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Found 5 results

  1. As decision day gets closer, I realize more and more that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I have been accepted into Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), University of Alaska (Fairbanks, AK), and State University of New York-Enviornmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse, NY). Right now I do environmental analytical chemistry research and I would like to continue to do this kind of work. MSU would be more chemistry based without much environmental, and SUNY and UAF would be better for environmental science. The main issue is that even though MSU isn't very much environmental they have the best offer, so just not sure what to do. Any advice?
  2. Hello! I'm quite new to this forum but after reading some other threads I thought this might be a great place to get the information I'm after. First a bit of backstory: I've been admitted to Michigan State's law school and I am interested pursuing graduate work in philosophy alongside that degree. I'm not a philosophy major (just a minor) so I would have to go through the master's program before starting on the Ph.D. I'm interested in MSU's program because their faculty seems to be very much focused on social and political philosophy, along with philosophy of law, which are areas of the discipline that I love working with. I've combed over the philosophy department's and the law school's website but I still have a few lingering questions. Here are my biggest questions: How hard is it to gain admittance to the master's/Ph.D. program? I meet all of the M.A.'s numbers requirements in the graduate handbook on their website but I haven't been able to find any admissions statistics. Also, what is the MSU philosophy department's reputation? And how easy would it be to gain admittance to the Ph.D. program from the master's? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm deciding between a couple of law schools and the ability to pursue a philosophy degree at MSU is a big draw for me over the other options that I have.
  3. Hello everyone! I am applying for the Fall 2018 semester to a Master's program for speech-language pathology. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has any information on these programs. Thank you in advance! NJ: Montclair State University William Paterson University Kean University Seton Hall University Stockton University Monmouth University NY: Mercy College New York Medical College Iona College (developing program) Touro College Teacher's College CT: Sacred Heart University (developing program) University of Connecticut FL: Florida International University NOVA Southeastern University University of Central Florida
  4. Hey guys. Just wanted to know who else is headed towards Michigan State University this fall? Just thought we`d do a virtual meet n greet session:)
  5. Hi all, I was recently accepted to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University for MSW! I went to umich as an undergrad and would obviously love to continue my education there, but it is significantly more expensive than MSU and money is a huge factor for me. Both programs are reputable in my opinion, but I wanted to hear thoughts from other. Is there a huge advantage to a masters from Michigan over MSU? If I want to focus on direct practice/clinical/micro level, which program would be best from me? All opinions are wanted!
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