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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a senior who's been accepted to a few MA programs and am looking for some guidance on final decisions for where to attend my masters program. For some background on me, I'm a linguistics student with a background in sociolinguistics, phonetics, and digital humanities. I want to focus on minority language usage (broad, I know) in my MA. By that I mean I want to do research on understudied groups in linguistics, so diversity of research is really important to me. Additionally, I plan on applying to linguistics PhD programs after finishing my MA, so I want to go to a school that will give me a fighting chance at getting into a top PhD program. I'm having trouble deciding between these two universities because they both offer really different opportunities (UNC is more theoretical whereas NC State is more applied) but also both have research interests I really enjoy. Financially, I have more funding from UNC, but only by $2k/year. In terms of surface-level attraction to each school, I really enjoy them both but I can't get over the name recognition UNC has over NC State. My advisor says NC State has more renowned faculty but I'm just a bit adrift in my decision making process. Any comments or advice, especially if you have experience with either school, is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone I recently got accepted to NC state and Virginia tech for a masters of science in aerospace engineering. I know that the department of aerospace engineering is rated much higher at VT than at NC State and I think I prefer who I would be working under at VT possibly more than at State, but I think I like the Raleigh area more as well as the campus and I will have to fight for funding at both places in the upcoming fall and I am in state for NC state. I also understand that I will only be at the school for two years and I am there to learn not be out and about all the time. Still I was wondering what everyone else's thoughts about the two schools were and if anyone could add some input to help me decide.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide between statistics doctoral programs. My top choices at this point are Duke, the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (with a fellowship that exempts me from teaching/service obligations for my first year and two additional semesters of my choice), and NC State (with a fellowship for the first year). Duke and Michigan offered comparable stipends. NC State's stipend was slightly lower, but they suggested that they could try to match other offers. I'm interested in the research at all three schools, even though there are major differences. I am finishing my Bachelor's in math, and I haven't yet delved heavily into any specific area of statistics. However, I have really enjoyed that probability theory classes I've taken as well as the applied statistics and computer science projects/research that I have undertaken. In essence, I could foresee my future research taking a variety of directions, so this is less of a deciding factor (at the moment). In terms of my career goals, I have always wanted to become a professor, so I hope to pursue a tenure-track faculty position eventually after I finish my doctoral studies. As of now, I'm leaning towards Michigan, Duke, and NC State in that order (which is very tentative). Michigan's fellowship was very appealing, and they also offered to cover relocation expenses and dental insurance. I might be biased because I am originally from the Midwest, and it's honestly my favorite part of the country (unpopular opinion). The weather is not a problem for me, but the isolation of Ann Arbor is slightly detracting (whereas the proximity of SAMSI to NC State and Duke is very appealing). I just visited Duke and NC State, and they both had beautiful campuses and very friendly faculty and students. However, I was slightly concerned that NC State seems to have a high percentage of domestic students who fail the qualifying exams. My questions mainly are: 1) Is there a major difference between Duke, Michigan, and NC State in terms of rigor and/or potential for landing a post-doc at a strong program? 2) I'm also considering offers from lower ranked programs: UNC Chapel Hill, Purdue (with a fellowship), Emory (biostatistics), UC Davis, and Texas A&M. Is there a notable difference in the prestige of these programs compared to Duke, Michigan, and NC State? How accurate/reliable/useful are the US News rankings? Thank you so much for any input!!!!!!
  4. I got accepted into both the MS. Data Science program at the University of Virginia and the MS Analytics program at NC State. Both are 10 months and are rigorous. NCSU's program is more established, but UVA's brand name seems bigger and more focused on emerging tech like R. I hear NCSU is primarily focused on SAS training. Both seem good job opportunity wise, UVA has a 100% employment rate with good companies and NCSU is up there as well, and I'm international so job opportunities after graduating is important to me. Any thoughts on both programs? How are they? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, another School A or School B question here. This time it's UNC and NC State for a phd in statistics, perhaps the most diametrically opposed (in terms of theory vs applied) of the departments I applied to. As for me, my interests are not very set in stone. I enjoy machine learning and spatial stats, but I'm fairly open to most subjects in stats/probability. And my mind is not made up on industry vs academia, so I would prefer the school that keeps either option open. I would highly appreciate any input on my dilemma. Particularly on the question of which department is considered "more prestigious" as I keep getting ambiguous responses to this question (US news world vs other rankings, statistics vs probability professors, etc) (A&M is also an option, but I would need some major convincing to live in college station)
  6. I'm currently getting ready to apply for the architecture program at NC State. I have an undergrad in Interior Design and some experience under my belt, but a GPA of 3.0. I'm currently working on my portfolio and studying for the GRE's. Does anyone have experience with this program? Advice? Words of wisdom? I have a family and we would need to relocate so that I can go there but this has been a dream of mine for years. We would have to move there before I even apply so that I can get in state tuition. I couldn't afford it otherwise. I'm putting all my eggs in the NC State basket.
  7. Hi there! Still waiting to hear from NC State for the 2 year MSW program. The website says we should know by March 18th but the waiting is killing me. Anyone heard anything yet?
  8. Pennsylvania State University (Industrial Engineering) vs North Carolina State University (Operations Research) PSU vs NCSU Please sugggest pros and cons of either. Thanks.
  9. I am an international student, with Bachelor and Master's degrees in Mathematics, now applying for PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operation research. I have got positive feedback from Purdue(IE), Lehigh(IE) and also admitted by NC State(OR). I am struggling which one to choose. Any ideas and comments? Any help will be appreciated!
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