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  1. Hi Guys, I got admits from both USC and NCSU for Computer Networking in Electrical Engineering for fall 18. I am very confused right now as the course in both universities are very good. Now here comes the tough part. The tuition and living expenses at USC would be sky high, whereas in NCSU it would be quite less compared to the former. Also USC being in LA there are more opportunities to get interview calls as compared to NCSU. Now NCSU is one of the best for networking whereas USC isn't very far behind. If anyone could give me a comparison of which one to join, it would be really helpful. Making this decision is literally tearing me apart. Please note that I do not have any financial aid from either of the universities.
  2. Hello, I received offers from CU Boulder and NCSU in MS Electrical Engineering and now deciding what to choose. My area of interest are analog circuits, devices, RF/Microwave. Especially, I like practical side of learning, to clarify I like to create meaningful devices rather than write paper. Moreover, I expect to improve my skills in using instruments and CAD programs. Both schools seems solid in these aspects, but I was unable to find more detailed information from real engineers. Location and city are also important. I heard that Boulder prohibits expansion, so is it hard to find apartment (condo) in good condition, 1bd (or studio) with washing machine in unit ? About Raleigh I have not much information. P.S. I am still waiting answer from UCLA but chances are close to zero, so it is probably better even not to wait them because deadline is approaching.
  3. Program- MS Electrical (Power System) Finally, confused between 3- NCSU, Virginia Tech, and TU Delft. Out of the currently received admits, which will be the best. (Considering- University Program Reputation, Academic Strength, Job/Intern Prospects) I like 3-4 professors in each of the above universities and their ongoing projects. This has made me more confused. Please help. Have to decide one by April first week. ---- Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Hello everyone, I have received admits from both DUke and NCSU. In Duke I have been offered MS in ECE whose cost is $77,000 for one academic year but the program rank is in top 20's according to USNEWS. The other admit is from NCSU for MS in Computer Engineering. Now, though the rank of the program is in top 40's but the program cost is $45,000 ish. Living expenses are similar due to them being close to each other. I am in a dilemma, whether to go for the better program with high cost, for which I will be taking loans or to go for the low price and okayish program. Also, Duke has a very strong alumnus and reputation. It's ECE program offers various software courses of my interest. My question basically is that which University is better in terms of placement? In which University will I get better returns?(keeping in mind the cost of the programs) If you guys have more points that I should take into consideration, kindly feel free to post it. Thank you
  5. Hello, I've got admits from the following universities, 1. Arizona State University - Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Electrical Engineering) 2. University of Southern California - Electrical Engineering (Multimedia and Creative Technologies) 3. North Carolina State University - Electrical Engineering (Probably picking Robotics concentration) Need help to finalize University among these, considering overall reputation, the course, Return of interest. Personally, I feel that the USC course may narrow down job opportunities and I can't justify the extra cost for USC. I'm primarily interested to do something related to Controls, ML and Computer vision. I have experience in the field of ADAS/ Autonomous cars, which might be helpful in the Robotics related courses.
  6. I am planning on applying to the MA in English teaching assistantship at North Carolina State University this spring. The deadline isn't until February 1st, but I was wondering: is grad school like law school where it is an open secret that the sooner you get your app in, the more likely you will be able to get in? If so, then of course I want to apply now. Thanks so much!
  7. I plan to do my masters in Mechanical Engineering and the area of concentration which I have chosen is Fluid and Thermal Sciences. I have admits from NCSU (for Fall 2018) and from USC (for Spring 2019). Which one shall I go for and why?
  8. I got accepted into both the MS. Data Science program at the University of Virginia and the MS Analytics program at NC State. Both are 10 months and are rigorous. NCSU's program is more established, but UVA's brand name seems bigger and more focused on emerging tech like R. I hear NCSU is primarily focused on SAS training. Both seem good job opportunity wise, UVA has a 100% employment rate with good companies and NCSU is up there as well, and I'm international so job opportunities after graduating is important to me. Any thoughts on both programs? How are they? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, Anyone applying for the NCSU Master of Analytics program this year (2018). How long does it take to get an update after we submit the application?
  10. I have received admits from CU Boulder and NCSU for Masters in Aerospace program. Which is the best choice amongst these two?
  11. Which of these two schools would be suitable for embedded systems? My interests are in embedded software development and system design.My end goal is to enter the industry asap since I already have relevant work experience as an embedded software developer. Please clarify in terms of courses, financial assistance opportunities and job opportunities . I'm confused and finding it difficult to choose.Need a different pov/opinion/guidance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Which for these two schools would be suitable for embedded systems? Please clarify in terms of courses, assistance opportunities and jobs. I'm confused and finding it difficult to choose from. Need a different point of view/opinion/guidance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. So which of the two is better? MS ECE in NCSU vs MEng ECE Virginia Tech. I chose these mainly for embedded systems, but in a dilemma now. Course wise NCSU is spread out while Virginia tech is specific to certain areas but both are good in heir own way. Please suggest tips on how to proceed or suggest which school to choose. It would also great if someone told about each of the programs at these schools in general.
  14. How does each of the universities fare in ML research at Masters level (please justify, that would be very helpful :)? What is the placement scenario at each of the universities? Please try to rate the universities out of 5 with 0.5 increments.
  15. Hello Everyone! I have 2 offers and I don't know which one to take. I have to announce my decision prior to March 5th to one of them (IUPUI). These 2 offers are quite different! I am a BSc student with a major in Industrial Engineering. First offer: Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on Machine learning Funding: 1650/month, RA position University: IUPUI, Indianapolis Second Offer: Major: Industrial and Systems engineering Funding: 2200/month, TA position University: North Carolina State University, Raleigh I know that they are completely different, but I am not sure to continue my own major, in which I have a solid background; or to take the opportunity of studying computer science which probably has a brighter future in work. I would appreciate any comments and ideas about my situation. Thank you all!
  16. Hi Everyone, Posting this topic because I have been unable to find virtually anyone going for this same program. I have been accepted to Philadelphia University for the Masters in Textile Engineering program and I expect acceptance from NCSU for the same program in the next couple weeks and I am just trying to figure out which to choose (if I am accepted of course). From what I can see NCSU is a much bigger and more well known research school, but Philadelphia has research more in my specific area of interest (recycling of textiles and waste). Basically, does the school of your masters really matter that much? Is there anyone in the textile engineering field with some industry insight about either school? Does living in Raleigh or Philly just really suck (I'm from Boise by the way so I will be moving across the country no matter what)? I need some pros and cons to chip away and make a decision haha Thanks in advance!
  17. Has anyone received an acceptance and or rejection letter yet from North Carolina State University (NCSU) for the Plant Biology PhD Program starting Fall 2018? I heard the tentative date was mid-late Feb and as it gets later in the month I'm beginning to get nervous. I've read some other threads saying candidates for the program have been asked to do email interviews and come for a visitation weekend this month. If anyone has been accepted or rejected, could you please tell me what date you found out and any other info you are comfortable sharing (such as what you were offered exactly as far as funding/assistantships). Thanks!
  18. Which one should i choose for MS CS: Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ North Carolina State University,NC Which one has better internship and job opportunities??
  19. Really struggling between this two school. Rice:1. Relatively small school and closer connections between alumnus and professors. 2. Larger choice in cross-disciplinary lectures NCSU: 1. Better Professors and better location for job opportunities (maybe?) 2. cons: seems change to summer program for one year since 2016 and have no idea about how is the program actually now and the summer lectures are taken online. Really need help! Thank the replies in advanced for you time and patience.
  20. I have received admits from NCSU and ASU for the MS Fall 2017 program in Electrical Engineering. I wish to specialize in Signal and Image Processing with Computer Vision. I would like to know in comparison to these two universities, which amongst them is better and how so? The ranking amongst these two are almost one and the same and I dont really care about the rankings. I would like to know with respect to the courses offered in this specialisation, research done, availability of funding and the job opportunities. Thanks in advance
  21. I have received admits from NCSU and ASU for the MS Fall 2017 program in Electrical Engineering. I wish to specialize in Signal and Image Processing with Computer Vision. I would like to know in comparison to these two universities, which amongst them is better and how so? The ranking amongst these two are almost one and the same and I dont really care about the rankings. I would like to know with respect to the courses offered in this specialisation, research done, availability of funding and the job opportunities. Thanks in advance
  22. I am wondering if there's anyone who is in a similar situation with me. I applied to North Carolina State University's PhD program in Statistics. I was rejected, but was put into this "PhD-track master program". As I quote from the email, "This program begins in Fall 2017 and is designed for those students that may wish to pursue the PhD following the Master’s degree. The coursework follows along with our PhD track, so that it would be a seamless entry into the PhD program if qualified. " Is there anyone who was put into this program as well? What is your thought on this program? P.S. In addition, the webpage says I was admitted to Statistics -MR. What is an MR degree? I've only heard of MS or MA.
  23. GRE: 321 TOEFL: 101 Work experience: 2.5 yrs as a data analyst CGPA: 7.7 (IIT Kharagpur 2014 dual degree graduate) Looking for Data Analytics and similar programs Shortlisted: NCSU UIUC U of Cincinnati U of San Diego Georgia Tech But I feel like they all are too ambitious for my profile. Please let me know your advice and suggestions. Much appreciated. Cheers
  24. Hi, I got admit from NCSU and USC for MS in Data Science for Fall 2016. Could you please suggest between the two? P.S : I know USC is a better college in terms of general ranking. But i want to know particularly for Data Science specialization, which would be a better option?
  25. Hi All,I have admits for MS in ECE from CMU for Spring 2017 and from NCSU for fall 2016. I want to pursue a specialization in Computer Architecture. Which of the two colleges will offer me a better opportunity, especially in terms of courses offered and considering other aspects also?From a financial point of view, I guess both will cost the same as CMU has a 3 semester program.
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