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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all! I haven’t really seen anything for a PhD in Nutrition. Wanted to start a topic for everyone to post comments/questions. I know I’m waiting to hear from schools in Tennessee and North Carolina. Anyone heard anything yet?
  2. The tittle shows the masters programs I enrolled recently, and I'm having trouble finding the best one for me. Personal interests: Maternal and child nutrition, want to become a registered dietitian and work in either a hospital/ places like a maternal and child care center. Or I might go to get a PhD degree if the professor I met has research going on that interest me. Pros and cons of each program: UNC: (40 credits) pros: can take the RD exam after finishing 2 years of study with the lowest cost. There are 3 professors that have similar research interest as my personal interest. cons: It's in suburban area so it could mean a lower chance of getting a job in the local area as well as restricted internship sites. I've also heard that UNC is not a good place for minority groups that you might get bullied because of it and the faculties would do nothing. So, as an international student, I'm very concerned about this. I'm worried the chance of me getting a internship or job would be even lower in that case because people might be mean to me. U Mich: (60 credits) pros: The program has a concentration of maternal and child nutrition, which is my favorite. It's in urban area so the job opportunity is sightly higher than UNC. The DI program is separate from the program I enrolled so I have a chance to take it somewhere else (such as Seattle, which means I can live in my aunt's house to save some housing fee) Cons: I need spend about 2 years and 8 month to be qualified taking the RD exam because the program I enrolled itself is a 2 year program and is does not include DI (dietetic internship), I need to apply for the DI separately. The number of credits of this program is the greatest, so this program has the highest cost among all. Columbia U Teachers College: (50+8 credits) pros: can take the RD exam after finishing 2 years of study. It's in New York so it means the highest chance of getting a job? (I suppose) Cons: daily expenditure is the most expensive among these 3. And I saw there is only 10 faculties in the nutrition department (not sure if it's real, if it is, it's definitely not and ideal situation for students). There are advertisement of this Teachers College which made me felt this is not as credible/ authentic as other programs I enrolled. Things that I don't know: I'm not sure what are the criteria the HR in nutrition field use to find the employee. Which one of these programs is the most credible program that an HR would favor? Also, how strong is the Alumni network among all these schools, I think that's also and important factor to look into. (I asked the admission office and of course they all say their Alumni is very strong, i'm not sure how to check whether it's true or false) Please give some advice! I would appreciate it very much!!!
  3. I know this sounds bad but I'm terrified after reading the slp reddit because of all the stuff I read about low salaries...a big reason I'm going into SLP is for stability. I don't need to be rich but I want a stable, comfortable income. The schools seem to be the lowest paying and I'll likely end up there. It made me think that, I might as well go for dietetics if they make around the same amount. I used to want to be an RD for a long time but was scared off due to the hard science requirements (biochem). It looks like RD's make a bit less but honestly not much from many forum posts I've read. One girl on IG even said she has to go to food pantries when she was working in the schools. 🙁 I really do love the aspects of speech pathology and cannot see myself going into any other master's level program that pays more. If I didn't do speech I'd probably get some general comm. degree and end up in entry-level marketing jobs OR dietetics. Has anyone else considered becoming an RD? Considered other fields that are a similar pay with less responsibilities/less schooling? I seriously considered ultrasound (even shadowed) bc they get GREAT pay for a two year degree but it's not as great as it seems from the outside.
  4. Hello all! I haven’t really seen anything for a PhD in Nutrition. Wanted to start a topic for everyone to post comments/questions. Anyone heard anything from UNC- Chapel Hill or know when decisions/interviews are likely to go out?
  5. Hi, I am new to grad cafe as I just found it and am so glad I did! Sorry if i am asking an obvious question but I've been accepted to two programs whose deadlines are in a few days. I am waiting to hear back from 3 more schools, one of them being my top choice. Also, two of the programs stated applicants won't hear back until late April or May. What is normal grad school etiquette...? Is it okay to accept one of these schools as a backup and then decline later?
  6. Yesterday I applied for the MS program in Nutrition at UNM, the deadline date is Nov. 1st. This is my first time applying to a master program, how long does is usually take for them to make a decision? Anybody also applying to UNM in the spring for Nutrition?
  7. Hi, I'll be getting a PhD in Nutrition and was wondering if someone could speak to how the job outlook was after completing their PhD? I don't think I want to go into academia but am not closed to the idea. Did you find jobs more commonly in certain areas, what salaries were you looking for, how much did you degree matter in terms of specialization and school reputation or advisor reputation? Any and all advice welcomed. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone! I just applied to a MS in Nutrition program. I have a bachelors degree in a different field, so my plan is to earn my MS in Nutrition, complete a Dietetic Internship, and pass the licensing exam so I can become a Registered Dietitian. Does anyone else have similar plans? Feel free to reply to this or message me if you would like to talk. Good luck to everyone applying to grad school!
  9. Oh, the anticipation... The "end of November" decision timeframe is slipping by and all's quiet on the eastern front. Anyone heard back from NYU Steinhardt for the Nutrition MS, Spring 2017? I swear, every time I get an email my heart jumps!
  10. Hey everyone. I have my Bachelors in Nutrition from a state school and am applying to Masters in Food Science programs, however I have a low GPA (2.79). I have about 2 years of work experience and pretty good letters of recommendation. I was wondering if anyone had applied to this program or knew how competitive it was to get into them. These are the schools I am applying to: University of Kentucky, Mississippi State, Iowa State, Kansas State, University of Tennessee, Texas Tech ANY advice at all would really be appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
  11. Hey everyone, For current, past and future graduate students, I am looking for insight on what people do, or plan to do, about evening meals. Whether you are in class for hours, or studying for hours in the library, I am interested to know what other people do and what they eat. If you had an evening class, did you eat before class? After class? Between class? What did you eat? Did you find yourself eating out a lot? Do you just snack throughout the evenings? Tips on snacks and recipes are welcome. Thanks! -Amy
  12. The 1st International conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science (Food & Nutrition-2017) will be hosted by Global cognitio group. This conference provides a platform to share the new innovations and advancements in Food technology and Nutrition field. This conference will focus on vital, innovative concepts and new approaches. The Food & Nutrition-2017 conference would be attended by eminent scholars and professors around the globe. During the conference, the participants can discuss on theoretical and practical methods. We are excited to bring experts together to one platform. Our aim is to promote the collaboration between experts in these areas and gleam new ideas that will further advance this field. The venue is ideal for promoting interaction between speakers and attendees. TENTATIVE THEMES Food processing technology Food and Nutrition Food industry Food waste management Food ingredients and additives Functional, traditional, novel foods Food chemistry and biochemistry Food biotechnology Nutrition and health Food packaging technologies and food storage Food microbiology Food safety and legislation Food technologies and processing Food engineering Nutrition, Food Processing & Food Management (Food products and Nutritional value) Abstract submission deadline: April 10, 2017 Registration deadline: May 20, 2017 Conference: June 09-11, 2017 For more details: http://www.gcconferences.com/food-nutrition-2017/
  13. I applied kind of late (day before the deadline lol) to the Masters in clinical nutrition and dietetics at Steinhardt and still have heard nothing? Has anyone else heard anything? I'm going insane
  14. Hello! I need your help. I have gotten two admissions, one is MS of nutritional science from UMSPH, Ann Arbor, another is called MS of nutrition and public health, Teachers College, Columbia University( I am really surprised that this program is under teachers college rather than Mailman Public School). I want to have more opportunities to work and research in global contexts, which programs do you think is better for me? 4.15 is approaching. Thank you!
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