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Found 6 results

  1. So I did my masters from Rutgers University, US in Computer Science. I have been working as a software engineer for Bloomberg for the past 3.5 years in the US. I was never really into research that much when I was working. I basically thought of masters as a way to getting a job in the US. My profile is not that great. Masters GPA: 3.33/4 Under Grad GPA: 8.04/10 (Third tier Indian university) GRE: 322 (166 + 156, 3.5) expired. Toefl: 114 I don't have any publications. I am strongly thinking of doing a Ph.D from National University of Singapore (NUS). This is the only university I am thinking of applying to. Do I realistically stand a chance of getting an admit?
  2. Hi, everybody. I am a senior student from Beihang University in China, studying the aeronautic engineering. I have applied the coursework master of engineering of National University of Singapore & Australia National University as well as University of Melbourne. My average point is over 84% and have lots of awards in school level. I have already gotten the offer of ANU, waiting for the others. Here are some questions. 1、what the possibility of getting an offer of NUS @ UNI of Melb? 2、In nus website, it is said that i will know the result in mid-may, whether i could get it earlier? 3、Best wishes to you all.
  3. Hi, I've been admitted to the Goldman school and LKY for the MPP and unfortunately haven't secured funding in either. I'm based out of India and have worked in Urban Governance for close to 6 years. I'm open to the kind of work I do after graduating but I'm not that keen on working in the states either given unstable visa situations and also because my spouse is based out of Bangalore. Graduate student debt is a real threat and I can only imagine the difficulty one can face in paying it off. That said, getting admitted to Berkeley was a dream come true and I'm trying really hard to make it work. I wanted to ask about LKY's future career prospects. I've heard contradictory things such as its great for South East Asia and also that Singapore work permits are extremely difficult. However, even with a loan, LKY is significantly cheaper than Goldman. I'm undecided how to proceed as I feel both schools represent very different life trajectories and I'm unsure of which one to chose. Any useful suggestions?
  4. I had applied last year in Oct for the MEng program and had also sent all the documents well before deadline. Still no news. On their portal it says that application fees receipt and physical application forms were not received. This was one university I was hopeful to get admit from. Anyone else get any admits / rejects from NUS?
  5. Hey folks, I've seen some posts regarding other international programs, but are there really no others on this forum that applied to NUS's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy? Hoping to hear if anyone has had an interview or has one scheduled in the near future. Though I can't say their application process hasn't been the most intuitive, their program and location are very much ideal for what I'm hoping to do in the future--but I'm aware Asians have a bias against their own institutions. Granted, I also attended a well-respected American undergrad institution and if I've learned anything during my several years of working, it's that a network means a lot more than a diploma. So, anyone out there going through this process w/ me?
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