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Found 9 results

  1. Is Web and App Development considered a relevant skill while applying to MS programs across USA ?
  2. ECE undergrad from a top 20 university in India. 329 GRE, 9.32/10 GPA (ranked third by GPA in my major). Taken most of the basic and some advanced coursework in CS (around 12 courses), with a number of MOOCs to augment it. Two month-long software developer internships at startups, one research internship at my university in ML and Networks, one research internship in Germany working on state-of-the-art Neural Nets for combinatorial optimization. One semester research project submitted as a paper to a top Robotics conference, and one research project coming up with Mercedes Benz India working on autonomous driving. Do I stand a chance in the top 20/top 30 MS CS programs? My list: UIUC, UCLA, UCSD, Georgia Tech, Northeastern, Brown, USC, UMass Amherst/CU Boulder, UToronto
  3. Hi guys. I need help in my profile assessment. Please suggest a few universities for MS in CS in both categories: safe and moderate. Would prefer if they were public universities. Term: MS in CS (or MCS, SE) Fall 2019 GRE: 322 (Q-170, V-152, AWA-4.0) TOEFL: 106 (R-25, L-26, S-27, W-28) Undergraduate: B.Tech in Electrical from IIT Ropar with 6.71 GPA (2013-17). Research Papers: 1 paper in Electrical Stream Internships: 1 Software Engineering Internship Work Experience: 1.5 Years, Currently working as a Senior Software Developer Hackathons: 1 Hackathon Win Extras: 1 own a blog and also have built a website SOP & LOR: Please assume they are really good and suggest. Also please suggest before when should the application be submitted and complete? What is the recommended deadline? Thank you very much for your help. I would be really grateful.
  4. Need help deciding. Research from both interest me. Post graduation job opportunities and overall reputation are the two factors I'm considering. Please suggest, thanks!
  5. Hello Folks, Well guys, I am planning for MS in CS . I need your help to evaluate my profile, and suggest universities in Canada. I have total 8 years of IT experience with organization like Cisco Systems, BMC, Atos etc. IELTS score 7.0 overall GPA 7 out of 10 10th 60% 12th 60% Please suggest. Thanks,
  6. So, I applied to the PhD in CS program at WSU (Washington State University) and BSU (Boise State) about 3 or so months ago, but I have yet to hear anything from either. Looking at the results database I'm seeing that at least a few people have received admits from WSU for the same program. I know these aren't particularly high ranking or top choice schools, but I'm just wondering if anyone else who uses this forum has applied at these schools and if they have heard back yet, positive or negative. Thanks.
  7. I had applied to the Masters in Computer Science program at University of Hong Kong. I just received an email requesting for a phone interview. Does anyone know what the type of questions the interviewer will ask? Any tips or comments? Thanks!
  8. This is my profile: GRE - 310 (V-149, Q-161), TOEFL - 100, CGPA - 8.31, 3 LORs from Assistant Professors from my college, West Virginia and Stanford, 4 research publications all in the field of interest, one of them in the best conference for HCI - UIST. I am applying for MS in CS with specialization in HCI and Machine Learning. What are my chances to get into UCSD, UCB, UIUC, UCI, UMCP and Gatech?
  9. Hey friends, I'm in desparate need regarding selection of 10 universities for Masters in Computer Science or Masters in Computer Networks program for the semester Fall 2012 based on my profile. Please help me out... Here are my details: PGDCA (1 year program) ---> completed my first semester, not got the result yet BCA (3 years program) ---> 72.07% or 3.7 GPA (aggregate score) (No Backlogs) Projects ----> 5th semester: Web based Archaeological Library 6th semester: Web based E-Governance System ( Both of the projects were for The Government Of India. The project of 6th semester was a hit due to which me and my team got interviewed in a local daily newspaper. ) Extracurricular ----> Attended some workshops and seminars. GRE ----> Total: 294/340 Verbal: 135 Quantitative: 159 AWA : 3.0 TOEFL -----> 95 (Reading:24, Listening:21, Speaking:22, Writing:28) The university list decided is as follows: 1) CSU Longbeach {Deadline: May 15} 2) SJSU - Software Engineering with specialization in Networking Software {Deadline: April 1} 3) NJIT {Deadline: May 1} 4) IIT {Deadline: May 1} 5) University of Colorado Denver {Deadline: couldn't find} 6) UTA {Deadline: April 1} 7) UH - Main Campus {Deadline: April 1} 8) USC {Deadline: Feb 15} ==> Already applied 9) Virginia Tech {Deadline: April 1} Other universities which are kept for considerations are: 1) Cleveland State University - Ohio {Deadline: May 15} 2) NYT {Deadline: don't know} 3) CSU - LA {Deadline: don't know} 4) SDSU {Deadline: don't know} 5) SFSU {Deadline: don't know} Kindly rate them as sure shot admits, moderate and aspirational based on my profile. Also, please let me know if I should consider other colleges whose deadlines are not yet met. Regards, HP (Hetalkumar Patadia) - India
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