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Found 263 results

  1. Social Work GRE

    hello guys, someone knows what is a good GRE score for a social work degree. Please any help will be great. kisses

    Hello everyone, I am a CA resident and I've applied for both UW Seattle and Tacoma MSW program. I heard very much about UW Seattle Campus but not so much about Tacoma. Any thoughts about the campus? the program? financial aid? anything! Thanks
  3. Would you go to a non-accredited program?

    I’m VERY late to the game in applying for fall 2018 MSW programs. I’m currently planning to apply to 3 programs in Michigan. One isn’t accredited yet, but should be by October 2018. There’s a chance this is the only school I’ll get in to. If this turns out to be the case, should I/would you go or wait to apply for next year’s cycle?
  4. UBC-OK MSW??

    Hello everyone, First time poster so hope this was the right place to post this. I'm seeking advice from your wise selves! I've been accepted to UBC-Okangan for the 1 year MSW program and wondered if anyone can provide some insight into what its like? I've never been outwest, but I hear great things about how beautiful Kelowna is. How are the placements? how are the profs? How is it like for getting clinical hands on practical experience? I'll take any good or bad info you got! Just trying to prepare myself as best as I can for what to expect. Thanks!
  5. I got a call to come in for an admissions interview at APU. It will be with the director of the program and there is a writing sample that I must complete before or after the interview. I have no idea what to expect! What do you think they will ask in the interview? I feel like I can handle the interview but I am nervous for the writing sample even though I am a strong writer. They don't mention any prompt or info about that part. Do I take a pen and pencil with me? Will it be done on a computer? I only have a few days to prepare and I am feeling the pressure!
  6. msw admission

    Hello guys. i need some advice. I am from a small town in Cuba. I came to USA a year ago and i am thinking applying to a msw program. My gpa is not good, 2.68, i know is bad, but i have a rough live. I took the gre my verbal was accpetable 154 and my quantitative was 150, i dont know if this is enough to apply to a good program. i have good recommendation letters, work experience working with communities with needs in Cuba and i made conferences in the USA talking about Cuban social problems. I am really into a social work path, i want to help other people like me. So, any advice should be great. I was thinking apply to NYU, but i think it will impossible to me to get in there, they require 3.0 gpa minimum. Any help? Any success story with a low gpa getting into a msw program?
  7. UPenn MSW Advanced Standing

    Hi, so im slightly freaking out... i applied to UPenn along with two other schools.. I have a 3.3 GPA (I had some personal issues happen) and I had three letters of rec which one was from a provost. Upenn emailed me to say they reviewed and will be emailing momentarily. It wasn’t even that long. I did meet with someone there prior to applying and kept in contact. Should i be worried?
  8. CSUF Interview 2018

    Hey guys, I received an invitation this morning for an interview at Cal State Fullerton next week and I just wanted to know some of the questions that they ask so I can prepare! Anything helps!! Thank you
  9. Hi All! I am anxiously awaiting news about PSU MSW acceptance news and wondering if anyone has received news yet. Thanks!
  10. Have applied to few MSW programs across the states, so far I got admitted by the Univ. of Washington-Seattle and the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. I am still waiting for UC-Berkeley. My immediate post-graduation goal is to work with immigrants (especially Asians), hopefully concentrating on community development or clinical social work. My ultimate goal is to get a PhD and be a researcher in the field. I know both schools are excellent and I am thrilled I have been admitted. Studying in Seattle has been my dream, but Wisconsin-Madison is also prestigious and, tuition-wise, much cheaper. At the same time, I heard to be considered for top PhD programs, where you study for MSW is becoming increasingly important. (Please note that I am an international student and not eligible for any federal loans or most of the scholarship programs.) Would it be better to save and go to Wisconsin - or go to Washington-Seattle (and if admitted, Berkeley) higher in the US news ranking? Do you think the rank will eventually impact my PhD application in the future? Any tips or advice?
  11. Hi! I received offers from both UMichigan and UChicago for their MSW programs. I am interested in international social work and both seem to have strong programs of global social work study. Any students out there who are considering similar options and/or have knowledge about international social work?
  12. Hi everyone! I just came across this forum and am so relieved, it's amazing to learn more about others' experiences working on applications, eagerly waiting, and making decisions. I'm wondering if anyone has experience/advice asking for additional financial aid for MSW programs? I was accepted to NYU's 2-Year program with some funding, but it likely is still not enough for me to be able to attend. NYU has been a top choice for me, so I'm trying to figure out the right words and strategy to ask for more. Many thanks in advance!
  13. MSW CSU 2018

    Hi Guys! So it’s about that time! Schools are sending out their acceptance/decline letters. Let this be a place where you can share which CSUs you applied, which ones you’ve heard from and have yet to hear from. If you got invited for an interview please share some tips for those who haven’t had theirs yet. Let’s support each other and possibly meet people who will be in your program in the fall! My name is Selene and I applied to the extended programs for CSUF CSULA and CSUDH. I got accepted to CSULA and CSUDH but have yet to hear anything from CSUF.
  14. Hi everyone, I am applying to Master of Social Work programs. I also want to be able to find some outside scholarships, in case I am not offered any scholarships. Where are you applying for outside scholarships? The only one I can really think of is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!
  15. University of Kentucky MSW

    Has anyone who applied to UKs regular standing program heard anything yet? I haven't found much in the forums or results page for past years.
  16. CSUSM MSW Program

    Just wondering if anyone applied to Cal State San Marcus' MSW program & if they have heard anything yet from them?
  17. TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018

    Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs in Texas! 😃 I'm currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston. Anyone else?
  18. TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018

    Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs! Im currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston
  19. University of South Carolina MSW

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this site but I have been checking it daily for a long time now Has anyone applied to USC (South Carolina) for the 2 year program? I am an undergrad here now and am eagerly awaiting a decision! I've seen a couple of people have gotten their acceptances already. I sent in my application two weeks ago but just got an email on Thursday that they received all my materials (my letters had already been submitted but I think they had to pull my transcripts). I am going crazy waiting!! I keep refreshing my email even today, when I know no one is at work! I also have my letters and application ready for Winthrop but I am hoping I will be accepted to USC soon and wont have to send them in! South Carolina was my dream school when I came here as a freshman and it still is today

    Hi Everyone, I have been accepted to CSULB's and CSULA's MSW programs and cannot decide where to go. (I know this is a problem I am blessed to have.) Does anyone have any experience with either of these programs? Or if you applied what are your impressions? I am leaning towards CSULA- it is close to my home and I am more interested in the classes, however, due to their outdated website/some communication issues I am concerned that the program might be disorganized/mismanaged. Anyways, if you attended either program or applied to either program and have thoughts on either school please let me know. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you and good luck to everyone still waiting for admissions decisions!
  21. Hi! I'm making my decision as to where to go to graduate school next fall to get my master's in social work. I've been accepted to USC, NYU, and Columbia and I'm having a very very very hard time making a decision! I've received scholarships from NYU and USC, which help with the tuition, but by no means cover it. With all being said and done USC will still wind up costing me about 80k for the two years (before financial aid) NYU will wind up costing me 60k (before financial aid) and Columbia will be a whopping 100k (before financial aid or scholarship info). I want to focus on clinical work and eventually open a private practice working with adults. I currently live in Los Angeles and would LOVE to find a valid reason to stay here. I went to college in NY so I'm not entirely opposed to moving there, but I do think I want to end up back in Los Angeles to practice. Does anyone have any input as to which school has the best clinical program?? I've heard USC sort of churns out MSW students, but I think it looks like an amazing school. NYU also looks incredible, I'm just not positive I want to move back to New York, and to be honest I think Columbia is the lowest on my list because it focuses more on policy. So any input would be AMAZING!!! Thanks
  22. CSUDH MSW 2018

    Hello, I wanted to create a place for all of us to chat and compare our stats. Also, to congratulate each other when some of us get in and people to plan a second try who don't. Good luck to everyone, and I hope we all hear back soon!
  23. Does anyone know how financial aid in grad school works? I went all through undergrad with not having to take out loans because financial aid covered all of it (i attend sac state). I was wondering if the same can happen for grad school? Is anyone in the advanced standing msw program that can tell me how financial aid goes for them? Or anyone in the regular 2 yr msw program. I've noticed that advanced standing programs are roughly 17,000 for the one year. Is it possible for financial aid to cover all of that with just grants??
  24. Denver University MSW Fall 2018

    I can't seem to find a specific Denver University MSW thread, but now that the February 15 deadline has passed, is there anyone else anxiously waiting a response? Anyone accepted already?
  25. Los Angeles Roomate

    Hello all! I'm a big planner! I'll be applying to the MSW program at Cal State LA, Fullerton, Long Beach, and Fullerton at the end of this year. Is anyone else planning to move down there for their masters program? I'd love to get to know someone and get on a waitlist for an apartment down there! I know I'm kind of early but if I have to get on a waitlist for an apartment it can typically take awhile. But if you are a woman entering the masters program in the southern CA area and applying to any of the schools I listed comment below!