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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! I know that there has been a private FB group set up by the school themselves but I have not received any invite. From what I hear it may also be inactive? So, I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a group for the cohort ourselves:)
  2. I am deciding between USF, UNC Chapel Hill, MGH and NYMC. USF is by far the cheapest (by a landslide), but all of their classes are 3 hour evening classes, and I don't know how I feel about this. I don't think you learn as well this way. I'm interested in the medical aspect, but every source has said that which school you go to doesn't matter. The cost is important to me because I'm relying on loans and outside scholarships for living expenses, travel expenses, etc. I work but I only make like $11/hour right now. What do you think about having all evening classes? Do you know how common this is among other programs? The purpose is so that you are free during the day for clinicals. USF has over 200 clinical placement sites! Does anyone have any first hand experience about the other programs? If there are any great advantages? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post!!
  3. I am super torn right now and I even more so since I only have until Monday to make a decision! I really want to go into medical slp and have been accepted to NYMC and it's my dream school but I unexpectedly got into CUNY Brooklyn as well! Money wise it would be the best choice to choose Brooklyn but my heart is at NYMC. I've heard from others that it doesn't matter where you get you're degree from but I'm wary of Brooklyn program because of some comments I've heard that aren't exactly...encouraging. Can anyone from brooklyns program attest to the rumours? I'd love to work in a hospital, would going to Brooklyn potentially make me lose connections I could have made at NYMC? Should I just take the debt?? Help!!!
  4. Hi guys! Is anyone strongly considering going to NY Medical college? I wanted to start a topic so those who have been admitted can start talking! Would you guys be commuting or staying on campus? Anyone debating between this school and another? Nicole
  5. Is anyone seriously considering going here/already sent in their deposit? Also, is there a Facebook group for the class of 2016 yet? Would you guys be living on campus or finding housing off? So excited!
  6. Hi everyone! I have been accepted into NY Medical College and MGH for graduate school. I know I have a while to decide, but I am already feeling very torn about choosing between these two. I am very interested in medical speech language pathology, therefore I applied to programs that had more of a medical focus. However each school has their pros and cons. I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat or knows anyone who has been to 1 program or the other? Any advice would be appreciated. NYMC Pros: --Strong coursework, medical focus --Medical placements --Cadaver lab for anatomy --Graduate housing provided on campus --TSSLD certification (for working in schools) included in Master's curriculum --Connections around NYC --Close to home (I live on long island) Cons: --More expensive --72 credits in 5 semesters (MGH does it in 6 semesters) MGH Pros: --High ranked graduate school and well known --Received funding to the program --Adult neurogenic concentration --Connections around Boston --Medical based Cons: --Far from home (4 and 1/2 hours) --No housing provided --Program would require an additional summer --Would need to get certified in NY after graduation because I ultimately see myself in NY in the future
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