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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I am an undergraduate SLP student and I am starting the process of grad school apps this summer. I am completely freaking out. I have never been the best student...mainly cause I have never really found anything I'm interested in. I have been doing a LOT of research online about different programs and what they look at...I've been noticing a lot of people say that most schools look at your class 60 credits...I truly do believe my last 60 credits would help my chances ALOT. Does anybody know how to calculate the GPA for your last 60 credits? And does anyone in the NY area maybe know of the schools that look at your last 60 credits? THANK YOU 😉
  2. Hi Guys, Long (long) time lurker first-time poster here. Any input will go a long way in helping me decide which program is best suited to my personal situation. I am an Indian applicant looking to move to the US somewhat long-term . I am a lawyer by training and since graduating from law school I have worked as a policy professional for the past 3 years in not for profit thinktanks in India. My focus areas have been access to health, cybersecurity and judicial reforms, but I am sector and subject agnostic as I enter grad school. I have received admits from the following schools 1. Michigan Ford - no aid 2. Chicago Harris - no aid 3. Georgetown McCourt - 15000 per year in aid (tuition is 55k py) 4. George Washington Trachtenberg - 20000 per year in aid (tuition is 35k py) 5. Columbia SIPA - 12000 per year in aid (60k py tuition) 6. Fletcher MALD - 20000 per year in aid (45k py tuition) I have ruled out Michigan, SIPA and Chicago since thy are not financially viable even though I am still wowed by Chicago's program. I have been advised to turn down George Washington despite the aid since the school does not have as much international recognition, in the event that I won't be able to stay on in the US. Am I being misled? Does the programs raking or eliteness make that much of a difference? My focus after graduating is definitely securing employment and staying on in the US (it will be insanely difficult to pay back this kind of money on a public service job in my domestic currency). I am now attempting to choose between Georgetowns MPP and Fletchers MALD. Is Georgetown's DC location worth pay twice as much as I would at Fletcher? Is the MPP degree more marketable in the long-term than an MALD degree? I enjoy being a generalist and am looking to gain skills that can be applied across sectors. That said will the heavier quant training at an MPP/MPA program make me more employable? I have mostly worked in academia and non-profits, and am now interested in exploring private sector (but still have good work-life balance). I am also second guessing rejecting Columbia's offer since some people have advised that being in NY will serve me well as an international student, and that I can recoup costs by taking up a consulting job. Likewise I am worried that I am making a huge mistake turning down GWUs scholarship. Any advice or insight you are able to provide will be really helpful. (Hoping @Prester John and @ExponentialDecay will comment. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys! I know we're all anxious about admissions decisions and our future...I was hoping we could all collaborate and help each other find what program suits us best. So, I'm looking for any input on the following programs/schools: Yeshiva, Mercy College, Montclair State University, Seton Hall University, New York Medical College, Iona College, Kean University, Touro College. How would you rank these? Any insights? Thanks in advance and I hope I can return the favor!! Good luck to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS to those that have already been accepted!
  4. Hey guys! Have any of you heard anything from New York Medical College, NYU (in-person) or Columbia? Or do you know when we should be hearing back from them? Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone, How feasible is it to make NYU work on a stipend? While I love the school, I've been warned that it would be really tight. I’ll have a stipend with the possibility of other fellowships and the change to supplement with teaching. Secondary question, If I was to go with NYU, what are some great areas to consider searching for housing? Really any thoughts on NY and grad school would be appreciated.
  6. I'm a current Senior at a small liberal arts school and I want to earn my Master's in Secondary English Education in NY. The problem is that every program I look at includes a looong list of prerequisite "General Educational Core" courses in which I'm supposed to have credits before I apply. Here's an example from Hofstra:Artistic Expression/Humanities (3 s.h.)Communication (3 s.h.)Information Retrieval or placement exam (0-3 s.h.)Concepts in History/Social Science (3 s.h.)Language other than English (3 s.h.)Scientific Processes (3 s.h.)Mathematical Processes (3 s.h.)Literature, Analysis and Written Expression (6 s.h.)The problem is that my college doesn't have core requirements and so I don't have any credits in over half of these areas! All the other NY schools I've looked at, including CUNY and SUNY, have similar lists. I have a 4.0 and can get excellent recommendations, but will I have any chance if I don't meet these prerequisites? I was already planning to take a gap year and, if need be, take community college courses to make up the credits I need, but looking at this list I'm not even sure if I can take all of these courses in a year! Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi all! Does anyone know whether we need to have achieved a minimum grade in the ASHA core courses (biological science, physical science, behavioral science and statistics)? In particular, I'm applying to NYU, New York Medical College (NYMC) and TC Columbia. Does anyone know if these schools have a cutoff grade for those ASHA courses? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi fellow SLP applicants! I just got my scores back for the GRE, and luckily I did well on verbal and writing, but math wasn't too amazing. I'm wondering if I should redo the GRE because of it. I got 161 on verbal (88th percentile), 150 on math (38th percentile) and 4.5 on writing (82nd percentile). I have a cumulative GPA of 3.76 (although CSDCAS calculated it as a 3.97), about 150 hours of volunteering in SLP clinics (with kids with apraxia and adults with aphasia), about 400 hours of general volunteering (working with people with special needs, kids, people with Alzheimer's) and about 200 hours of research experience. I'm applying to Columbia, NYU and New York Medical College. Do you guys think it's worth it to retake the GRE since my math percentile isn't excellent? Do you think I'll still have a chance at getting into those schools if not? It's getting pretty down to the wire to retake the test and I'm pretty nervous! I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance
  9. I have 4 offers for MA in International Affairs, and I am leaning towards the NYU program(s), because NY! The schools I have been admitted to are as follows: Middelbury Institute of International Studies in Monterrey, CA; NYU - GSAS International Relations; UW-Madison; and Penn State School of International Affairs. I am currently in the process of applying to NYU MS in Global Affairs too. Here's the deal, I am hoping to join in the Spring as I am currently enrolled in a program that is entirely focused on political science although it's supposed to be an International Affairs program. What I would like to do is get into a program that is strong enough and reputable within the industry as I go back to work. The reason I am applying to NYU's MS in Global Affairs is that it is designed for professionals (it's part of the school of professional studies). Can anyone recommend this program and say that beyond doubt it is the best program for me? Is it really that different from the GSAS IR program? Also, Penn State have by far the best financial aid offer for me - the Global Affairs program does not look promising on financial aid though. I am having the hardest time deciding, and would love to have some input from you guys, especially someone who has gone to either one of these programs. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone! I am applying for the Fall 2018 semester to a Master's program for speech-language pathology. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has any information on these programs. Likes/dislikes, tuition, acceptance, thoughts...anything at all. Thank you in advance! NJ: Montclair State University William Paterson University Kean University Seton Hall University Stockton University Monmouth University NY: Mercy College New York Medical College Iona College (developing program) Touro College Teacher's College CT: Sacred Heart University (developing program) University of Connecticut FL: Florida International University NOVA Southeastern University University of Central Florida
  11. Hello everyone! I am applying for the Fall 2018 semester to a Master's program for speech-language pathology. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has any information on these programs. Thank you in advance! NJ: Montclair State University William Paterson University Kean University Seton Hall University Stockton University Monmouth University NY: Mercy College New York Medical College Iona College (developing program) Touro College Teacher's College CT: Sacred Heart University (developing program) University of Connecticut FL: Florida International University NOVA Southeastern University University of Central Florida
  12. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive Hello fellows, I really need some advice on whether I should retake GRE. I only took GRE once in July and got: 152V, 153Q, 3AW and GPA is 3.54. So the numbers actually fall right on the average score published on ASHA for schools that I intend to apply. I know that being average is not competitive enough. However, since I only started my SOP and have not yet gotten LORs, I work full-time and taking two pre-requisites coming semester. Should I retake GRE just to raise the score? GRE prep is such time-consuming and stressful process, I am sure I could do little better, and possibly increase 10 points combined if I worked with a tutor. However, with my average GRE score, is it worthy of that much time, money and energy on a GRE retake? Considering I undone SOP and LORs. I have been hearing that GRE is important and not from different places, how true is that for my situation? I am really lost. Attached is a spreadsheet I made for schools that I could apply in NY area, hope this could save some of your time. SLP LIST.xlsx - SLP Master.pdf
  13. Hello potential Cornell Grads! I was accepted to their Chemistry PhD program on Christmas Eve! It was my top choice and I'm stoked! Anyone else attending the group visit on Feb. 24th? Also, general thoughts on whether you'll accept? I got into 4 other schools, the other top choice being UCSB. My focus is organic and polymers. Congrats to those also accepted!
  14. Hi, Deciding between Hofstra, Adelphi and St. John's. Does anyone have any feedback on these programs. St. John's and Hofstra seem comparable in price, while I think Adelphi is about $20k more. I know St. John's is ranked higher, but I'm not sure how much that really matters when it comes to getting a job. Does anyone have insight on these programs? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys! Is anyone strongly considering going to NY Medical college? I wanted to start a topic so those who have been admitted can start talking! Would you guys be commuting or staying on campus? Anyone debating between this school and another? Nicole
  16. Hi everyone,I am torn between 2 great graduate schools for speech-language pathology. One is New York Medical College and the other is MGH IHP in Boston. I know that I want to ultimately live and work in NY in the future but MGH IHP has offered me a large academic scholarship and it has a great reputation. Do you think if I know where I would want to work that it would be beneficial to stay in NY to make connections here during graduate school? Or go to the school that is out of state and then return to NY after? Any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure how difficult it would be to move states after gaining a Master's degree and how different licensing and certification works. Thanks!Nicole
  17. dlau27

    Fredonia, NY

    Hi, I got accepted in SUNY Fredonia, and I was wondering how housing is in Fredonia, as well as how the campus is?
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