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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking for anyone else who accepted at UNC! Anyone know if there's a fb page? It would be nice to connect before meeting in August!
  2. Which for these two schools would be suitable for embedded systems? Please clarify in terms of courses, assistance opportunities and jobs. I'm confused and finding it difficult to choose from. Need a different point of view/opinion/guidance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Applied for MS in CS. So I just received an acceptance from: UNC Charlotte Georgia State University (GCU) Universities yet to reply: University of Michigan Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) University of Missouri University of Georgia Should I wait or go either one of these? If so, which one???
  4. I was comparing these two universities generally on a site called startclass, and then stumbled across this criterion: Crime Statistics. Can someone make some sense of this disparity - why does the number of reported crimes at UNC Chapel hill seem to be almost double that of Mizzou? Does it have to do with the crime rate in these states in general, or does it have to do with the size and culture of these particular universities? I haven't yet compared any other universities on this criterion. Could these stats be flawed - if so how?
  5. Anyone completed the MPA at UNC Pembroke? It's part of the UNC School system like Chapel Hill at a fraction of the cost. Looking for thoughts.
  6. I'm starting a PhD program at UNC-Chapel Hill this August, and I've never lived on the east coast or visited for more than a few days. I'm from New Mexico/Colorado, so I'm used to the dry, arid temps and cooler nights. I'm also more used to the very laid-back, easy-going clothing style here! Does anyone have any advice about the types of clothes that girls wear around the east coast, and what is appropriate for a grad school look? I want to update my wardrobe from the "collegiate" style to a more "adult" style but am pretty sure that I won't be wearing pencil skirts and heels around campus/lab all day. I'm also curious what types of supplies and bags people use in grad school.. do you have a backpack or a messenger bag or simply a computer? Carry a lunch bag? What works best for you? I'm not picky on any style and I'm sure it'll depend on how much stuff I'm carrying around, etc. Just looking for extra advice that I can think about! Thanks!
  7. Which one should i choose for MS CS: Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ North Carolina State University,NC Which one has better internship and job opportunities??
  8. Anyone headed to UNC Charlotte this fall? I'll be there for the MSW program!
  9. Hey there! I applied for the UNC-Chapel Hill MPH program in Health Behavior. I haven't heard back yet and I'm wondering if any other folks have, when they heard back and when they applied, etc. Thanks! Good luck, all.
  10. Hello all! I've just been accepted into the Clinical Social Work programs at both UW and UNC. I fully intend on applying for their dual MPH degree programs and have decided to mosey on over to this section of the forum to gain some perspective about which University would be strongest for Maternal and Child Health concentration? What are the general sentiments about the strength and reputation two programs from a Social and Behavioral Science perspective? (I will be pursuing a PhD) Any insight into this would help me with deciding on which University I should attend. I don't know if I'm overwhelmed and my brain isn't working or just don't know what questions to ask. I appreciate your patience and response. Thank you in advance
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