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Found 149 results

  1. Late applications

    Is there anyone browsing who still has at least one application to be submitted or recently submitted? I'd love to talk and know.
  2. Hello! I've been accepted into Columbia and UNC's Biostatistics MS programs and I'm having trouble deciding between the two! I'm leaning towards Columbia but it worries me that their Stats department is apparently not well regarded. Does this reputation extend to their Biostats department, even though their department is still in the top 10? I know that UNC is a better program overall and has more renowned professors, but if my end goal is to pursue a PhD, does it matter where I get my MS? Cost is not a strong factor because I consider living in NYC to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am also more interested in eventually working in industry if that helps. (I've heard that Columbia has more ties in industry and UNC is more theoretical with difficult quals) Thanks so much for any replies!
  3. I got an admission for MS in Electrical Engineering programs from UCLA, UIUC and UT Austin. I am not sure which one should I go for. I am interested in VLSI circuits and systems. I want this decision to be made considering the following factors: 1. Reputation of school in the field of electrical engineering 2. Future job prospects 3. Quality and level of research and professors 4. Financial aid easiness in the university 5. University's inclination to Electrical Engineering, especially VLSI, Power Electronics and machine learning (and the extent of inter disciplinary encouragement of different engineering departments) Please help in selecting. Thank You
  4. I was admitted to a masters program two weeks ago (the program doesn't admit directly to PhD if you come from a bachelor's degree). So far, the school is offering to reimburse expenses for the visit day, which is coming up this week, but I still haven't heard about financial aid. Is it appropriate to ask if I'm even being considered? When I first asked about visit day reimbursements (1 week ago), I was told funds were reserved for students being considered for financial aid and that they were still figuring things out, but the response was very generic and I didn't get the feeling that the program coordinator was suggesting that I wasn't being considered. Funding for the masters program at this school is really competitive (only around 25% of the admitted MS class receives any funding at all) and their website says decisions are made by the end of March. Is it too early for me to ask? Also, do programs typically send out emails along the lines of "we know you indicated need for financial aid on your application, but unfortunately you have not been awarded any scholarships" without you asking directly? If anyone has a template for asking about financial aid, that would be incredibly helpful.
  6. MA vs MS

    I had applied to all MS programs but was recently accepted as a ma in geology. What is the actual difference within a department besides not having a research based thesis?
  7. MIT Mechanical Engineering Masters

    So I still did not receive any news from the ME department. How bad is this? Does anyone have an idea about what to expect?
  8. Can someone elaborate the specifics of the MS Chemical Engineering course offered in UC Berkeley University? (like duration of the course, objectives etc.)
  9. NYU FALL2018

    Any NYU admits for MS CS fall 2018??
  10. Hi, everyone. I have already got admitted by UCLA and UCSD for MS program. My undergraduate major is civil engineering and I want to focus on my area on structural engineering. For UCLA, I was admitted into civil engineering MS program and there is structural area under civil engineering department. For UCSD, I was admitted into structural engineering MS program. I want to study about computational mechanics/structural simulation/seismic structures. Also, I am wondering which university is open to dual master program. If you have any experience about those two school in Structural Engineering, feel free to reply me! It will be helpful for me. Thank you!
  11. Hello, I am electrical engineering major and My GPA is 2.65/4.0 My GRE score is V:145, Q:158 AW: 3.5. I applied about 17 schools, and I already got 4 rejects... The rank of schools varies from top 20 to top 100. Could you recommend any schools that I could get an acceptance letter possibly? Thank you.
  12. I got an email from TAMU that they don't have openings for MS in ME, and would like to offer me admission in MS. They said that I can change it to MS later if I can convince a professor. My main motive is to pursue a job, is it worth it to pursue an M.Eng from TAMU?
  13. Citizenship: Indian SSC/10th class: 90.7% Inter/12th class: 97.2% Bachelors in CS: GPA 9.14 out of 10 scale (2014 pass out) Internship(Summer 2013): IIT Bombay for 3 months Work: 3+ years in SAP ABAP at Infosys Limited, Hyderabad with 3 awards at work. GRE:334 TOEFL:115 I don't have any recommendations or publications or extracurricular activities. Please suggest improvements I can add to my profile for increasing chances. I want to apply for CS masters degree Fall 2019. Please suggest 3 ambitious, 4 moderate and 3 safe admissions. Other than the list, please mention good universities if my masters' fee can be fully/partially funded. Thanks in advance, Lens :-)
  14. I've applied to a number of MS & PhD programs and my top choice is a research MS (w/ option to do PhD upon completion) at a school across the country. (The program requires a thesis and they do not take PhD applicants without an MS) I see that a lot of schools do Skype interviews. Visiting for an interview would be ideal as the school is so far away and somewhat remote a flight is pretty pricey, but if I am accepted I will foot the bill. Is it typical for MS programs to do phone or Skype interviews rather than flying applicants out for interview weekends? I can't find anything on the departmental websites and I'd think it would be rude to ask my POI or the graduate program director considering I haven't been accepted yet. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I am planning to apply for three online degree programs this year - Georgia Tech's OMSCS, OMSA and UIUC's MCS-DS. I am not sure how many of you are aware of UIUC MCS-DS but here are the details if someone is interested : I am applying for the MCS DS program this Summer 2018 and need your help to critique my SOP. Here is my SOP with the background details. Thank you so much for your attention and review :
  16. Hi guys! I came across this post on facebook recently- I follow a lot of these GRE related pages in the hope of finding something exactly like this Anyway, this appears to be a webinar by a graduate of Stanford University on how to approach writing your SOP for your Masters or PhD. I've attended one of her webinars on a different subject before, she had some great advice to give. So I thought I should share this in case anybody else is looking for tips and would like some quality advice. Here is the link to the facebook post- PS- I copied the link to the webinar from their facebook page-
  17. Unfunded MS

    This is my profile: GPA = 3.1 (at top 5 Chem E undergrad school) GRE = 168Q/158V/5W Research = Did ~ 1 years worth research in pollution control and sustainable biofuel production LOR = 2 should be very solid (did research and took classes with professors) and 1 should be above avg SOP = showed to all 3 professors and they said it was solid will apply for unfunded thesis based MS at the following programs: GTech, U michigan, USC, (env eng) U washington, UIUC, UCLA, UCSD, U delaware (chem eng) cornell - cheme/env eng w/ focus in earth and energy systems thanks
  18. Hello, I am apply for mostly phD programs in statistics for fall 2018, and I would love to hear your thoughts on my profile. Undergraduate Institution: Top 40 USnews, public school; no statistics department, but math department is top 20 major: statistics GPA:3.732 in general, major GPA is 3.76 Ethnicity: International Asian Male (what I have heard is that my actual competition will be the applicants from my country, as opposed to applicants that went to undergraduate schools in the US ) GRE: 161 verbal, 166 quant, 4.5 writing Math GRE: did not take it TOEFL: I know this is not required since my undergraduate school is in the US, and I took my TOEFL in 2013, but still, just in case. 112 Programs Applying: phD in statistics, phD in biostatistics, ms in statistics Noticeable Courses Taken: all A's in freshman calculus series (4 courses, including multivariate), A's in linear algebra ( 2 courses, one elementary, the other applied upper division), 2 A-'s in real analysis (took two courses in a supposedly rigorous 3-course series), A in complex analysis, A- in a project-based big-data statistics course, A+ in computational statistic, A and B in a two-course mathematical statistic series, ABA in a 3-course probability/stochastic series, B+ in time series, A in numerical analysis, A in a project-based math programming course, A in financial mathematics. P(pass) in a graduate-level applied statistics course. Recommendation letters: one from the professor I took computational statistic with, also doing a reading course with him this quarter; one from a professor I took multiple statistics courses with; and one from the professor I took numerical analysis and math programming with. There first two professors are quite well-known in the statistics industry, although I doubt that their recommendations would be strong because of the usual high standards they set. The third professor is less well-known and his letter should be better than a generic letter. Research experience: had a big group project in which I build regression models on a Kaggle data-set, on which I developed most of the theory and did all of the coding; a walk-through research on a R-package on isotonic regression, had a 5-page long research report Professional experience: no experience in the industry so far, but I am looking into some data analysis internships after I graduate. Misc: I TA'ed a elementary statistics course for two quarters, and I also have TA'ed some calculus courses; the TA reviews were all quite good. I am graduating in the start of my 4th year as an undergraduate. It is unusual, but I am not too sure how this will things. If I do get into a masters program, I really hope to get enough funding and TA-ship to at least reduce my tuition: I just really want to be financially independent and not have my parents pay tuition anymore. Schools and programs I am applying to: OSU, UIUC, Florida State, UC Davis, Iowa State, North Carolina State, Purdue Pittsburg University, Rutgers UConn UC Irvine Texas A&M Texas Austin Northwestern Rice UCLA North Carolina Chapel Hill I am applying to phD in statistics to all of those schools above, phD in biostatistics if available, masters in statistics/biostatistics if enough funding is provided. The way I list these schools is the by how much I fit, Northwestern, Rice,UCLA, NC Chapel Hill are reaches; UIUC, OSU, Texas A&M, Texas Austin, Florida State, NC State, Iowa State are hopefully matches; and the rest are naively considered safeties for now. Concerns: I have had some B's in statistic courses; no GRE math score; research is not stellar; no professional experience; no strong recommendation letters. Please let me know your thoughts: what other schools should I apply to? what phD programs do I have a decent chance at ? what masters programs should I apply to, given that I really want some funding ? Thank you so much for your time and thoughts.
  19. My undergrad marksheets are of two types: 1. A single sheet with all the final marks for each subect and course throughout my 8 semesters (no papers repeated visible). 2. Separate marksheets for each semester and paper repeated(8 + repeated papers). I have transcripts for both types. Can I upload type 1 with no repercussions?
  20. I urgently need feedback on my SoP draft for my application for a Master's in Computer Science. Anyone willing to help? I'll PM the SoP to you. Thanks in advance
  21. Hey fellow MSE gradcafe residents! Based on @shur42's thread from last year, I thought it would be good to start a thread for MSE students applying for the Fall 2018 cycle, to get to know each other and learn about each other's application profiles. Would also be helpful for those from the Fall 2017 cycle to contribute their profiles and any tips This is the template that they used (from a biology thread) for application profiles: Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school, such as big state, lib arts, ivy, technical, foreign (what country?))Major(s):Minor(s):GPA in Major:Overall GPA:Position in Class: (No numbers needed, but are you top? near top? average? struggling?)Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?)GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:V:W:TOEFL Total: (if applicable, otherwise delete this)Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications (Mth author out of N?) or conference talks etc...)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, etc...)Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: (Such as connections, grad classes, famous recommenders, female or minority status etc...)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:School - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research Interest
  22. Undergrad/Graduate Institutions: University of Texas at Austin Major: Mathematics Cumulative GPA: 3.82 cumulative; 3.75 in major Type of Student: Domestic White Female Math/Stats Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A-), Probability (A), Linear Algebra (B+), Mathematical Statistics (A), Stochastic Processes (A), Applied Regression Analysis (A), Biostatistics (A), Real Analysis (A), Differential Equations (B) Got credit for Calculus I and II so hopefully that doesn't matter too much considering I've needed calculus in nearly every class since? Also going to graduate with 18 hours in CS classes (data visualization, basic programming in python, databases, mobile computing and numerical analysis) Quantitative/ Programming Courses: Elements of Computing (A) - this was basic programming in Python, Elements of Software Design (A) - more Python, Elements of Data Visualization (A) - included SQL, R, Tableau Elements of Databases (in progress) - SQL, Python, BeautifulSoup, learning to understand how cloud services such as AWS work 2 more classes next semester: Numerical Analysis in C and Mobile Computing where we will have to create a fully functioning app. I feel very confident in RStudio and pretty good about SQL as well. I think my coding in Python is decent but could definitely use some brushing up. GRE: Just took today and am incredibly upset. Quant: 160 - obviously don't have the percentages yet but this is much lower than I planned. This was my only run and I had a lot of anxiety surrounding it. Just couldn't get in a clear headspace due to anxiety. Verbal: 160. Don't have analytic score yet but I think it'll be > 4.0 at least. My first essay was pretty mediocre but I felt my second one was pretty good. Research Experience: 125 hours over the summer in a Human Development and Family Sciences lab; worked on coding in SAS and SPSS to calculate BMI percentiles for the teenagers in the study; also helped organize a small team to put together data for the professor's grant analysis. Recommendations: 1. The professor I worked with over the summer. She was surprised I completed the BMI percentiles task and said she expected that from a graduate student. 2. Applied Regression Professor - feel like it will be good? He said he'll discuss how I did in the class and my work ethic (i'm hoping the second part is what really stands out) 3. Stochastic processes professor who is very well-known; I can't say it'll be very personal or good but I hope that's offset by others who I feel know me more personally. 4. My Real Analysis professor. I had him for a class over the summer and he's just a really sweet guy. It might not be glowing, but I feel he can attest to my mathematical ability due to my work in the course. Other tidbits: I have worked about 20-30 hours per week consistently at my part-time job as a front desk attendant at a recreation center. This isn't really all that relevant, but I included how my daily encounters with the homeless people there have motivated me to pursue biostatistics in my personal statement. It also explains some Bs during my sophomore year as I was getting used to working. I'm mildly concerned about the B+ in linear algebra; however, I am taking Applied Linear Algebra this semester to brush up on those skills. Currently a TA for Biostatistics where I grade and assist with lecture and lab. Programs I'm applying to based on order of preference: University of Washington (biostatistics) (MY DREAM SCHOOL) but I'm feeling very discouraged atm with getting in due to my low quant and I won't have time to retake . University of Wisconsin-Madison (biostatistics) UT Health Science Center (biostatistics) Rice University (statistics) Oregon State University (statistics) Colorado State University (statistics) University of NC - Chapel Hill (biostatistics) Baylor (statistics) University of Texas Dallas (statistics) * Some of these schools only have a statistics program but with biostatistics electives; I marked whether I'm applying biostatistics or statistics. Thank you so much for reviewing. Please let me know if I should consider any other schools/drop some of these because honestly if it isn't necessary to keep schools like UT Dallas and Baylor I'd be thrilled with dropping them. Lat note: I won't have time to retake the GRE for my top 3 schools (of course >:( ); however I will be retaking it ASAP for other applications.
  23. Hello. I need some advice and help from you guys. I will greatly appreciate them! 1. I have heard from someone that many graduate programs admit students on rolling basis. Is this true? I have been researching schools for some time and I have not seen any mention of "rolling admission" on their websites. I was a bit panicking when I heard this because I just started narrowing down my school list and filling out the applications and I think I will be able to submit it right before the deadlines.... 2. I have B.S. degree in molecular biology. I have read some posts that it is doable but a lot harder to get into engineering programs with B.S. degree in biology. (The reason I am going for MS instead of PhD is also because I am bio major.) I was aiming for very top schools (top 10) because my GPA and GRE scores are competitive, but now I am not sure what kind of schools I should apply for. I do have some industry research experience: a little more than 2 years at a diagnostic device company (company manufacturing things like pregnancy test kits). I did not do anything really engineering-like because the company does not manufacture biosensors. 3. Consider my circumstances (#2) and stats below and recommend me schools that would give me some chance. GRE Q: 165 V: 162 W: ?? overall GPA: 3.74 major GPA: not sure but little higher than overall GPA Publication - 1 publication but it was during high school and I barely knew what's going on (it was computational organic chemistry) although they gave me credit for it.. so... it's negligible.. Research experience - one summer as a lab tech in a pathology lab; 2 years as a R&D research scientist at a diagnostic device company, responsible for developing new products (as mentioned above) Recommendations - 2 okay ones from my undergrad; 1 excellent one from my supervisor at the diagnostic device company
  24. GPA: 3.37 TOEFL: 115 GRE (unofficial): V164 Q168 I want to pursue a Master's degree with a focus on machine learning and / or natural language processing, but I'm having a difficult time determining the range of schools I should be applying to. Ultimately, I would like to get a PhD at a top 20 university, and get involved in CS research at a competitive R&D division or laboratory. Therefore, it's important for me to find a place that is productive in terms of research in ML / NLP. I'm especially interested in grad schools in Canada, but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. To give you an idea about my profile: I graduated with a degree in computer engineering from the most internationally esteemed university in my country with a subpar GPA, which was mostly caused by poor performance over a couple of semesters during which my family was going through a rough time. I did get back on track, and did fairly well in the last three semesters though. I was wondering how those obvious and sudden transitions in my transcript would be interpreted by the admission office? Should I address the reason in my SOP, or just leave it alone? I also ended up graduating in the top 10 of my class anyway, so that might be worth mentioning. (Yes, the highest GPA that year was ~3.7, and the second ~3.5, which I know seems ridiculously low compared to most other schools.) As for experience, I worked at a large defense company as an intern, and later at a robotics laboratory participating in deep reinforcement learning research for a few months. I also spent two years working part-time as an undergraduate TA. Unfortunately, I have no publications or serious research experience to speak of. Not sure if these are at all relevant, but I also played chess in the national junior team, and the violin in my country's first amateur symphony orchestra, whose establishment I took some part in. I have a few decent LORs, but I'm still unclear as to what constitutes a "strong LOR". That's basically it. I feel incredibly incompetent, and afraid that I might not get in at all. Currently, I'm considering U of Montreal, U of Alberta, McGill and Simon Fraser to begin with. Are all of these too ambitious for me? Should I aim somewhat higher - or lower? What other schools should I look into? Many thanks in advance!
  25. Hey New gradcafe user and prospective MS applicant for an MS in Operations Research / Statistics / Management Science for Fall 2018. Please evaluate my profile and whether I'm being too ambitious/do I stand a chance here? Key features of my profile - Low undergrad GPA, high quant GRE score, related work ex Here's my profile followed by an initial university shortlist GRE 324 - Q 166 (91st percentile) V 158 (80th percentile) (Might give again to offset low undergrad GPA) TOEFL - Yet to give Undergrad CGPA - 6.3/10 from the National Institute of Technology Warangal in Mechanical Engg - Top 10 India for engineering Work Experience - 3 years 1.5 years - Data Analyst for a Fortune 200 MNC (1 promotion) + 3 good projects - Quantitative Sales/Marketing analytics 1.5 years - Senior Analyst for a Loyalty Card company (jump in designation from previous org) Fair amount of projects on quantitative modelling work Research papers/Publications: None Certifications: 1. SAS certified base programmer 2. SAS certified statistical business analyst: Regression and Modelling 3. Machine Learning from Coursera Recommendations: 1. HOD from work - ex prof at a premier MBA school in India - Strong 2. Team Leader from previous org - Moderate 3. Professor from college - Moderate SOP structure: Considering that my weakest point is my undergrad GPA, I'll bring in a point about how I messed up the first year but post that my gpa has been increasing plus ever since starting work I've been really driven and talk about my projects as proof. Programs I'm looking to apply for: 1. Statistics (with electives from the CS department) 2. Operations Research Not applying for "Analytics" or "Data Science" masters because I feel such programs have breadth but seriously lack depth. Current university shortlist: 1. Columbia 2. University of Chicago 3. UCLA 4. Georgia Tech 5. University of Michigan 6. John Hopkins 7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 8. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 9. Duke 10. Cornell Questions: 1. What is my profile like? 2. How would you categorise the above universities considering my profile as Safe, Moderate, Ambitious and reasons for the same? 3. Thoughts on the SOP structure?