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Found 3 results

  1. CET

    Lund +Oslo

    I applied for PhD applied Linguistics positions at both Lund University in Sweden and UiO(Oslo Norway). The deadline at Lund was March 1 and I've heard 0. Oslo Still take applications til April 1. Both are a September 1 start date. I feel I had a solid letter of application. I have an MA TESOL with a 3.8 gpa and a BA in Spanish language and culture with a 3.5 GPA. Lund was an open call, had 4 open positions, and I found a professor there willing to supervise my corpus Linguistics projected. Oslo already a corpus Linguistics project going and 2 positions. I also contacted the head of that project and they were interested in my proposal. Personally I think I have a better shot at Lund. I do speak pretty fluent Swedish. Big thing: i don't have any publications. My MA was teaching focused and besides by capstone paper I don't have any proper study written/published. I feel like this will be my downfall. I'm eager to hear anything from Lund, even a no, no way. I just feel screwed in a way that my little state school didn't allow me the opportunity to publish. I know some may day well you should see it out elsewhere. I was battling severe mental illness so that wasn't an option. I was happy to get through. I'm just feeling really lost.
  2. In the United States it is not uncommon to apply to academic jobs all over the country. Personally, I do not know a single person who limited his or her search to just one state (i.e. Massachusetts). That being said, the language of instruction and the key aspects of academic culture remain the same coast to coast. In comparison, what is the situation like in Europe, particularly Scandinavia and Switzerland? For example, given that the population of Denmark is comparable in size to that of Massachusetts, how does this affect the academic job market? Is it standard practice for PhDs & lecturers/postdocs located in Denmark to search for their first career placement across Europe [and beyond]? Or do they search for employment primarily on the national academic job market? How do the national differences in language/academic culture fit into this equation? Background: I’m considering PhD/Academic Career in Europe. Ideally, I would like to learn the local language and assimilate as much as possible during the PhD. Given this long-term effort, I would prefer to continue on in the same country following graduation. I’m especially interested in hearing from those with experience in the social sciences and humanities (working or studying in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, or Switzerland). However, please consider contributing even if you do not fit this particular set of criteria. My own experience is in Cult/Soc Anthropology (USA).
  3. I'm creating this thread as, of yet, this topic is not really covered in these forums. Understandably, there isn't a flood of applicants into this field every year, but on the off chance interested prospects are on gradcafe I think this thread should exist. I'll be starting my MA/PhD in Nordic Literature in the fall of 2016 and would be happy to talk about programs in the field both in the US and abroad. Áfram Norden!
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