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Found 12 results

  1. I know there’s art history forum but there really isn’t a forum for just museum studies applicants this year and I thought This would be the best place for it. I have applied to like 6 places, accepted to IUPUI, University of Tulsa, and Texas Tech. I was waitlisted at University of Washington. I haven’t completed my application for Johns Hopkins but I’m submitting that as well. Anyone else stuck in waitlist limbo?
  2. So I am trying to get started in museum work and I don't know where to start. I have applied to grad schools for the past 2 years (and rejected, waitlisted from my favorite and told to reapply) but because of a bad year from a disability during my undergrad degree, my GPA is less than a 3.0. I have a high GRE score and good grades since then. I have been teaching for ~2 years since then and know that museums are what I want to do. Should I take more undergrad classes, get a second bachelors, get a graduate certificate, reapply to grad school again anyway, get an online masters, or wait for jobs to be posted even though I'm not qualified without the degree? I have no direction of where to go from here . I had a full-time job with a company before COVID which obviously laid everyone off so now I'm living with my parents again and it's personally not good for me so I am trying to move out/on as FAST as possible. Also I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so even the small museums here aren't open yet for volunteering.
  3. HI there! I wanted to start this forum regarding Museum Studies graduate program applicants for fall 2020! I searched and couldn't find ANY forums about museum studies/museology programs or topics. Why not start here? What schools and programs did you apply for? What are some of your top schools? Has anyone heard back from the schools they were hoping for? I personally applied to the Museum and Field Studies at UC-Boulder, and then I applied to the Public History w/ Museum Specialization at Colorado State.
  4. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone heard back from SFMOMA about summer internships. I think they mentioned somewhere that qualified candidates would be interviewed in early March. Does it mean they had already reach out to those who got into the interview round? Very anxious at this point. Good luck to everyone who applied!
  5. Hey EEB and comparative bio people, does anyone have a sense of how Richard Gilder is perceived by "the scientific community" i.e. the givers of employment and grants? Or just contribute anything you've heard about them from sources outside of the program. Especially with regards to the recent Cladistics twitter feud. I'm doing my interviews now and my first was at RGGS, which I really really liked. However, they are a very young program so it's difficult to get a sense of their reputation and one unaffiliated professor told me attending would be "professional suicide". A little startling considering how positive the interview made me feel and how well the graduates seem to be doing. Are these people considered wackos by everyone else? Is this school considered subpar? Thanks!
  6. Hey: I was hoping to get some help... I am interested in getting my Masters in Art History, and I am not sure if that is the right program for me. Is it possible for people to comment, to give me some advice? If it works better for you, you can message me through the blog/ forum. I have my Bachelors in Women's Studies, with minors in Philosophy and Sociology, and I am hoping to start a career as a Curator. I am not sure what that all entails, but I basically want to work in a Museum and teach people about art, that has some type of political significance, specifically art that pertains to feminism and gender issues. I not only want to teach people about the art (in a Museum setting), but I also want to understand the art, and its historical context. It would be a bonus if I can fix or restore the art as well.. Unless that is a separate career. All useful advice is appreciated. I am hoping to move to Boston, MA (Boston University), to get the degree - they have Museums out there as well, and New York is out of my price range in terms of the cost of living. I do not want to move to Philadelphia, since the only good school", that I am aware of out there is University of Philadelphia, and I do not have the GPA or interest in going to an Ivy League school. Thank you!
  7. I just found out I got a Fulbright for all three years of my phd film program in Scotland! I'm so proud of this opportunity, but I also just got a promotion at my current job in a really great museum. I now get to work with films in a museum. I think i want to work in non-academic sector,/museums, so this is also a great opportunity to keep moving with my career. I think going to school would be great, but i worry about giving up my great job. I can't defer the scholarship nor can I come back to my job. I also just moved in with my girlfriend. What should i do? Thanks!!
  8. Hello, everyone! Does anyone have any information about Bentonville, Arkansas or the surrounding area? I may potentially be ending up there for two to three months this summer and am curious about activities and general city life. From what I can find online it seems to be a smaller sized city with a bit of Southern charm, but potentially not much to do. If any of you have personal experience or know anything about it and the surrounding area, I would be more than appreciative of any suggestions or comments!
  9. Does anyone have any information or opinions on Seton Hall's Museum Professions Program? Also, where is a good/affordable/safe place to live that would be in between South Orange and NYC?
  10. Hello everyone, well as the title states I'm in my final year (joined degree BA history of art/archaeology & Study of religions) and have been looking for some work experience after I graduate. I've already applied to some summer and graduate programs in museums (Peggy Guggenhem, Metropolitan museum, Smithsonian) but I am still looking for more opportunities. I am not set on a particular country or region but really feel like the few online graduate internships are in the US. So I was wondering if anyone else was in the same position, where have you guys applied to?
  11. Okay, so I'm completely new to this site so I apologize in advance if my below ramblings don't make sense. I am looking to go into graduate school but am a little lost as to what fields I should be looking into. I graduated last May with a BA in computer science. I got into this field because it was something I hadn't learned before. I realized too late that I didn't have interest in it beyond it being new to me. This set me looking to go back to school to try to break into another field. The problem is, I have a rather useless set of interests. I enjoy art and most history provided it's not American history (I've had classes in it since I was 8 and am rather sick of it); I love anthropology and learning about other cultures. I enjoy learning about all religions and literature from before the Romantic time period. None of those interests seem to have much of a place outside of academia. I started to look into museum work on the off chance that it might fit my interests. Unfortunately, researching into the field seems to have confused me more than I was before. From what I've read, many people have found issues breaking into the museum field regardless of experience or degree status. One of my questions is whether or not getting a museum studies degree is worth it right off the bat. The general opinion on forums is that getting the degree, whether you get experience during the process or not, tends to set you in the same place most people without the degree are in (job-search wise) with the exception of the added debt. The other down side to getting the museum studies degree is that it limits what paths I can go down should I be unable to get a job in a museum. While I understand that I would need the degree in order to become a curator, I was wondering if I would need it to work in a museum as a technician or an assistant curator (or something else that is specific to the museum field). The other option I see would be getting a degree in history; whether this would be academic history or public history I am unsure at this point. This would give me the background that some museums look for as opposed to the strictly technical background I have now. Of course, a Masters Degree in History would set me along the same paths where I could end up in either museums or academia. Ultimately I am looking for advice on what areas I should go into and am looking for the answers to the following questions: 1. Is getting a museums studies degree necessary to work in the museum field? 2. Will getting a museums studies degree put me ahead in the search for a job? If not, is it worth the time and money to be right back where I started? 3. Would it be smarter to get a degree in history rather than museum studies? 4. Given my ramblings above, am I suited for a museum post or would I be better suited in academia with research and teaching? Any advice people could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. So I was accepted to a program in the UK but the commission I interned with in the past just posted an opening that would be perfect for me (in the area of museums I love even, with my internship supervisor) the problem is their minimum requirement is a bit above me (already BA with 1 yr experience but I'll graduate in early May and have just shy of a year experience all combined). I was thinking of emailing her (in response to the direct email she sent me and other previous interns with the announcement) saying it sounds interesting, I'm think I'm under qualified but I wanted to let you know I got into such-and-such program and thank you for writing the LoR. Should I even mention the job when I email her thanking her for writing the LoR/updating her on my acceptance? It would be a kind of long shot to be hired anyway since she also posted this on a national list-serv and I know people with MAs and years more experience will apply. (I guess this fits in decision section? if this belongs somewhere else please let me know)
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