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Found 13 results

  1. Could anyone give me the inside track on this program? Is it a good one? Is it super competitive to get into? My research experience isn't strong, but I'm very interested in the premise of the program. I know that the clinical psych track is crazy competitive, but fortunately I don't want to be a clinical psychologist :) Thanks!
  2. I am Anita Kumar and I am a second year Neuropsychology Master student in UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) in Belgium. Next year, after I graduate from my Masters, I am going to pursue my education by doing internships within a certificate year at UCL. This means that I will be a student under the insurance of my university. I want to develop my skills in English, therefore I am interested to do an internship or a pracitucm placement in clinical Neuropsychology with adults or older adults. Would an internship for an international student be possible with a master degree? If so, where should I look for further information to apply ? Thank you for your help. Anita KUMAR
  3. Hello All! I seem to be having a conflict within myself about which sub-specialty to go with, either Clinical Neuropsychology or Clinical Humanistic Psychology. As far as finding out info on Clinical programs that have an emphasis on Neuropsychology, I have that pretty much covered. But my attempts at researching Clinical programs that offer an emphasis, or faculty with research interests, in Humanistic/Transpersonal psychology, have left me feeling deflated about the prospects there. So I am turning to any of you who may be able to give any insight into such opportunities, or suggestions as to how to become a Clinical Humanistic psychologist with a PhD. Also, any info on specific programs that may offer me a pathway to this, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm going to be applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs (with an emphasis on neuropsychology), and I have narrowed my list down. I was wanting helpful opinions about the schools/programs listed below, if you can. I have researched the areas around the schools, to make sure I can afford to live there with my family, so I am more looking for opinions on the schools and programs themselves, as well as opinions on professors/mentors there. Thank you so much in advance for your help! ~Christine~ Ohio University - Athens, GA University of Mass-Amherst - Amherst, MA Syracuse University - Syracuse, NY University of Oregon - Eugene, OR University of Louisville - Louisville, KY University of Mass-Boston - Boston, MA Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA Kent State University - Kent, OH Temple University - Philadelphia, PA University of Cincinnatti - Cincinnati, OH University of Houston - Houston, TX University of Florida - Gainesville, FL University of North Texas - Denton, TX University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT Washington State University - Pullman, WA Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis, MO
  5. Hello everyone, I'm going to be applying to clinical psychology programs and need some advice on deciding what programs I should apply to. Specifically, I want to eventually get a postdoc in neuropsychology and want to get to a place where this is an attainable goal. I've been looking at some programs, but don't know how much is really needed to get the training required to apply for this specialization. Some programs seem to have specific tracks in neuropsychology, but I'm not sure if this this is required? Other programs like Ohio State University of the University of New Mexico don't have specific tracks, but they have neuropsychological clinical opportunities and have faculty members who are doing research (that I'm interested in) with neuropsychological components. Would that suffice? Thanks for your help
  6. Hey, My name is Akshita and I am currently studying Applied Psychology in India, at undergrad level. I plan to pursue a masters degree in Clinical Psychology in either the US or Canada. I wanted to know: 1. whether clinical psychology has a functional masters degree or it is the Doctoral degree for it? 2. Is it possible to apply to the Doctoral degree straight after my undergrad or should I have work experience for atleast a year prior to it? 3. what is better, whether to go for doctoral after my undergrad or first do a masters and then the doctoral? 4. what is the difference between a phD and a doctoral degree? 5. does clinical psychology require a subject GRE test? I appreciate the help and guidance. Thanks!
  7. Sorry if there is already another thread on this, but I wanted to ask: Can you do a counseling psychology PhD degree and specialize in neuropsychology? Also what are the main differences between counseling and clinical psychology PhD programs, and how does this affect the process of getting into internship, post-doc and getting licensure? Is there a difference in what you are qualified to do in your career?
  8. Hi all, So after taking two years off after completing my B.Sc. in Canada, I'm preparing to apply for graduate schools for a clinical psychology doctoral program specializing in neuropsychology. I know these sorts of programs are extremely competitive, so I will likely be applying to 18-20 schools, but thought I would post some of my application credentials and get any advice from anyone willing to give it! Education: B.Sc. with Honor's in Psychology, Minor in Biology. Completed an Honor's Thesis in my final year in cognitive neuroscience. GPA: Overall: 3.3 (first 2 years of B.Sc. were as a Biomedical Science major, which I did not enjoy, and my GPA reflects this). Major GPA: 3.8 Last 2 years/60 credits: 3.8 GRE Scores: Psychology Subject GRE: 750 (91st percentile) General GRE (taking this in the next few weeks, likely will be around 156V/160Q/5.0AW) LOR: 2 clinical neuropsychologists (Honor's thesis supervisor and current work supervisor; both on admissions committees for CN programs at 2 different schools), 1 supervisor who is also a clinical psychologist (supervisor from Developmental Psychology lab mentioned below) Experience: 4 poster presentations Honor's thesis (supervised by a clinical neuropsychologist, see LOR above) and Independent Research Project (supervised by Neuroscientist) Volunteered at 2 hospitals, 3 different research labs in my last 2 years of undergraduate studies Moved from Toronto, Canada to San Diego, California after graduating with my B.Sc. to work as a Lab Manager in a Developmental Psychology lab and then as a Research Coordinator in a Neuropsychology lab (multi-site project; still currently here - see LOR above). I guess I am worried that my GRE scores will make my applications less competitive. I feel as though my applications are well-rounded elsewhere and my time off and additional experience has helped me. I do not have any location preferences and will be applying all throughout North America. Any and all advice or insight is welcome! Also, please don't hesitate to mention any schools that you guys know of which are very reputable for CN! Some on my radar include: SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program, Drexel, Boston University, Northwestern University (Feinberg), University of Florida, University of Houston, University of Wisconsin... Thank you!!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the Grad Cafe, and am looking into a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (to start in Fall 2018), specializing in the field of neuropsychology. I am Canadian, but will be applying to schools all throughout North America. I don't know much about schools with this program in the United States, and was hoping some of you could shed light on some good schools with a great clinical neuropsych program. What are some of the schools you applied to for a clinical neuropsych program in North America and why?
  10. I am just wondering... how likely is a doctorate in school psychology paves the first step to becoming neuropsychologist? As far as I know, one has to have relevant neuropsy pre-doc and post-doc experiences, before you can take the board exam for certification. However, multiple broad certification websites and prospectus from psychology graduate schools enlist that the candidates must obtain PhD in clinical or counselling psychology... does that mean it is almost no hope for school psychologist? Besides, there is one association who calls School Neuropsychology, which apparently recognized by APA for Continuing Education credits (https://www.schoolneuropsych.com/index.php?id=1). However, they note that there is no licensing body for accreditation as School Neuropsychologist. Lastly, how likely is it for a School Psychology PhD candidate to obtain pediatric neuropsychology pre- and/or post-doc internships (if they prefer clinical psy. candidates, or is that true?)? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the Grad Cafe, and am looking into a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (to start in Fall 2018), specializing in the field of neuropsychology. I am Canadian, but will be applying to schools all throughout North America. I don't know much about schools with this program in the United States, and was hoping some of you could shed light on some good schools with a great clinical neuropsych program. What are some of the schools you applied to for a clinical neuropsych program in North America and why?
  12. Hello all, So I am new to the site, but I have been referred from a friend of mine and so far I like what I see. I am currently attending a Clinical Masters of Psychology in North Carolina. In NC I will be able to practice clinically with my masters pending supervision for life, which is one reason I am applying to Clinical PhDs around the country for Fall 2017. Long story short, the General Psychology students in my program enter the general psych track with the intention of taking that research experience straight to a PhD, because they cannot sit for licensing with just the general masters. My question is if my Clinical Masters, with a focus in substance use, makes me more or less appealing to a Clinical Psychology PhD program than a general masters of psychology student? I have a fair amount of research, but not in comparison to my peers in the general track, but I have 1200 of clinical internship not including clinical coursework. Just curious to others experiences in making the transition from a masters program to a PhD?
  13. Hey all, I am planning on applying to clinical psych/neuropsych and perhaps also neuroscience PhD programs this fall. I really want to take advantage of the free time I'll have this January and February to travel, but obviously do not want it to conflict with any potential interviews. After some research I couldn't find a lot of the dates for this year's interview season (to make an educated guess about next year), so figured I would ask you guys. I'm especially interested in schools in CA (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UCSF, UCD, and USC), and also Oregon and Washington (UO and UW). So, what were the options for your interview dates this year, and for which school(s)? Because I'm not set on my list of programs yet, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone/everyone regardless of school! Thank you!!
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