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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guyssNext year i'm going to uni and i'm actually deciding whether to pursue marine biology as career or not. I'd like to ask you guys, if i manage to get a good cv and a phd, how many opportunities will be out there to get a job? I've always been fascinated by china, then let's assume i would like to get a job as a marine biologist in a chinese university with a good cv but zero knowledge of chinese, how probable would it be to find that job ? So, is it possible for a marine biologist to switch country by choice(with only english knowledge), or the high competitivity makes that impossible?Thx youuu
  2. warning: probable rant ahead. I'm frustrated, I really am. Marine science is my life, it is my passion and I fully intended to dedicate my entire life to it. However, my passion is currently flipping me off. A bit of background, I have a BA in Biology, MS in Oceanography from TAMU, excellent formal and informal teaching experience, and 5 (count them) internships in research, conservation, and education. I spent a good portion of last year forging relationships so I could apply for multiple PhD programs, was told that with my experience and MS I was an ideal student. Rejected by all. Decided to forgo getting a PhD at the moment because I was looking for a longer term involvement in something (and I'd have to wait another year in order to apply for and start a PhD) and have applied to everything in marine research, education, and policy all over the country and even internationally. When I ask those in similar fields what a person can do to prepare themselves for the types of jobs I am applying for, they say "graduate education (check) and internships (check)." For the benefit of the doubt, lets say that my 5 internships plus entirely self funded and designed Master's was not enough, how the HELL am I supposed to continue to do UNPAID internships for much longer? I'm at my wits end with everything. Every path I turn to is rejecting me. I consider myself a humble person but I will brag about my accomplishments just to get my point across that this process is killing my passion and my soul. I wish I was being dramatic. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW and fully accept that I have entered into a, what some would call, non-traditional career path and a difficult one at that. I have been told objectively from potential PhD advisors, hiring managers, collaborators that in many ways, I am an ideal applicant... so what am I doing wrong. Does anyone have ANY advice on getting through this on any level. i.e. how to deal with this emotionally, how to actually find a damn job, how to get a damn PhD. I'm willing to do anything at this point. /rant Apologies if this is not the correct type of post for this subject area. I just hope to connect to other people who have been through or are going through these same issues. Unfortunately, most of my friends are either successful or still in school.
  3. Hey guyssNext year i'm going to uni and i'm actually deciding whether to pursue marine biology as career or not. I'd like to ask you guys, if i manage to get a good cv and a phd, how many opportunities will be out there to get a job? I've always been fascinated by china, then let's assume i would like to get a job as a marine biologist in a chinese university with a good cv but zero knowledge of chinese, how probable would it be to find that job ? So, is it possible for a marine biologist to switch country by choice(with only english knowledge), or the high competitivity makes that impossible?Thx youuu
  4. Hello, I’m interested in earning a Bachelors and eventually a Masters in either Marine Biology or Oceanography. I’m Active Duty Military with around 22 months left on my contract. While I’m still in the Military, I would like to get ahead and knock out some online courses or even an online certificate. Right now I can only take online courses due to my work schedule, and because I’m stationed about two hours away from the ocean. I talked to my education center and I cannot use tuition assistance to cover a Bachelors Degree because I already have a Bachelors in Civil Engineering (I’m looking to branch away from Engineering and towards Oceanography or Marine Biology once I’m out), and they recommended I use tuition assistance for a certificate (up to 21 credits). They did not recommend using the GI Bill while Active Duty because then I wouldn’t receive the full benefits. Then once I’m out I would look at becoming a full time student on campus. All that to say, can anyone point me in the right direction? What certificate programs would be ideal for my situation, and are there any colleges I can apply to that offer online Oceanography or Marine Biology courses? I’m having trouble finding colleges that offer online Oceanography and Marine Biology courses (understandable, since those majors involve a lot of lab work). Would it be feasible for me to skip the Bachelors and just apply for a Masters in either, since I already have a Civil Engineering degree? Finally, what else can I do to set myself up for success for either career field? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hey! So I am in the process of applying to graduate school in the fall for marine biogeochemistry (chemical/biological oceanography). I had a TERRIBLE semester in my last semester of college (Dec 2017) where my GPA went from a 3.45 (3.58 with my AS degree GPA incorporated) to a 3.16 (not including my AS degree GPA). I got 3 D's (when I am a straight A/B student) mainly because I had a major death in the family, I was overwhelmed, and had a TON of serious mental stuff going on (depression, anxiety). I am SUPER stressed out about my applications at this point and don't really know what to do about it. I retook one of the classes and got a B but the other two were incompletes that my professors kind of screwed me over with. One of the professors is working with me to fix the D to a higher grade but still... I am STRESSED and I don't know what to do about this since I already graduated. I have a ton of theoretical (aka modeling) research experience in my UG, took a gap year to travel to Thailand for research in my field where I created and implemented the methodology within my lab group, and I am going to start research in a lab this summer working DIRECTLY in my field (ocean acidification research). I have STRONG, super strong, LORs and I am going to retake the GRE this summer (because I took it that semester and while my scores are average, I know I can do better).
  6. A branch off of the Applicant Profile group, but for discussions on paleoclimate/paleoceanography hopefuls! Type below your undergraduate/masters institution, what type of research you've done and want to do, where you're applying (specific programs and/or faculty, if you want to say), and if you've applied for any fellowships. Feel free to ask questions, too.
  7. Hey all! I'm posting to see if there are any other people on this board who are going to attend a graduate program in Marine biology and related topics starting in the Fall of 2017. I got into a school that I was very interested in; I'm excited, and I wanted other people to talk with about the field/their schools! I'm also very nervous as I'm going from a chemistry background into a biology heavy program, and I hope I'll be able to keep up.
  8. I got a computer generated email the other day telling me to check my application status, which was a generic acceptance (yay!) from the GSO. Im a little unsure how to proceed as no one in this department has ever answered my emails, I never interviewed with anyone, and my acceptance came with no information about who my adviser would be or any details about funding. It just seems like an all around weird/impersonal scenario. Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this?
  9. Hey, I'm a first-year grad student and felt totally lost when I did my interviews last year. I also did an interview at Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, but that one was way more laid back than Scripps'. By some fluke, I made it in. So if anyone is in the same situation for the open house this month, I'm here to answer any questions (:
  10. Hey all, Was lucky enough to be accepted to Atmospheric / Oceanographic Sciences PhD programs at a few great schools. I've narrowed it down to two, and visited both, but am really struggling to pick a favourite from here. I even made a huge spreadsheet, tried to weigh this up quantitatively and one scored 72.3/100 and another scored 72.7/100. Some basic personal details: Primary field of interest is polar science, particularly sea ice and climate modelling British, with British undergrad and master's Likely (~75% chance) looking to stay in academia following the PhD Girlfriend will be trying to get a job and move to same location after around a year Roughly weighting my decision as 50% academic factors and 50% quality of life factors Academic factors: Washington is slightly better in terms of ranking and has a large number of polar scientists. Boulder has a number of research institutes in the area such as NCAR and plenty of polar scientists too. Advisers at both places seem great. Washington project fits well with my research interests and would be very flexible. Boulder project does not yet have confirmed funding and may not until a little into my second year. Is more or less my ideal project. More TA requirements at Boulder, as advisers aren't confirmed until end of 1st year. While both departments seemed great in this respect, I really liked the culture of the Washington department in terms of student/faculty interaction and from a general social point of view. Non-academic factors: Cost of living is probably fairly similar when compared to stipend, possibly slightly worse in Seattle. Boulder has pretty perfect weather (in my opinion). Seattle has weather seems like England, which other than an awesome few months in Summer would be nice to get away from. Particularly seeing as I plan on cycling as my main transport. Girlfriend would likely have to get a job in Denver if I went to Boulder, which is a decent commute. However, Seattle commutes are notoriously bad too. Both places are great for outdoor activities, but they're closer and drier in Boulder. Seattle is a big city, so seems better for nightlife/cultural things. Might have to drive/bus to Denver for some of these otherwise, but really liked Denver. Colorado has some awesome Mexican food. Big fan. For the sake or argument lets say girlfriend has no preference between place. If you made it through all those points then thanks for reading. Not sure what I'm looking for in terms of advice as I know this is a very personal decision, but any insight on the programs or locations anyone has would be really appreciated.
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