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Found 385 results

  1. Does anyone know when graduate assistantships will be released for UGA MSW?
  2. I'm currently deciding between a top MSW program and a mid-level PsyD. I'm interested in private practice eventually and I know that I can do that with either degree. I'm drawn to the PsyD program because it offers more training, more education, and would put me in a position where I'm not limited to the jobs that I can apply for. I know that PsyDs are very costly, but I have spoken with my family and am very fortunate to be in a position where I would not graduate with insane amounts of debt. Would love to hear from people who have a PsyD and people who have their MSWs about your experiences and whether or not you felt prepared for clinical practice!
  3. Has anyone got decisions yet? Still waiting
  4. I've recently applied to College of Staten Island for Fall 2020. I submitted my application on 2/19. Wondering if anyone else is waiting on the reply as well.
  5. Greetings to all! I'm an international applicant to MSW 2020 fall. I'm lucky to be accepted by ColumbiaU and Umich, and I'm struggling to choose from them. I cannot go on a campus visit due to this epidemic. As I search through the Internet, I really feel comfortable with the atmosphere and culture in Umich, as well as the environment in Ann Arbor. However, ColumbiaU is one of a kind throughout the world with a famous Ivy title. It is really hard for me to let it go. Moreover, as MSW students we must go to field study. I'm kind of worrying about the NYC Metro if we need to take it every day... Because I'm an international student, there are not very large differences between the two concerning money issues, and I didn't receive financial aids either. After graduation, I'm planning to work in western America or Atlanta, so I may not stay at either Michigan or New York... So any ideas for my situation? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi there!! I have been doing extensive research and trying to decide which Online MSW programs to apply too. I am really curious about anyones experience on the program you chose and if you are happy with it. I'm a bit nervous to bite the bullet on an online program, but I can't financially swing something totally in-person since I'll be working to pay for school!! A little bit about me: - This would be my second Master's, first in Public Administration - Decided I wanted to transition to clinical Social Work with an emphasis in counseling. - Considering Simmons and Case Western, but horrified on the reviews from Simmons. It sounds good on paper, but hard to tell what it is actually like!!
  7. Hello everyone! Curious to see if anyone else applied to Cal State East Bay and has anyone heard back?? I applied in early Dec before the deadline and wanted to know if anyone knows when decisions will come out? I checked today Jan 23, 2020 and so far NADA.
  8. How many people have applied to UNC's full-time MSW program starting in Fall 2020? I applied by the priority deadline in December and haven't heard back yet, so just wondering what other people's timelines look like and if anyone has been accepted yet!
  9. Hey Everyone, As I am reading all the previous threads about Hunter for Silberman School of Social Work I decided to make a thread for those applying for the fall of 2020. let me know the process, how is if for you? I submitted my application 1-31-20- recommenders still pending but anxious to see the decision already.
  10. I've applied to Stony Brook's MSW/social work program in their Manhattan location (decisions are delayed due to the virus). I'd appreciate hearing about the experience from current or former students, even in the main campus. Here are some specific questions: 1. How were the professors? 2. Was there student diversity and stimulating discussions? 3. Did the connections you made help your career? I'm new to this and I'm not sure anyone would see this. I am grateful for any response I get.
  11. Hello all, I have applied to Denver University and was accepted. I live about an hour away and would have to drive there two days a week. I have also applied to Metropolitan State University Denver, which has an online MSW program. I am wondering if anyone has experience with an online MSW program and/or if going in-person is better? I have taken online classes before and I do fine. The other question I have is if the name matters in MSW programs? DU is a lot more expensive, but also has a better-known program than MSU. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Has anyone applied to MSW Fall 2020 program at UH and heard back? I applied early in October 2019 and still have not heard anything yet (I am not an advanced standing applicant). I am going crazy waiting for my decision letter.
  13. Hey everyone so I started this thread because there was no thread for Fordham’s MSW program for Fall 2020 ... unless there is (sorry) I applied Feb. 1 2020 and am waiting now ~ to the Westchester campus. Let me know what you guys did.
  14. Starting this thread for my fellow applicants to Case Western's MSSA/MSW program for the fall of 2020! Has anyone heard back yet? :)
  15. So, long story short, I’m almost halfway finished with my first year in an MSW program and I’m having serious doubts about whether this field is for me. Ever since I started thinking about pursuing this path I wanted to become a therapist, but I’m not even sure I believe in therapy anymore. I know there are many other possible career paths in the field, but tbh, I’m not sure I want to be involved with mental health at all anymore. It’s not my passion; it never has been. I pursued this because I thought it was practical (hilarious, I know, but my other idea for my life was to become an academic) and because I thought I might be good at it. I know it’s too soon to tell whether I’m capable, but I don’t know if I’m interested enough to find out. It feels like a bad sign that I already feel this much trepidation when it seems like everyone I know in the field is burned out, underpaid, and sad. I don’t really have another ideas for what I would do besides some half-baked dreams of becoming a journalist. I know I wouldn’t make any money in that field either if I was lucky enough to “make it” in some small way, and I’m not sure whether I possess the work ethic, talent, or intelligence to succeed in that industry. I have around 80k in student loan debt currently and it will be at the very minimum 100k by the time I am done with this program. I know it must seem like I’m obsessed with money, but I’ve never made more than 12,000 in a year and I am so tired of being poor. I would like to make at least 50k a year SOMEDAY and ideally more so that I can pay off my student loans and possibly even help my dad with the PLUS loans he took out for my undergrad in the sweet, misguided hope that I would amount to something in life. I would also like to not be a fucking albatross around my boyfriend’s neck for the rest of my life. I have tried to explore these feelings in therapy and it does not help. All my therapist does is say “wow, you’re really hard on yourself.” Last week she recommended a mental health IOP where some of my peers work. This is part of why I’m losing confidence in therapy, but it’s not just her; I haven’t made any significant progress in that arena in years. It seems all my therapists do is listen to me vent and collect a check. I have had a couple wonderful ones; but they have been few and far between, and I am starting to believe I am simply too broken to be helped. Which, of course, makes the idea of idea of me thing to help anyone else laughable at best and unethical at worst. I apologize if this doesn’t fit here, but I am desperate and grad cafe has helped me in the past. I know I am depressed and possibly not seeing things clearly, but it also seems evident that I have made quite the mess of my life. If anyone has any insight or has been through something similar and come out the other side ok and is willing to share that with me, I would be eternally grateful.
  16. I recently applied to Fordham's online MSW program for the May term. I applied as an advanced standing student. I am a little nervous about being admitted to the program even tho my GPA meets the minimum 3.0. Has anyone applied to, been admitted or still waiting for a decision from Fordham's Online MSW program?
  17. Hey Everyone 😀 Making this thread to start a conversation with accepted students or waiting students to Fordham for their MSW come Fall. Which campus are you going to? Honestly just anything you want to mention. I got accepted on the 19th and going to the Westchester campus 🎉 Congratulations to everyone that got accepted WHOO we did it! 🎉
  18. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for those applying to MSW/PhD programs. I am currently considering applying to a ton of programs to increase my chances of acceptance. I already have an MPP. It looks like most programs want you to already have a masters prior to applying. I have also worked in healthcare and health policy for about 8 years. Stats, if interested: - BS from Cornell. GPA: 3.4, but I was pre-med and took a ton of life science courses. Excellent grades in social science courses. - MPP from Brown. They do not do GPA and only give whole letter grades (no +/-). - GRE: V 162/ Q 157/ W 5.5 (V+Q 319)
  19. Let's share the pressure and stress during the long wait of admission decision 2020 MSW Canadian MSW
  20. Guest

    MSW UNC 3 Year

    Hi everyone! I have not seen many people post about the MSW 3 year Distance program at UNC Chapel Hill. Has anyone applied for it?
  21. Hi! Applied to and got accepted to MSW programs at UNC Chapel Hill, Columbia, U Michigan, and U Chicago. Really really thankful, but also having a lot of trouble making a decision or even narrowing it down (made a very detailed Google spreadsheet, color coded and everything haha). Any help or advice from current students on how you made a decision or fellow applicants who have decided, etc. would be super helpful! A few things about me/to note: -I applied for the community change/macro/generalist area of practice for each school - Currently doing community organizing work and looking to supplement that work through an MSW-- want to be part of a program with a lot of options for me, with a real commitment to systems change and so a pretty much exclusively clinically focused school wouldn't be a good fit for me -Not a resident of any of these states (currently live in DC) -$$ is a huuuge factor (duh) I've gotten some scholarships from every school except UNC so far, but it's still expensive and daunting (my undergrad had really good financial aid and I had no $ so I've never had to take any loans) -Would love to (ideally) visit a school before I accept, but $$ is a factor and with time constraints it might not be realistic to visit all 4 in time, hence my desire to narrow down the options. Sorry for the long post! Anything is helpful, so thanks in advance!!!
  22. Hi all! I applied to the 2-year full-time MSW program at UNCW (UNC Wilmington) starting in Fall 2020 but I have yet to hear back from them! I applied by the Priority Deadline and just wondering when other people submitted their applications and if they've heard back yet or when they expect to hear back. Good luck to everyone!
  23. Anyone know the timeline for hearing back from Columbia MSW?
  24. Hey! Has anyone heard anything yet about their admissions decision for Advanced Standing at UNC Chapel Hill? I'm getting more and more anxious everyday!
  25. Hi All - I'm currently a corporate paralegal that recently realized that I'd like to pivot to a career in mental health. My vision for a career is clear: I want to work towards a private practice that will mainly service the adult male population. I've also been working on a marketing business on the side, so I think I may want to split my time with these careers in the future. I'm extremely excited that I've finally developed a vision for a career that would fulfill me, but money is a huge issue I need to consider; honestly, it's making me question whether I should even pursue this new path. I'm already in about $115,000 in debt and I know people don't get into mental health for the money. I'm currently making about $80,000 for my current paralegal job, so it pains me to know that if I pursue a career in mental health, not only will I have to quit my well-paying job eventually, but I will likely be in more debt than I'm in now making less (at least at the beginning of my career). Assuming you think this path is worth pursuing (feel free to share that with me if that's the case) my question is twofold: (1) what degree should I pursue to maximize my earning potential while keeping my tuition low? I've looked at MSW programs, but I know PhD is in option especially when considering income potential. (2) Is it realistic to make six figures as a talk therapist or am I just living in fantasy land? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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