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Found 6 results

  1. Background: International student with a background in engineering and economics. I have a PhD offer from the University of Michigan's School of Information. The program looks good with a lot of interdisciplinary research. But, the Econ side of things doesn't seem to be as prominent as CS, HCI or stats within the department. On the other hand, I have PhD offers in Econ from UC-Davis, Ohio State, Iowa State and Arizona State. These are good econ program but don't have the prestige or the name recognition of UMich. After my PhD, I am equally open to an academic job or a research role in a big tech company. Please help me out with this decision.
  2. Hello I am Kay, an Electrical Engineer with 3 years work experience. I have a Masters in Electrical engineer from University of Cincinnati. I am looking to pursue part- time MBA (weekends). Applied to only two schools that I can travel to as I work in Cincinnati. 1. Fisher College of business (OSU) and Carl.H. 2.Lindner School of business ( U. Of Cincinnati). Have received admit from both and I am looking for some suggestions and opinion to guide me choose between the two. I seek to specialise in Supply chain and logistics. OSU has 48 credits to graduate / max of 6 credits a semester (part time ) UC has 36 credits to graduate / max of 9 credits a semester ( part time) OSU cost per year is 32,250$ Approx. ( part time In state) UC cost per year is 18,000$ Approx. ( part time ) Thank you
  3. Hello there, For those that their application status still reads "pending",...any news from the Graduate school or the departmental program coordinator because it's passed the April 15 deadline?!
  4. Hi I recently got an admit from a Ohio State university. However, it is not funded. The administration has told me that my only chance of getting funding is through RAship. Since i have not been able to find a faculty who will fund me as of now, I am confused if i should accept the opportunity. The administration has told me that usually student find advisers after one or two semesters. It would be really helpful if somebody can guide me on chances of getting advisers after one or two semesters at Ohio State university. If there is a good chance then will it be logical to fund myself for a year and accept the offer. Thanks
  5. Hello all, So I was recently admitted to two universities out of my total of 8. Forgetting the others for the moment (which I have yet to hear from), I am interested if anyone currently in the Ohio State University Political Science PhD program can talk about (1) the program's funding on average, and (2) the overall quality of the political psychology concentration/faculty/seminars/etc? I am really divided over the two universities (again forget the others for the moment) with the other university being Stony Brook. Stony Brook's political psychology program is, in my opinion, the best in the nation. The faculty, classes, labs, research, etc, is just so superior....But, the living area is very expensive in terms of rent and so on, and the funding is so-so. I come from a lower-middle class background where money matters A LOT! I know about Stony Brook in terms of funding and everything else, but finding info on Ohio State is harder. PLEASE, PLEASE will anybody kindly give me any advice on the above questions or comments, OR any advice in general on the bank, decisions, etc. As always thank you all!
  6. Hi, I would like to know about the MS course in Welding Engineering in Ohio state university. I also would like to know the placements in the university for this course. If any one knows the GRE score they look for, as per the new pattern, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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