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  1. I received a very positive email from my desired PI a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since then. Does anyone have an official or unofficial offer?
  2. Hi! Has anyone that apply for LSE MSc Behavioral Sciences for this year (2022) heard back from the program? Especially those that apply in late Jan 2022 Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am currently applying to PhD programs. I have a bachelor's in Psychology and a Master of Science in Neuroscience. These days, it is particularly hard to find a PhD in Neuroscience, as the field is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. I am applying to 5-6 different programs - there was no guarantee that I would get accepted anywhere, so of course I have no option but to create multiple options - most of them with an autumn 2022 intake. Unfortunately, the timing is not in my favour as I currently find myself in a situation where I had an interview for my second most preferred option (B), but am still waiting to hear back from my most preferred option (A) by the end of March. I got the PhD at institution B, which I am truly happy about. However, ideally, I would love to go with option A pending acceptance. Option B would require that I confirm my place by the end of March/beginning of April. So, it could be that I don't even know if I have been invited for an interview for option A around the time that I need to provide a reply to B. If I do get an interview at institution A and it goes well, I would probably reject offer B - if I could. What really bugs me is that I am already in contact with my potential supervisor at institution B. He really supported me during the whole process and I will email him on Monday with the good news - he was asking when I'd find out and he's been really engaged and sweet. It kinda breaks my heart to imagine having to cancel option B if option A becomes feasible, at the same time, a PhD is a huge investment of time, energy and effort, and I can't help it but think about what would be best for me (which is also a complicated process, like you'd all know). I am wondering: - If option A becomes a real possibility, how to gracefully reject B, especially given that I like the supervisor so much and that, for now, I will accept option B (they'd need a reply from me very soon), but in reality that won't be my most final decision? - When should I let the supervisor know that I am waiting to hear back from other institutions - when, realistically, I have been invited for other interviews, when I get another offer (if), or now on Monday when delivering the good news that I've been selected for the PhD (it was an application through a central CDT, so my supervisor still doesn't know what's happened)? - Is what I describe above common and do students often reject PhDs a bit into the application/admission process (when they do)? - The project at institution B is a fully funded CDT, so if I reject it, the project is not going to go through. I was told by the supervisor that only I have been invited for an interview (of all candidates), which breaks my heart even more (since, of course, he would love his project to be funded and the only candidate likely to make that project happen is myself). How can I best navigate this additional complexity? - Like I wrote above, I will accept the offer (for now) because there's a lot to lose, but I will still wait to hear back from the other options before I sign a contract. I fear that my email would surely make the supervisor think that I'm accepting the PhD and actually going for it, which wouldn't necessarily be the case (at least for now). Is there a lot to worry about? I am really confused and I feel bad. Any thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated though - I am really overthinking this, and I wake up and fall asleep with thoughts about all these scenarios, emails, responses... Thanks all! :)
  4. Hello! I applied for a Research MPhil to Cambridge in December, as per the funding deadline. I have received an offer and I was wondering whether it makes sense to accept my offer while I am waiting to hear about funding. Would accepting my offer work in favour or against me in terms of funding? What I wouldn't want is for me to accept the offer and discourage funding committee from offering me funding because accepting the offer might indicate to them that I would attend regardless of funding. The opposite is also possible: accepting the offer encourages the funding committee to offer me funding because they would know for sure that I would attend and that the funding offer won't go to waste. I am confused about what to do because even though I want to attend Cambridge I do not want to discourage the funding committee from offering me funding. What should I do? (the deadline to accept/decline the offer is end of July this year)
  5. Hi guys! I received my last rejection letter this morning. 4/5 schools that I applied to rejected me, so I don’t really have any other options here. ( I am actually quite happy with going to the school that accepted me ) My question is: Is it a bad idea to accept the admission offer before receiving my financial award package?
  6. I applied for the MSc at the MiNDS Program from McMaster University, but didn't hear anything from them. Did anyone hear anything from those guys? Wondering if its just a delay or if I should just accept the failure
  7. Has anyone heard from Math Department at Purdue... I have applied for PhD program there for Fall 2020. Haven't heard anything from them yet... Strangely quiet
  8. Hello all, I was fortunate enough to get into HKS's MPA/ID program with zero funding. I am a 28 year old India male. I have a bachelors in engineering, have worked for a year in a consulting firm, a year in grassroot rural development and for 3 years at J-PAL. I was nominated for the World Bank Joint Japan Scholarship for MPA/ID but I did not apply for it as I didn't think I would be admitted (idiotic, I know!). Other than MPA/ID I applied for Paris School of Economics for both their APE and PPD programs but the results are pending. I am also fortunate enough to be in a situation where my parents can fund the $170k I need to attend MPA/ID without much difficulty. I am considering deferring the admission to apply for Princeton (WWS) MPA next year and to apply for the World Bank Joint Japan Scholarship. Additionally, I have no background in economics and hence I think spending a year being a teaching assistant for econ courses in a university in India will be a good way for me to study basic microecon, macroecon and econometrics as well as brush up on programming before going for the MPA/ID in case I defer my admission. I am considering doing a PhD after the MPA/ID but am unsure at this stage since I have never really studied economics formally and so don't know if I will enjoy the subject enough to go for a PhD. Given this, could someone help me work through this decision. Apologies for the long post but I have been agonizing over this decision for the past three weeks and have made no headway. Thank you all for the discussions on this forum. They have informed the way I have thought about my applications and kept me sane though the process. I hope you are all moving on to bigger and better things in your lives too
  9. Hey guys! I plan to pursue my Masters in International Relations from the UK. I am completely confused about the University that I should accept an offer from, because the data from the internet is really unreliable and inconsistent. Different rankings provide a different status to different universities. So the inconsistency does not really help. My top choices at the moment (in that order) are: 1) LSE 2) SOAS 3) King's College 4)University of Manchester I hold an offer from all the above universities except LSE. I have applied to many other universities for the same course, so please feel free to include other university suggestions for the course.
  10. I know that the final deadline for accepting offers is 15th of April, but I was wondering if it is possible to receive admission/GRA offers after that date if a faculty members wants you to join their lab.
  11. Hey y'all, Since most of you have gotten your decisions back by now I figured i'd start this thread. Basically it's for people to say where they are turning down, that way those of us still on waitlists will have a better idea about when/if we should be hearing from schools. ALSO, this thread is NOT meant to be a place to harass or attack people with multiple offers on the table who are still deciding. This is obviously a huge decision and some people do need to take more time than others, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  12. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission to an MPP program? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it, however, I am not sure I can do that much better. This is the one portion of my application that is causing me anxiety. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major) and I will have five years of work experience by the time I enroll. Most of my experience is in private sector within the healthcare industry. Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  13. I know this is unethical. I’m just broke and following what is best for my wallet. I recently received an invite to a Masters program (I’ll call this Program A) that I found to be my favorite in terms of my interests. However, it was still going to cost me a bit and funding for students was limited for this program. I figured I was not going to get funded for any other Masters program I applied to anyway, so I should accept the school that is of my best interests: Program A. Well, a week after accepting this offer, the same degree but at another institution, Program B, offers me acceptance AND a full tuition waiver + stipend to work as a TA. I knew some applicants received this, but I had no idea I would get it. My financial situation is terrible and this offer is a dream for me. I accepted it, and now I’m in the process of contemplating how to word my situation to the school I am taking my word back on. Will I be allowed to take back my acceptance, and should I mention to them it’s because I am receiving funding elsewhere? I’d hope they’d be somewhat understanding of that. Also, if it’s worth mentioning, I was offered acceptance from Program A through email and I emailed back with a “Yes I accept” written confirmation. However, I have not accepted through their graduate school’s online portal. There is a decline button...I’m not sure if that’ll make it any better since I already emailed my acceptance, but I figured it was worth nothing. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I've applied to a 5 grad schools for Engineering Management and I'm yet to receive the decisions from 4 schools. One of the schools has offered me admissions as well as a scholarship offer. However, I've the deadline to respond to this in about another week's time. This school is my 5th choice among the 5 schools. Can I accept the offer now and then later decline it if I get into any of the other schools? Or should I ask for a date extension as to when I can accept or decline their offer?
  15. Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard back from Brock University for their M.A. of Social Justice and Equity Studies? Or for any of their grad programs for that matter? I'm having a hard time finding this information online and wanted to hear some previous experiences! Thanks.
  16. I applied to a few schools in early January and was accepted to my reach school and accepted an offer. I just got an interview invite for one if the applications today and I'm wondering what I should do. Should I just do the interview and see what they have to say? I'm worried that of it goes well I'll get an offer and at this point I don't see myself really taking it over the first program. Any advice welcome
  17. Hello everyone, I got an email from the chair of the department I was applying to. It goes like this, " We are pleased to offer you condition admission. But before we can offer you an official admission with financial assistance, we must match you with a research advisor who can provide financial support." What does this mean ? Do I write to the Professor I was in contact with again ? Is this a sure offer? I don't know if I can celebrate yet :\ Any leads will be much appreciated.
  18. Around two weeks ago, I went for my final interview/campus visit. It was an unusual case because the department did not offer any official interview or recruitment days for prospective students, so my POI arranged a short visit just for me. After the interview trip, I sent her a thank you email as usual, but never heard back. Several days later, after thinking everything through and meeting with my current mentor, I made my decision to accept my offer elsewhere. I sent her another email saying that I was declining, and I really tried to emphasize how grateful I was for her efforts in arranging the visit, and how wonderful I think she is as a person/researcher, because I do genuinely think she's awesome. There were other factors about the school/program that kept it from being my top choice. I had really hoped to end things on a positive note and maintain a good relationship with her, as she knows my current PI well, and I expect I'll continue to see her at conferences in the future. With every other offer that I declined, the POIs responded promptly with very gracious and understanding replies. However, this POI from the last interview never replied (to either the initial thank you email or the decline email). It's now been a week and a half. She had always been very prompt and responsive before, which makes me worry that this is an intentional choice to not respond. I'm anxious that despite my best efforts not to, I may have burnt a bridge here. So, I am seeking your thoughts on two questions: 1. Is it common or uncommon for a POI to ignore an email about your decision? 2. To complicate matters, she had previously said that she could reimburse me for travel expenses, but did not offer instructions on how to do that. Now, given the circumstances, it feels super awkward to inquire about reimbursement. Should I just suck it up and accept the cost? (It's $200, which would not matter terribly in the grand scheme of things.)
  19. I heard back yesterday from the first school I interviewed at in early Feb, saying I had an acceptance offer and to respond by Feb 26. However, I know for a fact that the other 2 schools I interviewed at send out offers in early March. I'm really looking to get into these other 2 schools but don't want to lose the first acceptance offer if I get rejected by both. Should I email the director of the first school to ask for an extension, or ask the other two schools for an earlier notification? (I'm leaning towards the former, since it won't hurt me as much). Also, all these programs are tiny so all the directors know each other well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi. Let's say one is offered acceptance into an experimental/social psychology PhD program at an okayyy school (but full tuition waved + stipend) AND offered acceptance into psychology terminal masters program at a much better school -- say NYU -- (however no stipend or tuition waived)...... which should he choose? NYU was my top school, but I was only accepted for terminal MA without funding. But I also have an offer right now with full funding for PhD program. It's just not a very prestigious program -- recent doctorates of this program aren't getting great jobs in academia. I should mention that if I choose the terminal MA, I would of course apply to PhD programs following it (with the hopes of getting into better PhD programs than the one I am accepted to now). I am a graduating undergrad senior (GPA 3.77; V - 161; Q - 156) Thank you.
  21. Hi folks, Anyone who has applied to the school of engineering (Lassonde) at York U got something, any news? I'm kinda starting to freak out as I submitted all docs on Jan 26 and deadline was Feb 8 but still nothing. I've applied to start on this fall. My status on MyFile has been so far "No decision yet". Thanks
  22. Hi So I've accepted an offer from a graduate school online and am now wondering whether there are some additional steps I need to take to officially accept the offer (e.g. mail the school a signed acknowledgement of acceptance). Where I come from, the process of accepting grad school offers is somewhat more complicated and usually involves quite a lot of hard copy documentation. Is simply clicking the Accept button enough?
  23. After literally weeks of trying to concoct the perfect email to decline am offer to a school I REALLY liked, I finally hit send (and died a little inside). I was hoping for a response that didn't require follow-up, but her exact words were, "Hi LAS22--well I'm disappointed, obviously, but best wishes in your future studies! Are you going to another PhD program?" Ugh. Now I have to respond and I've been panicking over it for a week now... How do I respond?? Do I tell her what school I'm going to? Do I tell her why? Do I reiterate how difficult of a decision this was? I'm the worst at emails. Please send help. ?
  24. Hi, I just received a funded offer for graduate school but the deadline is the 10th, this Canadian school doesn't follow the CGS rules I guess. I have competing US offers on the 15th but I still haven't visited this Canadian school and one of my US schools yet. I would very much prefer to push this deadline to the 15th, so I have time to visit both schools and make a good decision. What is the best way for me to ask for an extension? By phone or email? Who is the best contact for this, the graduate program director or the administrative assistant?
  25. I accepted an verbal offer from a faculty in a research university. I am expecting an official letter offer to sign. However, I just came to know that I might receive an offer from a program that I rank higher. Therefore, how bad will it look if I accept the new offer from the program and write a thoughtful letter to the faculty from the first school before officially signing his offer?
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