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  1. I have been accepted on to Columbia's MSW (at CSSW) for the Fall of 2022. I am a British Citizen on a very low income (unqualified social work) and am looking for sources of funding as I have no savings. I am hoping to find out the following: - sources of external scholarships for doing an MSW as an international student in the US - information about charitable loans that do not require a US citizen co-signer Any help would be much appreciated as I am finding it really hard to get through to anyone at Columbia
  2. Hello! I was just curious how much student loans people here plan to take on/have already taken on for their MSWs? I'm trying to figure out how much is 'too much' and I wondered if anyone else is struggling with that right now? Personally, I applied this cycle and am currently debating between attending UIC more or less for free, or UChicago with roughly 45-50k in loans by graduation.
  3. Hello! I am so curious if people know when I should expect to hear back from these MSW programs for Fall 2022: UPenn University of Washington WUSTL UC Berkeley Heard back from Columbia (got in!) but am anxiously awaiting these other schools so I can make an informed decision.
  4. Hi! Was hoping to get some advice as I make a decision on where to attend for my MSW fall 2022. I have been admitted to Berkeley, UCLA, and SDSU. I currently live in LA, and want to live in southern california long term in my career. UCLA ($25,360/year) and Berkeley ($19,968/year) are significantly more expensive than SDSU ($9,570/year), and I am leaning towards SDSU for this reason. But am not sure if the rigor/accomplished faculty at the other schools are worth paying more for. Thank you!
  5. Hi! Was hoping to get some advice as I make a decision on where to attend for my MSW fall 2022. I have been admitted to Berkeley, UCLA, and SDSU. I currently live in LA, and want to live in southern california long term in my career. UCLA ($25,360/year) and Berkeley ($19,968/year) are significantly more expensive than SDSU ($9,570/year), and I am leaning towards SDSU for this reason. But am not sure if the rigor/accomplished faculty at the other schools are worth paying more for. Thank you!
  6. Might be a long shot since not many people apply for the spring, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything from Silberman regarding the spring 2022 semester. I applied to the accelerated OYR program, application was submitted on 8/27 and marked complete on 9/24, yesterday (10/19) on my portal it says “pending interview” but I haven’t heard anything from them to schedule an interview. Anyone else?
  7. Anyone having hard time doing on the application
  8. Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for the Spring 2022 term at Columbia. I was wondering if anyone else applied for Spring as well?? I know they said the average time to hear back is 8 weeks, but I do hope they start rolling out decisions earlier since they don't get as many applicants in the spring.
  9. Hello! I applied to UT Austin's MSW program on November 13th, and met the early application deadline. Ever since January 15th I have been anxiously checking my status each day, but it still says "in review," so the waiting game continues. I am just curious if anyone else has heard back!
  10. Hi all! I'm applying to a program that has a good reputation here in Chicago (UIC) for MSW with advanced standing. It is my dream school, I am so nervous about not being able to get in. I submitted my application a few days ago. The application had only been open for two weeks. I was just so eager! This is how I am looking: GPA: 3.27 Last 60 hours GPA: 3.36 5 extensive volunteer experiences in related field for around 6 years total so strong CV 3 strong recommendations (i know because they all really liked me) Good personal statement answers Applied early Also, can anyone who knows tell me the chances of getting into Loyola University as well? Thank you!
  11. Anyone have information on when decisions go out for MSW programs (Fall 2021) ..applied to Virginia Commonwealth University Radford University University of South Carolina Ohio State University of Michigan
  12. Hello everyone! I saw that no one started the 2021 thread yet so I decided to make one. Hopefully we can all help to alleviate the pressure we feel from the wait. I submitted on the 19th of January and was completed on the 20th. Haven't heard back yet because its too early. Has anyone submitted their app and hear back yet!? Best of luck yall!
  13. Hello All! I am starting the application process for MSW programs for Fall 2021. I am applying to a wide range of schools in CA, Boston, NY, and more. I created this post to discuss the application process, decision, stats and any insight anyone can share. Has anyone else stated the MSW app process? Kelly
  14. I need to vent. I applied to San Jose State University’s Master of Social Work program on November 30th (the day before the deadline) and I haven’t heard anything. I know my procrastination is not a good look, but these applications are hard and I constantly second guess/overthink my essays. I’m seeing/hearing a lot of acceptances into SJSU’s program and I’m honestly losing hope because I got rejected from two MSW programs and I’m questioning if I’m even cut out for social work. I always thought I was because I’m empathetic and compassionate due to my struggles with mental and physical health, but what if they see through my BS that I thought was genuine? Part of me thinks my chances are high because I got my bachelor’s degree from SJSU, had a 3.8 university GPA with a 3.6 cumulative GPA, and was pretty involved on campus. Yet I’m fearful that it’s not enough because I don’t have enough experience or something else I had very little control over. At most, I volunteered at soup kitchens. The past month has been difficult and my mental health is at a new low. I feel worthless and like I won’t accomplish anything.
  15. I am applied to University of Southern California’s Master of Social Work program back in April, and I am anxiously awaiting the results. This is my dream program because I know two people who are alumni and I want to make them proud. However, I was reviewing my application and I noticed some mistakes on my part. 1. I put that I attended one of my community colleges for two school years, but I forgot that I attended another semester online while physically attending a different community college. 2. I also forgot that I started at the university I graduated from much earlier because I took a summer class through the summer I graduated high school. 3. For the same university, I accidentally checked “still attending.” I am really freaking out because I already got rejected by two MSW programs over the past two weeks. Upon realizing this mistake, I frantically emailed my admissions counselor on Friday Night, and I hope to get a response on Monday. I just hope that there’s some clemency because I attended five different colleges (official transcripts are not cheap), I am on the autism spectrum, and I had an eating disorder for the first half of college so my memory of those years is spotty. I went into detail about the latter two in my personal statement. The question is, are these mistakes going to cost me?
  16. Hello! I am having trouble deciding between the two schools in the title. I feel pretty set on Columbia but also wonder if it's worth the price tag and debt I'll possibly accumulate (assuming I don't grind for scholarships/fellowships lol) if I'll receive the same kind of education and opportunities at Maryland's School of Social Work. Plus, my therapist actually went to Maryland and she's fantastic to say the least. Additionally, I'm not sure if I want to stay and settle in Maryland since where you'd get your MSW can be indicative of where you'll stay to live and work as a whole. Anyone who's in or been in a similar situation please give me your thoughts!
  17. Hey all, I submitted my MSW app to CSUDH and CSULA on January 13 and have been nervously waiting ever since. I wanted to create a space where people can talk about any correspondence they receive from their programs so that we all have a timeline to reference and hopefully ease our nerves. :) This thread is open to all MSW programs in the CSU system (or any SoCal program really) to vent or inform other people. I applied for the 3-year part-time MSW program at both CSUDH and CSULA and have not received any decisions yet. I will keep you all informed as soon as I receive any info tho. Good luck to everyone!
  18. Has anyone else run into this? I'm thinking about applying for ASU's online MSW but they have a volunteer requirement (just to apply) of 240 hours during a 6-month period. I looked at quite a few other MSW online schools and none had a volunteer requirement. It's doable but it will be a huge challenge for me to fulfill this 10 hr/week requirement on top of working full-time and life in general. Any thoughts/opinions? Thanks in advance! Megan
  19. Couldn't find one specifically forUW so here we are!! Anyone got any updates yet? I hope we don't need to wait till end of March.
  20. Hi All - From the website, Carleton U's MSW program sounds competitive. I want to apply to the two-year program with foundational year, as my background is psychology. I meet all the standard requirements. I have WELL over the recommended hours to be considered competitive - I've been working in human services full-time for almost 6-years. However, I am still nervous to apply to a competitive program after being waitlisted for Laurier U's MSW program. I would expect Laurier's program is more competitive because it's distance education, but I'm still wondering if anyone could weigh in on this? Carleton also asks for reflection on personal identity and how it helps understand self and society... does this mean they give special attention to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and persons with disabilities? (To be honest I HATE writing about my personal struggles because it always leads me to question if my struggles or identity are significant enough...) Right now, I'm thinking I want to apply to Carleton and University of Manitoba's distance program. I am hesitant to re-apply for Laurier, as I was told I met all requirements, just needed more experience. Thank you all in advance for your input and experience!
  21. Hello everyone, I was just accepted to Fullerton's full-time MSW program and that and Cal State Long Beach are tied for my top choices. I have not heard back from Long Beach yet but I was already leaning towards Fullerton before getting accepted. Does anyone have any info regarding which program might potentially have a stronger program. I gave spoken to a few different local social workers and professors and, naturally, some recommend Fullerton and some say Long Beach but all say either would be good. Can anyone provide me with any further advice? Thanks in advanced for your input!
  22. hi, i logged into my east bay portal yesterday and realized that i had pending transcripts to send. i sent them that day however i saw on a similar post like this last year that someone received their acceptance last year in February and wondering if anyone else has been accepted to the program? i received my Berkeley acceptance on the 10th, so just wondering about East Bay to make my decisions. Thank you good luck everyone!
  23. Recently applied to the Clinical Social Work program at FSU and was wondering if anyone else applied to this program. If so, how long did it take to hear back? My application was completed on January 29th and it has been roughly 5 1/2 weeks so I'm lowkey nervous that I haven't heard back yet...
  24. Hello everyone, this is my first time applying to graduate school, and I'm anxiously awaiting for the decisions being sent out for CSUN. I know with this whole Covid thing, I don't know if things are being done differently. All I read from my email when I submitted my application is that decisions will be sent out from 3-6 weeks or more. Are they still conducting interviews this year?? Has anyone received a request to interview? I know that this will take time, but I just really want to know if I got into CSUN! lol
  25. Hey Everyone, As I am reading all the previous threads about Hunter for Silberman School of Social Work I decided to make a thread for those applying for the fall of 2020. let me know the process, how is if for you? I submitted my application 1-31-20- recommenders still pending but anxious to see the decision already.
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