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Found 7 results

  1. I couldn’t find a thread started for this year’s OGS competition, so starting one now. Carleton released their results on Monday March 1st, and I was told that I was on the waitlist. I’m wondering if any one knows how many people are typically on the OGS waitlist at Carleton and what proportion of those waitlisted end up receiving an award?
  2. Need some advice. Would appreciate insight from people who have applied for the CGS-M. I'm planning to apply for the CGS-M but I don't have that much research experience. I didn't do a thesis but I have one publication in an undergraduate journal (nothing too rigorous). I am currently doing some research with a non-profit (supervised by a prof) but still haven't completed the ethics review so very preliminary. My GPA in the last 2 years of undergrad is nearly a 4.0. I have a prof who is willing to take me on as a master's student and she is helping me develop the proposal, which will be very strong and impactful. Do you think I have a chance to get the CIHR scholarship at Western University, a school that only has 19 CIHR awards? Please help.
  3. I applied for Ryerson University - PhD in Policy Studies. I received this email, and was wondering if this means that I should be expecting an acceptance letter/will be receiving OGS?!? I'm so anxious that I feel like I'm reading into this, but offers come out mid-March and I sense they would not send this if I didn't have a really good shot at being accepted... Thank you for your application to the Policy Studies PhD program at Ryerson University. In your application, you indicated that you wish to be considered for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. The admissions application package will be used as the basis for consideration for the OGS competition. Please complete and sign the following supplemental form for prospective students: [link removed] Kindly return this to me via email by Monday, March 2.
  4. I have an MA in Clinical Psychology from an Indian university. I am planning to apply for a second Masters - MA in Psychology at Brock U and MSc in Psychology at Western U. One step that I am the most confused about is the scholarship application. Can you direct me to a step-by-step procedure for scholarship application as an international student? I have so many questions, but I don't know if they are the right questions. The following are ones I can think of right now: - Should I start the scholarship application before or after college application? - What do I write in the university application about scholarships? - How do I approach a university to nominate me for, say OGS, when they have not accepted me yet? - How to I fill THIS FORM when I don't know who would take me in? - Do I have to apply for funding before applying to the university or is it possible to apply after getting enrolled? ---- I am sorry if the questions sound dumb, I really have no idea about this process.
  5. I was just rejected for the OGS and I'm feeling pretty down. I thought I was a good applicant. I had a fair bit of research experience, good GPA, and my proposed masters advisor even helped me with the research proposal (I haven't officially been accepted into a program yet).My average may have been holding me back (I think I had an 82% in my 3rd year and 84% in my final year). So I'm just wondering, what do the stats of the students who win it usually look like?
  6. Does anyone know when OGS notifies recipients? I know that they do it by school, but is there a general ballpark for when people start to hear back? I'm new to Canada so this is my first time applying/ waiting for a response. Thanks for your help!
  7. So I had applied to the SSHRC Joseph Bombardier bursary in October through my university. I got a call today from SSHRC saying that I didn't qualify for the bursary because my GPA did not hit the 8.0 mark. Anyone else got this unfortunate call?
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