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Found 31 results

  1. job vs PhD after MSc

    After a long wait and lots of mails I got an admit at TU Delft (MSc Electrical - Microelectronics) without any scholarships. Since this is the only admit I have(till now and I feel the only one I will have), I am in a fix. It will cost me a fortune to study there, albeit lesser than what I was expecting at US. But as per my calculations it will take me atleast 3 years to repay the loans IF I get a (good) job after graduation. My original plan was to go for PhD right after the MSc. But PhD pays even lesser than a job. I am in a fix now. If I look for job to repay the loan my PhD (and chances of getting into) will become slimmer. If I get into a PhD it will take me atleast 5 years to repay the loan (even if my parents help me partially). Is it really worth all the pain? And I won't be able to enjoy until I have repaid every single penny. Is it really worth all the pain and misery?
  2. Hi, I am desperate for any comments or advice about double degree programs in LSE. I'm particularly interested in LSE/Fudan University Msc Global media and communications. I don't have a long work experience (only 1 year of intern experience in total), but will I still have the chance of getting accepted? Or should I gain more work experience by working at a related field for 2~3 years before applying? Any personal comments about the course would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Math/stats?

    I am enrolled in an MSc program in the UK this fall but I'm starting to worry about the math/stats component. I plan to become a counselling psychologist and have a background in the arts - my brain simply does not do numbers. The MSc is simply a requirement for the counselling doctorate program I hope to get into. When I read research papers I'm a bit bowled over by the amount of numbers in those things. How number-intensive is psych research? And is it silly for me to be concerned about this or SHOULD I be worried?
  4. This is my first post here, so please go easy on me with the forum rules I applied to a lot of Computer science and engineering related programs in Canada, out of which UoAlberta's MSc in computing science with specialisation in Multimedia and McMaster's MEng in software engineering and virtual systems design programs were my first choices ( I'm interested in game development, graphics and HCI, so the programs seemed like a good fit ). I got accepted into the program at UoAlberta a while ago, but I'm still waiting for McMaster to give an admission verdict Since I'm an international student, it'll take me a few weeks to get a study permit and visa and all other relevant documentation done before the programs start, and since it's already almost June, I'm a bit worried about my chances to get into McMaster Personally, I wish to get into McMaster because the program seems to be a better fit than Alberta's program by just a little bit. So, can you guys advise me if I should keep waiting for McMaster to give its verdict, or should I just go with the UoAlberta program? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone,I am currently struggling with an important decision regarding a Postgraduate programme for next year and could use some input from the Grad Café.Current situationI have been accepted to the following programs:- MSc Economics (UCL)- MSc Economics, Two Year program (LSE)and am waiting for a response (which is very likely to be positive) from:- Master of Advanced Studies in Economics (KU Leuven, Belgium)BackgroundI have a Bachelor degree in Engineering from a good university in in my home country but without that much international projection (PUC - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and I am currently finishing a MSc Statistics program at KU Leuven, Belgium, very likely with distinction. I have a strong quantitative background in Mathematics and Stats, but I lack formal knowledge in theoretical economics. My Economics knowledge comes from a lot of reading, 2 optional courses (Macro and Development Econ) and 2 Coursera MOOC's on (Principles of Macro and Micro).GoalsFor the past couple of years now, I have been doing the (surprisingly, imo) common transition from Engineering into Economics. I would like to pursue a PhD with a focus on applied econometric analysis to Development, Public Policies and Growth (if that doesn't sound too vague). I see myself working in academia, think tanks, research or policy making institutions. I have no intention of going into Finance or Consulting, or the business sector in general.Some pointsI applied to some PhD positions this year already, but was not accepted, in my opinion (just my opinion really, because no feedback was ever given), partly for lack of economic knowledge and training. In all three Unis, a good performance in the Master program is almost a guarantee to be accepted at the PhD program afterwards. However, this does not guarantee funding, so I would also apply to PhD's elsewhere (Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Wawick, other places outside the UK).Due to already having a 2-year Master program (in Stats), I originally applied to 1-year programs only, both in UCL and LSE. During my application, LSE contacted me and asked whether I would also be open to be considered for the 2-year program, to which I said yes.One thing that concerns me a little was the fact that having two two-year Master programs and a switch of fields from my original Engineering degree would make me come across as somewhat indecisive and hurt my chances in the future. I have no clue whether this is indeed a thing or it's just me being an overthinker, I would also love to hear some thoughts on that if someone has any.Any advice on my situation?Thanks a million!TL;DREngineer/Statistician seeking advice on choosing between MSc Economics at UCL, LSE (2-year) or KU Leuven as a first step to a future PhD.
  6. Hey all! I need 200+ participants and feeling very unpopular on facebook, so if you have ten minutes and like to fill out surveys about love and attachment, this is exactly for you! If you hate doing it, please do it anyway because its another interesting perspective on the subject! Here's the link - Thank you so much for helping. And feel free to send me any of yours! Best, Anaïs
  7. Estonian Applicants

    Are there any students applying to schools in Estonia? Please share your experiences. I'm waiting on my original documents to be verified.
  8. Hello! I'm currently studying an Economics undergraduate program of 240 ECTS in Europe, with a strong quantitative background. I have passed 200 ECTS of those 240. I have realised this program is a waste of time (any other BSc in Economics comprises just 180 ECTS). I would like to give closure to my studies here and attend an Economics-related MSc. The question is: is it possible to access an MSc in Europe after passing more than 180 ECTS of the undergraduate course but without holding a diploma (as I wouldn't reach 240 ECTS)? Thanks
  9. Hello, I am a political science undergrad student at a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a cumulative GPA of 3.78/4.00 and a major GPA of 3.91/4.00. I recently (two days ago) finished my 3rd out of 4 years of university and will be applying in September/October of 2017 with the marks I have already attained. I have work experience as a teaching and grading IR assistant at my university (going to be 8 months), as a trade policy intern at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC (4 months), as a legal intern for a prestigious international law firm (1 month), and as a Corporate Affairs intern at a Fortune 500 company (4 months). In terms of university extracurriculars I am the President of my university's pre-law society. I also have three strong letters of recommendation from my professors who specialize in IR--they attended St. Andrews, UofT, and UCambridge respectively. My dream MSc program is The London School of Economics & Political Science MSc International Relations. As an aside, it is my goal to pursue a PhD and a career in academia after completing this program. I wanted to know (from individuals who have been accepted/rejected to this program or similar) what my chances are of being accepted? I am also applying to the MSc in Conflict Studies (second choice) so an estimate of my chances for that program would be most appreciated as well. Canadian LSE MSc Minimum GPA entry requirement: 3.3/4.0 (No GRE or GMAT required) 2017/2018 MSc International Relations acceptance rate: 11.14% (101/907) 2017/2018 MSc Conflict Studies acceptance rate: 17.14% (55/321)
  10. Research Supervisor

    Hi all, I'm applying to one research-based program this fall (the other two I'm planning on applying to are professional). Therefore, I need a supervisor. However, how early is too early to scope out a supervisor and contact them via email? I've been looking online and I am hoping that the person I'm looking to supervise me agrees to it, however, I'm not sure if its too soon? When did you or would you suggest contacting a prospective supervisor? Cheers!
  11. I am a third year student studying in a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a GPA of 10.7/12 (roughly 3.85 or 87%). I have experience working in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C, in a Fortune 500 Mutual Fund Company, and President of my school's Student Union Pre-Law Society. It has always been my dream to move to the U.K (I am a British passport holder) and continue my PhD there in the future. That being said, I wanted to know whether I am competitive for these Masters programs: 1. MA War Studies, Kings College London 2. MSc International Relations, University of Cambridge 3. MSc International Relations, The London School of Economics & Political Science Thank you for taking the time to reply! Thank you!
  12. Has anyone been to/ know anything about the United Nations University in Tokyo? I have applied to the MSc in Sustainability 'UNU-IAS', but I'm finding it a tough time to find alumni to speak to. Surprisingly the university is rated at 1000+ in the world as a university (or not mentioned at all in all the major rankings) but 6th in the world as a think tank. Does that mean its teaching quality is high/ its a good idea to do a post-grad there? - Is it a good experience to study there? - Does it set you up for a global career? - Is the teaching staff well reputed? Any comments, opinions or speculations are welcome!
  13. Hey everyone So i've gotten admits from University of Southern California (USC) and University of Wisconsin Madison (UWM) for electrical engineering. My primary focus would be on power electronics as I want to pursue my career in the electric vehicle industry. Which is a better university and why? Thanks in advance!
  14. Got this email concerning CGS-M

    Hi everyone, I got this email a last week regarding CGS-M. Does this email say I've gotten an unofficial acceptance? __________________- Dear [Me], I am very pleased to inform you that your application to CGS-M award to the [University] was nominated by our departmental selection committee and has been ranked highly by the [University] in its central adjudication process. Results will be made available to applicants and posted on the Research Portal as of April 1st 2017, the date mandated by the Tri-Agencies. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding your application. I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes for your future success.
  15. Hi, Any applicant for the Msc in Computer Science at Oxford, that submitted for the January deadline? I'm starting to see some interview invitations on the result page. I submitted my answers to the questions on the 13th of January.
  16. RA/TA or pay?

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post here. I'm in a bit of a dilemma so I thought I'd ask you guys because I've been going over the posts on this forum and you all give some great advice! Basically, I've applied to about 8 schools for my Master's in Aerospace Engineering (Aerodynamics in particular) and I've gotten accepted to 2 of them. I'm still waiting to hear from the rest. I've received admits from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, Netherlands) and University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign (unofficial, but still). Both great schools but I have not received funding offers from either of them. The cost of attending TU Delft (incl. living) is about half of that of UIUC, but I'm pretty sure chances of getting an RA/TA in UIUC would be much higher as TU Delft requires their RAs/TAs to speak Dutch, which I do not. Assuming I get no funding from the remaining offers as well (keeping my expectations low so as to not be disappointed), it really boils down to a US vs. Netherlands debate. Most of the schools I have applied to in the US have around the same cost, so I can safely say that I'll be paying half of what I would in the US, at TU Delft. However, I am also sure that my chances of getting an RA/TA would be much higher in the US, than in the Netherlands. What do you all think I should do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hi everyone I started my masters and my advisor is a young assistant professor. When I contacted her to before application, she said that she had a project while when I came here (another country), she said that we have to find a topic. The problem is she is new to the field and does not help me at all. She expects me to go and find a topic myself. I tried to have meetings at first regularly, but after a couple of meeting that I noticed she does not give a me helpful feedback I stopped. It has been a more than a month now that I havent talked to her. Today I prepared a table of previous studies and wanted her to take a look at it and then we can have a meeting next day, yet she refused to read it and told me to find a hypothesis and write about it and show her the results. Guys, I am not sure that if I am a lazy student, or she really does not do her job as an advisor... Please help me to figure this out.
  18. Undergrad institution:US top 30 liberal arts school (depending on rankings) Major: Biology Minor: Psychology GPA in Major: 3.42 or something like that, should be higher when I graduate given trends in my grades Overall GPA: 3.45, which also should be above 3.5 when I graduate Type of student: Domestic, minority female, current senior I have not taken the GRE yet, but I plan to after graduation in May. Research experience: Summer research internship that I found by contacting a local PI whose research focused on the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and associated neuropeptides in stress related pathology. I got a poster and a presentation out of it, and a really good relationship with the lab. I still volunteer there from time to time, and am scheduled to present my poster at the local Society for Neuroscience chapter early next year. Additionally, I am in the processes of doing research at my home institution for a thesis. My project for the thesis is more based on neuroethology and contains more physiology than pharmacology, and even though this is not my primary interest I do like that I am getting to do electophysiological assays. Awards/Honors: 4 Year Full Tuition Leadership scholarship from a national organization affiliated with my college. I am on track to graduate Cum Laude (as if that matters). Activities/Jobs: I have been a TA for the introductory biology lab course for 2 years, so I have gotten to help students and do the more time consuming parts of experiments that focus heavily on molecular biology and genetics (which is the dominant focus of the bio department at my school). I am also head of a committee that advocates for the needs of students in STEM majors, where we have focused on improving career resources and advising for these students (which pales in comparison to what is available at large research institutions and probably Ivies). Heavily involved in student government all four years, as well as cultural groups on campus. These positions have taught me how to manage finances for clubs and manage larger projects and events. In my spare time, my SO and I are working on a book about mental illness or something to that effect. I'll let you know if we actually get somewhere! Applying to Where: I'm not applying this round, but next round (Fall 2018). But here are the following schools I am looking into, ranked in order by how much I want to go there. The list is short for now as I am still trying to come up with a list of 6-7 schools worth applying to. It should be noted that I am looking to go into a master's program as opposed to a PhD, because I don't think my grades + experience are quite there and I am not sure if I want to go the PhD route. I know that in the case of Penn, you are essentially getting a master, but also are basically being streamlined into the PhD program after a year. I listed it as an option seeing as quite a few people who graduate from my school do end up going to U Penn to get graduate degrees if they don't get an RA position there after graduating. University of Toronto - Pharmacology & Toxicology McGill - Integrative Program in Neuroscience/Psychiatry/Pharmacology (unsure which one suits my needs) Drexel Graduate School of Biomedical and Professional Studies - Pharmacology & Physiology (I did my internship here) UPenn BGS - Neuroscience Special Bonus Points: Minority status may help in the states, but I doubt it means much for Canadian schools. Other Info: I am also sort of pre-med, which shows in my coursework, but unsure if I actually want to commit to going to medical school. Additionally, exposure to certain topics in some of my courses really has me interested in the research side of things. Organic chemistry was not my friend but I received merit grades (no lower than B- though), however I did much better in lab than I did in lecture, but unfortunately the grade on my transcript does not reflect that considering that the lab course and the lecture course are combined into one grade. The same could be said for a lot of the courses in which I took lab courses actually, but my grades in all my other courses are much better. Additionally, a lot of my psych coursework is more neuroscience based or health related. Finally, I have taken two research methods/statistics courses, both of which have taught me how to use R (bio stats) and SPSS (psych stats). My main issue is that I don't think I am competitive for any of the master's programs I want to attend, so I was planning to use my gap year to not only delve further into my research interests, but to also get more research experience. Several alums have recommended that I go for an IRTA program at NIH, and I am considering that. However, i also have a great relationship with the lab I interned at and I know the tech is leaving this spring. I may consider taking his position also. The second option is more ideal because then I could resume work with the project I worked on over the summer, assuming my PI successfully secured grant funding to do a lot more with it. Would doing either of these things make me more competitive for the programs I am interested in?
  19. Hello. I am currently pursuing a degree in biology here in the U.S. and have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 (this is my last year). I have been looking at various MSc degrees abroad (e.g. Germany, Belgium, Austria, Norway, and Russia). I'm still trying to figure out which program to pursue. I want to focus on water resources, oceanography, limnology, fisheries, marine science/bio, environmental engineering, or something along those lines. Right now I'm leaning towards Belgium, Austria, or Norway and spend a year in Russia before I begin my studies to teach English and learn Russian (I am fascinated with Russia). I would like to know how easy it is to be accepted in European programs, specifically at BOKU in Vienna, UIT in Tromso, University of Oslo, and the University of Antwerp (also Gent and Brussel). Also, how are these programs viewed here in the U.S.? Will I have equal job opportunities with a master's degree abroad? Thank you very much.
  20. Hi everyone! I am planning on applying to MSc programmes in statistics in Europe with the goal of doing a PhD immediately after, probably at the same school. I wanted to ask what people think are the best departments of statistics in Europe. I know that schools such as Oxford, Warwick or ETH are good but I don't have a full picture of the best departments in the continent and, broadly speaking, how they are ranked. What would be a tentative top 10? Also, I am particularly interested in France or other French-speaking cities and would be curious to know what the best schools there are. Thank you very much!
  21. Hi, I'm interested in entering a statistics master program in the US. Since I graduated from a not so prestigious foreign university, I'm not considering aiming at top programs in the US. I think that I have better chances applying to middle-rank programs. Plus, I have a limited budget for application fees and I don't want to squander it on unrealistic expectations. My question is: where can I find MSc stat programs ranked by demand? BTW, my long term project is to work for the financial sector. Do you think that I should apply to a PhD program? If so, can you provide a similar rank for PhD programs? Best!
  22. Some of the fundamental questions constantly asked by engineers include how do things work, why do they do what they do, and how to make things better. Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed making things, interacting with people and learning about the world. As I have grown older, I have realised I am constantly asking myself the same questions, and this is one of the reasons I have decided to study towards a chemical engineering degree at the University of AAA. To realise my life-long goal of becoming a professional petroleum engineer, I hope to be considered for a place on the MSc Petroleum Engineering Programme at the University of xxxx. My interest in this area was first aroused during my undergraduate studies where I sought out every opportunity that I could lay my hands on to learn about the role of chemical engineers in the oil and gas industry. Studying Introduction to petroleum engineering module gave me a strong foundation of the field of petroleum production and a systemic understanding of the surface operations. Furthermore, Refinery and Petrochemical Production module has given me a comprehensive understanding of steps, technologies and economics that comprise a modern refinery and the immediate downstream petrochemical processing complex. In both of these modules, I have managed to maintain very high marks (90% and 70% respectively) and earned the respect of my professors and colleagues. My initial interest was further propelled after visiting Offshore Europe 2015 in Aberdeen where the theme of the conference was: inspiring and encouraging next generation of talent into the industry to secure future success. Together with the sheer amount of innovations and technologies displayed in the exhibition, have both reinforced my intense interest for the industry. Nothing excites me more than the thought of focusing my energy on topics like Reservoir Simulation, Well Testing and Completion Technologies and Enhanced Oil Recovery which will all broaden my knowledge and understanding of the topic as a whole. I am particularly keen to study at the school of engineering in the University of xxxx because it is the only School of General Engineering in USA, making it a unique place for postgraduate student to gain insight across the whole range of oil and gas industry. The university’s enviable international reputation across it is research portfolio together with its strong tradition of success attracts such a variety of students and I believe it will be a stimulating environment in which to study at master’s level. XXXX University also provides excellent working and recreational facilities for graduate students which demonstrates your commitment to the graduate student body. My fascination with the richness in the field of petroleum engineering has encouraged me to join the Society of Petroleum Engineers and IChemE’s special interest group for oil and gas to learn more about the technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. I want to be part of new age where petroleum engineers are at the forefront constantly pushing boundaries of technology to solve today’s toughest operational and commercial challenges. And joining your highly-esteemed programme and working with the guidance of your devoted faculty will give me the necessary tools to realise my life-long of becoming a professional petroleum engineer.
  23. Hey guys! I saw lots of MPH forums but not one specific for epidemiology. As far as I know UofT is the only Ontario epi program that's an MPH rather than MSc, so I thought I'd make us our own discussion. I'm a fourth year Biomedical Science undergrad from University of Guelph, applying for epi programs next year. I included the schools & statuses below. My stats are a 2 year GPA of about ~3.71, experience in academic epidemiology (undergraduate thesis in population medicine), work experience in public health epi (position was health data analyst), and good reference letters (coordinator of Guelph's MPH program and a medical officer of health). However, I haven't been published yet and haven't presented at any major conferences, which I'm worried about. Toronto's MPH (epi stream) is my top choice, but judging from last year's forums I'm not expecting to hear until late april or early may, which sucks Any other epi applicants in here?? I'm getting antsy waiting to hear back. Good luck everyone! Toronto MPH Epidemiology: Under Review Western MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics: had interview on Feb 29th, still waiting to hear back but I'm not optimistic (they wanted me to have OGS funding...) Ottawa MSc Epidemiology: Under Review Guelph MSc Epidemiology: my prof has agreed to work with me again
  24. Has anyone applied to the MSc Informatics programme at TUM for 2016 winter semester admission? A bit about myself: I am a prospective student to the mentioned program and I am currently doing my final year at UCL majoring in Computer Science.
  25. Has anyone else heard back from the masters programs at either SFU SIAT or OCAD? I've applied to both, and have even had interviews for both, but don't know where I stand in the greater pool of applicants. I applied for the MDes at OCADU (Digital Futures) and the MA at SIAT (though I really wanted to apply for the MSc, I heard it was very competitive). I know it's probably a little early to hear back from, I would love to hear others'experiences.