in a project to assess the rate of financial inclusion of garments workers in the suburbs of Bangladesh. - 2 years in a up and coming internationally ranked think tank as a Senior Research Associate. - Wrote a journal article with a professor from Duke University on SDG 13. -Co-authored two G20 Policy Briefs on Forced Migration. -Currently co-authoring a paper on SDG-Fourth Industrial Revolution to be presented at SDG Conference by Columbia University. - Have organized numerous expert and academic panel discussions and written reports. Supervised interns and juniors. - Have written funding proposals with UNDP which was submitted to UAE government. GRE - not given. Core Strengths - excellent writing skills and capability Core Weakness - not a math person Whoever assesses this, thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone! I haven't seen a Goldman thread for Fall 2018, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling -- as well as try to offload some of this anxiety I'm feeling waiting for more results! I applied to 9 schools, mainly for MPPs, and want to study environmental policy (focusing on progressive climate adaptation/mitigation responses). I've been accepted at UCDenver and UWashington Evans so far, with a nice funding offer from the latter (which was an incredible surprise and confidence booster). Berkeley is my top choice, and I waver between feeling good about my chances and having no idea how competitive I am, which feels normal at this point in this lengthy, harrowing process...
  5. Stacy_85

    HKS 2018

    Hello, Has anyone applied to HKS many times and got dinged? What should I do? I was admitted to MPA/MPP at other Ivies and other programs at Harvard (GSD and GSE). Since HKS is my dream school, I decided not to attend any program. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Hi all! After much reflection and soul searching, I've finally decided that I want to pursue further studies in public policy and specialize in policy communications. ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy offers this exact program. Being realistic however, I'm looking to find other universities that offer a similar program. Based on desktop research, it seems that not a lot of universities offer such a program...or at least don't publicize it on their websites. Can you guys suggest any university or programs that let me pursue this MPP specialization? Thank you so much!
  7. striveto_!


    Hi all ! Need your suggestions. I've been accepted to Harris MPP and SIPA MPA (International finance and economic policy concentration). Both are my dream programs, so I 'm totally at loss. Harris: pros: quantitative training & programming courses (would be useful in job hunting) cons: not enough internship opportunities & safety problem & cold weather SIPA: pros: perfect location & strong network & more international (maybe) cons: too many students with limited career service & not so solid course design BTW: I am an international student with an undergraduate major in language learning. I prefer to go to finance or consulting industry after graduation. If staying in the U.S. is not possible, I would go back to my country. Which school would you recommend? Please list your reasons if possible. Thank you in advance for those who reply !
  8. Hi everyone, I was recently admitted into the following MPP programs and am trying to decide which would be the best choice: Georgetown McCourt U Chicago Harris UCLA Luskin I received a $20,000 scholarship for McCourt and Harris and am specifically interested in environmental policy. Is anyone else debating between the same schools or have any recommendations?
  9. MPA/MPP Applicant

    Re-applying vs. Deferring

    Hi everyone, I am currently in a rut thinking about my options for the Fall (as I am sure many of you are). If anyone has any advice regarding this, I would really appreciate hearing it. I have been accepted to these schools and programs, with the following financial aid funding per year: - CMU Heinz, MSPPM (50%, ~$24k) - Chicago Harris, MPP ($20k) - Johns Hopkins SAIS, MA IDEV (no funding) - GWU Trachtenberg, MPA ($20k) -American SPA, MPA ($10k) I have also been accepted for a Taiwan Fulbright ETA for the next year, so I am leaning toward either deferring a program or reapplying altogether. While it is appealing to defer and not have to worry about applications again (while in Taiwan), I am wondering if I might be more competitive for more funding if I reapplied to a few of the schools next cycle (and possibly renegotiate) as a candidate with the same profile PLUS a Fulbright ETA under my belt. I would rather not have to take out $80k+ in loans in the coming years, so any advice is appreciated!
  10. Hey all! I applied for the MPP program on October 1st and am (im)patiently awaiting an answer from Hertie, as this is by far my top choice. I know it's really early in the season, but has anyone else applied yet? So curious when we'll start getting responses!
  11. angstykitty

    MPA vs. MALD

    Hi Guys, Long (long) time lurker first-time poster here. Any input will go a long way in helping me decide which program is best suited to my personal situation. I am an Indian applicant looking to move to the US somewhat long-term . I am a lawyer by training and since graduating from law school I have worked as a policy professional for the past 3 years in not for profit thinktanks in India. My focus areas have been access to health, cybersecurity and judicial reforms, but I am sector and subject agnostic as I enter grad school. I have received admits from the following schools 1. Michigan Ford - no aid 2. Chicago Harris - no aid 3. Georgetown McCourt - 15000 per year in aid (tuition is 55k py) 4. George Washington Trachtenberg - 20000 per year in aid (tuition is 35k py) 5. Columbia SIPA - 12000 per year in aid (60k py tuition) 6. Fletcher MALD - 20000 per year in aid (45k py tuition) I have ruled out Michigan, SIPA and Chicago since thy are not financially viable even though I am still wowed by Chicago's program. I have been advised to turn down George Washington despite the aid since the school does not have as much international recognition, in the event that I won't be able to stay on in the US. Am I being misled? Does the programs raking or eliteness make that much of a difference? My focus after graduating is definitely securing employment and staying on in the US (it will be insanely difficult to pay back this kind of money on a public service job in my domestic currency). I am now attempting to choose between Georgetowns MPP and Fletchers MALD. Is Georgetown's DC location worth pay twice as much as I would at Fletcher? Is the MPP degree more marketable in the long-term than an MALD degree? I enjoy being a generalist and am looking to gain skills that can be applied across sectors. That said will the heavier quant training at an MPP/MPA program make me more employable? I have mostly worked in academia and non-profits, and am now interested in exploring private sector (but still have good work-life balance). I am also second guessing rejecting Columbia's offer since some people have advised that being in NY will serve me well as an international student, and that I can recoup costs by taking up a consulting job. Likewise I am worried that I am making a huge mistake turning down GWUs scholarship. Any advice or insight you are able to provide will be really helpful. (Hoping @Prester John and @ExponentialDecay will comment. Thanks.
  12. Did anyone get the chance to attend McCourt's Admitted Student Days last weekend? I wasn't able to make it due to a work commitment and want to know what others thought of it.
  13. Has anyone heard from UMD School of Public Policy? It's the only university I heard nothing back and my application is still 'pending' on the application platform.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking into a joint degree program where I would walk away with both a MPA and a JD. Most of the schools I am looking at say the program will take a total of 4 years, with one program saying it will only take 3.5. I am aware that since I'd be in school for a longer period of time, I will accrue more debt than if I elected to pursue just one of these degrees. My question is for people who have or are currently enrolled in a dual degree program (mostly looking at MPA/MPP/JD) about how does your financial aid differ compared to just being enrolled at one school? Many thanks in advance, I appreciate any answers or additional guidance.
  15. This is a question for posterity, mostly, since this doesn't seem to have been updated for a few years now. Based on my limited observations, WWS obviously does the best. Sanford and LBJ seem pretty good. Harris is in the middle of the pack. SIPA and NYU Wagner are supposed to be rough, at least for incoming first-years. No idea what the HKS situation is like outside the very slim possibility of attaining a fellowship. I know everyone's situation is different, but what has been your general observation? I'm sure funding also differs quite a bit for those who have no Full Time work experience vs. those with 2-3+ years as well.
  16. mppapp2018

    Sanford MPP Fall 2018

    I haven't seen a topic for Sanford for this year. Has anyone received any updates or know of any dates?
  17. PHL City Planner

    HKS 2019

    Hey everyone - I realize it's only April, but I figured I'd get started on the HKS thread for 2019 matriculation. A little about me: I'm a 2010 grad from a competitive small liberal arts college, 2012 masters in city planning from an ivy (both with honors), worked in public finance consulting for three years, now working as a civil servant in a policy office in transportation. I'm active in a few LGBT causes, and have a fellowship with a large, international professional organization that focuses on urban revitalization. I'm taking the GRE in August. I'm attracted to HKS and other MPP programs that offer programs in domestic policy, economic development, and urban policy. I'm nervous but excited to go through the application process, and to be nearly 30(!). Currently brainstorming essay topics, and how to best hone my story. What about you?
  18. Hey guys, I have received admissions from several good programs, such as MPA in Columbia SIPA, MPA in Cornell CIPA, MPP in Georgetown U, MPP in USC Price, MPP in UCLA Luskin and MPA in NYU Wagner. I am still waiting for the decision from CMU Heinz MSPPM data analytics track, the director told me that I will be notified within this week, and he told me that the GRE-retaking e-mail sent by them earlier was a mistake and I don't need to retake GRE(does this mean that I will be admitted?). Here is the queation: which one should I choose? I prefer SIPA and Heinz, but I finally have to choose one. SIPA locates in Manhattan, and there are many job opportunities, but I kind of worrying about the skill set I can obtain there since those traditional MPA program's courses are very general, like politics, economics, international affair or something. MSPPM-DA can provide me a strong ability of data analytics and even Artificial Intelligence, but I guess Pittsburgh is not as convenient as NYC when I want to find a job. I am working as a consultant in China, and I finished a consulting report for Didi Chuxing(the largest ride-sharing company in China, like Uber in USA). This consulting service I have offered aims at helping Didi Chuxing builds up a Public Information Service Platform with the government to generate advises for urban development, and it will be done in a Public-Private-Partnership framework. During the research, I noticed that massive data(over twenty millions of ride-sharing services every single day) generated by users of Didi has been largely wasted because those data have not been connected with the government's database and other companies who provide urban public services too. Since then, I feel strong passion in sharing and exploring data for common good of our society, and as the result, I believe that MSPPM-DA can give a better skill set to deal with the issue in the future. My optimal goal is finding a consulting job in USA, what aspect should I focus on? Location, reputation or skill set? Additionally, I have learned and practiced Python programming in my undergrad, so I am confident that I can fit in Data Analytics track well. Anybody have some suggestions for me? Any idea will be appreciated.
  19. gelatinskeleton

    So...how are you going to choose?

    I'm a pretty indecisive person, and I'm curious how everyone else is approaching their decisions on what to accept or decline. What questions are you asking? What factors are most important to you? How are you getting your information (talking to current students, website, admitted students day, etc)? Obviously funding is extremely important, but I know that not everyone always goes with the cheapest option. How are you gauging whether higher costs are worth it? I know that debt vs payoff is always important in all fields, but I think it is especially important in public policy, which no one gets into thinking they're going to make big money. Here are some questions that I've been asking: How many students go on to be PMFs? How well do students know their professors? Are research opportunities accessible to grad students? What sectors are students employed in after graduating? How easy is it to take interesting electives in other departments? What do most students spend time on outside of the classroom? Is heavy extracurricular involvement common? Do most work part time? What are the alumni or career center services like? (Are there more specific questions I can ask about this?) How many years of professional experience are most students coming in with? What questions, facts, etc have helped you get a good sense of what a particular grad school is actually like? I'd love to hear from people currently in these programs or recently graduated about what you wish you would have asked before enrolling. I don't think these are particularly nuanced so it would be great to hear what questions you have asked that led to enlightening answers.
  20. Hello! I have been recently accepted to two really good programs, the Master of Public Policy at the University of Michigan and the Master of International Business at the Fletcher School at Tufts. Tufts offered me a $40k scholarship (20/year) however my acceptance is on the condition I take a quantitative course at community college before August (the quant section of the GRE got the best of my anxiety even after studying for a year). UofM isn't offering any fellowships for me at the moment however I would qualify for in-state tuition. However, my greatest priorities are the curriculum and ability to pursue a career at an international organization post-grad, ideally somewhere like the UNHCR or the IRC. I find that the more compare these two schools/programs, the more confused I get because it feels like comparing apples to oranges. In your opinion, which degree/school/alumni network is more likely (I know it also depends a lot on luck, etc.) to help me stand out as a candidate or bolster my qualifications when pursuing a career as a program/policy manager at an international organization that (ideally) deals with issues of human rights/migration issues. I'm coming into either of these programs with internship experience in Michigan legislative offices, a NGO in Spain, the UNFPA, the State Department's virtual intern program, and two years at a full-time position as a technical analyst (global operations and processes) at an OEM (one of the "Big Three" auto companies). I'm fluent in Polish (native), highly proficient (C1) in Spanish, teaching myself French, and having friends help me with Arabic. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! I plan on going to both open houses next month but if those don't help me make a decision, I don't know WHAT I'm going to do...
  21. TyrannosaurusFlex92

    MPH or MPP for Health Policy?

    Basically the title. I want to work in health policy, I think in government, and I'm just wondering which will give me the best place to start a career from. I got into the MPH program at George Washington in DC, and the MPP program at CMU with 50% tuition (technically the master of science of healthcare policy and management). is there going to be a career difference between the two? I would imagine an MPH gives you more lateral movement within public health, and the MPP gives you the same in the policy sphere.
  22. I need help deciding between a couple programs, and some advice on how to negotiate for more funding. 1. Georgetown McCourt with 10k/year - they are willing to allow me to wait on the offer to give me a more accurate estimate of funding post April 15, but I need advice on what to say to ask for more funding! Still waiting on the rest of the financial aid package. 2. UChicago Harris - 15k/year, rest of the package covered with loans through Chicago 3. JHU SAIS - 15k/year, only another 20k in loans, the rest I'd have to find externally 4. Tufts Fletcher - 10k/year, conditional offer with foreign language study required over the summer, still waiting on the remaining financial aid package Help! Georgetown has been my top choice for a long time. Anyone know how to negotiate funding up, or know when they will release the remaining financial aid packages? Thanks!!
  23. Samanvitha

    GPS, UCSD vs CMU

    I have received admission from UCSD for their non-STEM MPP program in energy and environment specialization. I have also got into the STEM based MS in EST&P program with engineering and public policy specialization from Carnegie Mellon. In a dilemma about which one to decide. PS: After graduating, I would want to work as a policy analyst at think tanks/labs/research orgs.
  24. VeryCheesey

    Program reputation vs. Cost

    Hi! I am deep in the conundrum most of us must be facing/have faced - the reputation/cost trade-off. I was admitted to the MPP programs at Ford School of Public Policy at UMich with $30k tuition waiver (1/3rd of the tuition), and to the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota with in-state tuition + $20k (I am an international student, so in-state tuition is a godsend). So my problem is this - Even with the funding, I will rack up a debt of about $60k if I decide to attend Ford (provided I don't land a campus job in the coming semesters). However, the program's reputation is much better than the Humphrey MPP, both within the US and internationally. It also aligns with my interest, gives me the flexibility I desire from the curriculum, and has a wide variety of courses and research I am interested in. At Humphrey, on the other hand, I will have a much smaller debt ($15-20k), but the program is less to my liking, though not so bad as to be rejected entirely. The number of courses offered is fewer, too. My question, thus, is this - Is the Ford MPP actually worth the extra cost I will put into it? Especially since my other alternative brings to cost to a third of the estimate? Thanks!
  25. I am currently debating between UofT's MPP program and Carleton's MPPA program, however I am struggling to find someone who has completed either program. Does anyone have an opinion on either school's policy program? Does anyone know if UofT's program is heavy on the math/econ side?

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