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Found 5 results

  1. Education: B.Tech in CS, Jamia Millia Islamia (9.31/10), M.Tech in CS, IIT - Delhi (8.39/10) I have following publications, please suggest some moderate and safe universities / Profs. for PhD in ML (NLP/CV/Speech Processing): Published / Accepted 1 Interspeech (Tier-1), 2 CICLing (Tier-2), 1 IEEE AVSS (Tier-2), 1 IJCAI Affective computing workshop (Workshop in Tier-1 Conference), 2 NAACL WASSA workshop (Workshop in Tier-1 Conference), 2 NLDB (Tier-2), 1 IEEE Indicon (National Conference). In Review: 1 WACV 2020, 1 IEEE Transactions, etc. Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=-so8Wi0AAAAJ&hl=en My main concern: Weightage of Tier - 2 Conference papers for PhD in ML Thanks and Regards
  2. I am interested in applying for a masters program with en emphasis on research in natural language processing/machine learning in US, but so far the only suitable program I've seen is MSLT in CMU. Does anyone have good recommendations? thanks!
  3. Hi all. I recently got an admit (big surprise) from University of Washington's Computational Linguistics Master's degree. Do any of you have more information on it? How is the course, job placements, research etc? I am from India and primarily looking for a job + H1B visa in an ML/NLP job profile. Thanks
  4. Objective: MS in Natural Language Processing related programs More Inclination towards Industry than a PhD GRE: 330 (170 quant + 160 verbal+ 4.5 AWA) TOEFL: 117 (R-29, L-30, S-28, W-30) GPA: 9.36/10.0 College: LNMIIT, Jaipur (Deemed University in India) Papers: 2 at CoNLL-2017 (Top-tier, view) {4th author out of 6} and ICON-2016 (National Level, view) {2nd author out of 2} [Both are in NLP] LORs: Yale Prof+Stanford PostDoc+LNMIIT Associate Prof Internships (all remote): Yale University (Resulting in CoNLL Paper), Nanyang Technological University (Resulting in ICON Paper), NCSR Demokritos and a startup More: Resume, LinkedIn, Github *Universities already finalized*- Stanford,CMU,Columbia,UPenn, UC Berkeley, UWashinton, USC *Only 1 quick point needs to be resolved* After extensive research, I've shortlisted these universities which I need to classify as Ambi/Mod/Safe. I've not received replies from popular profile evaluation platforms and hence need your expertise in the matter. If possible, could you also provide any specific points about why I should/shouldn't apply here- (Eg- Funded MS? Most Job Prospects? Good as a safety school?) 1) Harvard University 2) Georgia Tech 3) UT Austin 4) John Hopkins 5) University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 6) Cornell 7) UCLA 8) Princeton 9) UC San Diago 10) University of Michigan 11) University of Wisconsin Madison 12) Yale University 13) NYU, TAMU, OSU, ASU (Safety) 14) University of Maryland,College Park 15) Purdue University -Thankyou so much!!
  5. I'm interested in applying to PhD programs (or funded MS programs) with a focus on machine learning. In particular, I am interested in Natural Language Processing). I plan to apply this fall and am looking to identify a few reach schools and target schools. Type of Student: Domestic White Male Undergraduate Institution: My state's land-grant institution (not particularly known for stats or cs) Major: Mathematics Minor: Statistics and a number of CS electives GPA: 3.95/4.0 Relevant Courses: A's: Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Prob & Stats I & II, Computer Science I & II, Data Structures, Predictive Analytics, R Programming, SAS Programming, Forensic Statsitcs (Independent Study), Natural Language Processing (Independent Study), Time Series Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Statistical Computing and Simulation B's: Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra Academic Awards/Honors: Goldwater scholarship nomination, Dean's list GRE: QR: 167 (94%), VR: 165 (95%), AW: 4.0 (56%) Research Experience: 3 research projects, each presented locally or regionally. One published in a minor journal. One planning to publish in a major journal (probably not accepted by the time of my application). Letters of Recommendation: One from a fairly well-known stats professor with whom I have conducted two research projects and one independent study. One from a brand new stats professor (PhD. from University of Alabama) with whom I have conducted a research project and independent study. One from math & stats department head whom I know well. Other considerations: I would like to go to school in a big city, as I have lived in small towns in the midwest most of my life. I manage to find interesting programs at many schools, but could use some help in identifying ones that would be a good fit for my profile. Thanks for reading!
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