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Found 316 results

  1. verosanchez

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to connect with others who are also waiting for admission decisions for MSW programs; this process feels like it's taking forever! I applied to UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, SF State, and am still working on SJSU. This is definitely nerve-wracking! Has anyone else applied and feels nervous????? Which programs did ya'll apply to??
  2. SacMac


    Has anyone else applied to LSU MSW ONLINE program?
  3. Hi all! I know it's early but I just thought I would start this thread for those planning to apply to the University of Pittsburgh's MSW program this year. This can be a space to share our hopes, fears, stats, scholarship info, and any technical issues that we may be having with the process. As for me, I'm planning to apply by the December 31st deadline so that I can get that sweet sweet combination of guaranteed admission and scholarship assistance. This is my second cycle applying and I'm eager to get the process over and done with! Does anyone know if they have opened the application yet? I already asked my references from last year if they would mind writing me one more letter of recommendation and they all said yes, thank God. I'm having a little trouble with the ApplyYourself portal, though - when I log in and click on "Edit Application" nothing happens. I did create my profile last spring though so maybe that's part of the problem? Thoughts?
  4. Hi hello it's me, creator of a million and one threads, haha. Sorry to post again but I really need some advice. I was accepted to Pitt yesterday (yay!!) and I really want to go. However, I'm worried about the amount of debt I will have to take on in addition to the debt I already have from undergrad. This is my second cycle applying, and I have a strong desire to start grad school this year. I feel like I'm ready and I don't see the point of waiting any longer (it's already been almost four years since I graduated from undergrad). However, I can't stop comparing the tuition at Pitt (22k) with the tuition at the top-ranked program in my (former) home state (12k) and feeling upset by it. I feel like I should have applied to the program in my home state before and essentially the only reason I didn't is because my partner refused to consider living in that city. I was fine with this at the time because I really wanted to move out of the state, but now I feel like maybe we made a mistake by moving here. Additionally, there is a small possibility that my partner may soon have a job opportunity in or around our former town, which is a reasonable distance from the city in which the other MSW program is located. A lot of people commute between the two, and I would consider this as well if the opportunity presented itself. I guess my question is... am I being an idiot by not considering the much more affordable (lower-ranked but still respected) program? The big issue is that I would have to wait another year to apply. The deadline is too soon to ask my recommenders to write me another letter and if I applied now I wouldn't qualify for in-state tuition, which would sort of defeat the purpose. There are definitely pros and cons to both - I don't love the city of Pittsburgh, and I miss aspects of my hometown, such as the natural beauty of the area and being close to family. However, decent jobs are pretty hard to come by in that area and it would be so embarrassing to move back after all this. I also don't want to wait an additional year to start grad school, and I don't want to put myself and my recommenders through through the process of applying for the third year in a row! There's also no guarantee that I would get in, and if I didn't I'd be in a much worse position than I am now. But the tuition... I'm so conflicted! Please help!
  5. Jerusalem

    CSULB MSW fall 2019

    Hey, I wanted to start a thread to share stats and acceptance/rejection timelines. I am currently applying to CSULB, CSULA, and CSUDH. Cal state long beach is my top choice. I am ready to turn in my application as soon as I get my ID. My overall GPA is 3.1 and my last 60 unit GPA is 3.5. I only have one Social work related work experience but I have worked there for 3 years. I have also worked as a research and teaching assistant for 2 years. Hopefully, that will help.
  6. harpert1

    UChicago, MSW 2019

    Hello, everyone! I know that it's a bit early in the admissions cycle, but I recently submitted my application to Chicago and I started getting excited. Hoping that we can share information about decisions, scholarships, and anxiety as time goes on!
  7. Long story short, I just calculated the amount I would have to take out in loans for tuition alone assuming a small scholarship and it's over 30k. Add loans for living expenses to that, even assuming I'm incredibly frugal and my partner is helping to support me, and I feel like I'm looking at 50k in debt for this degree. Feeling really down especially seeing as I already have over 40k in debt from my useless undergrad. This is what I want to do with my life and I don't want to get discouraged, but damn. I thought I was being smart by waiting a year and trying to get in-state tuition, but $50,000 is no joke. Is anyone else out there struggling with the price tag before even being admitted?
  8. Hi, was wondering if anyone was applying to fordhams msw program for fall 2019, and if so, have any suggestions/tips for writing the personal statement! It states to talk about a social issue and they also note to use APA formatting to include any references/citations. Did anyone use any outside resources? Would that be necessary if this is a personal statement? I am having trouble starting this personal statement so any help/tips/suggestions are welcome! If anyone has applied and was accepted into Fordham already, any advice for the personal statements? Thanks!
  9. waterairairfire

    CSUN MSW FALL 2019

    I sent in my application for the 2-year on-campus program, on 01/08/2019. Alright, who's waiting with me?
  10. Hi! I'm currently a senior at TCNJ. I'm a Psych/Public Health dual major. I'm just going to list some of the things that will hopefully make me stand out, but I'm also going to attach my (really, really rough and in progress so don't judge) CV for more detail and stuff: my gpa is a 3.93/4.0 Phi Beta Kappa Lots of work with diverse individuals due to TCNJ's proximity to Trenton 120 hours in Fall 2017 at a nonprofit in Trenton that works with adolescents of different demographics (LGBTQ, homeless, etc) with emotional and behavioral challenges I've been in a research lab on campus since January that focuses on youth and community development, doing two major projects at a Trenton full-service elementary school DBT infused group work with 4th graders Mindfulness First author of an accepted Eastern Psychological Conference presentation submission I guess I'm just trying to figure out how competitive these MSW programs are & what my chances are? also, if anyone wants to review my previous statement, lmk (: real rough.docx
  11. miler95

    Just Applied!

    I turned in my applications for University of Wisconsin, Arizona State University, and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! I'm debating on whether to turn my Simmons application in or not... This whole ordeal has been a lot of work and stress! Let me know if you are also applying or if you have any questions about the process, I can at least give you my side of things.
  12. smeriya5

    Online MSW Programs

    I am looking into getting my MSW online. Any suggestions on accredited online programs? I am looking into oncology or geriatric social work. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys! I have been spending the last two months or so working on my personal statement and have read numerous samples and tips, but still do not feel totally confident in it. At this point, I am just looking for someone to possibly help me by reading over it and providing their honest feedback. Or if you have a personal statement that you are working on as well, I would be happy to provide you feedback. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, everyone! I know that it's a bit early in the admissions cycle, but I recently submitted my application to UIC and I started getting excited. Hoping that we can share information about decisions and scholarships, and anxiety as time goes on!
  15. SacMac


    Hi there everyone! I applied to CSUN, CSUSB, and LSU for their MSW online programs. Has anyone heard anything? I have received emails from all of them that they have my applications, but nothing more than that. CSUSB sent me an email saying I was accepted by the school now I need acceptance into the school of social work. fingers crossed. They are my first choice, since it is the cheapest program.
  16. Hi all! Looking for some help here. I've scrolled through different threads re: SP2's admissions interview and have seen different things. I've seen that it usually takes ~3 weeks after submission to get the scheduling email. I submit my application on Saturday, Dec 1 and heard back two days later on Monday, Dec 3. I'm assuming this is good, or is this just because I submit so far in advance of the deadline? Also, any advice about the actual process would be helpful! I'm curious to know how much of the interview is focused on weaknesses/gaps vs. positive notes/resume reinforcement. Thank you!
  17. smntoronto

    Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hey there, This is my first time using Grad Cafe, not sure if I'm posting in the right spot but I'm interested to hear from those of you who are applying for an MSW anywhere in Canada in 2018. What kind of work experience is most relevant? I've potentially found a job working in the registration department at the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario screening applicants from prospective therapists - would you say that looks favourable on an MSW application? Thanks for your input!
  18. suhlast

    WashU MSW Fall 2019

    Hi all! I submitted my application for WashU on Nov 1. Since then the status has been "application under review" until today it turned to "decision rendered." However, I can't see anywhere what that decision is! Any ideas?!
  19. HELP! I feel like the honest answer is "never" because it will probably annoy her but also I'm not completely sure she ever received the link because when I sent it out the application said it was possible it could be sent to a spam folder. The application deadline isn't until December 31st so I know that I should chill, but also, I don't want to wait until the last minute and have her think I never sent it! I asked her if she would mind writing me another recommendation in June (this is my second cycle applying) and I submitted the form with her email on September 25th. I know she's probably just busy but I am starting to get worried... when do you guys think it would be okay to contact her? (Super apologetically, of course, and mentioning the spam folder thing!)
  20. doctormelody

    reusing old essay?

    Hey guys, just wondering if you think it's bad to reuse my essay from last year and just change the parts that are school specific? Last year, I used basically the same essay for every school and just edited it to reflect the phrasing used in their prompts since they all ask basically the same things. The only thing I'm worried about is a large part of my essay is about an event that happened in the summer of 2017 and was therefore much more relevant (at least to me personally) this past year. I'm applying to only one school and I didn't apply there last year. I'm not worried about getting in because my GPA is above the threshold for guaranteed admission. I'm a little worried that it could affect my chances of getting a decent scholarship if my essay isn't up to snuff. Then again, I've also heard that for this particular school, they base scholarship awards on GPA, in which case it seems pointless to even try for more than the minimum since my GPA is only 3.5 (the cutoff is 3.4). Any thoughts? Any second cycle applicants having similar problems? Talk to me! I have less than a month to complete this application and I'm kind of freaking out since I also start a new job this week and my time management skills are admittedly awful (something I had hoped to improve before grad school, welp).
  21. harpert1

    Fall 2019 Applications

    Hello, everyone! I know that it's a bit early in the admissions cycle, but I recently submitted my application to U of I and I started getting excited. Hoping that we can share information about decisions and scholarships, and anxiety as time goes on!
  22. harpert1

    Fall 2019 Applications

    Hello, everyone! I know that it's a bit early in the admissions cycle, but I recently submitted my application to Case Western and I started getting excited. Hoping that we can share information about decisions and scholarships, and anxiety as time goes on!
  23. Taylor_Xo

    Transferring MSW Programs

    Hey!! So recently I have decided to take a leave of absence to figure out if I want to stay at my institute but more than likely I will leave. I want to go into a program that has a welcoming and warm environment for me to succeed in. Any recommendations of where to look? Thank you!
  24. Forum for Fall 2019 MSW Applicants to UCLA!! Post questions about the applications, stats for yourself, or notify us when you hear something from UCLA!!
  25. Hi, everyone! First time posting here. I'm in my last year of undergrad (BS in psychology), and I'm going to start applying to MSW programs for Fall 2019 within the next few months. I was wondering if any of you could weigh in on how my odds look for getting into the following schools: University of North Carolina, Columbia, NYU, Boston University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and University of Texas. Stats: major GPA 3.85, 4 volunteer positions (2 food banks, homeless coalition, and 24 hour counseling hotline), letters of rec from tenure track professors and volunteer supervisors. Are these the stats that would also be considered when applying for assistantships? Have any of you received large scholarships? All of these schools are out of my home state (Florida), so I'm hoping to be able to receive some scholarships.

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