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  1. Hi, Does anyone here have any experience with the Northwestern MPPA program (online version)? I have been working with the UN for the last 5+ years mostly in Programme/Project Management. My goal is to transition into a policy role, not necessarily in the UN but at a more policy focused organization. I am quite interested in it as it merges both policy and admin together - which is quite rare. The courses seem interesting and relevant with a good focus on analytical skills. Another +ve is the online option so I can continue to work. Compared to other online programs I also found this one relatively cheaper (45k USD). Please do share any thoughts or research anyone has done on this program and do recommend any similar online programs. Based on the forums I have seen there are mixed reviews on whether the fact that its a Professional school program makes is less valuable. I am still not sure if this is a personal preference or an actual issue with 'professional schools'.
  2. Just figured I'd start a thread to see who's on the same boat! I'm applying to Columbia, NYU (Cultural Reporting and Criticism), CUNY, Boston University, Northwestern (Magazine Specialization), School of the Art Institute of Chicago (New Arts Journalism), and possibly The New School's Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism if I have the time. Top choice is NYU CRC, but I'm not getting my hopes up because it seems as if people who have gotten into these programs already have bylines or internships at major, nationally recognized publications and/or are established journalists. I also opted not to take the GRE, even though it says "optional but strongly preferred", even though I acknowledge this may hurt my chances. I have a theatre/creative writing major (I know, hence grad school), my minor was in journalism, and my GPA is 3.7, Magna Cum Laude, Dean's List every semester. I interned for a major city magazine with a circulation of about 300,000, a nationally syndicated broadcast tv show, a non profit political organization, and I've written for three relatively well known fashion magazines. For my letters of recommendation, even though I'm applying to journalism programs, I opted to use my creative writing professors over my journalism professors. This is because I did better in their classes, because it was my current major and what I was more focused on at the time. Plus, they've known me longer and we have closer relationships. Maybe I'm overanalyzing things, but my one professor said they're planning on writing one letter and sending it to different schools, but wouldn't it be better if they customized the letters for each program? Not really my place to correct them I assume, as they've very busy and doing me a favor. None of my journalism professors have time to look over my SOPs, so I may have to go somewhere else (currently frantically emailing people). I was just hoping for one of them, because they seem to know the most about what these programs are looking for. But I'll take whoever I can get at this point. I also still need someone to look over my resume. As for my writing samples, I'm pretty confident in which ones I'm going to use. I'd ask my professors for their thoughts, but they've already dealt with me enough, and I should probably trust my own instincts on this one. As you can see, I'm really enthusiastic about going to J-School. I just feel like everyone I know who's gotten into these programs has been a Fulbright Scholar or something. Anyway, more comments to come, as I have a lot of thoughts. What J-School Masters are you applying to?
  3. Still new on this grad cafe, and haven't followed this forum Haven't received any acceptance. Georgetown, Illinois Urbana Champaign, Maryland - released email for acceptance, I haven't received any, means rejection..? NW, Cornell, Hopkins, UC Boulder, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Northeastern, SUNY Binghamton - hasn't released any result Is this correct? I still want some hope,,, Please let me know if this is incorrect info!^
  4. What do they ask in the interview stage of the Master’s in biotechnology program at Northwestern University?
  5. I'll be starting my master's this upcoming Fall and having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Here are some information about two schools that I'm considering. Northwestern Johns Hopkins Program Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science Location Evanston, IL Baltimore, MD Cost of living Evanston/Chicago's cost of living is little higher Academic system Quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) Tuition Similar tuition rate Funding No funding available from the department. However, I can look for TA positions in lower-level courses. Duration 5 quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall) AI/NLP faculty Big names. Ex. Ken Forbus, Kristian Hammond There is no NLP-specific lab Quite a lot of NLP papers published and two NLP-specific labs Curriculum All AI-related courses. No algorithms, theory, systems and software courses, which I think is both pro & con. can & must take most CS courses (Theory, Applications, Systems, Software, and Reasoning) Thesis MSAI is more of industry focused program rather than academia. So an emphasis on thesis seems very weak. But I guess it's up to me to contact a professor to conduct a research and write a thesis. No restriction on this by the program. Graduation requirements include: 2 additional (graduate-level) courses in Computer Science, approved by their CS advisor. An original, faculty-approved master’s essay, submitted to the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. A faculty-supervised research project including an approved project report that will be made publicly available. For students enrolled in the PhD program, a PhD qualifying project may be used to meet this requirement. A student must fulfill one of these requirements and I think I can use #2 or #3 to write a thesis. Class size 40 students per cohort Not sure about the exact cohort size, but expecting the size to be larger than NW's Things to consider as I'm planning to pursue Ph.D. in the future MSAI's program overview is somewhat clear that the program prepares its students to become a part of the industry rather than of academia. However, as I mentioned earlier, I'm planning to get my Ph.D. later on. So, I'm wondering if the program's purpose might hinder my plan for any reason. Because this is a Master's in CS, I will be taking most of general CS courses. However, I wish to focus on AI rather than taking general CS courses. On the other hand, when applying for Ph.D. I think having those CS background will be beneficial. Based on the information above, Is there anyone who can provide any thoughts on my concern? Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. I recently finished the application season (Masters) and have the following acceptances: UCSD, Duke, Columbia, Boston University, Northwesterm These are amongst others (Yale, Berkeley, Cornell, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) however they were either one year or non-thesis programs, or the university's main focus was not BME so I have decided to throw those out. Again if you think that isn't a wise decision please let me know. I have also been waitlisted at Hopkins, and am looking to accept that should I get in. Anyone familiar with these schools that can help me out? I am looking very closely at UCSD, Duke, Columbia and Boston for the moment. Duke and UCSD due to their reputation for biomedical engineering and Columbia because of it's ivy-league ties (and its entrepreneurship bent). Boston is also attractive because Boston is quickly becoming a major hub of biomedical engineering, and is next to some very good schools (MIT, Harvard). My future goals are either to become an entrepreneur or join industry, however it is still important for me to complete a thesis during this masters degree. Thank you for your help!
  7. Hi Everyone, Do you guys think UIUC, Berkeley, and Northwestern might have given out all PhD admissions in Materials science for Fall 2021. I see many people getting admits and also rejects. I didn't receive any communication yet, so, is there a chance I might still be in consideration? Feel free to share your opinions. Thank you,
  8. Hello, I am interested in applying to Northwestern University's (Feinberg School of Medicine) Clinical Psychology MA program this year. However, I haven't found much online regarding students' experiences and views. Would love to hear from students who have gone through the program or those who are currently enrolled. Does the program provide opportunities for students to become involved in research? What are the class sizes and course-work like? Any additional information about the program would also be appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Northwestern has already offered me a fully-funded package while Columbia simply mean more debt. Right now, my decision has brought about a serious conflict between what my mind wants (the economic convenience and flexibility presented by Northwestern) and what my heart desires (the academic prestige, rigor, faculty, and of course, the city lifestyle presented by Columbia). I already visited Northwestern's campus and the greater Chicago area last month as part of the recruiting event; I was able to spend time with the other accepted students (there were about 5-6 of us), the faculty, and even had the chance to sit in on a seminar. Even though it is in the proximity of the Chicago Loop, I personally think that the location of the school, does not present itself as accessible to the porosity of the city as much as, let's say the way that the New School, NYU, or Columbia functions here in NYC. With this in mind, I solemnly think that with my current sensibilities and lifestyle preferences, I would rather live in NYC than in Evanston/Chicago. On top of that, I really feel like as much as how seductive a fully-funded offer can be, I do not want to miss the opportunity of attending a place like Columbia and being associated with of all the things it brings with it (fit, name, brand, historical prestige, faculty, and the city itself like I already mentioned). I know this is a vague question but I will ask anyway: What would you do if you were in my position?
  10. Hi everyone. I applied and heard back from them the second week of January. The interview was from February 5th-8th. It is a very small program, of 10 individuals invited to interview there will only be 2 spots available for PhD students. They told me that top contenders would be extended offers within the first two weeks following the interview. As of now, I have not heard back.
  11. I'm anxiously awaiting my decision from Northwestern. I believe this is a pretty small program, and I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet this year! Has anyone heard anything?
  12. Does anyone know when will NW Master of Analytics admissions team send out interview invitations? Thanks!
  13. Hi! I just committed to a PhD program in materials science at Northwestern. Are there any other students who will be attending Northwestern in the fall (in any field)? I currently live in Phoenix and will be moving there in August. I'd also be interested in getting to know other students moving to the Chicago area.
  14. I got accepted to NU and UIUC for a fully funded PhD in Mechanical engineering plus stipend. I was first accepted to UIUC and attended the visit day. I have had a great time, met amazing people and faculty, and in general, liked the department. Moreover, I went on another visit day at Madison Wisconsin a week later and immediately knew that Champaign was a better fit for me and I almost committed. However, I hated Champaign (the town) and was hoping to get into another school in a better location. Finally, four days before I need to make a decision, I got into Northwestern which is in Chicago and I thought that this is it, I will go there. But now I have second doubts. UIUC is ranked higher and has more research that I am interested in but I cannot stop thinking about my life over there and how much I will hate it honestly.. What do you think?
  15. Between Brown Biotechnology (Master) and Northwestern Biotechnology (Master), what should I choose?
  16. Hi everyone! Could you give some advice about choosing a Master's degree in Biotechnology between Upenn or Northwestern? Or could you share some of your experiences in either of the two programs? I really don't know where to go… About myself, I prefer to pursue a PhD after the Master's degree (for now) instead of entering the industry. But I've heard that the program in Upenn is more industry-oriented, and I haven't gathered enough information about NU...Most of my information comes from the program websites, so I would like to hear more about your opinions and experiences! I will be very grateful for your suggestions! Good luck to everyone!
  17. I'm super excited to have been accepted here but am kinda panicking about the tuition. Northwestern was my top choice but I'm not sure I want to be in that much debt! But I also don't want to regret not going since it was my top choice!! Anyone else feeling the same or know how current/past students are managing to pay?
  18. Hi Everyone, I've been asked to interview for Masters in Analytics at Northwestern. Can someone throw light on following question: 1) General format of interview 2) Highly technical? 3) Resume and past projects based? 4) Will they be checking my maths and programming knowledge. (Scared coz I'm a little out of touch) This is my first ever interview and I don't want to screw it up as this program is my dream univ. P.S - I reached out to previous students but no luck there. P.S - Went through threads of Masters interview but could not find a relevant one.
  19. For a person inclined towards applied theory, which is a better grad school Columbia or NWU ?
  20. Hey guys, I am going to be starting grad school this fall so I'm wondering if anyone wants to share an apartment in Evanston or nearby. I am a 23 yr old male, pretty tidy, looking to live walking or biking distance from campus. Let me know if you're interested in sharing an apartment!
  21. I am trying to decide between two MS Biostatistics programs and am wondering if anyone can offer insight. 1. Boston University MS Applied Biostatistics. This is a 12 month (full time) program is in a School of Public Health, but incorporates a research component (500 hours total). 2. Northwestern University MS Biostatistics. This is also a 12 month (full time) program in the School of Medicine. My goal is to work as a data analyst in a hospital or university, with specific interests in clinical epidemiology. Although I’m still open to pursuing a PhD (most likely in Epidemiology), I also want a robust quantitative background that would allow me to work after the Masters. Both are similar in that they are more applied biostatistics programs that are flexible if I choose to later on work full or part time during the program. I feel as though Northwestern has a better name/prestige but BU’s main draw is the location in Boston which has so much opportunity in the biomedical sector. However I’m worried that even if I were to choose BU that I would be overshadowed by those with more prestigious degrees or schools in the Boston area. If you have any advice, please help me in my decision. Edit: In terms of program “fit”, I’m attracted to BU because I’ll be closer to my long-term partner who was also accepted to another school in Boston. In terms of research interests, Northwestern has an edge (and less competition for opportunities due to the smaller program).
  22. Hello, gradcafe! I am making a difficult decision. For my SLP master's I must choose between Rush and Northwestern. Rush is $40,000 cheaper than Northwestern, which begs the question, is Northwestern worth 40K more? Will I have a higher earning potential if I go to Northwestern? Is it that much better of a program? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:) C
  23. Hi, I feel a bit too new to open a new topic, but here goes. I just checked on the status page that someone got an interview for cs & ls. Oh no. I am freaking out as this is the first or at least second school on my wishlist and also had thought as application deadlines were so late, that interview emails would come later this month. Plus I saw past posts that said the interviews were on feb! Did anyone else get emails? Does NU send out interview emails over a longer period than just a day? I'm extremely anxious and completely unable to focus on anything else, HELP!
  24. Is there anyone else applying to the same program? I submitted mine in late November and haven't heard a thing yet. Has anyone gotten an interview already? I'm literally freaking out right now.
  25. Hi, Anyone past or present get accepted into both programs? What was your decision? What factored into your decision? Thanks in advance!
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