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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, So basically I have got NYU Tandon MSCS for Fall 2021 and USC MSCS for Spring 2022. At this point I don't really have any interest in doing research. In terms of jobs I've heard that its better being in California due to the proximity to tech jobs. Another factor to consider for me is starting in the fall vs starting in the spring. I've heard a lot of differing opinions regarding this so any clarity would be good. In your opinion what would be the better choice? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, i've been accepted to both UMass Amherst MS CS and NYU Courant MS CS. I have found mixed opinions regarding which one I should prefer. I am an international student. Not very much inclined towards continuing research work at masters level, just wish to have best possible job opportunities. NYU its new york DUH its more expensive nearer to more industrial openings UMass Amherst its in the middle of nowhere its cheaper (rent + living expenses) more reputed CS program(atleast online rankings as far as i could discern) Please vote in the poll and submit opinions!
  3. Hi, I have been accepted to both NYU Courant MSCS and Georgia Tech MSCS, both without funding. I am looking to do with thesis, as I want to keep PhD option open. I am interested in AI/ML applications for finance and would ideally be researcher/developer for a bank, though don't mind working at a tech company as well. Currently, working as a software developer at an international bank and have been working for 5 years since bachelors. I am leaning towards Georgia Tech because: Cheaper than NYU Can be completed in 1.5 years Better ranking and reputation for AI/ML and CS. NYU Pros: Better city Great business school and overall reputation as a university. Near Wall street Any inputs?
  4. Hello, My background is somewhat unconventional and I am having a very difficult time narrowing down the range of schools to apply to that I would likely get in. Especially since most graduate school profiles are vague on their admission statistics, it is difficult to determine what is a likely possibility of acceptance. I am unsure of which schools to target, if some of these masters programs are too ambitious, or if I am selling myself short. Right now, my school list includes the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Colorado Boulder, University of Chicago, Boston University, University of Houston, and a few others in between this range. Here is a glimpse of my profile: Degrees: BS Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M, GPA: 3.11 (I understand this is low due to my first semester in college; I can justify it the application). BS Computer Science through Oregon State University's Post-Bacc (Online program), GPA 3.75 GRE: Quant 166, Verbal 150, Writing 4.5 Work experience: Data analyst: 1.5 years Manufacturing engineer internship: 1 summer Research assisting: 6 months, no publications. Demographic: US citizen, female Firstly, I am unsure of how my GPA will be evaluated since I will have two technical degrees from different universities of varying difficulties (one being a traditional bachelor's degree and my computer science degree being online) and with the distinctive gap between the two grade point averages. Secondly, my work experience isn't exactly software engineering. In my data analyst job I developed a Microsoft PowerApps platform and in my research position I programmed in Matlab to evaluate EEG signals. While these projects lead me to pursue my post bacc computer science due to the programming nature, I currently lack the experience of having a position completely devoted to software engineering. Any advice is welcomed! I keep going back and forth on selecting schools to apply to due to all of the uncertainty of my application statistics with the current degree programs. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Hello Friends, I am a prospective student planning to apply for MSCS program in USA for Fall 2020 intake. It will be of great help if someone can review my SOP. Thanks a ton!
  6. Hi, I am a foreigner working full-time in New York, holding L1b visa. I would like to apply for Columbia's Master of Science in Computer Science as part-time student. But I am not sure whether they accept part-time students for foreigners, and I don't see such choices in the application system. Does anyone know about this information? Thanks
  7. Hi all! Looking for any advice and input from anyone familiar with MSCS programs. I have an unrelated undergraduate degree and would like to know which schools are worth applying to, and which are not. I know there are other individuals trying to get into CS without a CS undergrad degree - so perhaps this will be useful for them too in future. For context: I have a Bachelor of Music as an undergrad. In preparation to apply for masters programs in CS*, I have completed the following 10 courses (by application date): Discrete Structures, Programming I, Programming II (completes one-year CS sequence), Calculus I, Calculus II (completes one-year sequence), Statistics, Linear Algebra, Intro to Data Science, Operating Systems, Data Structures & Algorithms. I have a 4.0 in this course work, as well as my undergraduate degree. Q: What are some reputable programs that might accept a candidate such as myself? What are some programs that are simply not applying to, considering my background? I understand certain programs are looking primarily for students likely to excel in research. These might be universities to avoid considering my background. I am more interested in doing really good coursework from a reputable** university. What might that list look like? *In California - and many states - a second bachelors is not permitted. I live in CA. **Let's define reputable as any top 60 program from any well-known source (usnews.com, csrankings.org etc).
  8. Hello Everyone, Present I am currently working as a Full Stack developer for a technology company. I have had hands on experience with recent .Net(MVC, WebAPI) and front end frameworks(AngularJS/Angular2/4/5). I started working with a startup right after my under-grad and have been with them for 3.5 years now. I got promoted from Software Engineer to Sr. Software Engineer and currently lead a team of 15 people on several projects. Simultaneously, I work for an international client (Director of Technology) on building their complex internal use software, for which I have designed the architecture, take requirements(Agile), develop and deploy its releases. I have a stack overflow reputation of ~4K. I am in top 5% users in AngularJs and top 20% in c# and always #SOreadytohelp. Past I graduated from Manipal University, Karantaka after completing my BE in computer science. I have had a tough time in my college as I could manage a mere 5.73/10 cgpa with over 15 backlogs. I self taught myself different languages(c#, javascript, python, PHP, etc..) and worked on small and enterprise projects when i entered the real world. Future Now, I believe I have gained enough knowledge that I could have from my current role and wish to explore further on my potential by doing masters in either MIS/DataScience/ML/AI. Another reason is that I really wish to taste proper education by studying in a good school. GRE/TOEFL I would be giving the standardized tests by end of August and very certain to score 320-323 in GRE and 105-107 in TOEFL (got this data by analyzing mock tests I have given). LOR I can manage 4 recommendations 1 from either my java or maths professor in college. 1 from my ex-manager who recently quit. 1 from the CEO of my current company with whom I have worked on php projects. 1 from the client based in USA for whom I have worked closely in developing internal software. SOP I believe that I can write a convincing statement about my potential to work for the program, defend my low grades and other relevant things. Funding I have gathered some to self-fund my tuition fees and rest would be a bank loan depending on the tuition cost (15K-25K per annum) Need clarification on the below queries : What if I could not manage a LOR from any of my professors since its been 4 years now, would a professor LOR really be required? How do I go about shortlisting universities(Ambi, Mod, Safe) which are not GPA centric yet can offer competitive computer science programs? Which universities of Canada can offer similar programs with my profile? What are my chances of scholarship in these universities? Are my chances better if i apply early to these programs?
  9. Hey everyone, I've recently got admits at CMU MCDS (systems track) and Georgia Tech MSCS. I want to do mostly systems courses, especially OS, and am not into ML/AI. I'm trying to keep both prospects of job/PhD open which makes it hard to decide - by this I mean at the moment I will be going down the job path (related to systems), but I do not want to completely cut off the possibility of a PhD, so if I get a chance to do some research that would help me in the future then it would be great. I do not want to decide purely based on brand name (CMU) or fees (GaTech) but I find myself falling back on these two criteria all the time. Hoping for a more holistic outlook from others. Could anyone provide their opinion as to which they would pick and why? TIA :
  10. Anyone waiting for a decision for the MS CS program at dartmouth?
  11. How late does Texas A&M University, College Station roll out Spring admits? I have applied for Masters in Computer Science (MSCS) for Spring 2018. I have not heard of anybody getting a decision yet. This is worrisome for an International student like me, it will be extremely late for Visa application if I do get an admit. How many admits do they roll out for Spring anyway? They are not replying my emails as well!
  12. Hello Everyone, Sharing my profile with you: Gre: 314 (AWA: 3.5, Q165) Toefl: 94 (S: 23 R:23 L:24 W:24) Percentage: 78.4 Btech in CS Work exp: 3 years till now MS in CS (artificial intelligence and machine learning) Strong LOR and SOP I have shortlisted some universities > Safe: 1. San Jose State University (SJSU) Moderate: 1. Rutgers 2. Stoney Brooks New York, 3. Northeastern University (NEU Boston) 4. Arizona State University ASU 5. North Carolina State University NCSU 6. University of Southern California (USC) 7. University of Illinois Chicago(UIC) Ambitious: 1. TAMU 2. Penn State Please suggest some safe universities for my profile and do suggest if any changes are required in the categories (If some universities need to be dropped or can be added in the above list)
  13. Hi I have received 2 admits for MS in CS from UCLA and Columbia University. I am very confused and unable to decide one. Any inputs on which one i should lean onto? Pros/Cons of both? I am interested in ML/AI.
  14. I'm an international student who's gotten admits from the University of Southern California to the MS CS (spl. in DS) program, and from the University of Utah MSCS program. I'm inclined towards USC because of it's higher ranking and location, but I'm worried about the expense and large class sizes. Utah has smaller class sizes, cheaper fees and possibility of getting a TA position. Since my parents are prepared to fully fund my education, money is not that big of an issue, however saving a few thousand dollars would be nice. Is it worth giving up USC for Utah?
  15. Hey guys I have got admit from neu for mscs and am waiting for upitt mscs decision. which do you think is better in terms of reputation, jobs and coursework?
  16. Which is better : UCLA vs UCSD vs Columbia for MS in CS. Also my area of interest is Machine Learning and AI. Please help...
  17. Experts/Aspirants, I could really use some help. I have been offered admits from UI at Urbana-Champaign (for Professional MCS degree) and UC San Diego ( for MS in CS). I understand that UIUC is ranked higher than UCSD, but then I have some apprehensions regarding professional MCS degree when pitted against MSCS. Not too sure if this degree is considered equivalent to MS in CS, and likewise revered and valued in the industry. In UIUC's defence, the coursework and degree requirement for MCS is exactly same as the MSCS research program at the university(except that the 4 credit thesis is replaced by a course). UCSD on the other hand -has the 'Californian' location advantage and San Diego is a burgeoning tech city. -slightly less expensive of the two -climate round the year is mild and pleasant, unlike harsh winters in Urbana. As of today, I am not very keen on going for research profile with my master's program. This puts me in a fix. If you happen to have pertinent context on this, please feel free to chime in and share your valuable suggestions. Thanking in anticipation Profile (if matters) - Papers/publications - None TOEFL - 112/120 GRE - 329/340 (Q: 168, V: 161, AWA: 4) College - IIT Patna CGPA - 9.35/10 Work Experience - 3yrs as SDE at Microsoft India Development Center
  18. Hello. I graduated from a private liberal arts school with a BA in Psychology (minor in Studio Art) in 2015. Afterwards I changed gears in what I wanted to do and started taking courses half-time at my community college. I fell in love with the Computer Science department and now want to earn a degree to do work in the field. My coursework will include at minimum: Calculus I Java Programming (two semesters) Data Structures and Algorithms Discrete Mathematics Elementary Computer Organization Networking Fundamentals Mobile Games PERL Programming Internet Programming I will be completing a Certificate of Achievement in Programming (an AS requires me to take too many non relevant classes). In addition to the courses I've already planned, I will have room for 2-6 of the following in the next year: Calculus II and III, C++ Programming, Intro to Operating Systems, Cloud Programming, and Computer Security. I've discussed my plans with my current professors and they agree that an MS will be a better move for me than pursuing a second Bachelors. I'm taking many of the courses that are listed as prerequisites for MS programs and my community college has a reputation for having a strong program for the major. I believe for most programs I will have the majority of its foundational prerequisites (possibly will need to take a couple higher math with conditional enrollment, like Linear Algebra and Differential Equations). In some cases, I may have all the necessary coursework, but those are rare. My undergraduate GPA was 3.54. So far I have a 3.90 in the CS coursework I've taken (I took a couple non CS classes at community college in 2007 and 2012 and that's bringing my entire community college GPA down to 3.45). My GRE was a combined 320 (161 Quantitative and 159 Verbal), but I hadn't studied as much as I wanted to and would like to bump my score up with a more strategic study plan this summer. My goal is 330 with a lot of studying. My question is what expectations should I hold for myself? I clearly realize I should not anticipate getting into a Top 10 school without a stronger science background. I plan to cast a wide net, but do you have any recommendations for schools that would be a realistic goal for me? Any suggestions which classes would be best for me to focus on out of the courses I'm considering for the next year?
  19. I have got into 2 programs and am waiting on other two, but have to get back on admitted programs soon. My main aim is to do research to put me in a better position for PhD in ML (deep learning and/or probabilistic modeling) later on but also keep option open for a job in machine learning like data scientist, machine learning scientist or research engineer in case I do not get into a PhD with an advisor in my research area. Below are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each. CMU MCDS: Great all around in terms of professors, research, courses and reputation. However, it is billed as a professional degree and so if I don’t get to do enough research with the right profs I would need to look for job and the kind of jobs available are mainly software engineer. Columbia MSCS: There is a thesis option but very little clarity on how many students are actually able to move on to successful PhDs in future as unlike CMU they don’t post information on alumni. I could hardly find any masters students on faculty research group pages so not sure if they are accepted by Profs for research positions. NYU MSCS: I have seen a few MS students here doing research with faculty but it’s the highest risk in terms of getting a job if PhD doesn’t work out as I’ve heard most of the people getting jobs in NYC banks which is not my top priority. Stanford MSCS: I almost certainly would take Stanford over all these as I think it provides the best balance of both choices but here too I see it markets itself as more of a terminal degree so I am confused. Kindly advise which one I should choose given my situation which has the maximum research potential.
  20. Hey, I have received an admit from UPenn for MS in CIS and I'm still waiting for USC and UCSD; assuming I get into one of them or both of them; which of the three is better suited for MS in CS taking into consideration the opportunities for TA/RA, funding, financial assistance, internship chances, and job prospects? It would be great help if you can direct me to some students who've studied/studying there as well!
  21. I got this mail in the morning today. Dear CS MS Applicant, We would like to invite you to apply to the Master's program in Computer Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. You were selected because your application to the CS MS program at UCR was reviewed well, but due to the very high competition you may not be offered admission. Because time is short, you must apply within a week of receiving this email. One you apply, we will use the application materials(GREs, recommendation letters etc.) from your previous application to the CS MS program to evaluate your application. Please note that this invitation does not constitute a promise of admission, since admission to the computer engineering program is also highly competitive. We look forward to hearing from you. Graduate Student Advisor, Computer Engineering Program I would very much like to apply to this university but I'm not so sure about Computer Engineering. The program is more hardware oriented than I would like and involves very very heavy mathematics. Is it possible that once in the univ you can apply for switching the program. Also I'm afraid this might just be an advertisement to get some application money out of me. Any Ideas?
  22. Hi, I have been admitted to TAMU and USC for MS in CS. I believe that USC is better ranked and offers better opportunities when it comes to industry opportunities (Internships). But the difference in tuition and living expenses is making me think twice about accepting USC. 1. USC Tuition $35k approx. 2. TAMU tuition $15k approx. Is the difference in geographical location + tag + job opportunities + education huge so as to overlook the financial aspect? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  23. I had applied for masters in computer Science at Arizona State University but I was admitted to Masters in Information Technology which is offered at their polytechnic campus. I have an admit for Masters in Computer Science at RIT with 30% scholarship. I wanted to know how are the job opportunities post MS in IT are they as good as post masters in MSCS? I have gone through the course work and it is not similar to what is typically offered in computer science. My intended major is Data manangement. it (2).pdf
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