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Found 5 results

  1. I'm really uncertain of where my application falls. I was hoping I could get advice on which schools (e.g. rank wise) I should target, and which schools are likely to be a safety or reach. TIA I'm interested in applying to professional Masters in Data Science Programs (online and in person), with a focus in spatial analytics if possible. If your application is similar, feel free to share where you're applying to. GPA: Overall ~3.4-3.5 (1.98 first year, transferred & changed majors, 4.00 2nd - 4th year). Major GPA is 4.0. I had to overcome a lot of personal issues in 1st year which contributed to the low GPA. Major: Data Science (1/2 computer science, 1/2 statistics) Research work 1.5 years in self-directed research supervised by business faculty member. Not very technical, focus on managing implementations of data driven tech in government. I'm the first author, faculty member is the other author. Manuscript in publication, highly renowned journal. 2nd research project supervised by geography faculty member & is conference paper. 3 months work exp. so far, will be 6 months total. Curated and led a workshops about my research topic for an upper level class, with a few more scheduled until the end of the year. Other info: Canadian, first-gen immigrant, female Undergrad description: 3rd tier, low/medium research output, Canadian University GRE: taking my first exam this August, predicted scores are: low/mid 160s quant, high 150s Verbal, 4.5-5.5 Analytical. Really gunning for mid/high 160s for quant but we'll see. Other work experience: 2yrs construction project management, emergency flood restoration. I was working part time before and during first year. Upcoming job placement: (Jan 2022 - Sept 2022) hired as a Data Science/Data Analytics intern (fortune 500, not very well known though) Extracurriculars: professionally accredited classical pianist, volunteered 3x a week 2 years, contracted for a variety of events I've heard people say that you can jump 1 rank at most based on the ranking of your school (e.g. 3rd tier to 2nd tier) - how accurate is this rule of thumb?
  2. Hey everyone, I would appreciate a rundown of my profile and would love some advice/tips. Thanks. I'm entering from a mostly unrelated field. Undergrad Institution: Large State School Major(s): Criminal Justice/Criminology Minor(s): Mathematics (Post-bacc mostly) GPA: 3.5 (4.0 since start of Junior year) Type of Student: DWM, LGBT but I probably won't be mentioning that in my application. GRE General Test: I'm a very bad test-taker and will be retaking. Q: 157 (62%) V: 161(88%) W: 4.5 (80%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:n/a TOEFL Score:n/a Grad Institution: n/a Concentration: GPA: Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatistics (Master's only). Research Experience: Unpublished firearm policy/casualty trends research conducted through R. My mentor on this project is an epidemiologist at my university and will be writing one of my letters of rec. I've also been listed as a contributor on a submitted-for-publishing epidemiology study. I also have one presentation at a conference under my belt. Nothing too exciting. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Nothing outside of president's list. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA'd a Calculus course for economic/business majors. Also employed as a math tutor at my university. Letters of Recommendation: Two letters from math professors I know very well (including the one I TA'd for) and the previously mentioned epidemiologist. Math/Statistics Grades: Calculus 1-3 (A), Discrete Math (A), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to Statistics (A). I'm also taking Probability, Diff Eq, and a prerequisite course to Real Analysis this upcoming semester. Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Without being too specific, a lot work I did in undergrad had ties to public-health in minority populations. My main interest is using/developing statistical methods to better study aspects of healthcare, especially those that are more related to SES issues. I don't know how programs would view this since my background isn't strictly in Math/Biology/Statistics. Also, if I fail to increase my GRE Quant to 163+ before the deadline, how badly do you think my chances will be impacted? Applying to Where: (All Master's) (You're welcome to add suggestions, although I'd prefer to not be on the West Coast.) University of Florida University of Georgia University of South Carolina University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill University of Iowa University of Minnesota University of Michigan Duke University Emory University Thank you!
  3. Hi Everyone! I just want to chime in here as this application season has been very overwhelming. I am applying for the fall 2019 for grad school in speech language pathology. The road to getting here has been very long as it took me a while to get in this career path. I am currently finishing up some pre-requisites online, studying for GRE, and working on grad school applications. Is anyone else on the same boat? Also, I am 29 years old and the thought of turning 30 in grad school is sometimes a bit terrifying. However, I am determined to defy all the odds and give it a shot to get in a program. I am applying for 13 schools. Anyone else like this? Thoughts? Concerns? Thanks.
  4. Hello fellow Earth Science friends, With the new administration coming into power I have been worried about the future of Climate Science and Atmospheric Science in General. I am a nontraditional student who studied GIS Earth Sciences for my undergrad and now wants to change course and follow my dream of studying Weather and Climate. I don’t want my research to be called a hoax to the public. The lack of Science in today’s public minds worries me. I am working a 9 to 5 job now after college that sucks the life out of me and I came up with the idea to chase a Master’s degree (possibly PHD to Teach and do Research but that’s a ways in the future). I lack the Physics and Calculus cores to apply now but plan on taking a year and some change to shore up those areas of my background to help me get into a program and to help with my poor cGPA. I am looking for advice on my decision and what else I could possibly do to help with my chances to get into a good school. The advice part is more about the publics and governments perception of Climate and Atmospheric sciences. Do I need to be worried about a stagnant job growth market after graduation? Do I need to worry about job security for the future? I graduated from college and it took 6 months to get a job at all and this job isn’t even in my field but I needed to start paying back my loans so I took it. Do I need to worry about that even with a Master’s degree? Am I making a solid decision to enter a field that has a ton of controversy around it right now? Just looking for some smart people that have smart advice. Seems like there’s a lot of you around here and I’m glad I found this site. Been searching for months for something to help me with Graduate school advice and ran across this amazing forum.
  5. Can anyone share experiences with applying to PhD programs with a non philosophy MA degree? Specifically those with interdisciplinary backgrounds or those involved with the arts. My undergraduate degree focused upon philosophy, sound, and technology, while my masters is similar but with visual studies. Both of my degrees are from strong institutions and my undergrad has very high acceptance rates into phd programs, however I am coming from an arts school currently with my MA.
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