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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I haven't seen many posts coming from students applying to any of the above programs at universities in the US, UK, or Canada, and I want to know if anybody else in one or another of those fields is waiting for admissions decisions, too! As of now, I've applied to the REECA MA at Harvard and the MPhil in Slavonic Studies at Oxford, and my application to the University of Toronto's MA in European and Russian Affairs is in the works.
  2. Hi everybody I am applying to both Munk School of Global Affairs (U of T) and NPSIA (Carelton). I am also applying to GPSIA (U of Ottawa)...but i would say that it is my third option behind these two schools. I had a question regarding what criteria should I use to determine which program is a better overall program and why I may attend one over the other. I've already considered factors such as - My own research interest (Intelligence, Global Security) - Faculty Research (For me, Carelton wins this one) - Location - Concentrations/field designations - Tuition (20k v. 8k tuition + living expenses), - Reputation (both are stellar schools) I remain unclear on the following: - employment prospects (employment percentages) - global reputation - opportunities throughout the graduate year - co-op/internships etc. If anybody could help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! A big hello from a newcomer to this website. This is the first post I'm making because I'mat THAT stage of my undergraduate life that I realize that I want to study abroad and I need to start preparing for it early. A bit about me. So, I'm currently 19, and have started my second year of my three year Bachelor of Arts Honours course in Political Science. I am from India and once my BA degree is done I want to go abroad and study, with Canada being my top choice because I would eventually like to stay back in Canada and become a permanent resident after a point. Now, my questions are not limited to Canadians, but open to all HOWEVER if you are an Indian who has gone to Canada for Graduate studies in the social science field and have applied to some of the places I'm mentioning below I would be indebted for your insight and if you could recount your experiences to me! So, the places I'm thinking of applying are: University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs, McGill University. These are the three I have in mind so far, but I'm open to adding more.If anyone has applied here and got in, I'd love to know the sort of resume you presented in terms of gpa, non-academic activities and more. Also one very important question, many of these institutes in Canada ask for a Four year BA degree "or equivalent". Well all my Bachelor courses in my college are for three years only, in fact most colleges in India offer three years UG and then a year or sometimes 2 of Graduate studies. So, am I ineligible altogether if I'm only doing 3 years of Undergraduate? Thanks for reading through all of this! I look forward to hearing from some of you!~ Sagnik.
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